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A picture that’s worth a thousand words

Trying to assess how Georgia’s 4-2 right now?

You want to be in the NE corner of this chart. Teams with good offenses are at the top of the chart, and teams with good defenses are at the right of the chart.

Throw in the snafus on special teams and I think you’ve got it.



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You gotta crawl before you can walk.

But what if your crawling isn’t exactly up to speed?

Bulldogs coach Mark Richt explained that a young defender’s first obligation is typically to make the basic play before attempting the explosive play, but the Bulldogs have struggled with both to this point.

“They’re still just trying to get lined up right and play the right fundamental and get a guy on the ground or just bat a ball down rather than go for the pick and that type of thing,” Richt said.

I have to admit I’d settle for getting that right now, too.


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Friday morning buffet

The buffet is running a red and black special today.

  • Seth Emerson looks at the (to date) disappointing seasons of Jordan Jenkins and Damian Swann.
  • Mark Richt thinks some of Georgia’s hamstring problems result from young players trying to impress their coaches:  “He’s trying to get a starting position and he doesn’t want to look soft, or whatever it is.”
  • Groo looks back at the last two Georgia-Vanderbilt meetings.
  • Weiszer does a nice job counting special teams coaches.
  • It sounds like we’re going to witness the debut of Jonathan Rumph tomorrow.  How much of a difference will it make?
  • Tyler wonders if Grantham is cutting back on sideline calls for the defense.
  • Vandy’s beat writer on Jordan Matthews“Matthews has seen a lot of bracket coverage and a lot of safety help over the top, in addition to going up against opponents’ best cornerbacks. Linebackers and defensive linemen have dropped into coverage to provide leverage underneath on him. Matthews has still posted big numbers, but in SEC games those numbers have come while Vandy has played catch-up. The key for the Commodores is to get him involved early in games, which hasn’t always happened.”  If Matthews has a fever, the cure may be more Georgia pass coverage.  Better get that pass rush going early and often, boys.


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Musical palate cleanser: baby take a chance on me.

Doom and gloom when it comes to Georgia’s secondary?  Let Mick and the boys tell you something about Doom And Gloom.

I think it’s time we quit focusing on how old the Stones are, and simply marvel at what a miracle of modern science it is that Keef is still alive.


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You win some, you lose some.

A few records are likely to fall tomorrow in Nashville:

In Saturday’s Georgia-Vanderbilt game, a handful of SEC career records could fall. With 112 career touchdown passes, Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray is just two behind Danny Wuerffel’s SEC career record. And with 12,203 career yards of total offense, Murray needs 29 yards to match Tim Tebow’s SEC mark. On the other sideline, Vandy’s Jordan Matthews needs 97 receiving yards to match Terrence Edwards’ SEC career record of 3,093 yards. Matthews had 119 receiving yards against the Bulldogs last season.

Would it be too much to ask that Murray take a moment to mark the occasion of surpassing the GPOOE™ in the record books by indulging in a brief Gator chomp?  If he doesn’t (and I know he won’t), I think it’s up to us, Dawgnation, to do the honors.  Please do your part tomorrow.


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The more things change…

… the more Steve Spurrier remains a dick.

You know what else the OBC can say?  Since he’s been at South Carolina, he’s won as many SEC championships as UT’s coaches have, too.


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