The WWL just can’t help it.

Joining ESPN Gameday this week… Junior.

I’d rather listen to Condi Rice talk about college football.


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52 responses to “The WWL just can’t help it.

  1. Normaltown Mike

    I’d rather hear from Junior of “Lulu and Junior fame” than that smug sumbitch.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    The Miley Cyrus of college football…pretty good line there Paul, hope you don’t run into Billy Ray anytime soon, he probably won’t be pleased.

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh…you gotta quit knocking the idea of Condi on the committee, according to your close friend Tony, she’s put a lot of time into the study of the game and would make an excellent addition to the committee…and, like if, Tony says its cool, ergo, it must be, right?

    What does Pat Dye know, anyhow?

  4. PleaseOhPLEASE seat him next to Paul and let a fist fight ensue.

  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Somewhere, Todd McShay is praying that this ends poorly.

  6. Tim

    First Pawwwl then Junior. No way I can watch anymore.

  7. Dog in Fla

    Paul Finebaum: Lane Kiffin is “The Miley Cyrus of College Football”
    Paul Finebaum: Johnny Manziel is “The Justin Bieber of College Football”

    There must be room for two at the top because Paul Finebaum is already “The Lane Kiffin of ESPN”

  8. Bright Idea

    And what is Kiffin’s wife to college football?

  9. mdcgtp

    the odd thing is that for all of the wasted words typed about him (including myself in this yet again) is that he is generally viewed as generally uncomfortable in front of the camera.

    That said, it makes sense. ESPN knows this is the “last chance” to use him as a ratings grab, and Lane knows he has “one shot” to offer his perspective publicly in an attempt to repair his image to get a shot to coach somewhere. He needs to say what he learned from the whole experience, what his goals are, etc. Make no mistake, he is a WR coach in the NFL or a maybe a coordinator at the college level. If I were him, I would say something to the effect of “i would love to go somewhere where I have a chance to contribute to a scheme or position group, but also to where I can learn a bit from a veteran coach on how to manage the other aspects of the program. I am a young guy, and perhaps I was not totally prepared for the opportunities I was given nor did I have enough perspective as to how to relate to others. The good thing is I am still young, and I have the potential to rebuild my career.”

    If he was sincere, the guys on gameday would eat it up, and I would be flat out shocked if someone did not give him a chance to be an assistant in 2014.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You are right, but Kiffin is to egotistical to do that. Right now he’s just trying to capitalize on his temporary notoriety for some $$$.

      • uglydawg

        mdcgtp..Why does this brat deserve one more chance (although I know you’re not the one advocationg..just messaging)? Why in the HELL does this asshole keep getting positive attention and opportunities? Sheeesh.

        • mdcgtp

          He gets a lot of attention, but I am not sure he gets a lot of positive attention. I think the national media has loved having him as a lightning rod for controversy over the past few years. Plain and simple.

          I don’t think he is getting paid to do the spot. He is doing it because he needs to be able to plead the case I outlined to get employers to want to talk to him.

          I have no idea how good of an X and O or position coach he is. Obviously, USC had a lot of success on offense when he was there, but he had a lot of talent for the college game. So again, I have no idea what he is capable of. that said, just having watched enough coaching, it is not at all unreasonable to think he could land somewhere as an assistant in 2014. that said, I think it would behoove him to begin to rehab his image NOW before he lands his next job because any attention he draws to himself as a position coach or coordinator is going to seem opportunistic. He has demonstrate publicly that he made mistakes and then put his head down and contribute to a team or an organization winning such that someone is willing to say, “Lane Kiffin has done a great job with that unit.” Otherwise, the next time you hear about him as a head coach, it will be at some impossible lower tier job like NM State or FAU that no sane person would take.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            “If his dismissal wasn’t enough, Kiffin reportedly was not allowed to reboard the bus and he stood in the cold, empty airport terminal alone — jobless, rideless and luggageless… ”

            “I don’t think he is getting paid to do the spot. ” If anyone can hang with Bluto it’s probably you. Do you really think Lane whores himself out for nada mas but a chance to interview? WWSD? (What Would Sod Do). I ain’t feelin’ it. Guy is worth 15 million and would work Layla on her backside for coin.
            just sayin’.

    • Dog in Fla

      “a chance to be an assistant in 2014.”

      I’m still sticking with head coach of the Cowboys.

      • AusDawg85

        OC…Jerrah is moving down to the sidelines as HC/GM/HAIC.

        (Head A*** In Charge)

        /Jimmy Johnson laughs and approves of this.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Instead, he’ll probably turn to Fowler with an “Up top, brah!”

  10. Dog in Fla

    @Scorpio Jones, III
    October 10, 2013 at 10:58 AM
    “Oh…you gotta quit knocking the idea of Condi on the committee, according to your close friend Tony,”

    Excellent point. I think the time has come today to stop knocking Condi for being on the Committee. Aside from Mr. CFB (the first to put her name in play as a wild card)*, to Condi’s credit (but mostly because her former teammates Dick and Donald just don’t like her), she didn’t get an invite to Dick’s celebrity roast:

    *”Condoleeza Rice, economics professor, Stanford University: This is my wild card to keep everybody in the room on their toes…)” **
    Extracted from T. Bagels/Mr. CFB, “Some guiding rules, worthy names to make selection committee fair,” May 13, 2013

    ** SRO Bitches!

    • Normaltown Mike

      yeah, I heard that Condi hosted “terror Tuesdays” where she’d debate which mud hut in a non war zone would get incinerated by drone strike. Sure, you might accidentally kill an American citizen or two, but you’re bombing civilians in sovereign states like Somalia, Yemen & Pakistan, so who cares.

      just like Goebbels!

      • 69Dawg

        What’s Obama calling it these days?

      • Dog in Fla

        Just like Goebbels but faster. As far as his hopes and dreams are concerned, President Carebear wants to be a member of the NCAA Selection Committee for the 2016 Basketball Tournament because of his success in office pool bracketography and his expertise as an apex Predator in launch command and control techniques during Terror Tuesdays. Dickie V. thinks O. will be able to keep the Selection Committee on its toes after their stop, drop and roll blast avoidance maneuvers every time he enters the meeting room.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I got a chuckle when you declared Somalia a sovereign state… which one?

        • Dog in Fla

          Cambodia circa Pol Pot or Mississippi?

          • AthensHomerDawg

            You always keep me on my toes. I’ll take Pol Pot for 20… he should have avoided the “take out” and indigestion, but the United Nation was showing him some love. Mississippi vs. Sa-i-gu… you decide.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    In Seattle, bring Lane Kiffin, Pete Carroll, and Mark Emmert onto the Gameday set, unannounced Jerry Springer-style.

    Must see-TV.

  12. JG Shellnutt

    Is Junior going to be allowed to miss work as a gas-pumper to go to the Gameday set?

  13. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    Lane Kiffin fails upward at an exponential rate. This time next year he will be commissioner of the En Ef El.

  14. fetch

    I’m hoping he gets asked a question, takes a deep sighing breath while staring blankly into space, then says “I gotta go.” before simply walking off set.

  15. Spike

    The Peter Principle. Illustrated. But it would be nice to see Kiffy bitch slap Finebaum.

  16. The Lone Stranger

    How about Leeza Rice yapping about SpurDog’s golf game?

  17. www

    sooooo, how is fox sports one looking?