Well, there is that.

Trap game. Emotional let down.  Georgia-Tennessee 2004.

Yeah, I know, the risk is there.  And the coaches are absolutely right to hammer the point home to the players about today’s game.

But then again, Georgia’s receivers, ninth in the country in passing offense with 345 yards a game, get to take on a Tennessee secondary that played two of its cornerbacks every snap last week.  Against South Alabama.



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  1. Will

    2004 was my sophomore year. I couldn’t get the whole season, but the half I got started with the 2004 Tennessee game. I watched from my dorm room as we beat defending champ LSU like they owed us money, and then I finally got to go to a game to see Georgia play Tennessee.

    I sat in the open endzone for about 20 minutes after David Greene’s last chance, desperate heave that fell short. One of my worst days as a Georgia fan.


  2. I have a lot of Tennessee friends, they are not at all excited about this game. But then again, they don’t study a lot of history there.


  3. AusDawg85

    Crush their face!


  4. Betcha they weren’t playing Larry’s Hobnail Boot call over the loudspeakers this year.


  5. Turd Ferguson

    Hearing that Tray Matthews didn’t make the trip. Anyone know why? What have I missed?


  6. Macallanlover

    Interesting game beyond the usual strength-against-strength comparisons. UGA has really good depth this year which is inspiring competitive performances at several positions and could impact how this game plays out:
    1. Keith Marshall came to UGA as the top RB recruit and has performed very well, as expected. But he has never been “the man” as Gurley has gotten every start in front of Gurley. They are great friends and understand we need both of them to play a combo role, but I have to believe Marshall looks at today as the time to show everyone, including the NFL scouts that he can be the featured back and carry the load. He will run all out today.
    2. The competition for the 3rd RB slot is between Green and Douglas, two freshmen who have looked good in limited action. Securing that 3rd spot is important to both as there are only so many carries available behind Todd and Keith. With highly rated RB recruits coming in next year, today is a chance to make your case for more playing time when it is available.
    3. The FB battle between Hicks and Hall has been intense and the competition has made both better. Coaches have said performance will determine who plays the most. I expect both to be very focused to secure more playing time in upcoming games.
    4. OL competition is pretty keen at nearly all positions. With the rotational plan, all will continue to play but the amount of time will depend on grades in each game.
    5. Hutson Mason is a talented QB and loyal Dawg but it has not resulted in a single pass attempt this year. CMR needs this QB to get some game reps to prepare for any need should Murray miss some time this season, and especially to be better prepared for the role he will play next season. You just know he is anxious and ready to play.
    6. The entire defense has been under attack by fans and the national media after getting drilled by two excellent offenses, and one other that was above average. Starting spots and playing time at DL, LB, and in the secondary are all in play today against an offense they should be able to smother. I look for them to make a statement today and play very well.

    You can say this should be the case every game but we are blessed with quality depth at several positions, and have young talent waiting for a chance to shine at others; this hasn’t been the case in a long time at this many positions. The UT, Kentucky, and Appy games are the best chances to see what we have under the hood with our back-ups, we will see some fall off in intensity, but not as much as many expect. That is what is different about this game to me, and why I think we will play effectively and not see a major drop off in a letdown situation. That said, we will need to be ready early because TN needs a big conference win badly and we are one of their few home games to make that statement. As I said yesterday, I think we will win by 3 TDs+ and the above situations are why. Go Dawgs!!




    • TlkDawg

      Hope you’re right about the way the game plays out. As a UGA alum and lifelong dawg fan, I can’t help but always feel (to be read in your best Munson voice) that we’re going up there to play that giant, monster offensive line. Man are they big! We’re gonna have to play in front of a million of those crazies all in orange, just screamin’ their lungs out. And we’ve got all those freshmen, and sophmores`. They’re just babies goin up against grown men. We’ll be lucky to bring back anyone alive from up there! God bless you Larry!


  8. fetch

    The Pirate would be proud of the way we spread it around. It’s not uncommon to look at the stats and see 10-12 different players with a catch in a game.


  9. Mudcats Impala...

    Willie in orange makes me happy…