One brief shining moment, or, giving credit where credit’s due.

John Pennington posts a chart of how LSU’s running game has performed this season.  Tell me you expected the Georgia defense to show out like this:

School   LSU Yds/Carry   Opp. Rush Def.
  TCU   4.10   20th (3.21)
  UAB   4.47   92nd (4.63)
  Kent State   8.30   116th (5.68)
  Auburn   5.18   65th (4.12)
  Georgia   2.14   42nd (3.79)
  Miss. State   5.72   84th (4.43)
  Florida   4.49   20th (3.21)

Yeah, me neither.

I will say some of that is likely due to LSU not having a running quarterback and to Hill not being much of a threat to bounce things outside, both areas where Georgia has struggled at times.  Still, giving up better than two yards less per run than Florida is pretty damned impressive in my book.


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35 responses to “One brief shining moment, or, giving credit where credit’s due.

  1. Biggus Rickus

    I’m not shocked. The only unit that has performed fairly well on the defense has been the line, and the linebackers are okay on power runs inside. Their lateral defense is horrible though.


  2. fuelk2

    Haven’t watched much UF football this year, but my understanding is their D Line ain’t what it was before Ealey went down (no shock there I guess).


  3. Rick

    Given Mett’s performance, perhaps we just sold out against the run? If you look at the equivalent stats for UGA, you’ll find that mighty North Texas held us to 4.4 ypc, just .16 higher than South Carolina for second best performance against us on the season.

    Because they stuffed the box. And, of course, Murray tore them up. I’ve got a lot of patience left for our D given the youth, and I certainly think we’ve seen flashes of potential, but I’m not sure the LSU game qualifies no matter how you slice it.


    • Given Mett’s performance, perhaps we just sold out against the run?

      They were too concerned about Landry and Beckham, Jr. to sell out the way you suggest.


      • Rick

        Hmm, I certainly agree that they should have been 😉

        And in the second half I think you are correct, for all the good it did, but second half rush defense was nothing to write home about. 2.14 ypc is almost disappointing after holding them to whatever ridiculous number that was (7 yards I think?) in the first half.


      • Always Someone Else's Fault

        10.1 ypc. If we can stuff LSU’s run game without borrowing from the secondary and still give up 10.1… yikes.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    So, boss, just what the hell does this mean…BR says it is cause they did not run outside….how can we do this and let Tennessee run all over us…up the middle?

    I just hope we stick a anchor up they ass.


    • Biggus Rickus

      I’m not positive, but I think Neal got a lot of his yards bouncing runs wide. I’d have to go back and watch to be sure, which I’m not willing to do.


    • Will (the other one)

      Honestly, I think part of it is UT has a better line than LSU this season (though not by too much.) LSU has better backs, WRs, and QB though.


  5. Joe

    We also used our true NT who not only stopped the run but pushed the center consistently…why we don’t go with this w/Swann at the STAR and JHC at SS is beyond me…


    • Newt

      Right with you regarding the NT. Every time I’ve gone back and watched replays, I consistently see Bailey & Drew lined up inside on a 4-man line. Mayes, especially, has been very strong on the interior. Don’t know why we don’t see more of him, even against spread teams/formations.


  6. DugLite

    One brief shining moment IYAM.


  7. Macallanlover

    Impressive indeed, Senator. The power run with Hill, combined with an excellent psssing game, is why I felt we were doomed in that game and would require us to be magnificent on O. Fortunately, we were. One of my favorite UGA wins, what a game. We could not replicate that performance with the current available players if we had to play them again…..which I don’t forsee. LSU is a good looking team that may lose again but capable of beating anyone.


  8. Ginny

    Don’t we also lead the SEC in sacks?


  9. Hill’s actually been pretty good at bouncing plays outside.

    Georgia was just the more physical front that day.


  10. jryuuu

    this would be encouraging stat except for the fact that our pass defense is 2nd to last in the conference in yds/attempt at 8.0.

    just holding opponents to 1yd/carry on 1st and 2nd down puts us riiiight where they want us.


  11. El Dawgo in El Paso

    Stat that further demonstrates how appalling and underachieving our secondary has been thus far.


  12. Otto

    The D is a player or 2 away from being serviceable. They need to get more turnovers, and improve on 3rd dow, which is basically the same….pass coverage… we have none.


  13. timphd

    I have only watched the replay for the first half of the Mizzou game, and this is my first time through since I didn’t see the game live. Call me crazy but I think this defense is really close to being okay. There are some really good players on D making good plays. JHC is coming on. Drew looks more and more like a 5 star each game. The whole D line plays pretty stout. Jenkins isn’t getting sacks but is pushing the pocket back towards the QB. Floyd is headed for stardom if he keeps developing and Wiggins looks like a cornerback. I know there are gaping holes, but when Matthews is back this is a team with talent. I didn’t see the disorganization of early games and with the exception of Moore and Mauger, many times guys were in place to make the play, just didn’t wrap up or counted on safety help when it wasn’t there. Swann got burned a couple of times but where was the safety? I guess what I am saying is I am hopeful despite the loss.

    On a separate note, Murray’s fumble was on the o-line totally. He was ready to throw to a receiver (whose defender had slipped by the way) and had his arm cocked. Might have been 7 for the good guys if the oline makes the block. A 14 point swing would have been big.

    Plan to watch the second half tonight. Hope I’m still positive afterwards.


    • Ginny

      Agreed. As much as the Doomsday Dawgs would prefer to not admit it, eventually the light is going to come on for these pups. As frustrating as it’s been, they are not hopeless. Lots of good players making good plays; they just need to put it all together.


    • Dog in Fla

      Predict you’ll be ‘where is the BCSCG, I need motel reservations’ positive for first 20 or so minutes and then positive you don’t need reservations thereafter


    • Will (the other one)

      Really hope one or both out of Norman and Mathews return soon, because the D really become hopeless when we got nothing from our safeties.


  14. Peteydawg

    When Georgia is fired up we’re hard to beat (ex. LSU, USC, even UT our hated rival even Bama last year). Can’t tell me we weren’t emotionally drained coming into the Mizzou game on both sides of the ball. But to the point….Hell, the way our d-line has been playing maybe Wilson should coach the secondary. And LB…. And just the whole D…. Btw…Does he know anything about special teams? Good riddance garner


  15. doofusdawg

    LSU ‘s formations allowed us to play our 3-4 more in that game than any other game this year. We are a good defense in the 3-4… especially against the run… we played more base against lsu than we have in every other game combined… it was a gift that hopefully alabama will repeat if we are so lucky as to meet them in december.

    Maybe someone will actually count the plays… not suggesting you do. 🙂


  16. Mike

    Reminds me of this….starting at the :34 mark.