This is Georgia’s wide receiving corps today:  Jonathan Rumph, Kenneth Towns, Michael Erdman, Rhett McGowan, Chris Conley, Rantavious Wooten, Reggie Davis.

Go get ’em, Aaron.


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29 responses to “Ravaged

  1. Debby Balcer

    If anyone can do it Aaron can!!

    • Olddawg 55

      Well, it’s over and Murray didn’t do squat..was it Bobo, the line…no, it was the gosh-blessed Vanderbilt defense!! I hate to say it but we do not have a football team!! Final, complete, and fair analysis…Georgia sucks!! Why? Is it the talent? No. We recruit well…but may not after today…iIs it the coaching..I think Yes! On defense, and on offense. Bobo called a terrible game today..no confidence in going downfield at all. Turnovers? Yes, three total with the last inconsequential…Officiating? It was terrible but can’t put all the blame there. Face it, we have a bad team. I’m a lifetime..and that’s 77 years…fan and I’ve suffered through some bad time but all the promise of the last several years have been squandered…I admire Richt but now I have to question his overall team management skill and decisionmaking. Forgive me Dawg fans but to paraphrase Grizzard, Georgia has ripped out my heart and stopped it flat! Excuse my interrupting the blog but I had to vent somewhere and the most intelligent bloggers are on GTP. I can only think of the tombstone on a child’s grave in my family cemetery:”Oh what hopes and dreams lie buried here.” RIP Georgia fans!

      • Andrew

        Lemme try to inject some hope.

        Gurley is playing in Jax. MB82 is too. If they stay upright, we win out. That may not seem too big right now, but winning in jax, trailer park U, and Atl is what keeps me coming back for more.

  2. Dog in Fla

    Wooten the Ballcatcher!

  3. Merk

    Halfway through the season and we only have 1 WR who was on the first string depth chart and you are starting your 3rd and 4th string RB.

  4. DWH

    Honestly, can anyone recall a team being more decimated by injuries? Of course, as luck would have it, it would happen to the team I pull for. It seems like one thing is always constant with UGA football: key injuries and/or suspensions when you can least afford it.

  5. RP

    At least he can turn around and hand it to Gur…, shit nevermind. We’ll, there’s always that stout D that will have his back.

  6. If they run the right routes that group is good enough

  7. Cojones

    Tibbs isn’t playing?

  8. uglydawg

    It’s about time for the UGA president to tell the SEC that Georgia is getting the hell out of the conference unless the official that made that call on Ray Drew is fired. It will go down as one more time that the refs screwed the hell out of Georgia. I want some f’ing justice.

    • Andrew

      Awful, but not worse than the attempt on Ramik. This game will be the one that changes that rule. I’ve been waiting for it to screw someone; always just waited for it to be some mid major out west.

      • Olddawg 55

        If it serves the purpose of putting some common sense into officiating it might be worth it…not! Where’s the logic in: “It wasn’t targeting just a damn good tackle but we’ll give you fifteen anyway! The only thing worse than the officiating is Georgia’s decision making! This might be the game that propels Franklin into the USC job!!

  9. Puffdawg

    Add Conley to that list.

  10. C

    Wooten will never last an entire game

  11. Sam

    Well, that comes back to recruiting, doesn’t it? We ought to have more than three receivers on the team that are worth a shit. And why has Bobo completely forgotten about the tight end?

    • Olddawg 55

      None of our receivers are worth a damn if Murray doesn’t throw to them!! Where did he get that a pass of three to five yards is the way to advance the ball. All that on a day he breaks the frappin’ record for yardage!! Go figure!

  12. Will Trane

    Can not stretch the field vertically or across with our playbook and current roster. What Vandy and Mizzou defense did is what everbody else does.
    Vandy and Mizzou even have a basketball program. Not UGA, Vandy has a baseball program not UGA. We have a very big stadium, a lot of money and a lto of highly paid coaches.

    • Olddawg 55

      Parting shot: I believe the Dawgs are the only team in my memory that seems to elevate the opposition by getting its starting QBs off the field (?).

  13. Boss Dawg

    Way to go Murray!!! I don’t care if you don’t have “chemistry” with the guys you have playing, that’s no excuse to throw that slant EVERY attempt….he’s been good but damn that’s sorry stuff.

  14. I have been a critic of our coaches but has been well short of calling a whole sale change. I think this the year UGA should do it or the football program will just erode away.