‘You got this.’

Marshall Morgan’s noticed a little change in attitude from his teammates.

“After the LSU game, I really noticed that just the teammates, they would compliment me more,” said Morgan, who hit on 24-, 55- and 38-yard attempts against LSU. “They have a lot more faith in me. Before the game, they are a lot more positive towards me. … After the Tennessee kick, now I think they really have gained a lot more confidence.”

They sound a lot like us, in other words.


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4 responses to “‘You got this.’

  1. Go Dawgs!

    I believe in Marshall Morgan now, which is certainly a big change from last year when I hated to see him running in from the sideline. I figured his suspension would be a net gain for the ‘Dawgs and I’m happy to discover that he’s a better and more confident player now.

    With that said, he’s far from being the automatic scorer that Blair Walsh was as a sophomore and junior. If Morgan hits the 30-something yarder at the end of our opening second half drive, then I don’t think the Tennessee game ever becomes a white knuckle affair. Morgan is proving himself and improving himself, and that’s great. But I don’t want to see Richt/Bobo playing for field goals unless a game is out of hand. Settling for a field goal is one thing, but playing conservative to set one up is another.


  2. Spike

    Me thinks we will need him again to win one for us down the line.


  3. 69Dawg

    Given what happened to Blair I’ll wait until he has been in the “System” for a few more years. Blair was great until his Senior year then our superior coaching changed all that. 15 Seconds is what the Minnesota coach said it took him to fix Blair 15 damn seconds.