Get a room, you two.

Nick Saban calls Paul Finebaum “… a good friend for a long time.”



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  1. rampdawg

    I never figured out how Pawwl can get his head so far up Sabans ass with those big ol’ ears of his.


  2. There is Paul’s official coronation as Nick Saban’s mouthpiece. I’m sure Paul is being interviewed somewhere right now bad mouthing another SEC program. If anybody has heard him talk about Georgia and Richt on local talk radio, he has done a hell of a job crapping on the program. The man could not have any more contempt for Richt and Georgia.

    His work on Gameday this Saturday was especially awkward and poorly delivered, but he does give voice to the lunatic fringe fan base– makes Chuck Oliver blush with envy.

    Man I hope we can continue to deliver this year.


    • uglydawg

      A lot of Alabama fans have “Georgia on their minds” right now. They are making snide remarks which are indicative of their not so hidden fear of having a rematch of last years SECCG. They also know that the resurgent UGA program is going to be a lot more successful recruiting than they would like to imagine..In a nutshell, that’s their problem..they only want to imagine Alabama as college football champs forever, and and when their imaginations take them to the shadowy, coming truth…they recoil with dumb criticisms and remarks. PF’s a dummy.


  3. Timphd

    Tried to listen to Finebaum once and just couldn’t stomach it. No idea how people like him continue to find work with pay raises. Kind of like Junior I guess.


  4. Bulldog Joe


    “I like Paul. He is the only reporter with whom I can see eye to eye.”


  5. JonDawg

    The look on his face on the WWL the other morning when danny kanell didn’t just say Bama isn’t the best team in the country (he said Oregon), he said they’re not the best in the SEC. Paul could barely contain himself when danny said UGA lol. Oregon would have beaten Bama last weekend, the way they were trying to give the ball away. But unlike Oregon, I expect for Bama, particularly on offense, and UGA’s defensive backfield to both get much stronger as the season progresses.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What would you expect Saban to say? Finebaum is a wholly-owned mouthpiece for Saban and the Tide.


    • Mayor, you are wrong about that. When Finebaum was gaining attention, it was long ago. He creates this kind of talk and has since he was writing for the B’Ham News back in 1993. Ya’ll are eating right out of his hand. Why are we discussing him? Over coffee every Monday Morning, we would come up with ideas on how we could make him disappear like he never existed. He will go away, because ATOM ANT gets it in the end.


  7. I think Finebaum was hired at the WWL to do exactly what he’s gonna do … stir the pot. I also think that in a couple of years when the tide turns (no pun intended), the powers that be will send Finebaum on his way … ala Craig James style maybe.


  8. Macallanlover

    This just makes so much sense to me, two of the more unlikeable people in sports, add Junior, and perhaps Suh, for the quartet. Actually, Saban would be Mr. Congeniality in a group like that….good for his image.


  9. Saban has lost control of his Dix.


  10. Spike

    Finebaum was called CMR “a woman” on the radio. Stay classy, Paul.


  11. Dog in Fla

    Some say the story is that Mick first introduced them to each other at a Stones concert at the University of Auburn in November of ’69. Nick and Paul became fast friends. They were going cross-country to the last show of that tour in Altamonte but the Trailways blew some rear tires in Jackson. Stranded in Jackson, they tried to pick up some girls at Millsaps but were thrown off campus for being underage because they were so short and had to hitch a ride back on a watermelon truck. Since then they’ve been practically inseparable