“It just seems like we’re kind of keeping things on edge.”

Why does everybody looking at Georgia’s season keep talking about their hearts?

“I may have some heart issues after this season,” senior offensive guard Chris Burnette said.

Georgia’s thrilling victories the past two weeks — 44-41 over LSU and 34-31 against Tennessee — haven’t gone unnoticed nationally.

“Cardiac Dawgs! Dawgs!” ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption Host Michael Wilbon said on Monday.

Oh, yeah.  That.

I do think Lynch puts his finger on something of value from the experience, though.

“I don’t know if we’re going to be that team that just blows somebody out of the water,” Lynch said. “I just think for us, when push comes to shove, we know how to win close ballgames. We almost pulled it out against Clemson … and we’ve pulled it out these past four and we’ll continue to do so as long as we play within ourselves, we prepare every day in practice and we know what’s coming before it hits us.”

They certainly don’t have everything else figured out, but they’ve been through enough to know what to expect and how to execute in a tight finish.

“You’ve got to expect every SEC game to be close, and you’ve got to be ready for every situation,” Morgan said. “That was my first overtime situation at Tennessee, and I’m glad that we got that done.”

There’s something to be said for been there, done that.


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30 responses to ““It just seems like we’re kind of keeping things on edge.”

  1. Russ

    If we can get a few offensive players well and shore up the defense a bit, we can do great things. This team has been tested several times already and shouldn’t be afraid of any situation that might come up.


    • IveyLeaguer

      [“There’s something to be said for been there, done that.”]

      Sure is. There’s a lot to be said for it, Senator.

      As I mentioned yesterday concerning the defense, they’ve been around the block now as a unit. They’ve seen it. So it’s time for Grantham to show us how good of a coach he is. Time for the defense to rise up, having been there. Time to finish the drill and DO THAT.

      But this is a football team that has been learning how to win. It’s a step that cannot be avoided, for any program. The first step was to learn how to not beat yourself. That took a long, long time, But we’re finally learning how to win now.

      Saturday is another opportunity to keep it going. And I think it’s a considerable challenge, given the circumstances.


  2. Macallanlover

    I fear we have many more endings like we have “enjoyed” so far this season with a final drive for either team deciding the game. I have increased my supply of nitroglycerin and aspirin. You do have to “heart” this team’s heart. Many had predicted we would have to win a few shootouts this season and that is playing out….perhaps in more games than anyone anticipated.

    Lost in the celebration of Morgan’s game winner last week is conservative way we approached that series of OT downs. I realize we were down on experienced receivers but we did have TEs and WRs that might have moved us closer to a winning FG. Felt like Michigan State all over again, certainly not as bad but I am sure glad he nailed it and saved us from another round of downs for both teams.


    • Dawgfan Will

      We did throw it once in OT, but it looked like Murray wanted to go to Conley and had to throw it away because he was covered pretty well.


    • PTC DAWG

      No reason to get cut in OT when all you need is a FG…like it was pointed out below, we did throw one pass.


    • Joe Schmoe

      I actually agreed with the approach this go round. You have to at least give yourself a chance at hitting the game winner their. A turnover would have been inexcusable. Worse thing that happens is you miss the FG and go to the next OT. Different if you are down and need the FG to tie – you have to get closer to give yourself a better chance at making it.


      • Macallanlover

        While I agree it wasn’t as bad as the Cap One Bowl, I like it just as you did….but we liked it because it resulted in a win. I promise you that had Morgan clunked the goal post from 40 yards there would have been dozens of irate posts over the strategy used. FGs get exponentially easier from 10-15 yards closer.

        I have always said the play calling complaints are really just unhappiness with results. A really bland dive play up the middle in short yardage that goes for 30 is pure genius, the same play stuffed for no gain is idiotic. All plays are designed to work, it is execution and what you catch the defense in. With a QB of Murray’s ability, I let him throw at least twice knowing he is successful almost 70% of the time.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    And, in the meantime, Chris, your po ole fanbase is chewing Maalox and re-upping the blood pressure medicine…I guess we can take it if youse guys can, but a blowout, once in a while, with us doing the blowing out, would be cool, ya know?


    • bennyfranklinandthejets

      First, clearly Mason should be starting.

      More seriously, a blow out or two couldn’t hurt any of the 2nd teamers…but a win is a win is a win.

      Finally, I like to think that the players couldn’t give a shit about our heartburn–I get it worse from BBQ anyway.


  4. hassan

    I motion to run the 1 minute offense always.

    Especially in the 3rd quarter when we seem to hit the doldrums.


  5. Spike

    Throw Artie the damn ball!


  6. Flukebucket

    Great clips from a great game. But I will never be convinced that the receiver was in bounds when he caught that first Tennessee TD pass.


    • Dawgfan Will

      It was one of those plays in which the original call (whether complete or out-of-bounds) was going to be upheld regardless because there wasn’t enough evidence to turn it either way. I hate those plays for other teams, but I love it when we get one.


      • RocketDawg

        He was totally out of bounds on that catch, the problem was that there wasn’t a good camera angle to offer “indisputable evidence” to overturn the call.

        That game went about as bad as it could have gone and we still won, I have a lot of faith in this team.


    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Can someone point to a clip of the Murray run? I had to listen to some of the second half on radio and I can’t seem to get a replay.


    • James Stephenson

      I agree, he landed 4 yards out of bounds there is no physical way he could have had a foot down with where he first touches the ball and where he lands.


  7. Morgan did make a pressure kick in a hostile environment. I have been overlooking that fact. Hope that takes him to the next level.


  8. WillTrane

    Many did not think the UT player had possession of the ball inbounds on their TD catch.
    Young players on offense in that second half and that late, strong TD drive under 2 minutes. I have a feeling some of those young players on D saw that execution and will want to take it to theire side of the ball.


  9. WillTrane

    Looking for more focus and maturity from the freshman class. Just maybe they are beginning to show it. Hopefully followed by more determination, commitment, discipline, and passion.


  10. 69Dawg

    I’m trying to see the karma in this season. Maybe Richt is back in the good Karma because lord knows he has had a few years of bad karma. I’m just not sure that you can lose the starting WR lineup that Aaron has practiced with for years and expect to see the same type of All-world throws and catches. Aaron has seen some drops of perfect throws this year with the first guys. Now he is going with guys he knows but do they know what to do. I expect we’ll see Saturday what we are going to get the rest of the way. Buckle up guys and girls its going to be a crazy ride.


    • James Stephenson

      I agree, people keep comparing the Ore-Tenn game with the Georgia one. I would love to see how Oregon would have fared without their 1 and 2 RB, and their top 3 wide outs.


  11. Irishdawg

    This team is certainly mentally tough, which has not always been the case in years past