“Now I’m going to stick my foot in my mouth, probably.”

David Pollack, here’s some career advice:  you work at a place that put up with Craig James, but not Ron Franklin.  Next time Chris Fowler throws you an anchor, let it drop to the ground.



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21 responses to ““Now I’m going to stick my foot in my mouth, probably.”

  1. PatinDC

    Hope that shoe tastes good DP.
    The twitter comments are worth the click.
    Barbara Dooley. Giggle.


  2. PHDawg

    Jackie Pepper wins the Internet.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      No, the analogy breaks down for the same reason there is even an abortion debate in the first place. Your opinion in that debate hinges on whether the argument to you is about reproductive rights or unborn people. If you land on the unborn people side, then unfortunately for Pepper that includes unborn males, too. Otherwise, everyone would have accepted her “get your laws off my body” snark after the first fifty million bumper stickers were printed…


  3. South FL Dawg

    The question I have had is, does he just talk before thinking or or can he not even think? I’m afraid it’s the latter. Great player but a dumb guy. Not that he falls below the bar at ESPN, as we know.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      He’s not a dumb guy. He knew what he was getting into but said it anyway because he believed in what he was saying. BTW, just about every man in the US feels the same way but most are too chickenshit to say the same thing Pollack said, at least not publicly.


  4. SouthGaDawg

    Pam Ward is offended…


  5. Ptc dawg

    In todays world, nobody thinks much before they respond…..


  6. Irishdawg

    And of course Pollack will have to grovel and don a hair shirt to please the PC police. What he said was poorly thought out and silly, but its not like he denied the Holocaust.


  7. StuDawg

    Some of these comments are unbelievable. What DP said is totally understandable and a very legitimate position to have. Whats wrong with saying that the people on that committee should have played the game of football? The PC police want to spin that into saying that women shouldnt be on the committee, which is NOT what he said and not what he thinks. Lets be honest, a large reason that Condy Rice was put on that committee is solely because she IS a woman. They knew that if it was all men, they would be called sexist. And she happens to be a black woman, so its like getting two-for-one. I think DP is a great analyst and he really knows his stuff. And he is also not afraid to speak his mind unlike all the other PC robots on TV these days.


    • SC DAWG

      I couldn’t agree with DP more. Any man out there that disagrees is just a total wuss and needs to find his balls. Women have no knowledge of football because they have never played. What is so outrageous about presenting a fact?


      • So “outside the arena” only counts for women who are outside the arena?


      • Will (the other one)

        So you would deny the world Mike Leach as a football coach? (He never played CFB either but I’d bet the combined mortgages of every poster here he knows more about football than you.)


        • Cosmic Dawg

          If Rice had coached a CFB powerhouse – no, wait – if Rice had coached GEORGIA STATE – we would probably all respect her opinion enough to be cool with her being on the committee. Or even if she was an AD.

          But she’s a former secretary of state who I *suspect* likes to talk football in much the same way (though perhaps more honestly) than Hillary Clinton thought it was cool to shoot bourbon. I acknowledge I may be completely wrong – Rice may love the game, but that does not make her qualified.

          It would be just as annoying if they put some male celebrity or politician on the committee. As it stands, it’s just a superficial attempt to show how effing open-minded CFB is.

          I miss the 20th century.


  8. Macallanlover

    I can get on board with the “should have been in the arena” position but I am amazed at how much of the criticism is about Condy Rice and not Pat Hayden. You put people of high integrity, from a balanced geography, that are knowledgeable of the game, but they should have no current allegiance to ANY school. It undermines the credibility of an already, impossible task. You will never please all, but they should not leave themselves open for an easy target like having a sitting AD who also played at the school. Jeez, couldn’t you at least have picked someone who has been in 2-3 different conferences? The Pirate would be more capable of making respected decisions. Manning seems to be a universally acceptable appointment.


  9. Do you really need to have playing experience to distingiush between whether a team like Louisville is more deserving than the Dawgs? So by that standard should we take Hal Mumme over Rice?


  10. Will Trane

    Shave your legs, wear pink for a very long time, verbally support all feminist movements [and they will be a century of work], and just stick to the X’s and C’s. Plus I will not know because I do not watch Game Day, and I never listen to the TV game announcers except on a replay. Just like in the stands.


  11. ASEF

    Played the college game? Or does front lawn

    Committees like this need some fresh perspective, or you’re going to up the likelihood of bubble group think.


  12. Dog in Fla

    Why does Sammy hate America?

    “Condoleezza Rice, football recruiter”

    sammy weiler
    •7 months ago
    Condi’s Top recruiting lines:

    “You’ll love it here. Trust me. Have I ever been wrong before?
    You’ll be greeted on campus as a liberator.
    Sign here and we’ll celebrate with yellow cake.
    Those other teams are just crap and I know crap.
    Hey big boy, with those legs you’re the weapon of mass destruction that I’ve been looking for.
    Like trick plays? I know a good one called “Curveball.”
    What could possibly go wrong?”


    Other than Bagman Bill and the operatives at the Farm, Condi does have other dedicated fans following her. They appreciate that her bodyguards don’t readily open fire