Home cooking?

Find this kind of interesting.

I haven’t watched the replay yet, but I guess I’ll check this out.


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  1. I presume Shaq Wiggins hugging the receiver on the double-screen pass would be one. PI would have been declined but an absurd no flag regardless.

    • CitadelDawg

      HUGGING the receiver? I was down on that sideline right in front of the play, and the receiver mauled him then shoved him before making the reception.

      • adam


        The camera missed that on the TV version, so people who weren’t there have a very different idea of how that play went down.

  2. William

    That sword cuts two ways Pinkel. Ask Richt about the way the second quarter closed out. Also about a few of those calls later in the game. We can all say that the refs were biased, but they can’t be biased for both side……that might make them fair!

  3. Bulldog Joe

    Nearly everyone turns in plays to the league office after each game.

    No big deal.

  4. adam

    Maybe he can turn in a few shots of their WRs pushing down Shaq Wiggins?

    He did get on the guy on that double pass but only because he was being pushed away the whole way down the field. The WR only made the catch because of his willingness to keep Shaq at arm’s length for most of the play.

  5. fuelk2

    Is there really any doubt that we had a plan of hitting Franklin every time we had the chance? Playing a guy as fragile as he is, I’m sure we did. A guy like Herrera probably doesn’t lose his mind on a roughing the passer for no reason. And it worked; we just didn’t count on giving up 15 points after the backup came in.

  6. Dog in Fla

    Mr. Pink feels the magic:

    Marc Weiszer‏@marcweiszer17m
    Ouch RT @Dave_Matter: Pinkel asked about Georgia injuries: “They didn’t have many injuries on defense.”

    • Normaltown Mike

      Well his sassy mouth doesn’t change the fact that he lost 2 starters over the course of the game. Sorta proving the point that an SEC schedule is a gauntlet.

      I see that team losing 2 or 3 more.

      • Dog in Fla

        It must be #karma that after their QB is injured, we get even further behind and lose, therefore making it easier for Florida and South Carolina to beat them

        • The Lone Stranger

          I got to thinking that very thought: UGa being the ideal foil for its rivals. Do the dirty work of knocking some cats out but don’t take advantage of it yourself.

          Of course, with the training room doors easing off their hinges at UF the WLOCP has become an oddsmaker’s nightmare too.

          • Yeah, that UF defense is nasty though despite losing Easley. Holding that LSU offense to 17 points on the road, despite getting no support from their own offense………..Good gracious, I’m just hoping we can beat them like 10-9 or something. I’d think the line will be pretty close to a pick ’em, I’ll be super curious where they set the over/under though.

            • The Lone Stranger

              Has the look of one of those gritty 36 O/Us like we saw sometimes back when Odell Thurman and Seam Davis were prowling around in the Dawgs defensive half. Turnovers will decide it, as ever.

              • The Lone Stranger

                Seam Davis? (I know I wasn’t half-in-the-bag so…?) I’ll think of it as a Sean Jones/Thomas Davis hybrid of sorts.

          • The Tennessee Volunteers


    • Debby Balcer

      He is not the type of man I would want coaching my team.

    • Q

      Did we not have our starting 2 safeties out? Man, he had that answer coiled up all week, ready to launch no matter what. What a douche.

  7. jryuuu

    how about the block in the back on JHC during the 36yd TD run?

    • gatorhater27

      THIS. That was so blatant and ESPN kept talking about how great of a block it was.

      • jryuuu

        i didn’t even catch that play on tv, heard it on the radio. then i got home after half time and they showed the replay and i was like “wait a second. that should’ve been a penalty.”

        the missed tackles afterwards on the other hand…………….

  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The crew that worked the Mizzou-UGA game is just a bad crew, period.

  9. Hobnail_Boot

    If Pinkel’s trying to plant the seeds for a bitter UGA-Mizzou feud, he’s doing a bangup job.

    You won, dude. Just shut up.

  10. @gatriguy

    Sour grapes after winning? I have a feeling Mizzou’s inferiority complex is going to be Gamecockian.

  11. ugadawg9288

    The play that stands out in my mind is the (very) late hit on Murray on the play he threw the INT. 3 steps and then a hit after the ball is out is exactly what Herrera got a Roughing the Passer flag for and what did not get called on that play.

    • Greg

      +1Million – They were both obvious roughing the passer – fact that they had just called us for it 5 minutes prior made it much worse.

      • jryuuu

        agreed. that penalty would’ve overturned the INT. what a back breaker. mizzou scored on their short drive too so that was the nail in the coffin.

        • CitadelDawg

          Pinkel is un chapeau derriere. Pardon my french.

          • Gene Simmons

            And the TV guys were musing why it was not called (three steps on both plays)-one of them acted as if it should not even be considered. Bad refs, yes, but they really helped Mizzou win the game more than they hurt them.

            • CitadelDawg

              Yeah, what was the deal with that one commentator? Straight up rebuked the other guy for pointing out that the hit on Murray was late. Didn’t know we had a Mizzou homer narrating the game. Glad I didn’t have to listen to him.

      • Just like the in SEC Championship game.

  12. Spike

    Pinkel won’t take “Yes” for an answer. You won, bro. Let it go…

  13. Gene Simmons

    I guess Pinky wants to be in the same “league” with Steve-0. Well welcome to the SEC coach. You guys are 1-1 against the Dawgs. See you in Columbia next year.

  14. Cousin Eddie

    Did he leave in the footage of JHC getting pushed down form behind on the TD run when JHC had a good bead on the RB behind the line?
    So if the play is deemed “illegal” do they get Franklin back?

  15. Russ

    Hmmmm…whining after a big win? Well, I guess he’s consistent. I’m sure he turned in the roughing the passer non-call on Murray’s interception, too.

  16. 79dawg

    Anyone have any idea when the last time one of our opponents got called for holding or a block in the back??? It’s easy to dominate a defense when you can get away with it all the time…

  17. Ben

    The refs didn’t whiff on the block prior to Murrary’s fumble, and the refs didn’t make Douglas fumble inside Mizzou’s five yard line. And the refs didn’t make Herrera commit that terrible, terrible RTP foul.

    This loss was on our guys and coaches, and blaming the refs and announcers is just straight-up denial.

    • Russ

      Late to the party, Ben. No one is blaming the refs (except apparently Pinkleberry). But if he wants to bring them up then let’s talk about all the calls.

  18. Gravidy

    Hmmm…apparently being a college football coach in a town called Columbia makes you a whiny little bitch.