Game day thoughts, Georgia-Vanderbilt

Believe it or not, under Richt, Georgia hasn’t always struggled at Vanderbilt.  It’s been more of a recent development, although Joe Cox managed to lead the Dawgs to a 24-point win in 2009.

But today Nashville does have the feel of a place where Georgia plays down to its opponent’s level.  And even with what’s happened in the last couple of weeks, down is still the operative word.  On defense this season, the two teams are fairly even, but Georgia has had the more productive offense.  Surprisingly, there isn’t that much difference in production on special teams, either… um, except for this and this.  Both teams are lousy on the turnover margin front.

So Georgia’s biggest advantage is reduced by injuries, the bulk of the rest of what’s there is mediocre and Vanderbilt’s playing at home, where it’s already lost twice to SEC teams.  Bottom line, it’s a game Georgia shouldn’t lose, unless it’s feeling generous again.  Which is certainly a possibility.

So what to look for today?  Vanderbilt can’t run the football and stopping the run is one thing Georgia’s defense has been competent at this season.  I’d expect the Commodores to throw the ball and attack the perimeter.  I’d look for them to be very aggressive early, because they’ve been a poor offensive team in the first quarter so far this year.

I don’t think the two keys for the Dawgs are any big surprise.  First, can they avoid the stupid mistakes that have plagued them in almost every game we’ve seen?  Giving Vanderbilt momentum and points off turnovers and special teams screw ups is a good way to walk out of there with a loss.  Second key will be whether the offensive line decides to show up.  I expect Vanderbilt to go all out, blitzing and loading the box to jam the offensive linemen and disrupt Murray’s mechanics.  If Georgia can establish the run game, that will go a long way towards settling things in its direction, both because it will make Murray’s job easier and because it will help keep Georgia’s secondary off the field.

No magic.  No hidden tricks.  Georgia just needs to execute.  It’s the better team, even with the injuries.  There’s a ten-point win to be had if the Dawgs play under control.



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19 responses to “Game day thoughts, Georgia-Vanderbilt

  1. Debby Balcer

    I am ready to watch them!! GO DAWGS!!


  2. Ellis

    I assume Gurley is back today from his ankle sparain. Would be a pretty good game to get him back into the swing of things just pounding the run to set up our passing game and control the clock. Just keep the defense off the field.


  3. Cojones

    It will be raining. That hasn’t affected Murray’s throws that much, but it doesn’t help either. Hope Green, Douglas and/or Hicks can get good traction. Bruising runners plus dinky-dinks over the line can control this game. We may see Rome get a few today and that would be nice.

    Believe it or not the D line play with Drew finally doing his thang will keep it exciting.


  4. uglydawg

    It’s 12…”Hunker ’em down!”


  5. Brandon

    Our defense does not “play down” to anyone’s level, they blow in their own right, when any offense stalls against our defense that offense has played down to our defense’s level.


  6. SouthGaDawg

    No magic – nope, No hidden tricks – fake FG = TD, With all the injuries (and crazy ejection) – didn’t look like the better team. 10 pt. win? Nowhere to be found. I’d hate to be Mark Richt answering questions right now. There really are no answers.


  7. Will Trane

    SEC power teams in the East…MIssouri, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt. Gator, Chicks, and Pups got their ass kicked.
    Threw out the officials.
    You do not win a game if you do not score. Where in the hell is this offense. 4 first downs in second half, 3 points, 4 turnovers, 2 turnovers by special team. This is a very bad team with no fight.


  8. Will Trane

    3 targeting calls today in the SEC…all in the EASt. Almost 2 against UGA. Now where did this come from. Rule is what is it is. No going to complain about the calls. Players have to come into the chest. But it this rule stands and it will then cut tackles like on Marshall and others has to be looked at. Turn the page Dawgs and get ready for next year. This one is gone due to calls and injuries.


  9. Will Trane

    Frankly tire of CMR after today. Understand injuries, but there is no damn reason for the play of special teams. Put one guy back there that can catch the damn ball do not worry about the return. Plus can not put your only top W/O on that team. Not one longsnapper on the team. Scholarship punter, why this guy. BAd scholarship.


  10. Will Trane

    7-o vs 4-3, special teams!!! AD has to take this matter away from his HC who is not going to do anything. Since he has been in the program it has been his achilles heel. Get one or fire him. Plus this team plays as good as their coaches coach. Not smart, too slow [keep burning those T/Os coach. Knew game was lost when Swainn funbled.


  11. Will Trane

    First time since Ray Goff have I been as mad as hell about a coaching staff. They sit on scholarship players and do not use them. When will CMR and Bobo start using a running QB…totally outnumbered on Offense does not make your QB triple threat!!!


  12. Will Trane

    GA -FLA in JAX. There will be a lot of emptyr seats now. Both of these teams are going in the same direction real fast. No reason to go to JAX this year. Waste of time and money to see these teams. Mere shadows of what is a SEC team. The level of play and coaching on both teams is as bad as I have ever seen. Shameful!


    • Dawg19

      The Cocktail Party…Florida’s offense versus Georgia’s defense. The college football equivalent of “a stoppable force meeting a moveable object”…


  13. Juan

    Another delusional post, Senator.