Ladies and gentlemen, the proof is right before your very eyes!

The next time somebody tells me I’m using too small a sample size to make a statistical point, I’m going to outsource the response to Big Game Bob.


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  1. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Apparently, playing against propaganda defenses in the SEC is better preparation for the NFL than the point-a-minute B12. I am trying to remember the last B12 QB to win a playoff game. Or find one who isn’t currently in a NFL career tailspin, if not out of the league altogether.

  2. Bob

    Sample size might be small, but I am not so sure he doesn’t have somewhat of a valid point. With a couple of exceptions, most of the SEC quarterbacks WHO LED SEC teams to titles were average, game managers. Does either of the LSU QBs qualify as anything special? Cam Newton and Tim Tebow were different, but McElroy was also nothing exceptional. Chris Leak certainly wasn’t.

    Now we have an explosion of the M boys. Quarterbacking is at a whole new level. And scoring has gone through the roof with what appears to be generally woeful defenses. And excuse me if I am not sold on even the Gators D….they have not played a Georgia or LSU or A&M yet.

    Not saying that Bob doesn’t whine. Not saying that he is 100% correct. But there is an element of truth in his comments.

    • Is it worth pointing out that BGB’s poster boy Manziel is 1-3 against SEC defenses with a pulse so far? Or that part of the reason for the SEC’s current statistical decline on defense is because TAMU’s defense is awful?

      • Always Someone Else's Fault

        2008… bowl games… B12 teams missed their season scoring averages by about an average of 14. SEC offenses exceeded their season scoring averages by about 7. B12 opponents exceeded season scoring averages by about 10. SEC opponents missed their season scoring averages by about 9. Oklahoma and Texas Tech combined to lose Ole Miss and Florida by a combined score of 71-48.

        Is that propaganda?

      • 81Dog

        Indeed, Senator. I was going to ask BGB just how badly has TAMU “dominated” the SEC the last year and a half? Nobody says they aren’t any good, but they’re also probably about the fourth or fifth best team in the league right now. There are at least 6 teams in the SEC this year that could win the Big 12. I doubt there’s one Big 12 team that could win the SEC.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Sumlin and Johnny Football really tore up the Big XII and kept it going once they got to the SEC. Derp.

      Mizzou anyone? Anyone?

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      It should probably also be pointed out that 2 of the top 4 passers in the NFL by yardage are from the SEC while 0 are from the Big XII.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      And just to point out how stupid the meme is that SEC QB’s have not be ‘pro style’ QBs…currently in the top 12 of QB rating in the NFL…
      3 QBs from the Pac 10, 2 from the ACC, 2 from the Big X, 1 from a non-BCS conference, and 3 from the SEC.


  3. Brandon

    It’s a conspiracy I tell you, it’s not that OU has $#!+ the bed in BCS games for the past decade.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Come on now, the Dirt Farmers pistol-whipped UConn but good. Big Game Bob has that quality W in his portfolio.

  4. Rick Starr

    Stoops was gator at one time. I don’t like him

  5. Moosefish

    Cam Newton, Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, Matt Flynn. All starting NFL QB’s, all from the era Bob references. The first three all performing better than his own Heisman QB, Sam Bradford.

    • Moosefish

      Just saw where Matt Flynn was demoted today…can I subtract his name and add Eli Manning?

      • KershDawg

        There was this guy named Peyton at one time too…

        • Moosefish

          I was trying to include only QBs that played during the recent era that Bob was referring to. That’s why I wasn’t sure if Eli was relevant. Likely not, since he’s picking and choosing his own data.

  6. BMan

    Brandon Weeden? You mean the guy who was benched in favor of Brian Hoyer?

    Methinks that Bob doth protest too much.

  7. South FL Dawg

    7 national championships will do that to a person.

  8. RP

    So Stoops doesn’t have enough on his plate coaching a D 1 football team? He has the spare time to troll SEC fan bases. Better check the ajc articles to see if he’s posting on there too.

  9. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    So what do we know now? The obvious conclusion is that, if you get to pick your data and ignore everything else, you can make an argument for anything no matter how ridiculous.

  10. Last year, A&M averaged 39 ppg in conference play, and that number was bolstered by dropping 63 on the worst Auburn defense to ever take the field and 59 on Mizzou, who still had Big XII AIDS. A&M, who had a middle-of-the-pack defense last year held Okie to 13… 27 points below their regular season average.

    The offenses are clearly having their way this year, but that could be all the defensive players that moved on to the NFL this year like Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, Barkevious Mingo, Dee Milliner, Sheldon Richardson, Eric Reid, Sharrif Floyd, and Matt Elam. And those were just the ones that went in the first round.

  11. If I ran the SEC I’d ask athletic directors at the top six SEC schools to all send Oklahoma a scheduling request – each for a different year – tomorrow.

  12. We better start the “Boiling Pot”. TENNESSEE is two days away. Them Dawgs better cover that freakin spread….

  13. Comin' Down The Track

    Gee whiz, Bob. Got any cheese to go with that whine? I don’t think even you have enough tears to wash that egg off your face. Some of it looks like it’s been there since about 2004.

  14. Dog in Fla

    Big Game must be a little cranky because he’s not being talked about for the USC and Texas jobs. That’s probably why he’s lashing out

  15. hunkerdowndawg

    After Baby Kiffin joined the unemployment line, I was wondering who picks up the mantle of “Biggest Whiner” in CFB. And Big Game Bob was the first coach to comne to mind – before this article. He has always been a bitch. That high-powered Notre Dame juggernaut that hung 30 Stoops last year in Norman, didn’t score on Bama until it was 35 – 0 and the Bama defense had headed out to the Clevelander to celebrate. His timing is good though to remind everyone that Kiffin wasn’t the only colicky brat in a high profile coaching job.

  16. PTC DAWG

    I should GAS what Stoops says for what reason?

  17. Would you want to compete with the SEC in recruiting? Hell no. He’s fighting for his recruiting life. I’d attack the SEC every chance I got, if I were him. He’s trying to keep his recruits at home.