If you look at the season as Georgia’s promotion of Aaron Murray for Heisman…

… tonight’s game makes a lot of sense.

If I were CBS, I’d go ahead and lock down every Georgia game left on the schedule.


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76 responses to “If you look at the season as Georgia’s promotion of Aaron Murray for Heisman…

  1. Dolly Llama

    Damn. Just damn. That thing I just watched is something I’d just as soon never speak of again. Let’s just not talk about it ever again. Let’s talk about injuries tomorrow. I think I want to just watch Florida versus Arkansas and pretend this was an off week for us.

  2. Nate Dawg

    Senator, an explanation in DETAIL of defensive delay of game please…?
    Anyone see dude achieve the 31 yrd line for ut & then it be 4th & inches at the 30? Is there a conspiracy against the team I love?
    That was a Heisman winning run by AM, at least in years gone by.
    JSW – that’s the injury we need to know about & focus on. Love the rest of them JUST AD MUCH, but I think their season is done.

  3. Billy Mumphrey

    Games like this happen. Glad for the win and glad Aaron Murray is a DAMN GOOD DAWG. HBTD!!

  4. fetch

    That was the perfect storm. A desperate foe, multiple injuries to key players, an emotionally drained team, in one of the largest hostile stadiums in the country, with the momentum going against us, and AM dug deep and willed this team to a win. That is what Heisman and championship runs are made of. You have to find a way to win those type games to win it all, it’s what separates good seasons from MNC ones.

  5. Dawg from long ago

    No doubt any more. Murray is the best we’ve ever had.

  6. Tronan

    I think I had a stroke when Morgan nailed the game-winner.

    Two potential scenarios:
    1) Pig Howard’s goal line fumble against us is like Clint Stoerner’s fumble against UT in 1998 and helps propel us to a natty. Fortune is a cruel mistress, but maybe it’s finally our turn to be on her good side.
    2) All the injuries, ongoing ST failures, and inability to stop anyone on 3rd (and 4th) down catch up with us and we wind up in the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl.

    I just don’t know what to expect.

    • WF dawg

      1): Both crucial turnovers by a Pig.

    • Brandon

      I’m not trying to be a downer, but realistically I think we can forget the national championship talk, our defense is just awful and I don’t see them improving enough this year or ever under CTG to get us a national championship. Tennessee is a horrible offensive team. We are 4-1 because we have the best offense in school history and a phenomenal senior quarterback. It will catch up with us, all offenses have off days, Cam Newton’s Auburn team scored 17 against Miss State in 2010, injuries can bite you anytime like they did today. We almost got caught today, I just want to beat Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech again and not have to play Oregon or Baylor in a bowl game under any circumstances, if we can do that it will be a pretty good year. Oregon or Baylor really might could score 100 on us.

      • gastr1

        Yes. I feel the same.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Nah. Oregon only scored 62 on UT. Since we tied UT in regulation Oregon likely would score about 62 on us, too.

      • Sadly I have exactly the same feeling.

        I think if we somehow stumbled into the national title game, it would be a huge embarrassment for our school and the SEC.

        We’d get destroyed by Oregon and FOREVER be remembered as the school that ruined the SEC streak of BCS titles. It would be the final BCS title as well which would just make it even more brutal.

        CTG has proven to be incredibly mediocre. He covered it for a long time with faux bravado and stuff like KTMFD.

        Can we also renew the talk about how woefully terrible our strength and conditioning program is? That’s a huge factor in why we have such brutal injury problems.

        It is also a big reason why 4/5 star recruits so commonly underperform at UGA and then blossom into super stars in the NFL.

        The fact that we’ve allowed our S&C program to wallow in 20 year old ineptitude is probably the biggest failing of Mark Richt’s entire career – even worse than keeping his friend Willie too long as DC.

        • sUGArdaddy

          Muck, uh, you’re way off. Our s & c is light yes better these days. If you can’t see how much tougher we are, you’re not watching.

          And I’d line #11 up against anybody.

      • Brandon

        On a more positive note, I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen a college football meme, not involving Notre Dame, more thoroughly destroyed by on the field evidence than the “Aaron Murray can’t play in big time pressure situations” meme has been. In addition to being a dawg fan I am an enormous fan of seeing conventional wisdom fall flat on its face, be it in the sports world, the political world or pop culture in general. Nothing quite so satisfying as seeing the pundit class revealed for the asshats they truly are.

  7. NRBQ

    Bulletin: the Dawgs have another tailback. Film on your DVR.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Unless there’s something that I’m missing, that defensive delay of game penalty might be one of the most egregious do-anything-to-help-the-home-team calls I’ve ever seen.

    What a terrible, terrible — but also great — football game.

    Here’s hoping they weren’t all season-enders. Didn’t look good.

    • Dawg from long ago

      I don’t remember ever seeing a call like that on the defense. Thought as long as you didn’t go into the neutral zone, you could do pretty much anything you want.

  9. Dboy

    Calling Mr Rumph

  10. uglydawg

    “ROCKY STOP TWO”….OH how the hillbillys were celebrating! Dancing on the sidelines and in the stands. Georgia used the heel of the other hobnailed boot to kick them in the face again! Whew..I hate to say I told you so, but I did…Now praying that the injuries are not as bad as we all suspect. Marshall seemed especailly crushed..so he may know it’s a torn ACL or something like it. I hope not.
    I don’t understand the f’d-up calls by the refs..I don’t believe Tennessee scored on the quesionable pass completion. The receivers feet seemed to be in the air when he controlled the ball..Also, the call for delay of game on the defense was something else..It reminded me of the “jumping” call at Tempe a few years ago. That call gave TN a very easy fourth and one…made a HUGE difference, that one call did!
    Holding is now apparantly legal..I did see Georgia get the benefit on one spot but that’s about it.
    It’s just a good thing Georgia is deep in the skilled postitions. Barring more injuries, and if just one or two come back, the Dawgs should still have a great chance to win out. Tennessee stayed in the game with the flukiest of happenstance…the blocked punt, timely penalties and a zillion fourth and ones.. I still don’t think they’re very good…it was just one of those games that we expect once or twice a year.

    • uglydawg

      And I can’t wait to see next years game in Athens…Georgia will beat the hell out of them.

    • Skeeter

      But, funny how those flukes seem to occur in so many of our games. Just once this season I’d like us to beat the ever lovin’ $h*t out of a team. Maybe Florida.

      • uglydawg

        I know that’s right Skeet. I said in a post this week that we would know if this is a championship quality team if they stomped a mudhole in Tennessee’s ass. They didn’t. I want to see Georgia beat the crap out of someone too…preferably Florida.

      • We can’t hold anyone to under 30. Every game is going to be like this.

        • Russ

          Agreed. I guess we can plan to hold Appy State under 30, but I can’t honestly see anyone else scoring under 30 on us. And I agree with the above posters – Oregon or Baylor would score 70 on us, 35 of those points would be while our defense is still trying to figure out where to line up.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Yessir. Every single team remaining on our schedule (App State excluded) is capable of putting 30+ up against the Georgia D and Georgia Special Teams I saw tonight. And now that several key members of the Georgia O are injured…….

    • NRBQ

      JSW was really upset, too. You could see his chest heaving in sobs.

      Brutal day for some great kids.

      • JonDawg

        I saw that too, seems to me that he got the news, and with the kind of year he was having, and the work he put it, it crushed him. Prayers go out to all those injured today

  11. NRBQ

    Right now, I’m rootin’ real hard for N.Western!

  12. Rp

    Agree with those above about Murray. That may be his best game. His entire supporting cast was gone and we still won. I dont care how ugly it was, that team has got A LOT of guts surviving that game. Great win. We may have to reevaluate our NC and SEC chances if those guys dont come back.

    And…JJ Green is a ball player.

  13. Flukebucket

    Third and Willie or fourth and Grantham? Both equally sickening. I can’t see Georgia winning out. The defense is average at best and the offense is decimated. Just glad to get out of Knoxville with a win.

  14. Nate Dawg

    I remember days of yore when the teams UGA played got called for holding ocasionaly while we were on defense. I guess that’s all gone. Rule change? Defensive delay of game? Am I supposed to take this shit seriously?

  15. Grady Grad

    I think Northwestern has borrowed our pass defense.

  16. sniffer

    Why, for the love of Pete, do we continue to use that punt formation?
    It sucks! It doesn’t work well!

    Or, maybe, its just me…

  17. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Well, I said in a post earlier today to not worry about UT. I was wrong. I also said we should worry about Missouri next week. I WAS right about that.

  18. ARDawg

    Murray showed true grit and leadership tonight. It would’ve been easy for this team to fold tonight with all the heart-breaking circumstances that unfolded. I have always respected and admired Murray for his talent on the field and his heart in the face of many doubters. Tonight, I realized what a leader he is. That draw up the middle and his refusing to slide was priceless. And another key drive at the end of regulation when we had to have it. Well done, Aaron.

  19. JRW7

    Aaron Murray for Heisman, Our defense stinks, vols offense is awful, and CTG nfl defense just made Tn and Worley look unbeatable, fire CTG, we will never win a NC with CTG and this defense!

    • Joe Brown Hall

      Remember what Richt said at the half? “We’ve got what we’ve got.” CTG and a more than suspect D is what we’ve got. We’ll have to make the best of it for now.

  20. MinnesotaDawg

    Anybody notice that Missouri is beating the hell out of Vandy tonight? Trying hard not to think about next week.

  21. Ginny

    It feels as though many have forgotten that we basically played without our entire starting offense tonight. Having them healthy would have helped our defense tremendously.

  22. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is premature as I believe evaluations should come after the season is over and we aren’t even halfway though the regular season, but I just can’t help feeling that CTG is not the answer on D. We suffered through 2010 while he was installing the 3-4 (7 losses) with at least the expectation that things would get better in the future. He’s in his 4th season with Georgia now. I haven’t done any empirical study on this but the eyeball test tells me that we are just about where we were on D with CWM at the time he got canned. Thank goodness for the O and particularly for AM. It seems we have to win a track meet every week because the D-backs can’t cover and can’t tackle. Can anybody remember when UGA held a ranked opponent-or even just a conference foe-to under 30 points? Vandy last year I suppose. The other thing: Special Teams, Special Teams, Special Teams. Will CMR ever learn?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I looked it up. We shut out Auburn last year so that was the last one. And also held Tech to under 30. But the final 2 games last season and all the games this season except for North Texas the opponent’s O has scored more than 30 points against the vaunted UGA D. Taking out North Texas (a walkover team), that’s 6 in a row.

      • Brandon

        The real killer to me is last year. As a DC you could never ask for a more talented group of athletes. That’s why his “youth and inexperience” schtick is less persuasive than it may otherwise be.

  23. Scorpio Jones, III

    I don’t like to second guess coaches. I don’t know what they know. But here is an observation that you could call critical.

    Last night we made a Tennessee team that was against Florida on offense, bumbling, stumbling and woefully inept, look like a first rate offense. Not all the time…we had some great plays at times, but overall, Tennessee looked significantly better against us, than Florida.

    To me this does not bode well for what is coming up.

    I don’t know what is wrong with the defense, the experts who “got Willie” here will fill in those blanks.

    But, this morning, that rematch with Bama in the dome seems a long way off, and Missouri does, in fact, have a good offense.

    It seems to me somebody needs to figure out something.

  24. Turd Ferguson

    I probably would’ve said this even without the injuries to other WRs, but certainly now: Conley should be targeted 12-15 times per game for the rest of the season. Good things happen when the ball goes his way.

    Also, we need to try to hit Reggie Davis deep as early as possible against Mizzou. Establish him as a legit vertical threat, and send an immediate message that we really are a “next man up” sort of team.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I feel bull-dog-ish on Davis as well. He comes off as a somewhat shorter Demiko Goodman, only with better football skills. Clearly the coaching firmament trusts him, as he has been back on punts.

      The acid test this Saturday is will the secondary be able to GET A CLUE and stick on some guys. Tackling is good too as a general thing. That QB Franklin will force the UGa Back 7 to make split-second decisions run/pass and I am unconvinced that they will choose correctly.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I also am bull-dog-ish on Davis. He comes off as something like a Demiko Goodman type player, only with better football instincts. The coaching firmament clearly believes this, as he has been back on punts.

      The key this Saturday will hover over the Dawgs Back 7 making the proper decisions against QB Franklin. He will force them to make split-second run/pass prognoses and I am hardly convinced they are constituted to get that done. I smell more backs-to-the-wall shootout football which worries me some.

  25. fetch

    +1 I heart Conley. I think he and Bennett are our best options, but this O really clicks when everybody is equally involved. When we prove to the other team that they can’t just key in on a couple guys, we are dangerous. Just hoping some/all of those knees are just sprained and not torn ligaments.

  26. Slaw Dawg

    Yes, big props to Aaron Murray, and I’m again sadly disappointed in our D and punting team. Fixable things aren’t getting fixed, and that’s on coaching.

    But we must also recognize (1) much as I’m a converted fan of his, a big “Aarrggh!!!” goes out to Mike Bobo for our first drive in the 3d Q; we ran damn near every down, and while we had great success with Green on the outside, we inexplicably chose to go with Douglas on the inside once we were close, and we were not letting Murray be Murray–in other words, rather than put it away, Bobo chose to start being conservative way too early; (2) UT players, coaches, fans deserve our respect; they came to play, never gave up, put the lie to people like me who thought they couldn’t hang for 4 quarters and Worley took superb advantages of the “holes” in our D (which, if he and his OC saw them early in the week and even broadcast the fact, you’d have thought we would be prepared.

    You won’t catch this Dawg talking about Atlanta, or MNCs, or even Florida this week. An unbeaten, very confident, very well coached Missouri team comes to town with something big to prove against our beat, banged up offense and unable to learn from mistakes defense. I am all Munson this week!

  27. Cojones

    While Murray is appreciated beyond the Ws he has given us, he teamed up with a favorite of mine who also gave us this game – Wooten. And Murray’s run was something to behold. He was fast and took tacklers head-on when he felt he had to. What a man! His name will probably be spoken more in reminicence next year than it has and will be this year.