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Sometimes you feel like a nut.

Serious question:  How many of you have stayed away from attending a college football game because of this?

“Nut allergies affect a sizable segment of the population and those people have to be very conscious of it at all times, in environments outside their control,” Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald said in the announcement on the school’s website. “This special day will give many people that may never have attended a live sporting event the opportunity to experience Chicago’s Big Ten Team for the first time. Our entire football family is thrilled to be part of such a great initiative.”

In addition to peanuts not being sold at the game, they’ll also be prohibited from being brought into the stadium. The school says that the stadium will also “undergo extensive cleaning” to ensure that there are no peanuts anywhere on the premises.

I don’t know whether this is mockworthy, but I suspect Michael Adams has a V8 moment when he hears about it.



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One brief shining moment, or, giving credit where credit’s due.

John Pennington posts a chart of how LSU’s running game has performed this season.  Tell me you expected the Georgia defense to show out like this:

School   LSU Yds/Carry   Opp. Rush Def.
  TCU   4.10   20th (3.21)
  UAB   4.47   92nd (4.63)
  Kent State   8.30   116th (5.68)
  Auburn   5.18   65th (4.12)
  Georgia   2.14   42nd (3.79)
  Miss. State   5.72   84th (4.43)
  Florida   4.49   20th (3.21)

Yeah, me neither.

I will say some of that is likely due to LSU not having a running quarterback and to Hill not being much of a threat to bounce things outside, both areas where Georgia has struggled at times.  Still, giving up better than two yards less per run than Florida is pretty damned impressive in my book.


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Licking their chops, ctd.

Like I said, Vanderbilt’s been checking out the Missouri tape.

After watching film of Missouri’s 41-26 win at Georgia, in which Murray threw a pair of fourth-quarter interceptions, was sacked twice and lost a fumble, Woestmann said the Commodores will have chances to make an impact in the Bulldogs’ backfield.

“(Missouri) did a good job just pressing the pocket, kind of pushing the guards and center back into Aaron Murray’s face, and the ends did a good job collapsing the pocket and forcing him to step up right into the pressure,” Woestmann said.

“We have a good opportunity to exploit a couple of guys on their O-line that have struggled with some pass rushing moves. … That was the first time I think I’d ever seen Aaron Murray flustered. He was a little off-target and he was feeling the pressure coming. I think that’s something that we could easily do.”

I’d say Georgia’s noticed the same thing, because a change is coming on the line.

… it appears John Theus will get the start at right tackle, supplanting Kolton Houston in the starting lineup. The two have been alternating the past four games, but Houston has started and gotten slightly more snaps. Houston was beaten on several sacks in Saturday’s loss to Missouri, while Theus seemed to play error-free.

“Theus played well. He practiced well last week and played well last year. He deserves a chance to start,” Richt said.

One of the ESPN guys noted that Houston’s technique left his susceptible to Missouri’s outside speed rush getting inside him, and, indeed, he appeared to get beaten in just that way.  The puzzling thing is that Friend kept sending him out there.  I assume it’s been hard to motivate Theus to play better, because he clearly has more upside at the tackle position than Houston does.  It would be nice to see Theus grab hold of the job and keep it Saturday.


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“We’re preparing to play without him.”

Yeah, the news on the injury front ain’t good.

“Tray isn’t even attempting right now to do any football-specific drills,” Richt said. “Todd’s at least doing some things that were football-related.”

Obviously, being down an all-American talent isn’t what you want to see, but Matthews’ absence likely means we’re looking at another week of Mauger and Moore deployed in the 4-2-5.  Vandy’s offense isn’t as potent as Missouri’s, so maybe they can staunch the bleeding a little better against the Commodores.  But from where I sit, it’s hard not to pencil in Georgia needing to score at least 35 to win.


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