Friday morning buffet

The buffet is running a red and black special today.

  • Seth Emerson looks at the (to date) disappointing seasons of Jordan Jenkins and Damian Swann.
  • Mark Richt thinks some of Georgia’s hamstring problems result from young players trying to impress their coaches:  “He’s trying to get a starting position and he doesn’t want to look soft, or whatever it is.”
  • Groo looks back at the last two Georgia-Vanderbilt meetings.
  • Weiszer does a nice job counting special teams coaches.
  • It sounds like we’re going to witness the debut of Jonathan Rumph tomorrow.  How much of a difference will it make?
  • Tyler wonders if Grantham is cutting back on sideline calls for the defense.
  • Vandy’s beat writer on Jordan Matthews“Matthews has seen a lot of bracket coverage and a lot of safety help over the top, in addition to going up against opponents’ best cornerbacks. Linebackers and defensive linemen have dropped into coverage to provide leverage underneath on him. Matthews has still posted big numbers, but in SEC games those numbers have come while Vandy has played catch-up. The key for the Commodores is to get him involved early in games, which hasn’t always happened.”  If Matthews has a fever, the cure may be more Georgia pass coverage.  Better get that pass rush going early and often, boys.


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17 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. reipar

    I read that Vandy beat writer article on Matthews yesterday and my first thought was best corner on him with safety over help….yeah I am not seeing that happening.


  2. DugLite

    I have always heard that there are three phases in a football game: offense, defense and special teams. If you win two of those pahses then you will most likely win the game. Why do we just give the special team phase away? I would do away with the TE coach and have a dedicated special team coach. The TE needs to understand that he will be coached by two coaches – OL and wide receivers. Seems simple to me. What am I missing?


    • Dog in Fla

      Pictures of Lilly?

      “I can easily say John Lilly is the special teams coordinator because he’s the one that does coordinate who has certain meeting times, who has certain practice times”

      Although that doesn’t make it so special anymore


    • Natty Dawg

      Also, we only have 4 defensive coaches. We have 6 offensive coaches, including Richt.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    After Missouri kicked our ass, I guess I’m in a weird place….the story that got my attention was the one about Mark Richt’s son, David.

    Maybe if Missouri beats Florida, something a lot of people not on this board think may happen, I will feel better, somehow, about life.

    Being a Georgia fan is not an easy thing…we are princes in the “should be” kingdom.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Hope Tyler is correct about the D getting set more often. I’d certainly like to see an end to the frenetic waving arms and hands on D, and players out of position when the ball is snapped.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      From you mouth to God’s ears WCobb! I have grown extremely tired of the constant cluelessness of this defense prior to the ball being snapped. Unfortunately the cluelessness does not stop there. I am anxious to see how FSU handles the Clemson noise Saturday. Apparently the Dawgs are the only team in the nation that is unable to function in a loud environment.


  5. 69Dawg

    As a Georgia Alumni and fan I feel like a character from Dr. Stangelove or How I Quit Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb. We are who we are and it is the biggest waster of talent in the SEC. We do less with more than any other team in the SEC. It used to be on Offense but now it is on Defense. Prediction: Aaron in his attempt to carry the whole team on his back will revert to his force it in for the Int ways and we will lose big to UF and Auburn. I’m just hoping that we can get by Vandy UK and GT for 7 wins. Hey but I’m Committed to the G like a crazy man is committed to an asylum.