Whatever happened to the Heisman as lifetime achievement award?

Remember the good ol’ days when guys like George Rogers and Ron Dayne were rewarded with a Heisman Trophy because of their career work?  With a redshirt freshman winning last season, it’s obvious that kind of thinking is obsolete. That’s too bad, Aaron Murray.

Saturday will be a historic day for Murray as the Bulldogs go to Tennessee. With just 100 passing yards he will become the SEC’s all-time leading passer, breaking the record of 11,528 currently held by Georgia’s David Greene (2001-2004). With nine more touchdown passes Murray will break the career record of 114 held by Florida’s Danny Wuerffel, the 1996 Heisman Trophy winner.

Greene, now 31, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that not only is he pulling for Murray to break his record “I hope he shatters it.”

One other note on Murray: Only two players in NCAA history have thrown for more than 3,000 in four consecutive seasons: Hawaii’s Timmy Chang and Boise State’s Kellen Moore. Murray, who has 1,338 yards through four games, could become the third.

It’s a real shame that Murray could never win the big game like George Rogers did.  Another reason I hold the Heisman in such high esteem.



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10 responses to “Whatever happened to the Heisman as lifetime achievement award?

  1. AusDawg85

    I suspect Murray’s biggest personal goal is SEC Champion and realizes everything else is far out of his control. UGA would have to fund a big PR campaign to get Murray in the Heisman conversation. Not a distraction anyone wants, and what about Gurley? It’s not going to happen, and I prefer to not even bother thinking about it.


  2. fetch

    “It’s a real shame that Murray could never win the big game like George Rogers did.” That’s why I like you, Senator, you don’t have to hunt for the snark. 🙂


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Maybe I am naive about this but I believe Murray CAN win the Heisman even without a PR campaign by our all too cheap AD. If Georgia wins the SEC, and Murray breaks all those records, the Heisman race can take on a life of its own. Mansell literally came out of nowhere last year as nobody was talking Heisman for him until the A&M-Bama game. But Murray will have to do something dramatic , most likely in the SECCG, to pull it off.


  4. Macallanlover

    I dislike what the Heisman has evolved to with PR campaigns and talking heads using their platforms to sway votes based on a few, super-highlight plays. I don’t care about it any longer and wish the position awards were more the emphasis contests. I was listening to a discussion this week on the “projected Heisman” standings at this point in the season and heard the host say that you just had to have Johnny Cash at the ceremoiny in NY again as a Top 5. I began to think, why is that so? Is he still a dominant performer and among the best at his position? Yes, he is. Not the best, but among the Top 10 for sure as a college QB. But why does he HAVE to be included? Isn’t there still a statement in the definition of what criteria should be considered that states the player should be one that represents the integrity of the game? I haven’t heard it being eliminated but if he goes to NYC this season I will have to think the Heisman is no longer the award it was intended to be. There may not be indisputable video evidence of him accepting money directly from the brokers but he brought sleaze to the forefront on more than occasion this off-season….and he was suspended for SOMETHING this season, right? Shame on the media if they don’t make sure this is discussed as an issue to be considered by Heisman voters.


    • Russ

      That “morality clause” was thrown out the window with Cam’s laptop.


      • Ben

        He still has a shot as long as he keeps his act together iduring the season. As the LSU game coverage demonstrated, if he can get some kind of “redemption” narrative going, the media will eat it up.


  5. Gene Simmons

    I was watching the ESPN documentary on Herschel the other night and Coach Dooley explained that the Heisman (back in the day) was more of a career award instead of a season or one year award. This was his explanation of why Herschel did not win it as a Freshman or Sophomore. CLEARLY that has changed since Timmy T and Johnny won it as underclassmen. This speaks of the age we live in where immediate gratification is all that matters. I once held this award in esteem but no longer feel that it really matters. I would LOVE to see AM win it but don’t see it happening unless we run the table and he does shatter the record books.


  6. Irishdawg

    The Heisman is almost as big a joke as the Oscars; it’s all hype driven and goes to the most high profile player on the #1 team as often as not.