Mumme Poll rankings, Week 7

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 Alabama 46 (30)
2 Oregon 46 (15)
3 Clemson 46 (0)
4 Florida State 45 (0)
5 Ohio State 42 (0)
6 LSU 41 (0)
7 Baylor 37 (0)
8 Texas A&M 34 (0)
8 UCLA 34 (0)
10 South Carolina 23 (0)
11 Miami 21 (1)
12 Missouri 13 (0)
12 Stanford 13 (0)
14 Louisville 12 (0)
15 Texas Tech 4 (0)
16 Fresno State 1 (0)
16 Virginia Tech 1 (0)
16 Washington 1 (0)

Wow, talk about your bias – Georgia loses, a third of the voters drop out this week and the Dawgs don’t get a single vote in the poll.  I’m glad we’re not taking it personally.  Other than that, can’t find too much to fault.  We’re more skeptical of Louisville than the national folks are, but we’re giving Baylor more credit.



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3 responses to “Mumme Poll rankings, Week 7

  1. Sanford222View

    The only surprise to me is that only the Top 3 were consensus picks. I would think at least 5 or 6 teams would have been on every ballot.


  2. Macallanlover

    Seriously, how could UGA get a single vote for the Top 10 teams in America unless one is attempting to bias the poll? I think there are only 2-3 teams on that list of 18 that UGA could beat right now, and several that aren’t included could wax us. Additionally, the game would not be close with several of them. Any team with a perimeter offense and/or a decent QB with two receivers could hang with us in a scoring contest, we are that bad in defending those areas.

    I think we would be closer to beating Bama, Florida, and Va Tech than we would be Washington State and Oregon State simply because of matchups of their offensive strengths and our defensive weakness. It is a helpless feeling knowing some plays will be totally uncontested. I shudder at facing an Oregon, Baylor, TAMU type opponent with where we are this week. Sorry, I hate it more than anyone reading this.


  3. uglydawg

    For this defense there’s nowhere to go but up. My fear is that they maintain the status q. My hopes that the defense would do just enough to let Georgia win went down the toilet with my thrown-up cool aid. I’m pinning my final hopes on getting some injured key players back and the defense improves even just a little bit. My how expectaions morph as the season rolls along.