Pick your poison.

I mentioned that Georgia didn’t complete a single pass to its tight ends against Tennessee.  It wasn’t from lack of trying.  It was simply that Murray was willing to take what the UT defense was giving him.

The end result was this:

If that’s what it takes to help open up the coverage on the receivers, more, please.


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  1. William

    Just be careful with the football young man. At least it keeps the defense honest.

  2. Cousin Eddie

    How well does Murray know the game? He thought he would be able to run on this play, and did with great success and on the TD to tie it he told Wooten to be ready that they knew what the D was going to give them and it worked for the game tying TD. Wonder how many plays Murray knew what the D was going to give him as a second (or first) option when he was given the play call.

    • James Stephenson

      Not surprising, Bobby Hebert was talking about his later years. Coming to the line, he knew what the defense was, however his arm was so bad he could not always take advantage of it.

  3. Miguel

    Love that. How do you believe this? I think his offseason training withe QB coach has paid dividends and whatever $$ he spent on the coaching, he should get 1000 fold in return.

    • RocketDawg

      More like all those years of coaching from Bobo and Richt are paying off. George Whitfield is more of a fundamental coach. I am not sure that he even gets into film study or reading defenses.

      • James Stephenson

        I think you are right, I thought that was a footwork thing. Even so, I think his footwork has been tons better this year.

  4. Macallanlover

    I was watching the splits as he approached the line and thinking if he would check to a QB draw/delay he would have no trouble picking up the five yards we really needed at that point. He didn’t call that play but it worked out even better because it cleared the middle out at the 2nd, 3rd level. Love that he shifted the ball at the end of the run. Guy is just fantastic….but to some he will always have a losing record against “ranked” teams. Anyone seriously think he would have fewer rings than AJ if he had the Bama team around him? Such a silly way to evaluate someone (Peyton has the same number of SB rings as Trent Dilfer, and Doug Williams as a QB.)

  5. Debby Balcer

    It is exciting to hear Aaron Murray finally appreciated by our fans as well as the media.

  6. The other Doug

    The safety coming up and double covering the TE is what made it a huge gain.

  7. I will never, ever get tired of watching that run. It will go down as a Georgia classic to me. Much like the Walker / Bates collision.

    • Dog in Fla

      Hold on there whippersnapper! While that is a great run by the best QB we’ve ever had, let’s not get carried away

  8. Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that Uncle Verne and Gary don’t think of Murray as a runner? He was a dual threat QB coming out of HS. That’s why Corch wanted him so badly. He has learned when to run effectively. I think they were surprised that he didn’t slide.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Don’t you know, Murray CAN”T be a runner.

      He can only be a “gym rat” who “spends countless hours in the film room” and makes up for limited athletic ability with “heady play”.

  9. Jeff Sanchez

    “A called play. A TOTAL called play…”

    • I love when you go back and watch game film and realize that Gary doesn’t really know what he’s talking about half the time.

      • hailtogeorgia

        To be fair, it did look very much like a called play. He made one read then took off – that’s not typical Murray.

  10. Ha! Maybe I do need to dial it down a little. It was the fact that he didn’t slide that brought me up off of the sofa and sent beer and chips sailing. And when dumb ass Verne and Danielson averred that he was not a runner I was screaming at the big screen too. Damn I hate to have to mute the TV to watch a game but it is becoming almost required.

  11. SouthGaDawg

    I would like to see more TE packages this week – specifically 2 TE’s. This will take the pressure off of the depleted WR corp. I also like how JJ Green runs the zone scheme. He looks like he actually runs it better than Marshall. He seems to have a quicker burst with more cut back potential.

    • Joe Schmoe

      I agree on the 2 TE sets which I mentioned on here the other day. Much like last year, I expect the TEs to become much more involved in the offense now that we have had a handful of key injuries at WR. I think we can still put 4-5 legitimate receiving threats on the field at any given time which is plenty for Murray to exploit the soft spots in the defense.

  12. OK, what about all the other plays where a TE could have been an option? Let alone the lack of all but 1 playaction bootleg Willie has proven time and again can’t be stopped?

  13. tbia

    There was a play, I think against SC in 2011, where I told my dad that we had not used the tight end all day and it was time to go to him. The next play, Murray tried to force a pass to the TE that was covered. Pick 6. Perfect example of what learning and experience can give you.

  14. JAX

    Sanchez above is correct. We appear to use the TE’s in spurts. Think Jay Rome in the SECCG, where has he been since? Think Lynch against LSU, especially the final drive, where was he against UT? Not a criticism of Bobo or of anyone in particular – but the running play with Aaron was but one example, what about the rest of the game?

    • hailtogeorgia

      Rome has been battling some injuries this year, but I agree with you. Think back to last year though – we started out with a boatload of talented wide outs and the TEs weren’t used. Then Bennett and Brown went down, and we started going to the TEs much more. I expect much of the same will happen now with the injuries leaving depth pretty thin at WR and with the veteran TEs.

      Since about 2011 when Bobo really started using multiple WR sets, he seems to like doing that more than relying on the TEs, but he did show last year he could adjust, so let’s give it some time.