Licking their chops

James Franklin may rub me the wrong way on occasion, but I think he’s assembled a smart coaching staff.  Of course, I don’t know how brilliant you have to be to conclude that this has to be a major component of your defensive game plan against Georgia:

“After watching the film of the Missouri game, the defensive ends did not win their one-on-ones to get pressure on [Missouri quarterback James] Franklin,” Vandy defensive end Kyle Woestmann said at Monday’s news conference in Nashville. “Our defensive tackles were getting pushed around and getting hung on blocks. We have a good opportunity this week against a good SEC offensive line to pick up where we left off against Ole Miss.”

I don’t know whether Vandy’s defensive ends rely on speed or power when they rush.  If it’s the former, Aaron Murray had better grow some eyes in the back of his head this week.


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11 responses to “Licking their chops

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    I feel like there is something we may be missing about Misery’s D-line, clearly they confused the hell out of an O line that had become pretty darn competent against D lines that were said by all the recruiting service analysts to have better players.

    And it may be that just that little bit of difference between how JJ hits the hole and Gurley/Marshall hit the hole that caused a good bit of it.

    It must have been somewhat disconcerting for Murray to look at a spot where a receiver was supposed to be and find the receiver in a slightly different place, or not there yet.

    The injuries hurt, and in ways we have a hard time understanding without the benefit of foreknowledge.

    Anchor up they ass.


    • Cojones

      Your penultimate sentence should be a meme until our team gets back together.

      You expressed a good lead-in to Bluto’s subject of the next opponent and ended with the sentiments expressed for us all:

      Fu……uuhh….CUT vANDY’S ANCHOR CHAIN !


  2. JAX

    We beat Vandy’s ass last year and we’re going to beat it again this year. Have some faith.


    • The Lone Stranger

      Probably so … I mean it is do-or-die now all the way to the end of the line. Howevah, we also know that the Commies have a WR that is capable of lighting up any one of the passing pylons UGa trots out there as defensive back options. I haven’t seen much out of Carta-Samuels to be overly frightened though.

      Dawgs, 30-17.


  3. WillTrane

    thought they had some smart kids at vandy. based on the O line performance against mizzou, injuries to WRs and RBs, AM holding the ball sometimes again, vandy plays zone, vandy’s DE could grade high after the game. Plus in good years we have struggled in Nashville. CMR has had some bad octobers, this could be another.


  4. FCDore

    I love my Commodores, but I don’t think we’re “licking our chops” to play Aaron Murray. I trust we’ve used our bye week to tweak our bend-and-break defense, but CJF hit it on the head yesterday: our D-line and secondary are capable of playing a lot better than they have been. If those areas don’t improve, you’ll do the same thing to us that Missouri did.


    • Macallanlover

      No, you shouldn’t be licking your chops but we are bringing a team capable of fulfilling your dreams, or at least giving you a very entertaining, close loss. We can take no one for granted any longer. Our O gave us a chance to outscore anyone, and even blow a few out. But with the diminished offense and a D with several visible holes in it, the Dores get a shot they didn’t realistically have two weeks ago. Hope you guys have an off night throwing or your talented receiver has a stomach bug, otherwise it will be a nail-biter for both of us.


  5. PatinDC

    I just hope we don’t have the return of “Jittery Aaron”. He showed up in the MZ game and I hope he never returns. Not a good thing.


    • Macallanlover

      You do understand when you don’t know you can count on not getting blasted every time you drop back, and having to guess what your brand new receiver is thinking he should do the next 2 seconds just might make you a little uncertain, don’t you? Familiarity can solve part of that, and will get better, the OL that played against SC and LSU will solve the other. If the OL that killed us against Clemson and Mizzou will take the rest of the season off, we might become 75% proficient on O again. AM didn’t become jittery without some causative factors, except for that one bad pick he was pretty much a danged baller last Saturday.


  6. Debby Balcer

    Mizzou’s defense kept getting called for offside. I think they got away with some that weren’t called.