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That guy

When you’ve got a big staff, it’s easy to lose track of everyone’s responsibilities.  Now we know who the coach in charge of paying players at Alabama is was.


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Random Tennessee Week tidbits

  • Strap yourself to a tree with roots.  Butch Jones, on his defensive staff:  “You kind of have a coaching tree. Whether it’s coach Martinez or [Jancek], it stems to Brian VanGorder who was also the defensive coordinator at Georgia. I’ve known those individuals forever.”
  • SEC speed.  On defense, the Vols have introduced a 3-3-5 look on obvious passing downs.  Given Georgia’s offensive line’s struggles with speed rushers, this might be something to keep an eye on Saturday.
  • Pace.  I’d expect Tennessee when it’s on offense to try to exploit Georgia’s problem communicating defensive signals quickly.
  • UT offense.  You’ll find some information about the players and the Vols’ tendencies on offense here.  (One thing to add is that Marlon Lane is banged up.)


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The best things in life are free.

The Big Ten tries to assure everyone that spending more money doesn’t guarantee football happiness – except when it does.


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Ladies and gentlemen, the proof is right before your very eyes!

The next time somebody tells me I’m using too small a sample size to make a statistical point, I’m going to outsource the response to Big Game Bob.


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