A picture that’s worth a thousand words

Trying to assess how Georgia’s 4-2 right now?

You want to be in the NE corner of this chart. Teams with good offenses are at the top of the chart, and teams with good defenses are at the right of the chart.

Throw in the snafus on special teams and I think you’ve got it.


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62 responses to “A picture that’s worth a thousand words

  1. Dawg93

    but I thought Teddy Bridgewater was the greatest thing since sliced bread??

  2. DugLite

    aTm is on an island

  3. FSU is doin’ thangs. Florida is worse on offense than UGA is on defense. So there’s that.

  4. Biggus Rickus

    Florida’s offense vs. Georgia’s defense is going to be like watching Italy invade France.

  5. gastr1

    If we actually had the offense responsible for that ranking we’d be 5-1 and quite confident we’d make it to 11-1, NC still in mind. But we don’t have the offense responsible for that ranking.

  6. Ptc dawg

    Who else in that bunch has played 4 top 20 teams? Schedules matter.

    • Biggus Rickus

      And that’s factored in. It’s the only reason Georgia’s defense has a positive percentage.

      • Will (the other one)

        Yep. After LSU, it was the thing I held onto about the D getting better. Then the second half happened vs. UT…

  7. Bulldog Joe

    We’re 4% above average on defense?

  8. 69Dawg

    The strange thing to me is how the Oline fell apart in the Missouri game. If they had performed as they seem to have the first 5 games we would have been 5-1. If what the Vandy player says comes true and they can get to Aaron we are going to be soooo screwed.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      There are some folks who think Missouri’s defensive line may have had something to do with that.

    • David K

      If Tennessee’s receiver hangs onto the ball for an extra millisecond, we lose that game. You can do this all day with countless minor things that could swing games either way. The OL is not why we lost to Missouri. They didn’t have their best game but you can’t lay blame there. Our defense is the worst in the conference. That’s why we lost to Clemson and Missouri and barely beat LSU and Tennessee. When we start holding opponents under 20 points I’ll give you the other faults like giving up sacks or missing field goals.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        David K…I agree that our D is awful and they are why we struggled with LSU and UT. However, this O-line is most certainly to blame for the Clemson game and they shoulder a lions share of the blame for the Mizzou L. Against Clemson David Andrews lost for 4 quarters with blown assignments or holding calls to overcome a blown assignments. The tackles were equally awful in that game, specifically Houston and Theus. The fact that either Houston or Theus play quality minutes on this team speaks to the poor OL talent Georgia has in the pipeline. As for Mizzou, Houston and Gates were the major issues. With average O-line play the Dawgs continue a few drives and who knows what happens from there. Now, by no means do I give the defense a pass. A stop here or there, maybe decide that giving up 21 points in a quarter is bad thing, and we have a ball game. Either way, this team has major issues to fix and soon.

        • reipar

          Saying the Oline shoulders a lions share of the Mizzou loss is like blaming the Johnstown flood on a leaky faucet in Altoona. Did it help? No, but did it cause the problem? Hardly.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I gotta agree with Skeptic (cringing) on this one. The game was in the latter stages and was a 2 point game. The O-line couldn’t keep out the Mizzou D. Murray, rushed, threw 2 picks with the game on the line. Did the D suck? Absolutely. Did the O-line contribute to that loss? Absolutely, too. Murray was on his back all day, not to mention the sack from the blindside that caused the fumble/scoop and score.

            • Skeptic Dawg

              Cringing? But why? (Add appropriate cartoon face).

            • reipar

              Talk about your instantaneous revisionist history. We were down by two in the fourth quarter (after a failed 2 point conversion, which occurred only after one of those pesky offensive touchdowns) and kicked off to Mizzou. At which point they drove 75 yards in 8 plays over 2:53 to go back up by 8 (missed extra point). Not sure what the offensive line is suppose to do about that. I guess we should blame Bobo while we are going down this path of insanity.

              The offensive line is not going to be perfect all game long, but they should not have to be. With our defense they do though. However, to lay the “lions share” of the blame at their feet…I just do not see it.

              • reipar

                And as far as the second pick the game was hardly on the line at that point. At that point Murray had thrown his first int, which Mizzou took over at our 33 and 4 plays later scored another touchdown. I mean we are allowed to hold people to a field goal right. Murray’s second interception came with 49 seconds left and us down by 15. Hardly with the game on the line.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  You do acknowledge that the O-line had a bad game, don’t you? If not then you are too delusional too even converse with about this.

                  • reipar

                    Of course I do, but that is not the authors original point. The statement is the oline shoulders the “lions share” of the blame. If you truly believe that then I guess we just see the world in a very very different way.

        • David K

          Agreed, there’s not doubt there are plenty of other issues with the team that need fixing.

      • AlphaDawg

        I’d be happy with holding them under 30 points.

  9. Cojones

    If Tenn hangs onto the ball, then we have to score a td to match it. The drop didn’t lose the game for them, it just greased the skids.

    If Vandy gets by the sides of the line, then Murray can get another 50 yarder up the middle; Murray goes to pass-action mode; the ends become the prime receivers in the game while Rumph and Davis can try a fly pattern or two. Any loss to Vandy will be on our feckless D, just as it was with Mizzou.

  10. Chuck

    FSU and Oregon only two teams +15 in both. May turn out to be the game for the Natty.

    • David K

      I’d love to see Ohio State, Oregon, Bama and the Clemson/FSU winner stay undefeated. ESPN might implode upon itself.

      • David K

        That is of course unless we back into the SEC Championship, which you never know. Beat Vandy first…

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Is ESPN a corporation?

        • Ptc dawg

          How does one back into winning a division?

          • David K

            I’ll answer that by saying we’ll be lucky to be playing in Atlanta. If we make it, great, but for that to happen we better get a lot better quick. Starting with this weekend.

            • Puffdawg

              Lucky that we beat LSU? Or lucky that we beat USCe? Or lucky that we beat Florida (we’ll have to beat them to get there)? Or lucky that we beat Auburn (same as Florida, currently ranked in top 25)?

              Honestly, if we make it to Atlanta, which will be very difficult, but very doable, I would not call it lucky. We will have earned our way there, despite lousy defense and massive injuries on offense. And Richt and Murray will deserve some serious praise.

              Now, getting to the National Championship game will require some luck.😉

              • David K

                I get your point. However if we win games like we did against Tennessee it will require a good deal of luck. But I’m with you, luck or not, let’s win out.

      • Will (the other one)

        I’d rather see Bama lose. Screw this “keep the MNC streak in the SEC” going if UGA isn’t the one winning them.

        • David K

          I’d rather Bama win it than Ohio State. Fuck Ohio State. I could stomach Oregon or FSU/Clemson I guess.

          • Puffdawg

            Agree. On Bama, I look at it like an investment of sorts. As long as the SEC keeps winning, when our time comes, the reputation of the SEC can only help us. Even if I hate my neighbor, I still want his house to sell for the most amount of money possible because that will maximize the value of my house. That said, 2010 Auburn was painful to swallow. So were the Florida ones.

            What would be interesting – and would explode the inferiority complex of everyone outside of the South – is if two non SEC teams square off in the title game. The winner will be discredited by everyoe in the South and i suspect by a number of media reps. How can you be the best if you couldn’t beat the best…?

  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pass defense should improve, shouldn’t it? Can’t get any worse.

  12. mg4life0331

    I just figure since we aint making the big dance, might as well hope Louisville makes it. Id rather them go than any Big 12 or 10 school.

  13. I had no idea Texas A&M’s defense was that bad.

  14. Raven

    Bye Bye Ville!

  15. Macallanlover

    I have seen two comments that stated UGA would have lost to TN except for the OT fumble at the goal line. Hope the guys realize this is CFB and not the pro version of OT, Dawgs would have gotten the ball and chance to score with four downs each time. We had moved the ball well until we went into “shell” mode after the injuries. We would have matched that TD barring a turnover of our own.

    I am certainly no defender of this defense, who could be, but the primary culprit against Clemson was not STs or the D, it was the continual mistakes on the OL that caused up to come up short. Against that diversified, talented defense on the road I don’t recall many being surprised at 38 points and it did not cause the alarm bells to go off until it not only continued, but got worse. Clemson and Mizzou definitely had several issues that require improvement but those were the two worst games for our OL and I think we would have won both if they had played as well as they did in other games.