A true sign of greatness

Aaron Murray finished third in total QBR this week, hatas.

1 Bryce Petty BAY 73-42 vs WVU 98.7
2 Jameis Winston FSU 63-0 vs MD 96.7
3 Aaron Murray UGA 34-31 @ TENN 95.6
4 Connor Shaw SC 35-28 vs UK 95.2
5 Marcus Mariota ORE 57-16 @ COLO 94.9
6 Derek Carr FRES 61-14 @ IDHO 94.2
7 Jalen Whitlow UK 28-35 @ SC 93.8
8 Keith Wenning BALL 48-27 @ UVA 93.8
9 Caleb Rowe MD 0-63 @ FSU 93.5
10 Terrance Broadway ULL 48-24 vs TXST 93.4

I eagerly await the next bullshit statistic.



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27 responses to “A true sign of greatness

  1. Dawglicious

    First in leaving RBs out to dry on pass routes resulting in blown knees. I JEST…


  2. The other Doug

    Sort of related…. If he would have made it to the endzone on that run, it would have become his heisman moment for ESPN to show over and over.


  3. TL

    Any stat which claims to rate “clutch performance” that includes a QB on the losing end of a 63-0 game is, as you say Senator, complete bullshit.


    • JN

      You beat me to my point.


    • Heathbar09

      I’ll also add that the Georgia State QB had a raw QBR of 48 (not good), but when adjusted for the strength of the opposing defense, it jumped to 80.3. Which is good for 25th in the country. I’m all for advanced statistics and glad a stat factors in the strength of the opposing team. But any stat that makes a 45-3 loss look good, is more bullshit.


  4. fetch

    In one of his worst statistical games yet! That single run he had shows the advantage that ESPiN gives to running QB’s.


  5. PatinDC

    What is the deal with the stat factories like Oregon and Baylor? Are the QB’s there actually playing the same game? I don’t understand how teams can play week after week and ring up 60 plus points.


  6. Murray is #3 for the season in adjusted QBR, which is the stat they get once they factor in the strength of the defenses to their BS stat. Of course, this stat also has Dak Prescott in the top ten.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    I have made no secret of the fact I don’t like quarterback-centric offenses, but if you are gonna run one, Aaron Murray should be your quarterback…and a note to Aaron….Yo…dude, get out there with Reggie Davis and get them deep hook patterns worked out. I have no doubt Murray is already adjusting his delivery to compensate for the loss of Bennett in the crossing stuff.

    In fact, I have no doubt about Aaron Murray, period.
    As far as me? His Heisman Moment was finding Wooten in the endzone.
    Oh….and no receivers on special teams, please.


  8. AusDawg85

    Murray Heisman moments 2013 collection would be a great video, and should begin with his announcement to the team that he would return for his senior year because of unfinished business. DGD.

    P.S. Let Herschel narrate.

    PPS: Not gonna happen…not in the WWL’s agenda.

    PPPS: Dammit, I said I wasn’t going to bother thinking about this anymore, because he’s going to deserve it and I’m not even sure he’ll get the invite to NYC.


  9. Coastal Dawg

    He made need to tuck it and run a little now. He ain’t bad when he does. He has 74 yards on 24 carries, but take out the sacks and he seems to be good for 6 or seven yards a clip.