“I think it will be Georgia football as usual, but with different guys.”

If you’re Mike Bobo, it’s not easy being asked to play with less than a full deck (or if you prefer critics’ favorite metaphor, missing a few crayons from the Crayola box).  Here’s his explanation about what happened on Georgia’s first series of the second half of the Tennessee game:

“Things were going well with what we were doing, but then we had a missed assignment on two runs back-to-back down there in the red zone,” Bobo said. “On third down we got a delay, so we basically shot ourselves in the foot three straight plays and left ourselves with a third-and-long. If I could do it over again, I wish we had gotten us in the right play and ran the run right, but that happens.”

And that’s on top of having to limit the playbook because of inexperience.

“We had our plays that we had practiced, and we tried to coach the guys up each series on what we were going to do that series,” Bobo said this week. “There were certain things that I knew they couldn’t run. We went a little more basic, but we were able to call enough to win the game.”

Bobo’s right about that, but Georgia’s facing a more dynamic offense this week.  Can he call a game that’s more than a little more basic?  How fast can the newbies pick up what’s needed?

The good thing, of course, is that there still remains a solid base from which to work, as Chris Conley reminds us.

“We still have talent at all those positions, and we have a talented offensive line that can run-block and pass-block,” Conley said. “Plus we have a quarterback like Aaron, so we don’t have to lean too heavily on one area or the other…”

It says a little about how weirdly the season has progressed that the offensive line is something to be leaned on in trying times, but there you have it.


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29 responses to ““I think it will be Georgia football as usual, but with different guys.”

  1. Turd Ferguson

    I guess it’s a credit to our offensive players and coaches that, even with Marshall, Mitchell, Scott-Wesley, Bennett, and possibly Gurley out, … I’m still more concerned about the defense.

  2. I would expect a lot more huddle. It’s much easier to remind guys what they are supposed to do there than on the line of scrimmage. It would also slow the game down a bit, which I think would also help the young guys.

    • William

      You would need a lead against a team like Mizzou though. If they jump out on you, you can’t afford to coddle too much. With our penchant for clock management, the less we are huddling the better. Just IMHO

    • Motown

      I’d be surprised if they stop going up-tempo. We need to keep Murray in rhythm and in the super groove he’s been in.

      • When the baseline is zero, any huddling at all is really “a lot more.” I don’t suggest slowing down to Florida levels, but they should pick and choose when they go quick. When Conley, Woot, and McGowan are out there, go full speed. When guys are getting their first action, it is much better that they know what they are doing than to go quick and throw a pick because they ran the wrong route. Also, if you have to dumb it down like they did in the second half with Tennessee to go quick, I think you’re better off to do a quick huddle to open the playbook a little.

        As William suggests, though, this is dependent on not falling behind. Playing catchup means everything goes out the window and you do everything you can to score. I hope that is not the case.

    • charlottedawg

      It will also hopefully cut down on QB/ receiver miscommunication. I really hope Mizzou doesn’t get a couple cheap stops or worse, picks, because Murray and the new guys aren’t on the same page.

  3. William

    Conley: from your mouth to God’s ears my friend.

  4. McTyre

    Coach Bobo’s high expectations, adaptability and accountability really show through . . . and at the polar end of the spectrum there’s Grantham.

  5. kckd

    After all that running to get down there, He got out from under center and lined up in the shot gun. Why not get Murray under center and play action? We did hardly any the whole game. And you would use only two receivers in that formation. CC and RW would be enough at that point.

  6. BulldogBen

    Sorry if this is redundant but is Rumph going to be available? What is his status?

  7. Moe Pritchett

    mmmm…latest on #3 ? just curious.

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    I’d like to see our experienced TEs and FBs get more plays called their way. No doubt we’ll see Lynch, Rome and Hicks in the nfl. You bring out those monsters in October.

    • William

      I second that emotion!

    • GaskillDawg

      Our system does not run plays for Amy specific receiver, so whether we throw to a TE or mot depends upon coverages not upon our direction

      • William

        Whereas this is true, expect to see Mizzou try to blanket the newbie recievers to limit seperation. If this happens (which it might with newbies who aren’t as experienced), then that will leave shots for the TE on skinny post routes, or Mr. Hicks and Co. So, we’re not asking for forcing it to them, but rather that it be deemed a possibility that it will open up more for them. Just one man’s opinion. Like Murray recognizing that Lynch might be covered on that long run he made. He knew pre-snap it was a possibility, so he planed accordingly.

  9. Moe Pritchett

    would love to see Hicks with the rock a bunch tomorrow.

  10. Spike

    Throw to Artie, baby!!

  11. AusDawg85

    Sheeeeeeiiiiiitttttt!!! Ol’ Aaron is gonna walk up to the line, holler out to his WR, “Hey kid! Run on down as fast as you can to the big 20 on the field and catch this damn thing.” And sure enough, he’ll drop that sumbitch right in between triple coverage to our receivers’ cradling arms. He’s just that damn good y’all!!!

  12. The Lone Stranger

    This feels like Old Man Football, 2nd Ed. with strong elements of an old timey I-Formation attack. Missourah has played no one like that this season with the possible exception of Vandy (but they put VU in an early hole limiting any FB use by the Commodores).

    Like last year, this game is a good barometer of the Dawgs’ heart and mettle.

    The game will also provide Q. Hicks the opportunity to reestablish his importance and position on the depth chart.

  13. Skeeter

    I, for one, welcome our new heart attack-inducing overlords!