Tennessee’s turnover margin is on drugs.

The Vols are fourth in the SEC in turnover margin, at plus-4, but when you look at their game log, you can see what a wild ride it’s been getting there.  Truly feast or famine, they’ve been everywhere from plus-6 against W. Kentucky to minus-3 against the Gators.  Which I guess is how you wind up leading the conference in takeaways and being last in giveaways.

Georgia’s story is downright boring by comparison.  How all this plays out today, I have no idea.


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3 responses to “Tennessee’s turnover margin is on drugs.

  1. DugLite

    I hope Juston Worley starts the UGA game the same way he did against FU. 5 of 7 for 5 yards with 2 INT and a fumble.


  2. Just want Georgia to play to their high standard of the LSU and USCe games. Everything will be all right…


  3. Everything will be fine….We will cover the spread. No Doubt!!!!