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You make it awfully hard to love you, Dawgs.

I need a lithium prescription.  It’s hard to believe that today’s team is the same bunch that took down LSU less than a month ago.

And, no, I don’t want to take anything away from the officiating, which was so egregious that I honestly can’t imagine what Steve Shaw will have to say in the aftermath.  With the targeting calls, it felt like I was watching a bad episode of “Can You Top This”.

But let’s not forget that the second bad call never happens if Swann doesn’t muff the fair catch.  Which leads me to this:  what was the point, the strategy, to having Swann in there at that point instead of Davis?

That’s not even the biggest thing eating at me right now.  It’s not even the second biggest thing eating at me right now.  That would be trying to wrap my brain around a major conference football program not being able to find a competent long snapper eight weeks into the season. Honestly, my mind is boggled by that.

Topping my list right now, though, is why on God’s green earth, with all the injuries, with all the special teams mistakes, with all the uncertainty on the defensive side of the ball, would Bobo think it’s a smart move to play not to lose?

Georgia blew a game when it got two interceptions, one for a pick-six, held Jordan Matthews to 89 yards receiving and basically played a respectable game on defense.  It lost to Vanderbilt.

I’m prepared to hear a lot of bullshit in the next few days about how close this team is, about how they’ll get the problems fixed, the youth, the injuries, the officiating and other stuff.  I’m not buying any of it.



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Win one for the Nipper.

This is Uga’s last trip to Vanderbilt, because the school has passed a rule banning live mascots from the stadium.

At least nobody at a Commodore football game will have to worry about getting a case of rabies ever again.


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This is Georgia’s wide receiving corps today:  Jonathan Rumph, Kenneth Towns, Michael Erdman, Rhett McGowan, Chris Conley, Rantavious Wooten, Reggie Davis.

Go get ’em, Aaron.


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Game day thoughts, Georgia-Vanderbilt

Believe it or not, under Richt, Georgia hasn’t always struggled at Vanderbilt.  It’s been more of a recent development, although Joe Cox managed to lead the Dawgs to a 24-point win in 2009.

But today Nashville does have the feel of a place where Georgia plays down to its opponent’s level.  And even with what’s happened in the last couple of weeks, down is still the operative word.  On defense this season, the two teams are fairly even, but Georgia has had the more productive offense.  Surprisingly, there isn’t that much difference in production on special teams, either… um, except for this and this.  Both teams are lousy on the turnover margin front.

So Georgia’s biggest advantage is reduced by injuries, the bulk of the rest of what’s there is mediocre and Vanderbilt’s playing at home, where it’s already lost twice to SEC teams.  Bottom line, it’s a game Georgia shouldn’t lose, unless it’s feeling generous again.  Which is certainly a possibility.

So what to look for today?  Vanderbilt can’t run the football and stopping the run is one thing Georgia’s defense has been competent at this season.  I’d expect the Commodores to throw the ball and attack the perimeter.  I’d look for them to be very aggressive early, because they’ve been a poor offensive team in the first quarter so far this year.

I don’t think the two keys for the Dawgs are any big surprise.  First, can they avoid the stupid mistakes that have plagued them in almost every game we’ve seen?  Giving Vanderbilt momentum and points off turnovers and special teams screw ups is a good way to walk out of there with a loss.  Second key will be whether the offensive line decides to show up.  I expect Vanderbilt to go all out, blitzing and loading the box to jam the offensive linemen and disrupt Murray’s mechanics.  If Georgia can establish the run game, that will go a long way towards settling things in its direction, both because it will make Murray’s job easier and because it will help keep Georgia’s secondary off the field.

No magic.  No hidden tricks.  Georgia just needs to execute.  It’s the better team, even with the injuries.  There’s a ten-point win to be had if the Dawgs play under control.


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Commit to the G

I don’t know if you’re familiar with what’s going on at Grambling right now – the football team walked out of a Tuesday meeting with the school’s president and athletic director, boycotted practice and won’t travel to Saturday’s game with Jackson State – but it is one sad story of crumbling financial support and dysfunctional administration.

I know a lot of people think all-black institutions like Grambling are anachronisms now, but many have a rich history, both athletically and academically, and have served a purpose that I’m not sure we can say has entirely expired.  Not that it matters at this point, because it’s clear that in many places state financial support for higher education has diminished and that finding other sources of revenue to make up for that is the name of the game. Schools like Grambling don’t have a shot.

It’s depressing to see how far Eddie Robinson’s program has fallen.


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Boss Hog

Arkansas, you got your ass handed to you by South Carolina at homecoming and your reward is to travel to Tuscaloosa this week.  So what words of inspiration does your coach have for you?

“I would tell them, ‘Don’t be a Debbie Downer,’ ” Bielema said on Monday.

That’ll make ’em ready to run through walls.

In case you’re wondering, ‘Bama is something like a 29-30 point favorite tonight.


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