The year of throwing dangerously

The number of all-time SEC offensive records under assault this season is astonishing.



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7 responses to “The year of throwing dangerously

  1. Ptc dawg

    I am proud of the UGA D for doing its part.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    There is no mystery here. When an offense was running 45 plays per game and scoring 24 points, how many points do you think they will score running 90 plays per game? That is exactly why they are all doing the “hurry-up.”


  3. Cousin Eddie

    Never would have thought that Kentucky would be associated with so many of those records (4) after looking at the list of records. UGA wasn’t on the current list for any of those is almost as shocking.


  4. So who in this list is undefefeated? …..I rest my case!