More Tennessee Week tidbits

  • I hope Todd Grantham’s as tired of hearing about this as I am.
  • Tennessee’s change in defensive schemes may be for the better, but I’m guessing that if Keith Marshall gets in the open, he can still outrun the Vols’ personnel.
  • Here’s‘s UT defensive breakdown.
  • Josh Harvey-Clemons is coming on.
  • A statistical game preview, from Rocky Top Talk.
  • Opportunity knocks, but the Vols don’t seem to be able to answer the door lately:

    In the last two games against Florida and South Alabama, Tennessee started seven possessions on the opponent’s side of the field, with five of them beginning immediately after a turnover.

    The results of those possessions were four interceptions, one fumble, one punt and three measly points.



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18 responses to “More Tennessee Week tidbits

  1. Defensive communication issues – If it’s true that “they all know the signals,” then it is fixable.

    Being that I lived in Raleigh, NC for a long time, I’m a Keith Marshall fan. He had a very nice game against UT last year and I’d love to see him improve on that performance.

    Rocky Top Talk … “I just couldn’t bring myself to predict 471 or more passing yards against us again, so I’m guessing 400”. I hope Aaron & friends rack up half a thousand. We need a good, blowout win after the 4 games we’ve had to start the season.


    • NRBQ

      I sure wish the coaches would give Marshall a little help by running more toss (a UGA tradition). In fact, some of Gurley’s best work has come from the occasional sweep, too.

      If I was industrious enough to run a blog that took its title with a nod to Munson, I’d call it “Toss-Sweep to Herschel…”


  2. Dog in Fla

    “four interceptions, one fumble, one punt and three measly points.”

    That’s when the application of Butch’s 6-3 slogan morphed into a 4-1-1-3 shingle


  3. ScoutDawg

    Good article on Spurrier on the Dawgbone.


  4. watcher16

    I will be extremely disappointed if we don’t have any INTs this game…


  5. Cojones

    Senator, why are you “tired” of hearing about the commo problem? It has been stated as an observation by others at gtp (and yours truly) as this year’s problem. Last year with all the experience the excuse by Grantham was “They got tired.” I pretty much got tired of hearing that statement last year when stats of each qtr said otherwise.

    TG’s quotes in the Bowers article shows he is throwing the players under the bus again. Why doesn’t he take some responsibility for commo problems and fix it ? Their signals should be systematized such that change doesn’t cause players to miss a beat (or a play).


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Call me an insipid shill for the program, but we are 3-1….if, this summer I had been asked if I would take 3-1….and by three points at that, to the number three team in the country…I’d a been delirious….and yet….I realize that newspaper sportswriters, in particular, respond to stuff they read on the web….ohhhh the fans are bitching about 3rd and 23….its their job, as distasteful as it sometimes may be, and its Grantham’s job to answer the questions…or chose not to.

    But folks, all that is just bullshit, to me…we are 3-1, and if the chips fall right…a stretch, I know, but still a remote possibility that something good could happen, if we keep doing our job (our is the team, of which I damn sure do feel a small part of.)

    Bluto has his job to do, I get that…and without trying to be an insipid shill for GTP, he does it cause he cares, I doubt the fiscal rewards are anywhere near the time spent.

    What does worry me is that I am pretty damn sure there is a contingent of the fan base, some of whom add to the discourse here, who really believe they got Willie….and that I find worrisome because I believe it is delusional.

    Hey….my team is 3-1 and if the chips fall, got a shot…what in God’s name do I have to bitch about? Really….all this whining and complaining.

    I don’t see how any the bitchers stand football season…it must be three or four months of pure misery and non-perfection.

    Kumbaya, bitches….I got hats to polish.


  7. Dog in Fla

    In honor of Tennessee, where all their players grew up on tacos, in addition to being National Vodka Day as well as Broderick Crawford Day, today is also National Taco Day