Hey, we live in interesting times.

We’re Georgia fans.  We bitch.  We moan.  It’s kind of our perverse birthright.  Even though the Dawgs are 4-1, currently sit atop the SEC East and are ranked seventh nationally, that hasn’t slowed the grumbling down much.

One thing has changed, though, at least since last season’s South Carolina debacle.  We haven’t complained about this team not showing up.  And before you brush that off, consider that since that game, they’ve faced a #2, a #2, a #16, a #8, a #6 and a #6.  Nor did Georgia buckle in Knoxville last week, a place where that’s happened more times than we’ve liked.

It hasn’t always been pretty, true.  But they’ve been there in every game since. Some of it’s Murray, some Gurley.  But lately, some of it’s the result of line play on both sides of the ball that’s been solid, if not spectacular.  If Georgia gets that today and avoids playing the role of generous host, I think that will be enough to overcome the injury concerns and what’s likely to be another… um, interesting day from the secondary.

I’m about to head out, so consider this your game day thread.


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215 responses to “Hey, we live in interesting times.

  1. It’s great to live in Athens! Go Dawgs!!!!

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Bring it Senator.

    • Brandon

      If I had known that when the old Chinese philosopher said “interesting times” he meant “send in the clowns defense” I would have thought that quote was much less cool.

  3. Macallanlover

    I hate it for several damn good Dawgs but the injury bug has made it, almost, impossible for us to achieve this team’s goal for an SEC Championship.

    But if we can get two James Franklin scalps on our belts the next 7 days, we might be able to heal enough to take FU down and get an entry into the SECCG. Worried greatly that our D can keep this wounded offense close enough to pull out another 4th Qtr win. But this defense just might grow up today and do just that. It is a tall order against an offense that is an uphill matchup for our struggling, young lads. Hope they are man enough, frankly they owe the team, staff, and fans a strong performance. If we get it, we have a shot, if not, we will never know what might have been.

    For me as a fan, hope springs eternal so I am thinking the football gods might smile on this embattled team. Go Dawgs!!

    • kckd

      The more we play the better shot we’ll have. By Atlanta, the young guys replacing the injured vets will be much more ready than they are today. I like our chances to achiever our goals if we make Jax undefeated.

  4. Corso picks Mizzzou!!!!!!!!

  5. Turd Ferguson

    The optimist in me says that this is the first Saturday that the defense finally clicks, and we start to look like an all-around championship-calibur team.

    The pessimist in me says that this is James Franklin’s first game in the national spotlight this season, and we’re just the team to let him have a “breaking out” game.

    I’ll take a win any way we can get it. (And then losses for the Gators and Gamecocks.)

    • Turd Ferguson

      Looks like the pessimist was right. Looking forward to a whole week of sports media talking about James Franklin, and how Missouri’s proving they belong in the SEC. If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s making other teams look good.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Clear eyes, full hearts?

  7. dudetheplayer

    Grantham doesn’t have a clue how to defend college offenses.

    • Normaltown Mike


      CMR decides to go & hire an “NFL ” guy assuming he knows how to defend college.

      As in Indiana Jones: “he chose poorly”

  8. paul

    Are the backups really worse than “Swain”? Hard to see how. How many TD’s can he give up before we bench him?

  9. paul

    Pass interference on number five. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

  10. Turd Ferguson

    Please take Damian Swann out of the game.

    And seriously, our 3rd-down defense is the worst I think I’ve ever seen.

    Afraid we’ll be left hoping that Florida and South Carolina lose today, too.

    • Olddawg 55

      Well SC didn’t lose and Florida is playing pretty good. I’ve come to accept it–we’re not a championship team and our defense is suspect that it even belongs in the SEC. We will lose at least two more games. And, CMR. will have to honestly evaluate CTG/staff. We have the athletes so it must be coaching/scheme. I’ve been a player, coach, and now fan for over 70 years and it shouts out at you: “Something is wrong with our defense!”

    • The Lone Stranger

      One-outa-two ain’t all bad. Bizarre to consider but if this Missouri team knocks off Florida at home next week, there is the SEC East front runner.

  11. dudetheplayer

    This is going really well.

  12. dammitman

    28-10. Yep, That Should Wrap It Up…

  13. This defense doesn’t deserve the name. Making this mediocre team look like Bama.

  14. Rival

    We can’t win with a second string offense.

  15. Depressed Dawg

    Bench all the seniors and juniors and fire Grantham. Maybe 3 years from now we can think about top 2 in the east.
    This season is over.

  16. The Senator was right all along. Bobo was never the problem. Grantham can’t coach to save his life. And apparently we got Missouri announcers.

  17. Nashville West

    My sounds been off since the 2nd minute.

  18. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!

  19. dudetheplayer

    So I guess this is that one game a year where a Richt team just completely lays an egg? I guess having it against Mizzou isn’t the worst thing.

    • Actually isn’t mizzou in the east? Who knows how the three way tie breaker would work with us, them, and the chickens. But that’s probably a moot point bc this team can’t play defense and the offense can’t bail them out anymore. Missed tackles, blown coverages all over the field, can’t get pressure against a mediocre at best team and making a QB that was horrible last year look like Peyton Manning. Pa-thet-ic.

    • gastr1

      Really? We haven’t had a competent defense or special teams all year, and now we have a severely-limited offense, the one place we actually could win, and you think we’re laying an egg?

      This is what would have happened in every other game this year with this same lineup. It’s not lack of motivation, it’s lack of experience/ability/everything else.

  20. Wow. Can we fail in all three areas of the game any worse?

  21. Turd Ferguson

    Huge respect for Aaron Murray coming back for another year. He’ll go down as one of my favorite Dawgs of all time, for sure.

    This just isn’t our year. Young defense. Devastating injuries. Too much working against us.

  22. Scorpio Jones, III

    You guys sure quit early. Hope the team does not.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Play the odds, Scorpio. Would I love to be surprised in the second half? Sure. But am I betting on it? Hell no.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Odds, I am sure, say you are right….but hope they are wrong….we can not get a wide out open down the field…Douglas’ fumble was a huge bummer, but I think this team is special…we shall see.

    • I quit about the same time the defense did.

  23. The other Doug

    Grantham better make the adjustments at the half. His crew isn’t doing anything to stop Mizzou.

  24. I think we can rally, but it will take the defense holding them to a TD or less.

  25. Nashville West

    It seems like the secondary has actually declined since Clemson. I swear that Franklin just giggles when he sees 3rd and long.

  26. W Cobb Dawg

    Talking to Lugenbill on way to lockers at half, CMR was more pissed than I’ve ever seen. Have a feeling CTG & company getting a pretty good chewing out.

    I think this turns into a watershed game for CTG. If D doesn’t step up in the 2nd half (at least a few stops), I believe he will have lost CMR.

  27. PatinDC

    Ugh. At halftime, I am having a hard time seeing UGA pull this one out. Offense does not look close to the previous games. D …well…not much to say there.

  28. americusdawg

    My first half thoughts … not that anyone cares. UGA will continue to be an upper-mid pack SEC school as long as we are too cheap to hire a great “college” defensive coach. It’s obvious to me that Grantham ain’t the guy and he’s had plenty of players and time to get his “system” integrated. Looks like our O line took most of the first half off. This game is playing out like the perfect storm. One little/big thing after another. Even the officials wanted to go ahead and get the first half over. I know that CMR is pissed … and I’m sure that Grantham is red-faced yelling in the locker room. I pray that Murray can will these youngsters to pull it out in the second half.

  29. ScoutDawg

    Remember Aaron 3-16. KEEP THE FAITH. Having said that I won’t be seen online for the next week or so. What about that RB buried at UA that would have 159 yds for us right now.

  30. ScoutDawg

    And 5 third dfown conversions. I was sitting here thinking, slow it all down Aaron ‘splain it to ’em. Damn if Krayon doesn’t start going fast, and DRIVING.

  31. mwo

    It looks like Chris Conley is gonna get his wish about not having a close game every week! I don’t believe this is exactly what he had in mind.

  32. Nashville West

    The only things positive about that first half is that we didn’t get anyone hurt and special teams didn’t completely suck.

  33. W Cobb Dawg

    O needs to forget the ball control – there’s no helping this D. AM needs to air it out just about every play for the rest of the game. We need every point we can possibly get if we’re gonna pull this out.

  34. Brian Griese is and has always been a little bitch.

  35. Nashville West

    Has a CMR team ever comeback to win from an 18 point deficit?

  36. There’s your ST breakdown.

    • gastr1

      Lord help me with not getting touchback on kickoffs. Why is that every other team in the country can do that, including North Texas?

  37. Nashville West

    So much for special teams not sucking

  38. Dolly Llama

    We showed up for this one. We just happened to suck with almost every single good player we have hurt. I’m going out to do some frigging yardwork. Can’t watch this anymore.

  39. Nashville West

    We can’t get a freakin break…

  40. americusdawg

    Please remind me … when’s the last time we tried to block a punt? Anyone … Bueller? … Bueller?

  41. ScoutDawg

    Fucking Heisman play if we can win…

  42. Has our D forced more than one turnover this year? Cuz now would be a good time for one….

  43. Turd Ferguson

    It’s Aaron Murray vs. the Georgia defense.

  44. Well. At least Ray Drew came to play.

  45. Nashville West

    A stop on 3rd and long. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I was happy with that big loss on the sack until I realized that put it at 3rd and long and then began reliving nightmares….

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Don’t worry, CTG calls time out so mizzou has time to get their best play in. Allow opponent to rally, and take away a TO our offense might need later.

  46. Rival

    Freshman QB. Stack. The. Box.

    • gastr1

      and let him cut outside for the first down. Great work! The curse of 3rd and Willie lives on.

    • Sad thing is that with defense I’m just as scared of the backup QB…for once a special teams miscue that’s not ours with that missed extra point. Can this defense force a turnover for the love of god?

  47. gastr1

    I demand to know which one of you HS coaches is responsible for teaching DBs NOT to turn around on the ball on a play like that. HFS, how’d we ever win 4

  48. Nashville West

    Nice to see someone else’s special teams suck

  49. Jeebus… When do we have the Scott Lakatos conversation?

  50. Turd Ferguson

    Kolton Houston’s been blown up all day long.

  51. The Lone Stranger

    Generous host … Hah! And a freshman QB to boot.

  52. Wasted another TO. I’m just begggggging someone to make a freaking play!!!!!

  53. The Lone Stranger

    Can the defense be any more foul!

  54. gastr1

    They could put a high school QB in and we’d have trouble with it.

  55. gastr1

    Alright, Aaron.

  56. Dolly Llama

    It’s over now.

  57. Nashville West

    Et tu Aaron ? Et tu?

  58. Well. That’s all she wrote. Stupid fucking penalty on Hererra. Might be worst play of the game.

  59. Time for Todd Grantham to find another job.

  60. Turd Ferguson

    Maybe it’s the beer, but I’m actually starting to enjoy watching our defense play. Once you find the humor in it, it’s really quite funny.

    • hehe… I remember that approach during the Goff years.


    • Obi Won Kenobi

      Turd, you will find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view, your approach may very well be the only way to maintain sanity this year.

  61. This Missouri team is mediocre. I love how Griese just said UGA is no longer in the hunt for the east. Not saying we have any shot but we aren’t eliminated yet….

    • Olddawg 55

      Want to bet?? We have looked like a MNC team in the recent past now we just better worry about Paul Johnson &Co., they have to be encouraged. I don’t know why I’m mad at Murray for appearing to give up…I already have!

  62. paul

    Well the offensive line didn’t block worth a crap but I am officially on the ‘time for Todd Grantham to move on’ bandwagon. Our defense is pathetic. And he has all his players. Our guys still do not know where they are supposed to be or what thy are supposed to do.

  63. Nashville West

    A sad, pathetic joke. Tragic, nothing funny about it. Erk must be spinning in his grave.

  64. mg4life0331

    maybe we can backpeddle into the sec championship and lose convincingly to someone from the west again.

    • Turd Ferguson

      The Georgia Way.

      • Puffdawg

        Because we backed our way into the SEC last year and lost convincingly to the team who barely scratched out a national title. The Georgia Way. Top two running backs out, three of top four WRs out, top secondary guy out. Against a pretty decent team. No, the Georgia Way is for a couple of disparaging fucking idiots to rip our team apart after a tough loss with zero context. I hope you idiots feel good about yourself a tomorrow morning becase, you know, you both have Internet service and run a 4.3. Congrats on condescending Internet comments, morons. May you both get first place in the communion line tomorrow at church, knuckleheads.

  65. Russ

    Well it was fun while it lasted. Need to keep going for SEC east if possible.

  66. AusDawg85

    Team fail. D backfield is terrible, but turnovers and other mistakes were just as fatal.


  67. Normaltown Mike

    Man, injuries suck!

    If we had our studs, we totally would’ve won 45 to 41.

  68. mg4life0331

    At least we dont have to worrry about other teams losing so we can back peddle into the BCS championship. Focus on the Capitol one bowl?

    • mwo

      Focus on Vanderbilt. !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Now’s when we hear the annual MR speech about how this team still has plenty of goals to play for…ie..a possible Florida non BCS bowl against some boring team from the Big 10 like Wisconsin.

      • gastr1

        Well, truth of the matter is, they’re still in the driver’s seat for Atlanta, and you can’t be too down about that.

        • Corch's Revenge

          “driver’s seat for Atlanta” = Chik Fil A Bowl.

          Have a drink from Spurrier’s chalice.

          • gastr1

            Enjoyed OBC’s witty repartee re: Arkansas today at Bielema’s expense. First time Bielema has a team he’s going to mercilessly run the score up on the OBC if he can. Would love to see that.

      • Obi Won Kenobi

        Richt does not coach defense, that is where his teams have come up short and he still has the best winning percentage in Georgia history. Richt needs to get a quality DC and he needs to hire and fire until he finds one and then wrap him in bubble tape and never let him leave. Grantham is Willie with better PR. Never doubt the power of a good PR campaign, he had a lot of people fooled with KTMD and so forth. The real indictment came against him last year everyone was just too caught up in how close we came to the MNC. The fact that we allowed anyone to score more 20 points last year with our whole defense practically in the NFL is proof positive he’ll never get the job done.

        • Olddawg 55

          Richt may not coach defense but he still bears the responsibility. I can vividly remember when one of my troops screwed up and my boss said,”:that could be a failure of leadership”….if you’re the boss you take the accountability along with the responsibility!

          • Russ

            Richt is taking full responsibility, and in fact, he is sounding more and more pissed at the defense. During the interview at half, you could tell he was pissed, and when asked about the defense, he said it’s the “same old thing” or something like that. He knows the problem. The question is what is he going to do about it. It’s a shame that we’ve wasted the best offense Georgia has had in years on this crappy defense.

            Oh, and I’ll just say that it’s a shame Franklin got hurt. They do have a good team, but it’s a shame he’s out the rest of the season.

            • Brandon

              After getting over the initial anger about this loss I can at least take some comfort in the fact that this loss has reduced the possibility that we will have to play Oregon or Baylor in a bowl game to close to zero. Our defense getting spread eagled by those teams on national TV in a MNC game would be far worse than not getting that far at all.

              • gastr1

                I feared it too, Brandon. I think it’s actually worse to get to a natty and get completely reamed, like ND did last year, than to not get there at all and maintain the appearance of semi-competence.

  69. I’m 36 years old and I honestly don’t think I’ll see UGA win another natty in my lifetime. Too bad I was 3 in ’80.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m 64. How do you think I feel?

      • AusDawg85

        Fans of 110 other FBS schools feel the same. SEC Championships are worth something. BCS created a myth…don’t buy too much into it.

      • UGA76

        I’m older than you by 1 year lmao. Man we been through some ups and downs but we did get that National Championship in 1980. Hell that 1976 SEC championship team was also special

      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        And this is what drives me crazy about UGA athletics. Given all the advantages we have, we should more than one national champship. But throughout the decades, fans and administrators have preferred to be always rather

        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          . . . have preferred to always be respectable rather than champions.

        • Brandon

          I blame Georgia fans obsession with offense as much as anything, if we had played the kind of defense year in and year out the last decade that Florida, LSU, and Alabama have we’d have as many rings as they have if not more. I am encouraged by the fact that many Georgia fans seem to be diagnosing our problem correctly today, in the past shootout losses have been blamed on offensive playcalling more often than not.

      • Olddawg 55

        Mayor, it hurts even more when you’re 77…at least I’m not that far away from a conversation wiith Erk about all this!

      • Corch's Revenge

        Keep feeling it! LOL

  70. Turd Ferguson

    As long as you disregard our defense, offensive line, and special teams, we’re a pretty good team, y’all.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Did our special teams stink the joint up again? I was so fixated with the poor tackling I can’t recall.

      • WF dawg

        Well, our punters averaged about 7 ft. per punt and we gave up a long KO return and our long snaps were consistently low. But otherwise, OK.

  71. I miss Willie. At least he wouldn’t of allowed a backup QB to win the game. Screw Grantham

    • UGA76

      It wasn’t the D and Grantham. Damn the O turnovers killed us.

      • Russ

        34 points says otherwise. Same story as every other week. We can’t expect the offense to be perfect each week, especially with 5 starters out.

      • ugafidelis

        You are either blind or affiliated wilth the defensive coaching staff to make a comment like that. The only game the D has given up less that 30 points was a scrub. The O has to play to perfection in order to make up for the defense.

  72. Will (the other one)

    Greg Robinson was a a running joke hire for Texas…but right now he’s getting better results than Grantham. That’s…not encouraging.
    Vandy can pass the ball too.

    • I would take any DC we’ve played this year over Grantham. At least those guys learned to coach with less. North Texas DC? I don’t even know his name but I would take him over Grantham

  73. Will Trane

    Missouri + 4 in turnover. 2 was a14 point swing. Missouri played good on D front. Has SC at home. QB hurt. Once you get into the beef of schedule and start losing a lot of players and have to play pressure games against rank teams…you are prime for a lose. Would not say an upset yet. Missou is set up well, bulet us see how they run their O with qB sidelined.

  74. UGA76

    I swear… I’m so disgusted. Damn turnovers we gave up. And really if u want to know the truth the COACHING sucked. It’s embarrassing and I’m ashamed and sick of this BS

  75. Will Trane

    Frosh TBs played well considering…no vertical passing game. Mizzou could drop their LBs a little deeper in the zone coverage. Not cover 2.Line pressure, O line not up to speed, no outside speed, then your QB could have this type of game. My complaint, piss poor game plan, Tough situation fro cahces to plan for.

    • UGA76

      Absolutely but I’m more upset with the coaching during this game and like you said the game plan coming into this game didn’t appear to be very well planned. I’m just upset about this loss

  76. Will Trane

    Green and Doulgas did well, but Green turned the momemtum to Mizzou when he failed to down the ball in endzone of KO. 3 & out punt inside the 10, another piss poor snap to Barber, Missou has short field, and they do waste it, they have adjusted to the D, shift pace and did what ax a coach you did not want. Too many boards to overcome.

  77. gastr1

    Hey…the defense stopped ’em for one quarter! Did we make one more play than they did?

  78. Will Trane

    Green has a long run, over 50 but does not come to sidelines, gassed. Why OC? No gain on 1st by Green, and end up getting 3. Another OC mistake. Fans will focus on D again, but 2 starters out too. D has some could stops but they make freshman mistakes…stop, penalty, miss interception, etc.

  79. JAX

    Excuses, excuses. We’ve been riding lady luck’s coattails all year and you knew this was bound to happen. I can’t criticize the offense for looking pretty damn good considering that 5 of their top 6 weapons did not dress out. But the defense? What in the hell is Todd Grantham doing to earn his enormous salary? We are DEAD FUCKING LAST in the conference for points per game. DEAD LAST! WORSE THAN KENTUCKY!!!

    Think about it – how is that remotely possible?

    Todd – what in the hell are you and your staff doing to motivate, teach, and improve these young men’s defensive skillsets?

    When we look back one day at Mark Richt’s tenure as our head coach, we will always remember the absolute enormous amount of talent that was wasted b/c we couldn’t field a competent D on a regular basis. Guys like Stafford and Murray come around once every generation and neither, NEITHER ONE, despite all those touchdowns and all those receptions, can say they won an SEC title. You know why?

    Because Mark Richt failed to stress the importance of a dominating defense and thus cost Georgia and himself many a title. Aside from him being a fine Christian man, which is absolutely important, his legacy will be the inability to field defenses that could rival his offenses.

    I’ll see you at the cocktail party.

    • UGA76

      This loss IS NOT ON Grantham so don’t even go that route.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        I beg to differ.

      • .Dash

        Maybe not solely, but the statistics speak for themselves. This is an atrocious defense. When it’s up to Murray and his gimped offense to shoulder the load, that’s a huge indictment against Grantham. This team needed at least a competent day from the D, and they didn’t even get that.

      • He gave up 41 points. This loss definitely goes on him. And on Richt. And on our S&C program.

      • Olddawg 55

        You field a defense that gives up over an average of 30 points a game and you give him a free pass…and don’t say what he’s done in the past…football coaching is a “what have you done for me lately” world!!

      • gastr1

        Gawd, UGA76, you thought that defense was acceptable?

      • Brandon

        35, 30, 21, 41, 31, 41, same old shit from Grantham, this time the offense just didn’t have the horses to save his sorry ass yet again.

      • Will (the other one)

        Yes it very much is. The only reason the stats aren’t worse is the we turned the ball over giving them short fields.

      • I didn’t realize Missouri recovered all of those turnovers in the end zone.

      • JAX

        @UGA76: you sarcasm is pretty good. Or, you are a fucking idiot.

    • UGA76

      Oh we’ll beat Flordia. Thing is we flopped again when we needed to win to most.

    • WarD Eagle

      I think a HUGE factor in being last in scoring defense is that UGA has played a more difficult schedule than anyone thus far.

      You’re going to have to expound on having two once-in-a-generation QBs in the same generation for me to understand that.

      • AusDawg85

        We skipped a generation between Tarkington and Stafford/Murray so we get two! Mason will be our third so we’re borrowing from the future too.

        So…can you polish your crystal football and chant “It was worth it”?

      • Olddawg 55

        Is this a cover name for the Old Ball Coach??

      • Puffdawg

        Jesus, you just got perspective from an Auburn fan. Go to bed, son.

      • JAX

        Auburn guy (or said differently, fan of the team we have absolutely owned for a decade or so), thanks for making my point. Semantics are one thing, but yes, we’ve had two of the best QB’s we’ve ever had during the past 7 years. And neither won an SEC due to weak defensive play.

        Georgia’s achilles heal may be defense, but it ain’t Auburn.

        • WarD Eagle

          Georgia guy (or so said differently, fan of selective statistics)….

          Both of those QBs were in games to win it. Both of them threw INTs at inoppotune moments regularly. I once wondered if maybe stafford was color blind.

          AU’s most recent SEC championship happened to be won by their worst defense *ever*.

    • DING! Spot on.

      100% correct.

      Mark Richt does not run a meritocracy in the coaching and office ranks.

      He consistently hires bad coordinators and coaches and refuses to fire them.

      Our S&C program is led by a videographer.

      Total joke.😦

    • In fairness to Grantham, it is important to point out that special teams and turnovers are costing them a full TD per game. That puts them 8th, which is still nothing to brag about. The defense is broken. There is no denying that. If they don’t improve over the next six, a change should be made.

  80. ghost of kevin ramsey

    How is it not on Grantham?

    • Brandon

      Hahahaha at your moniker, everybody and their brother jumped on my #@$ in the comments of a pre-season post on here when I said it was a bad sign that Grantham was placing all his hopes on getting turnovers, and I said the last guy to talk like that at DC was Ramsey. I take no pleasure in being right on that point though.

  81. TennesseeDawg

    Grantham will make it his personal mission to make Tyler Murphy look like the 2nd coming of RGIII here in a few weeks.

  82. Will Trane

    Think about the D again. Rodney Gardner was D line coach.& recruiting coordinator. He is at Auburn, but look at how many D players left early left last year. This is a very young D and secondary. Do you know how many DBs Rodney recruited in 2011 ONE. Now you know why he is gone like those 3 at UT. GEt off the damn scoreboard, look at the roster, oterh teams, and think. Back to the cootn fields today.

    • Do you know whose ultimate responsibility the D is? The defensive coordinator.

      This is no different than Bobo being responsible for the offense – including the offensive line.

      The OC and DC, then ultimately the Head Coach, bear the full responsibility of their units.

      That includes recruiting.

      Having a bunch of inexperienced guys is a failure of coaching.

  83. UGA76

    It boils down to that O fucked up the D. Plain and simple. All the turnovers on O. Give me a fucking break. It was the O turnovers NOT the D that lost this game. And all y’all who think different can kiss my ass everyday of the week and twice on gameday

    • My god. Sure, it sucks that the O gave up 4 turnovers. If we’d lost 28-14 maybe then yeah, blame that.

      But our defense came up with ZERO turnovers, yet again couldn’t get stops when desperately needed, and gave up **** 41 **** points for christ sakes.

      The reason we never right the ship at Georgia is because there is no accountability from the program and the fanbase.

      • Accountability? It’s fucking college football. Don’t have a goddamn stroke.

        • What makes you think I’m having a stroke? Stop projecting.

          One of the stupidest arguments against caring about something is “its just _____.”

          The billion dollar industry of college athletics hinges on people actually giving a crap.

          I don’t waste my time or my life having hobbies I don’t actually care about.

          And the fact that you are reading and posting on a blog about it means you care too.

        • gastr1

          I’m going to have a stroke myself over UGA76’s bizarre belief that offense is a problem for us, turnovers or no, when the other team scores 34 points and the defense can’t even stop a deer-in-the-headlights redshirt freshman QB. Or a halfback heave for a TD that was one of the worst plays, from TWO defenders (Wiggins and Moore), that I have EVER seen a UGA defense make.

          • WF dawg

            That Corey Moore has been in the system this long and still can’t get in position or give full effort is atrocious. Atrocious.

      • KanuDawg

        Point of order- the D gave up 34. O gave up 7. Please stop screaming at each other, because it’s not an absolute matter of the D or O causing the loss. The O doesn’t give up a scoop & score and fumble inside their 10 & we win. Likewise even with that if the secondary isn’t clueless and makes some played we still win. You’re both right in a way, so can we just agree that both phases were poor today and contributed to the loss? It’s silly to have to pin all the blame on 1 side or the other, both sides were subpar and we lost.

        • You make too much sense. Please use more misdirected vitriol next time.

        • Who is screaming?

          I’m typing comments into a blog.

          You people really need to stop projecting.

          Our D has been shit for at least 8 of the last 9 years.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Longer, Muckie. The D was shit for every year of the Ray Goof era except for 2 and every year of the Donnan era except for 2. Counting the 13 years of the Richt era, that’s 15 out of the last 25 years UGA has played bad D. A lot of that time we had pretty good offenses, too. We just couldn’t outscore other teams (like FU and UT) that had good offenses but played defense, too.

            • I’m almost 42 years old. I remember the Ray Goof era vividly.

              I thought this day couldn’t get much worse, and then you had to remind me of the Ray Goof era.

              Not very nice, Mayor.😦

  84. jim

    well get em next year….

  85. Athens Townie

    Bottom line is pretty simple: It’s always something with Georgia.

    Injuries, a bad D coordinator, a bad O coordinator, … etc.

    Feels like it’s always something.

  86. mg4life0331

    maybe we can take an iowa state team in a nothing bowl for momentum into next years 10-3 team