“We’ll see Saturday.”

I see the coaches have entered the coy phase of player management.  Hey, if that fosters competition and makes for better play, I’m all for it.  If it’s about taking their minds off the problems they’ve seen, I understand it.

If it’s about having a little fun with the media and fan base, let’s hope they’re as amusing after Saturday’s game in Nashville.


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18 responses to ““We’ll see Saturday.”

  1. William

    What else is there to say really? They can give us what we want to hear, but it still falls on them and the players to execute. Proof is in the pudding so to speak. Put up or shut up time.


  2. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    Emerson has to file a story, but is there really that much intrigue as to whether Theus or Houston starts? And does anyone possibly think that CTG is going to start Carter over Wilson … heck he won’t even play him a series (with exception to when Wilson has an equipment issue)


    • AlphaDawg

      Wilson is horrible dropping into coverage. Anyone know what happened to Dawson, he saw alot of PT last year and has been MOA for most of this year?


      • Sanford222View

        Dawson is a real mystery. He saw a good amount of playing time last year it seemed and played well for the most part. I thought he would be a real contributor this year. Maybe I just remember him from special teams play but I thought he was on the field playing well last year. I find it strange he hasn’t seen the field considering the struggles we have had in the secondary. I know most of those struggles have been with the safeties but it isn’t like Swann, Wiggins, and Langley have been world beaters.


    • The Lone Stranger

      Carter can earn his keep by tackling on KO returns. I think that is how the Fr. are judged vis-a-vis PT on standard downs. He flailed badly on the No.Texas dude who took it all the way so probably his cred ain’t the greatest even on light of the Wilson/Herrera pairing.


    • Keese

      Just a hunch…but I believe there’s been more going on behind closed doors than we know…in terms of discipline and team cohesion on defense.

      Trey Mathews hamstring injury and watching game from parents home? Sheldon Dawson? (possibly have Rumph on offense in this category too). A few other things as well. CMR and Garrison just to name a few have been vague about their frustrations


  3. So. IL Dawg

    The problem with the defense is we don’t have any big hitters who will step up and call some guys out. Shawn Williams turned the season around last year with his speech the week before Jax. The Defense stepped up then. IMHO the defense has a bunch of young guys who were the absolute best athletes on the field their entire lives and didn’t have to worry about getting beat because they could make up ground on anyone. Now, they can’t do that and they’re lost. Now, they have to learn the coverages and actually study. It’s not all about letting their god-given talent will them to successful plays. This is on the coaches and senior leadership at this point. These guys need to understand the calls and plays so the coverage doesn’t break down. If they don’t know them, then stay after practice studying until you do know them.


    • Macallanlover

      I don’t think it is that simple, it isn’t effort that makes our defense so porous. And waiting for a veteran player to go all Shawn Williams isn’t a good sign either. This team seems solid to me on motivation and understanding what their goals are, but the defense (combined with horrible luck regarding offensive injuries) is just lost at the 2nd and 3rd levels. It isn’t inexperience for the most part either, it is complexity of scheme of scheme and not coaching technique/tackling and coverage responsibility. We had plenty of film after the 1st two games to teach those young players and our team was still in the mix.


  4. Keese

    I really really hope this team can keep the wheels on and pull out a W vs Vandy


  5. WillTrane

    Emerson does a good job. Think he knows what CMR knows re zone coverage, but somebody needs to clue in the Dawgs broadcast team, that is one clueless bunch of dudes. Liked the picture of TG’s up close and personal coaching moments. There use to be a DC at Valdosta Highs School like that, and that is why not many teams scored on his..


  6. WillTrane

    Thought the comments by LB position coach is spot on. Big difference this year and last. Depth and experience are huge in SEC on defense, more so for TG. Look back at the rotation last year and some of the teams and QBs they faced. They are getting there, but a team can not lose that many players like we did from one year to the next.


  7. WillTrane

    Think this D barring injuries, suspensions, or other factors will be very difficult to move the ball on next year. Have never seen such a very young, inexperienced D play 4 of the top 25 QBs in D1 in 6 games. Scheduling is a bitch sometimes, more so this year, coupled with the hits on the O side of the ball. Complicated a lot of game plans.


    • David K

      Georgia has been relatively easy to score on since 2006. I’m not sure why next year would be much different.


    • charlottedawg

      they’re getting worse not better, a bunch of stars from recruiting websites and more experience is meaningless if they’re not coached up. Football as in life things don’t just magically “git butter”