Today’s moment of false bravado

Todd Grantham, talking about his defense:  “We made one more play than they did.”  Dude.  Dude.  Dude.


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  1. SouthGaDawg

    Another team scores over 30 against us…ho hum. I fully anticipate Mizzou doing the same on Saturday. I just hope we can field 11 on offense and score 30+ ourselves.

  2. frowertr

    Yeah, I think at this point giving CTG any kind of pass is unrealistic. Yes, the defense is young but they should still know the plays that are being called in from the sidelines. It is nearly EVERY PLAY on defense that the players are confused/waving/yelling to each other.

    So I don’t know what to take away from this. Are the plays over complicated? Maybe more so than last year?? Does UGA have some attitude issues on Defense and the players just think they are good enough without learning the playbook??

  3. The other Doug

    I’m waiting to hear Coach Richt weigh in on the subject.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      He’s not going to say anything until after the season. That’s the way he does it.

    • Brandon

      Richt isn’t the kind of guy to publically throw another coach under the bus but his relative silence on the subject of CTG speaks volumes, if Richt will can the best man at his wedding he’ll can CTG after the season. At this point CTG is just a better looking version of Charlie Weis, a lot of talk, a lot crap result, decided schematic advantage and all. I think CTG is gone if there is not amazing improvement between now and the end of the season, keeping him after his performance with the NFL talent laden group last year and then his worst case scenario performance with youth this year is not fair to the players, the offensive coaches, Richt, or the fans.

  4. We are a good team. We got beat up on offense yesterday and we had some awful luck with injuries. The fact our offense has to outscore our opponents every week is ridiculous. If I am Bobo, then I walk up to Grantham and punch him square in his nose. Whoever is responsible for our punt team (yes I know we don’t have a dedicated coach but someone must be responsible), needs a swift kick in the nuts.

    • ETennDawg

      “The fact our offense has to outscore our opponents every week is ridiculous.”
      Wait…its that the exact goal EVERY week.

      • Brandon

        JJ is saying that our offense can’t ever rely on our defense to get a stop which is absolutely true. The offense has very little margin for error because the defense hemorrages points.

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am not going to point fingers at anybody in particular…I’ll let the folks who have a better understanding of the intricacies of the game do that…but with the offense facing an indefinite period with some of its prime weapons in the whirlpool or the operating room, OUR defense needs to get its shit together real damn fast…like next week.

    You can’t rely on the Kharmic Bitches to separate Pig from the skin the rest of the season.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Or pigs from acorns, for that matter. I like how your kettle stirring paid off this week and I agree the D-fense MUST buckle down and start finding a stray acorn or two.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Replay….:46 to go…:46 to everything….Brendan Douglas, Brendan Douglas….:27 to go….They knock Gates’ hat off…first down…once again we are on the fucking 5 yard line. They interfere with Woot….ball at the 2 :16 to go. McGowan incomplete…McGowan is NOT Conley…:08 to go….Wooten!!!!!.

        This Murray guy, he’s pretty good…

        I broke my chair, a metal, steel chair, when Pig dropped the ball into the endzone.

        All the folks who bitch about Richt’s stoic personality….

        The defense may not please us all the time, but I gotta tell you Lone, this is a damned good football team, they may bend, but they don’t break.

        I got pots to stir, hats to polish….Mizzou scares me to death.

        • mwo

          I got 5 new quarts of Upson County sour mash Kool-Aid for the Mizzou game next week. Somewhere between 112 and 120 proof. Probably what the over will be next week. I’ve got to go fold me some new tin foil hats for the game.

        • The Lone Stranger

          I could almost hear that commentary rising in my dome to a crescendo! The tragedy is I never saw a luck if the game in the 2nd Half and will have to watch the re-air at 9 in the PM. From all I can infer, it was an exciting contest?

          • The Lone Stranger

            … And it oughta read “saw a lick of” (you know, all home-spun like).

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Obviously I have seen a few exciting games, but this one is way up there…It ain’t “Run Lindsay” (God forgive me for saying…yet) but it’s pretty damn exciting. Man, they were beat up, banged up, tangled up, but they did not quit. I occurs to me…do they have to adjust defenses much in the pros…seems like they run the same plays all the time…but what do I know?

              Tin foil hats? Hell, I never thought of that….

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Hey Scorpio: “separate Pig from the skin.” Very nice. I’m a big fan of an original turn of phrase. Very nice!

      • You guys….There’s much work to be done before Saturday! I honestly thought I was going to lose it completely yesterday. Thank you Parrish for pulling me through. Wow…..what a damn game. When those big ole boys (Tn Players) were crying….I cried with them. It was so sad. Them Dawgs just cannot beat that spread.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Aw shucks, Hog…even a blind pig…etc, etc, etc….:)

  6. @gatriguy

    It’s time for Grantham to move on. His system is either overly complicated, or he doesn’t focus in fundamentals at the expense of putting in exotic schemes.

    Richt’s attachment to Garner cost him BVG, Kirby Smart, and allegedly Fister and Chavis. At the end if his tenure, I truly believe that allowing Garner to hold us hostage for 12 years will be the biggest mistake richt ever made.

  7. GaskillDawg

    I am not a coach critic, but it is chutzpah to claim that Pig Howard volunteering to convert a 1st and goal inside the 5 into a touchback is our guys “making a play.”

  8. charlottedawg

    STFU Todd Grantham. Seriously, you’ve almost pissed away several MVP performances from Aaron Murray and inspired offense overall. Your unit can’t even line up correctly. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were coaching special teams as well. No, lack of planning on your part resulting in all these freshman playing on defense is not a valid excuse. Not to mention you didn’t really fare much better last year with basically an NFL defense. It’s also pretty freakin’ pathetic that every offense we’ve faced has had a career day against us. If we don’t win a championship this year its because of Todd maybe with some derp from special teams thrown in. It is unreasonable to expect Bobo and company to bail out the rest of the team every game. End rant.

    • Connor

      Agreed. The defense is alarming. There probably won’t be many style points to be earned the rest of the way. We’ll have to be satisfied with Mike Bobo and Aaron Murray compensating for Grantham. Probably by the skin of our teeth.

      • Coastal Dawg

        I get the youth thing. But cripes, we still tackle poorly. I counted six times when we had a stop but did not wrap up and missed the tackle! That is coaching.

        • @gatriguy

          Remember how much trouble Weis had at Notre Dame with fundamentals because you don’t focus on that at NFl level? It seems very familiar, no?

        • Brandon

          Seriously, our local high school defense has better fundamental tackling skills than Georgia’s defense.

  9. doofusdawg

    how many snaps did mayes get…his jersey sure did look clean and bright. I knew ctg was going to match up against their offense just the way he did which allowed for over 400 yards against a terrible offense.

    Mizzou is going to spread it out just the same only this year we don’t have Jarvis. ctg’s nickel read and react defense will probably get us beat this weekend.

    The strength of our defense is our front seven yet ctg will allow any team that lines up the ability to mitigate this strength. It’s ironic that on offense we attempt to impose our will on the defense by running it up the middle regardless of how stacked the box is…. yet on defense we do nothing but read and react to the personnel on the field… something has to change somewhere.

  10. Lakatos, freshman starters or no, is waving a red flag for getting let go…

  11. I would love to be there when just one of these armchair dq’s got in Grantham’s face in person.

    • If it would mean an improvement on Defense, then I would happily volunteer.

    • TennesseeDawg

      I will, he wouldn’t be able to get lined up for the fight anyway

      • Macallanlover

        Tell it brother. I have primarily had my points against his scheme, trying to stay out of the personal criticism area but after a few years, and five games into the season, isn’t it time to expect our defense toi be able to be set before the snap? Any up-tempo offense will be successful against a defense that is still moving for a base set-up, much less having to adjust to motion. We all say it could be too complicated, really? At this point it should have been scrapped and simplified…like in 2011. This isn’t the first year we have looked confused on setting up and adjusting. Fix it dammit! Our All Pro group last year was the weakness of the team, now our young talent looks beyond repair near mid-season. No one could expect any more “cover” from an offense, time to earn your keep.

  12. Peteydawg

    Not sure how in overtime the guy basically scoring but fumbling the ball outta the end zone is the d “making a play”. Seemed more like losing to me and a lucky break

  13. DugLite

    I am still try to remember when our D made that extra play stop.

  14. timphd

    Against South Carolina that comment made some sense, but yesterday? Really?

    • timphd

      Oh, and while I’m at it: How is it that against this D EVERY opposing QB has his career day? Worley was so bad that they started a true freshman in his place one game but against this D he looks All World. Hate to think what Missouri will do next week. They are better than perceived.

  15. bulldogbry

    Grantham has officially lost me. And when you lose me, it’s bad.

    Former Disney Dawg who owes some apologies

  16. Will Trane

    False bravdo. Yes, if you are UT. Let’s look at their defense. Jancek Marinez. Now you know why they are not at UGA anymore. Bobo opened them like a hot knife in butter, going down his depth chart, limited play selection, on the road, large noisy crowd, 2 frosh on last drive carrying the ball. Go ahed state of georgia recuits and go to UT.History repeeated.

  17. dudetheplayer

    I think Tennessee just converted another third down.

  18. TennesseeDawg

    Let’s just spot Missouri 35 points before the game and get it over with.

  19. Will Trane

    how much time do you think Jancek and Martinez spent since last spring on Dawgs offense. A freaking damn lot. They pointed to this game all year. How many points have those two given up this year. A freaking damn lot with a much more experience roster. The two kids out of Augusta and Kingsland lite their ass up on that last drive.

  20. Bright Idea

    No improvement from week 1 and the revolving door at every position except ILB ain’t helping.

  21. Will Trane

    2 secondary players out. Played 3 of the best teams in nation so far. How many did LSU put on MSU on the road. How many frosh are we playing on defense. Neyland is tough to play in. Bajaklan is a Super Bowl “O” coach. And that is as good as UT could do against this squad. Let see how they do in their next 2 games, have 2 weeks for Spurrier.Think Jancek and Martinez will have enought time again? Let’s see how they do against the inside zone read.

  22. Will Trane

    Remember UT hates UGA. They detested Dooley. Just read their posts and blogs…not good enough for them. We go in there with a full house what do you think that game would b e like.

  23. Will Trane

    Officiating at UT game. Have we not had an issue with helmet hits against our players by one of the officials. Look back at SECCG and punter after blocked punt. Was that not a helmet hit above the shoulders. He left the game a concussion. That is serious. No call. Why in the hell not. Have you ever seen a team get as many favorable spots like UT received yesterday. Freaking damn lot and outrageous.

  24. X-Dawg

    That’ll do Pig, That’ll do.

  25. JRW7

    CTG defense is a joke! When are we Dawg fans going to quit giving him a pass! We only won because of AM!

  26. McTyre

    D is even worse than they look when you factor in how the O is good enough to give them leads, long rests between series, and otherwise take pressure off to have to carry the day. Gator D, for instance, has been excellent under the petulant but demanding Muschamp despite having BAD offenses. No, I don’t want a maniac like Muschamp as UGA’s coach, but I want our HC to value all three phases of the game. This season looks alot like 2008 – unbelievable offensive battery(Stafford-Moreno-Green) leaves with no hardware due primarily to galactically underachieving D. PLEASE give Murray-Gurley a chance and simply be competent on D (and ST) . . . excellence on those units 2011-13 thankfully is not required.

  27. Gene Simmons

    Best case scenario: we win it all and CTG moves on to become a HC at a mid major. THEN we hire a frickin coach who can coach a college defense.
    NOT someone who is a work in progress or who just happens to have been on staff with Saban at some point. I said this before the CTG hire: CMR needs to go after a PROVEN DC. That is the only way we begin fielding decent teams week in and week out. Taking a position coach and promoting them makes NO SENSE. This is Georgia. We can afford to hire a PROVEN DC. a PROVEN winner.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Who, Mr. Kiss?

      • Gene Simmons

        You make a short list of the best DCs and start there. You don’t get some guy coaching a POSITION and promote him. This is what CMR did with Willie and also with CTG. There is a short list of really good DCs who are proven winneers. SOMEONE on that list would come to UGA for the $ and the opportunity.

        • @gatriguy

          We’ll have a lot better chance at landing whoever we go after with Garner gone. Kirby for sure, and alledgedly Foster and Chavis made cutting Garner (and DVH in the case of Kirby) loose a condition of the job and Richt said no.

            • @gatriguy

              In the case of Kirby, I’ll just say 1) I know his wife, and 2) I know the realtor they contacted to help them find a place in Athens. It was a done deal if Garner had been canned with the rest of Willie’s staff.

              As for Foster and Chavis, that just what I’ve heard from people that are right more than wrong, but I don’t KNOW for sure like with Kirby, hence the “allegedly.”

              Don’t forget that there were also all sorts of rumors about how much BVG hated Garner and that he ultimately gave Richt an ultimatum before leaving.

              Don’t get me wrong, I actually like everything about Grantham except his scheme. Love his fire and the fact that his players play their hearts out for him. I just think the 3-4 is tough for college unless your Saban with an entire staff of “analysts” to help break it down for the players.

              • From what I heard, Foster was a pure money play. Had same impression about Chavis.

                Kirby’s deal was more complicated, but he did say yes at one point, supposedly.

                • @gatriguy

                  Maybe so on Chavis and Foster. They could have leveraged the offer, knowing they could play the Garner card to give them an out if anything started to materialize.

                  Regardless of what happened there, it looked bad that we got played that hard to get two coaches raises, had our first pick flip, and got our fourth choice.

                  Georgia DC is a prime gig, 3 people shouldn’t have said no. There had to before to having so much trouble filling that position, we can agree to disagree on what that might have been.

        • Trbodawg

          Anyone know how to contact the DC of North Texas? Those boys knew how to tackle.

    • Brandon

      I don’t see who in their right mind would hire CTG but since this country is becoming a huge circle of derp in all aspects of society it wouldn’t surprise me. One way or the other he needs to be gone.

  28. W Cobb Dawg

    CTG needs to start getting results or he should expect to be let go. Not sure I’ve never seen a team break down on third down so consistently.

  29. JRW7

    You have to remember that CTG was I think, our 4th choice for DC, we have a 4th rate DC!

    • Gene Simmons

      This is an unfortunate truth. But the guys who turned us down were all DCs as I remember. CTG was a position coach at Dallas. Find someone at a smaller school who is coaching his rear end off and winning as a DC and offer him. Someone coaching college players. It is time to let CTG and his exorbitant salary go.

  30. HVL Dawg

    It’s like we just want our defense to go ahead and give up their last score with at least 1:30 left in the game so our offense can get the win.