Here we are now, entertain us.

Will anybody be surprised in the slightest if Georgia is tied or behind in the second half on Saturday?  And will anybody be surprised if Aaron Murray does something about it?


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  1. The Lone Stranger

    Bet you’ve hit this elsewhere along the way Sen., but here is the stat intersection that grates: Missourah 3rd down conversions—54%(9th in the land) vs. Dawgs 3rd down defense—44%(99th). Shiver me timbers!!!

    A lot of it owes, no doubt, to the opposition but this is a great litmus test matchup we have.

    Also, it is odd to see UGa at #84 in offensive 3rd down conversions what with the capable run game the Dawgs are packin’.

  2. Aaron will rally us to victory and remove the ‘big game’ title as he does so. Once victory is in the bag, it will no longer of been considered a big game.

  3. DugLite

    A post without a linked article! Wtf

  4. The Lone Stranger

    I am warming up to and learning to love the frantic 2nd Half flurries from these Dawgs. But gimme a few timely turnovers too, couldya!

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Double Double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble,
    Round about the caldron go;
    In the poison’d entrails throw.—
    Toad, that under cold stone,
    Days and nights has thirty-one;
    Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
    Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot!

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It’s absolutely amazing how the meme has flipped 180 degrees in just a couple of weeks. It used to be “Aaron Murray can’t win the big game.” Now it’s “Aaron Murray is a savior who leads Georgia from behind to victory in big games.” I also hear Murray’s name being talked about as a Heisman candidate all the time on TV and sports radio. Lemmings. They are all lemmings.

    • Gravidy

      +1 lemming.

      • Ben

        I wasn’t sure about this comment, but then I saw that someone else approved, so now I’m totally on board.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          My point was, and is, that these “sports journalists” are incapable of independent thought. Whatever the current meme is, they adopt it en masse no matter how inconsistent it may be with what they said previously. I’m reminded of the statement made by Ron Zeigler, Press Secretary to Richard Nixon after he gave a statement at a press conference about Nixon’s involvement in Watergate that was different from what he had said the previous day. When asked about the previous statement his reply was: “That statement is no longer operative.” The difference between Zeigler and today’s “sports journalists” is that these guys now just act like they never said it.

    • Brandon

      Reality flips meme’s, except in politics, in politics telling the truth is always a gaffe.

  7. William

    To answer you Senator, no. I will not be suprised. I will be suprised if we have the lead and are in position to pull away in the second half

    • William

      Happily suprised, and cackling madly!

      • The Lone Stranger

        You and SJ3 ought to go along and get a mossy cave together! You can each take a turn tending the kettle.

    • Brandon

      That’s the beauty of having no defense, you could get blown out by anyone, at any time, makes things exciting, like the Georgia Lottery “you never know”.

  8. Macallanlover

    Not surprised, and certainly not shocked, but I would be very pleased to get a W this week no matter how. Next week too, got to get to that bye week and begin healing. Maybe working on new schemes to fit the new personnel.

    Mizzou is a nightmare matchup for what we do poorly on defense. Fortunately their defense is as weak, just hope our depleted offense is good enough to exploit it. Also hope the defense is man enough to respond to yhe universal ridicule. This game is almost a tossup, being in Sanford is the only reason we have a good shot, imo. Hope I am wrong, but it really looks the same late game heroics will have to come through again….my fear is we may be too far back. But I have faith our troops will step up and bail each other out. UGA 34 MIZZOU 30
    Fingers crossed.

    • Brandon

      I am fearful of an epic beatdown.

      • Macallanlover

        Two words for you Brandon after seeing the time of that post, Tylenol PM.

        I fear them running wild on our defense because they haven’t yet shown they can step up for a game, even when they knew we needed it, but the Mizzou defense has given up over 400 yards per game average against offenses that are less than our backups will bring. Don’t see it as a “beat down” in the standard definition but it is possible we could get behind early and never get that shot at a meaningful last minute drive. Something in the back of my mind keeps telling me that our fans and team will rise up…somehow. But that may be the irrational fan asking for justice on this occasion. Dawgs didn’t deserve this bad hand we have been dealt with talent losses. Fingers now double crossed.

  9. HahiraDawg

    I hope our defense doesn’t play “stupid” or the acl tearing to be any more “contagious”, pulling out Nirvana now Senator?

  10. Spike

    Play Old Man Football. Tackle.

  11. IAmAGurleyMan

    Of course we’ll be behind. With that buffoon Todd Grantham running the defense, it’s a guarantee.

    All that guy needs to dress the part is a purple wig, a red nose, and a large polka-dotted bowtie. That clown is basically stealing money from our beloved university.


    • The Lone Stranger

      And he only needed to travel down the hall to yank the costume from Bobo’s boudoir, right?

    • adam

      I strongly believe that our defense next year and the year after will be pretty good to dominant.

      9 players that were on the team last year are now on NFL rosters. And Branden Smith was for a little while. That’s an insane loss of talent. We have true freshman or first year starters at almost every position in the secondary, the nickelback, OLB, an ILB (who leads the SEC in tackles, actually), NT, and 1 DE. 7 first time starters on D. That is tough. There is not a staff in the country who would look good throwing 7 first-year starters (all but one of whom are underclassmen) out on the field. Especially not when they have faced 3 of the best offenses in the country.

      People are overreacting.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        9 players that were on the team last year are now on NFL rosters.

        This is not helping your argument, my friend.

        • James Stephenson

          But imagine 9 Clowneys. Whether they admit it or not last year a lot of players (excluding Jarvis of course) were looking toward their futures.

  12. Turd Ferguson

    This one worries me more than any other so far. The injuries. Our defense up against an up-tempo offense. A mobile QB. An opposing team riding a win-streak, with a ton of confidence. And the many adventures of special teams. Too many things working against us.

    • NRBQ

      Maybe his mobility will work against him, and bring the young DEs and LBs to the fore. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  13. Noonan

    A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido.

  14. Gravidy

    I’m 80% sure they will be tied or behind in the second half, and I’m 70% sure Murray will do something about it. Take that as your hint about how I picked this game in the Fabris Pool.

  15. Skeptic Dawg

    I will be shocked if the Dawgs have to come from behind this weekend. I fully expect to see the best defensive performance of the season this weekend. Grantham and his D have been saved this season by Bobo the the offense. This week it is time for the D to step up. We have seen improvement from the front 7, and signs that the secondary is coming around. Mizzou is living on early season fool’s gold with their W’s. Their best win is either Vandy or Indiana? Dawgs come out hungry on D and lay the wood to the Tigers all day long. Dawgs win 34-17. Grantham sticks it to the world this weekend with a simplified, yet aggressive, game plane. GATA!

  16. AusDawg85

    Only Mike Bobo. I’m convinced he drops the offensive machine into 2nd gear as we near the half just to let the other guys catch us. We play better from behind.

  17. It was tied late in the 3rd last year, and we had Jarvis Jones. Missou’s probably better this year and we’re not. But, yeah, Aaron Murray kind of gives us a swagger we haven’t had for a while.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I would argue against the notion that we are not better than last year. We haven’t gotten our doors blown off this season. Our defensive talent may be down, but we seem to have learned how to finished games.

  18. Russ

    While its entertaining, I’d love to be bored and go cut the grass because we’re up by 28 at halftime. A guy can dream, can’t he?

  19. Will (the other one)

    I was about to say “nothing is going to shock me about this team at this point” but, if we’re tied 3-3 or 0-0 but have no injuries in the 2nd half (and the weather’s not a factor)? That would shock me.

    Either way this is a big “prove it” weekend for the D: win/good performance vs. Missouri + LSU putting 30+ on the Gators? Then “young D that’s getting better” can stick and I’m optimistic. Otherwise? Not so much.

  20. IndyDawg

    The cardiac Dawgs have me in a Dr. Strangelove state of mind: I’ve learned to stop worrying and love the late game heroics.