Win one for the Nipper.

This is Uga’s last trip to Vanderbilt, because the school has passed a rule banning live mascots from the stadium.

At least nobody at a Commodore football game will have to worry about getting a case of rabies ever again.


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218 responses to “Win one for the Nipper.

  1. our next mascot will be a peanut …oh I’m sorry …never mind

  2. Trbodawg

    I’m confused. Isn’t their creepy, giant headed sailor guy thing alive?

  3. mwo

    They know that the cowbells clanged by Mississippi State fans aren’t really on cows – don’t they?

  4. Vandy the Northwestern of the SEC

  5. fetch

    Make no mistake, this one is aimed at us. Our boy, Uga, is known for. .er, um…relieving his bowels on new vandy turf.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    They’re showing solidarity with the PETA peckers. How cutting edge and au courant.

  7. Brandon

    I’m officially pissed off. I have always spoke against those that suggest the SEC should dump them, not anymore.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    Screw Vandy. I hope we trash them by 50 points today

  9. Ellis

    Win it for Russ and the let him lift a leg at midfield

  10. Its weird seeing 3 SEC being played this early. Its like the old days.

  11. dudetheplayer

    We just made an awful, AWFUL Vandy offense look like a well-oiled machine on that last drive.

    I can’t make sense of this anymore. Why is this defense so passive and so clueless all the time? Things are not improving.

    • DWH

      Glad I’m working today and can’t watch. This defense is beyond terrible.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Passive and clueless is an apt description. Our LBs and safeties play like they have cement in their shoes…waiting for someone to fall into their arms to make a tackle.

      Our offense looks like it’s going through the motions, too. Run, Run….pass….punt or hope for a penalty.

  12. Turd Ferguson

    Well, we’ve been awful on defense, and continue to be. Once again, making a mediocre QB look like a Heisman contender.

    And the drop-off on offense since the injuries is painful to watch. We’re terrified to throw the ball.

    This is going to be a long day.

    • .Dash

      This team has quickly gone from one of my favorites to watch to my absolute least favorite. They are terrible in so many areas of the game.

  13. Noonan

    We have a Ray Goff defense and a Vince Dooley offense. Not pretty.

  14. dudetheplayer

    Brendan Douglas is a man.

  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    Vince is smiling at that drive. Me too. Brendan Douglas is a reireincarnation of Bronko Nagurski. Good old fashion broken nose football.

  16. dudetheplayer

    SEC officiating is batshit insane. Targeting???

  17. Motown

    That’s a total bullshit targeting flag on Drew. An ejection, no less. Holy Shit!

  18. Turd Ferguson

    Drew ejected. Harvey-Clemons down with an injury. And the world’s most obvious fake field goal is successful for a TD.

    This season is hilariously bad. Let’s just go for a few more Murray records and call it a year.

  19. DWH

    Holy cow, TARGETING?!?!?! Now I’m really glad I’m not able to watch it. What a joke.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      That son of a bitch was throwing the flag before Drew even touched the guy. Hit him at half speed on the shoulders. When Spencer Tillman is incredulous, it must be a horseshit call.

      • uglydawg

        It’s about time for the UGA president to tell the SEC that Georgia is getting the hell out of the conference unless the official that made that call on Ray Drew is fired. It will go down as one more time that the refs screwed the hell out of Georgia. I want some f’ing justice.

        • Brandon

          The one on Ramik Wilson in the second half was far worse. Defensive players need to go on strike until that rule is changed, either that or the offense does not need to be allowed to throw passes between the hashmarks, its just crap.

      • DWH

        Just caught that on a replay online. I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that he called him for targeting or the fact that it was actually upheld on review. Football is really becoming less and less watchable.

  20. Motown

    And the defense …. Hell, I could catch it on No. 6.

  21. PatinDC

    The cocktail party is going to be epic. A team that can’t score battling a team with no D. Something has to give.

  22. RocketDawg

    Throw the ball down the freaking field

  23. Whine about that one why don’t you?

  24. Scorpio Jones, III

    Shaq Wiggins….he’s only a freshman.

  25. DWH

    Targeting = This year’s excessive celebration

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Meanwhile, they blindly stare at Vandy holding penalties all game long without thinking about a flag.

      • DWH

        You can seriously stop holding your breath waiting on any holdings, or blocks in the back for that matter.

  26. Do you think Grantham will withdraw his name as a candidate for the USC head coaching job?

  27. Noonan

    These TV announcers should be waterboarded with their testicles wired to a car battery.

  28. Meanwhile “the worst offense in the SEC” is kicking the Cocks asses!

  29. Don’t we need the Gators to win today?

  30. I’m surprised they didn’t flag Murray for taunting!

  31. dudetheplayer

    Love the play-action bootleg right there. That play is almost impossible to defend. Bobo doing it right.

  32. uglydawg

    Mercy…they just called holding…….on a Georgia opponent!

  33. Scorpio Jones, III

    God a mighty….and he almost went to Tech!!!!!!!!

  34. dudetheplayer

    Ha, we can only get picks when the other team royally fucks up. I’ll take it.

  35. The Gators are being completely dominated by Missouri. Only 65 total yards. TD came off a kickoff return. If it wasn’t for a couple turnovers, Missouri could be up 40-0.

  36. Scorpio Jones, III

    Man….Swann has had a good game, too…..can’t by a break.

  37. Flukebucket

    Poor Swann. He just can’t do anything right.

  38. Turd Ferguson

    Maybe it’s just me, but Richt’s ultra-conservative approach to special teams only really makes sense if the players at least do what they’re supposed to do — like, you know, snap the ball correctly, get a punt off in time, and catch the damned ball. But since we apparently cannot do even these things, why *not* take a few risks? It really cannot get much worse.

  39. Flukebucket

    This is absolute bullshit

  40. uglydawg

    Why dont the refs just call the game and award it to Vandy?

  41. Noonan

    I quit. Not watching CFB again until this targeting rule is changed.

  42. uglydawg

    Georgia 27….Vandy and the Refs….21.

  43. Scorpio Jones, III

    The official right in front of the play did not throw the flag….simply amazing.

  44. DC

    If it ain’t targeting, it ain’t a foul at all. Total illogic.

  45. Scorpio Jones, III

    I hope WE will be sending some tape to the league office this week.

  46. Baitstand

    All you Bobo apologists. Start apologizing.

    • Brandon

      I’ll step up to the plate on that one. Murray has no one to throw it to, the injuries have literally killed the offense. We were basically unstoppable before we lost Gurley, Marshall, Mitchell, Bennett, Scott-Wesley, and now we it appears Conley’s gone. Go ahead and call for Bobo’s head though, if it wasn’t for him we would be winless this year.

  47. Can we please put Damian Swan on waivers?

  48. Scorpio Jones, III

    I got a really bad feeling here, folks.

  49. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yeaah!!!!! that’s that guy that is too slow to be playing!!!! and that Swann guy….everybody knows he can’t play.

  50. DWH

    WOW! Actually held someone to a FG. We’re making progress here folks!

  51. The Lone Stranger

    …and you RUN it up the gut on 3rd-and-4! Good Gawdamighty!!

  52. Scorpio Jones, III

    God damn, God Damn!!!!@!!!!@EU%&U*YDC^* *E%^CIYIO&

  53. Flukebucket

    Well, at least they got their 30 points

  54. DWH

    LMAO!!! Wow, just wow….

  55. We are playing so conservative on offense. You would think we were up by 3 td. Murray 103 yards passing. WTF

  56. Carolinadawg

    Bobo must go.

  57. 8th straight FBS team to score 30. Special Teams a fiasco yet again. Terrible coaching all around. We should just never punt.

  58. Flukebucket

    And that ladies and gentlemen is that………

  59. PatinDC

    Boy. This just makes me sad.

  60. Turd Ferguson

    Ballgame. This season’s over. The injuries have been devastating, but this coaching staff is absolutely lost.

    Thanks for the memories, Aaron.

  61. Ellis

    Unfortunate to have a game stolen by horrid officiating. And it was. It changed the entire game.

    That being said what the hell was Mike Bobo doing today?

  62. PatinDC

    Looks like Mizzou is in the drivers seat to ATL. Weird.

  63. uglydawg

    Time to say..” Wait till next year”.
    Georgia really looked horrible today but would have won the game anyway if the refs hadn’t screwed them. Why was that asshole pulling out his flag before Drew’s hit? If there was another foul he was going to call..why didn’t he call it. Cheting bastard.

    • AusDawg85

      Well…at least we’ll be able to tell future generations we got to see THE worst call in history. But not why UGA lost the game. Too much credit to pass around for that. This should be a fun week at GTP.

      • The Lone Stranger

        A dandy week indeed! What’d ya think was the brimstone penalty no-call? I witnessed more blatant nonsense than I’ll ever see again (or not).

  64. We are not a top 25 team. Not a good football team at all. Offense use to be great but rather pedestrian without the wr’s and rb’s. Every team left on the schedule could beat us except App. State.

  65. Scorpio Jones, III

    Just think, I coulda gone to Alabama….oh well.

  66. Flukebucket

    #22 up the gut

  67. Scorpio Jones, III


  68. Flukebucket

    Looks like we have lost Conley for the year now. Should have run #22 up the gut

  69. Turd Ferguson

    The only thing left for us this season is to beat a couple of rivals. And at this point, I doubt that’s going to happen. A few weeks ago, I wondered if maybe Scott Lakatos was a weak spot for us. But it’s painfully clear now that the whole coaching staff is f’ing clueless as to how to proceed. Yes, the injuries have been terrible. But we are clearly *not* a “next man up” kind of football team, and that’s on the coaches.

    I’d say, “Maybe next year,” but that’s *such* a Georgia thing to say. I just can’t.

  70. BWD

    Mark Richt is the modern Job

    • The Lone Stranger

      I am coming around to that angle. Would it matter given the political machinations of the league TV product? The network determines what “should” occur.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Mark Richt is the modern Jennings B. Whitworth.

    • 69Dawg

      Marks more like Jonah. God wants him as a missionary but he likes to coach so God has decided to injure the whole team rather than having a whale swallow Mark. Maybe he’ll get the message.

  71. DC

    That’s about as bad a falling apart as I’ve ever seen.

  72. uglydawg

    Second week in a row Georgia has let a second string QB make lifetime memories against them. Georgia has regressed from the team that should have beat Clemson to a team that will be lucky to win two or three more games.

  73. Boz

    Epic fail… This one is on everyone. Players didn’t play and coaches didn’t coach. The give a f@ck tank just went to empty

  74. Scorpio Jones, III

    Folks, the Kharmic Bitches have us by the shorts…I have been a keen observer of college football games, Georgia’s in particular, for a long, long time. I have never seen anything quite like this. Never.

    We are going to Jacksonville with no deep threat, second and third string running backs, and quite possibly the best quarterback ever to play at Georgia, having lost to fucking Vanderbilt because of rotten special teams play and just incredible bad luck. Three fumbles in the last quarter…simply amazing.

    Bizarre, just bizarre.

  75. Turd Ferguson

    And another key offensive player possibly out for the season. Show me a team in college football with worse luck than this one.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Maybe Florida.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Not even close. By my count, they’ve lost 2 key contributors. If you count the injuries that aren’t *necessarily* season-ending — but have done enough damage already that they might as well be — we’ve lost at least 7. And no offense to the guy, but losing Driskel wasn’t exactly huge. In fact, an argument can be made that Murphy is at least as good, if not better. Clearly a better passer.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      And maybe Harvey-Clemmons.

    • Biggus Rickus

      1965 Georgia?

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Jesus, BR….you can remember that far back? I was there, but who remembers? I remember the girl who sat in front of me in Geography 101.

        • Biggus Rickus

          HA No, it was ten years before I was born. I just read about it and know that a promising Georgia team had a string of injuries that crippled them that year. Of course, they went 10-1 the year after and may have been the best team in the country, so maybe that will happen again?

  76. The Lone Stranger

    Never have I seen an absolute abomination like this season. It all makes me cringe for the players that remain. If UGa does not pursue this kind of officiating into the FEDERAL court system then it will have been a dereliction of humanity.

  77. how much longer will we make excuses for this coaching staff. loss is on them, period!

  78. Total Yards:
    Florida 151
    Missouri 500

  79. Missouri is almost a lock for the SEC title game.

  80. Flukebucket

    This is how The Lord builds character in people. Teaches patience and shit like that. Praise God!

  81. SouthGaDawg

    Fire the special teams coach!!! Uh, what…we don’t have a special teams coach??? Well SC and UF both lost so I feel better..well, not really…

  82. DawgBiscuit

    Coach Grantham, thank you for your service, but giving up 30+ points to 8 of your last 9 opponents (the lone exception being the North Texas Mean Green) just doesn’t cut it at UGA, especially when you’re making $825k. The season is lost, and it’s time to cut him loose and start preparing for 2014.

  83. G Marmalarde

    fire them all. Should have been done sooner.

  84. Biggus Rickus

    Fuck it. Fire everybody, including the entire crop of SEC officials, the head of SEC officiating and the NCAA rules committee.

    • mwo

      It will be just like the celebration penalty with A.J. against LSU or the non-personal foul by Dial against Murray last year in the SECCG. Steve Shaw says ” my bad” but nothing will happen. That last targeting call killed the momentum and finished our season.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Correct. Bogus officiating opened the door to Georgia losing this game. Similar to the 2009 LSU-UGA game stolen by the refs.

      • MurphDawg

        No doubt about the bogus officiating but the second targeting call never happens if Swann just makes the fair catch. Special teams play was just as big in our loss.

        • uglydawg

          But that would be a mistake by a participant…the officials aren’t supposed to be participants…yet they determine the outcome with their shitty work.
          The official that called the foul on Ray Drew was reaching for his flag before the hit even happened. What was he GOING to call? He was going to call holding on Vandy. He should have to explain this and he should be fired.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Well, sure. There’s no public accountability for officials. If a coach criticizes them publicly, they are punished. Occasionally they’ll bury a crew like they did Penn Wagers’ after the 2007 fiascos in Jacksonville and Athens. But mostly, nothing happens. Nobody is ever fired, certainly.

  85. Skeptic Dawg

    I am at a loss for words. A come from ahead loss to Vandy.

  86. mwo

    Mark Richt has obviously lost control of both James Franklins.

  87. Paul

    I can’t think of anything that happened today that rose above purely pathetic. Coaching was pathetic. Bobo I’m blaming you in particular. Play was pathetic. Special teams were worse than pathetic. Swann does not need to be on the field for for another play this year. Todd Grantham needs to find a good real estate agent. Heck we didn’t look this bad when we were losing seven games.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Bobo’s gameplan was curious to say the least. Why would you come up with a hyperconservative offensive gameplan when your defense and special teams are average on their best days.

  88. Grayish

    Swanns punt drop lost the game. We have more problems though. Our d is not good. We got screwed on two calls where the d was doing their job.

  89. Russ

    Terrible officiating stole this game. Jus Penn Wagers Marc Curles Jasper Sanks bad. Plus Connoly hurt on last play. At least Florida andthe Ol Ball Sack lost today.

  90. Roterhalsdawg

    This one ain’t on Bobo folks. Absolutely no separation from the receivers really limits what you can do. This one is on the perfect storm of not so special teams, zebras and Todd “give em thirty” Grantham.

    • Biggus Rickus

      It seemed like they weren’t doing anything to stretch the field in the passing game, which may have had something to do with the lack of separation. I couldn’t see every route being run though.

      • Roterhalsdawg

        Even on the completions there was very little yards after catch.

        • Biggus Rickus

          Which is why I can’t figure out how there was never a shot taken deep, which makes me think they weren’t doing anything vertically.

        • DWH

          Yeah, let’s just face it guys, Vandy’s D is awesome. It’s has nothing to do with the play calling.

      • PatinDC

        Seems to me we didn’t have any receivers that could make it happen.

        • Biggus Rickus

          Davis, Wooten and Conley have the speed to get deep. Hell, I’d have settled for a jump ball to anyone in man coverage down the sideline.

  91. baddawg

    I don’t know if you guys remember me saying fire richt. But I’ll say it again… Agh… Fuck. This sucks. …. Fire richt.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I’m curious as to what all the sports fans and arm chair quarterbacks and “Warts and Tits” blog fans think with his scenario think… “Do we win the NC in 1980 absent these players listed below?
      LC: Scott Woerner, 6-0, 188, Sr.
      SAF: Jeff Hipp, 6-3, 190, Sr.
      TB: Herschel Walker, 6-1, 222, So.
      FL: Lindsay Scott, 6-1, 190, Sr.

      just sayin’

      I hope I can get a pass with the Warts and Tits ref… I am a Disney Dawg and we need to stick together. But politics are politics… just sayin’

      • Biggus Rickus

        No, but they would have beaten Vandy.

        • 79dawg

          Did you remember to have the zebras give 1980 Vandy 14 free points?

          • Biggus Rickus

            Yeah, but Connie Norris went off and Georgia won 27-17.

            • Biggus Rickus

              Excuse me, Carnie. I don’t know why I always thought it was Connie, maybe Herschel’s pronunciation when he said he was doin’ a real fine job.

        • baddawg

          Exactly. Candy was over matched. Play calling was compete garbage. Not one shot down the field. Davis was best option returning all day. Take him out and we get swannafied. Long snapper crying makes sense. Play calling oh my god the play calling. Everyone wants to play us this year now…. Also I know its vandy, but coming off a loss, we should’ve been amped to get a win. We were slow and unfocused. When it rains it pours. And my friend it better be pouring pink slips. Too many second chances as is. I mean come on. I’m loyal. But shit. I want to win

      • Roterhalsdawg

        I feel for the Douglas kid…..he’s a tough hombre

  92. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I realize conspiracy theories are for the feeble-minded but hey, I guess I’m feeble-minded. I have been watching this bogus officiating against Georgia for YEARS. When the conference and/or the NCAA give the refs a rule that is basically subjective, that is when these guys really use it against the Dawgs. First it was the celebration penalties. Now it is the targeting thing. Drew hit the Vandy QB at half speed with his hands to the guy’s chest. Because of that bogus call UGA lost its most effective pass rusher for the rest of the game. That penalty had a lot to do with Vandy’s success in the second half. The targeting penalty in the second half, while reversed, had the desired effect by the refs, too. Basically it handed Vandy a TD and made a game of it when UGA had the game in hand. There are a whole bunch of officials in the SEC that have some sort of grudge against Georgia and when they realize that Georgia is vulnerable, they screw the Dawgs whenever possible.Make no mistake, that is what happened today.

    • 79dawg

      Hey, they actually called holding on Vandy one though! Quite a miracle!

    • AthensHomerDawg

      ok… so where is the line between conspiracy and fact? Just why do they “screw the Dawgs whenever possible.” ? There has to be a reason. Some collusion?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        There are a lot of SEC refs that went to UGA rival schools. Mark Curles, the guy who called the bogus celebration penalty on AJ Green is a Tech grad, for example. Some conspiracy theorist believe that it stems from the 2007 endzone stomping incident at the WLOCP (i.e. that the SEC refs got pissed because the Dawgs were showing them up). That may have added to it. Personally, I think it started with the Jasper Sanks fumble/non-fumble that cost Georgia the Tech game. VD was AD then and raised hell with the SEC office which, in turn, suspended that crew from working a bowl game that year over it. Also, the referee of that crew (I forgot his name) was removed as an on the field referee in the future (he became a TV ref and screwed the Dawgs that way, too). Supposedly that pissed off the SEC officials against UGA. I do not have the time or inclination to dig into this but I feel certain our AD could identify who these assholes are who are trying to screw the Dawgs and get them fired by putting together a tape of their bad calls and demanding that they get canned–if he had the balls to do it. But he doesn’t.

    • Ellis

      Probably the worst officiated game I can remember. Total momentum shift in the second half. Richt has to make changes though. I can’t see how Bobo or Grantham can come back, not with the talent we have. D played ok today but has underperformed all year and it was against a not very good vandy offense but offensive play calling was horrible and as ever Bobo-like in its predictability. We are wasting talent.

      • Rocket Dawg

        WTF are you talking about Bobo not coming back????

        If you will kindly remove your head from your ass long enough to take a look around you will notice that we are down 2 all-sec rb’s, our top 3 (maybe 4) WR’s.
        What is he supposed to do? Murray obviously doesn’t trust the back ups enough to anticipate them breaking open. When you can load the box and blitz indescriminantly because you don’t fear the 1-on-1 match ups it’s hard to move the ball.

    • Nate Dawg

      I hafta say I’m in total agreement. So that’s 2 on the feeble minded team. That and the piss poor special teams. How can you win? Who on this board has seen more than one ‘targeting’ call on one team in the same game this year? Who on here has actually seen a call upheld & a guy ejected. Cuz I haven’t..untill today..on the Dawgs..& take my word – I watch a shit-ton of college football.

  93. I’ve got a bad feeling that we just witnessed the Glory Days of the program. Hope you enjoyed it. Next year we lose Murray, possibly Bobo, still have bad special teams and a bad DC. Tenn, Auburn, Missouri on the rise…we could lose 5 games easy.

    • Ellis

      Good, Bobo should have been gone three years ago. I think Grantham is a given. Even spotting Vandy 14 points by horrid officiating we should have rolled. We have the worst coached most talented team in the country. And when I see Gurley jumping up and down on the sideline I have to ask why he wasn’t in the game today. Its as if nobody cares. Maybe Richt has done all he can. If he can’t make the changes to his staff then it may be time to ask him to step down. We have a coaching problem.

      • I think Bobo is going to get a head coaching job somewhere.

      • .Dash

        I know things are bad, and everyone’s angry, but how can you possibly think Bobo needs to go? Over the last two years, his offenses have been insanely productive. This year was no different until we lost nearly every significant playmaker to injury. Same thing with Richt. You are aware how close we were to playing in the national championship last year, right? You are aware we have two top ten wins in the first half of this year, yes? Today was a perfect shit storm, but let’s not lose our heads here.

        • Ellis

          They underperform and are so predictable my eight year old knows what is coming next on every play. He has benefited from talent that has made him look good on occasion.

  94. gastr1

    What a disgrace. We’ve gone from 2013 back to 2010 in two weeks. I couldn’t watch after the inexplicable punt debacle, AGAIN.

  95. MinnesotaDawg

    Un-fing-real. If we just play shitty, rather than extraordinarily shitty, in the last quarter we win. If the refs are simply average, rather than game changingly incompetent, we win. Total meltdown by coaches (calling plays like we’re up by 30, despite the score), players, and refs–we lose.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The refs weren’t incompetent. The refs who made the bad calls did it on purpose. They were trying to make UGA lose the game.

  96. baddawg

    The simple fact is… Changing punt returner. Not calling any pass plays. Long snapper has no idea how to snap. Falls completely on coaching shoulders. Injuries are absolutely horrible, but this exposes how poorly we are coached. Yes we would win without injuries. But the coaching mistakes would have been hidden by the playmakers. But there we did lose those guys. We were out coached. And even when we won with great players we were out coached. It is what it is. The season is blown. If there ever was a time to rebuild. Now is it. Honestly. Something has to happen. Its a sad year for us. I’m heart broken. But I like change. Let’s spice it up. Uga is a big time job with amazing athletes

  97. ASEF

    Expectation Years seem to turn into Expectation Tears for Richt. Watching injuries and silly special teams mistakes pile up like fall leaves has to rip your heart out as a coach. Yes, fans too, but we get to go to inner and or get about it after beer number 2.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I don’t want to seem harsh but, whose fault is the “silly special teams mistakes” and who is responsible for overseeing that? UGA football has been plagued by ST problems for years, but CMR is just unable or unwilling to take the action that is required to solve the problem. Urban Meyer coached teams don’t have this problem. Neither do Frank Beamer coached teams. Why? Because they coach the ST unit themselves. Until CMR either hires a ST Co-ordinator or does it himself Georgia is going to have these problems over and over and over and over……

  98. TIME FOR UGA’s McGarrity to just fire CMR, OC and DC. No excuses.

  99. Wes

    Quote of the day (I told my wife about it being Uga’s last trip after the game): “I hope he takes a crap on their field. Oh wait, the players took a dump instead.”

  100. AthensHomerDawg

    And so it begins… Disney Dawg vs. Eeyore dog. “Warts and Tits” hits will go out the roof. Shock Blogs will recoup all they lost over the last two years. Damn…

    Go Dawgs.