You make it awfully hard to love you, Dawgs.

I need a lithium prescription.  It’s hard to believe that today’s team is the same bunch that took down LSU less than a month ago.

And, no, I don’t want to take anything away from the officiating, which was so egregious that I honestly can’t imagine what Steve Shaw will have to say in the aftermath.  With the targeting calls, it felt like I was watching a bad episode of “Can You Top This”.

But let’s not forget that the second bad call never happens if Swann doesn’t muff the fair catch.  Which leads me to this:  what was the point, the strategy, to having Swann in there at that point instead of Davis?

That’s not even the biggest thing eating at me right now.  It’s not even the second biggest thing eating at me right now.  That would be trying to wrap my brain around a major conference football program not being able to find a competent long snapper eight weeks into the season. Honestly, my mind is boggled by that.

Topping my list right now, though, is why on God’s green earth, with all the injuries, with all the special teams mistakes, with all the uncertainty on the defensive side of the ball, would Bobo think it’s a smart move to play not to lose?

Georgia blew a game when it got two interceptions, one for a pick-six, held Jordan Matthews to 89 yards receiving and basically played a respectable game on defense.  It lost to Vanderbilt.

I’m prepared to hear a lot of bullshit in the next few days about how close this team is, about how they’ll get the problems fixed, the youth, the injuries, the officiating and other stuff.  I’m not buying any of it.


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  1. David K

    We suck. There’s not much else to say.

    • gastr1

      I can’t fathom the mindset of the players at this point. To be on top of the world, after that LSU game, and now to bottom out like this after the injuries…I don’t want to watch. It can’t be easy to be motivated when everything seems to be going against you.

    • Brandon

      And truthfully have all year, except for the fact that our offense was insanely good, probably the best in school history until every skill player we have other than Murray and some of their key backups got hurt. I have watched every Georgia game televised since 1984 unless I was there in person and have listened to the others on the radio and this is the worst I think we have ever been on defense and special teams at the same time. And now with all the injuries our offense is mediocre at best and we are in for a rough ride. I think we beat Florida though, they are as inept as we are and that game is a one game season, win that and you forever can hold your head up. I am very concerned about Auburn though and we are fully capable of losing every game remaining on the schedule though with the possible exception of App State.

      • TEXAS DAWG

        Don’t bet the rent money on the App State game. Even if they win you can pretty well be guaranteed that they will not cover the spread. They have a very disturbing tendency to play down to the level (or below) of the competition.

        • gastr1

          They’re not playing down to anybody right now. You may have noticed that.

          • Brandon

            Agreed,as I said in another thread any time our defense manages a stop it is because the other offense has “played down” to the level of our defense. Our offense is decimated, and can no longer cover for it and the special teams, the offense is missing all of the playmakers from the LSU game, Imagine the 1989 49ers with no Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, John Taylor, or Mike Wilson, do people think it would be fair to compare a team with those players to one without it? Give the 1989 49ers those injuries, and the worst defense in the NFL and they don’t make the Super Bowl, they don’t even make the playoffs and probably get whipped by Jerry Glanville’s Falcons, Joe Montana notwithstanding (and I love Aaron Murray but he’s no Joe Montana).

    • We need to fire all that sucks.

    • Proud alum thru thick and thin

      I will agree that today was a complete dissapointment but for you fools who say you’re “done” I say good riddance. Yes, we have injuries and coaching gaffes galore but I will love my dawgs through thick and thin. Where were you idiots when we truly did suck and lost 5+ games a year? Let me guess……fans of another team entirely. While our special teams and overall performance is disappointing this alumni will be sticking with my school through thick and thin. Go Dawgs and beat the gators!

    • Carolinadawg

      Actually David, our coaches suck.

  2. wnc dawg

    I’ve been a big fan/defender of Bobo for a while, but today, wow. Even if you are worried ab the WRs, how do you not put the game in Murray’s hands?! Totally inexcusable. & I am generally not one to 2nd guess the wisdom of coaches.

    • Brandon

      Nobody is getting any separation man, Conley and Wooten are great reserve receivers but they are not going to carry you, they need talent around them to draw the defense’s attention, now they are the defenses primary target in the passing game and they just can’t carry the team. It’s not their fault, we have been devastated by injury. The only other Georgia team I remotely recall having this kind of injury problem was Goff’s last team, we started that year really great and were beating UT in Knoxville and Robert Edwards got hurt and out for the year, then we had a rash of injuries at QB, HB and a couple other areas, Hines Ward made his famous emergency start in the Peach Bowl that year and threw for 300-400 yards in a loss to Virginia, this takes the cake I think though with the way it all happened over one or two games.

    • TL

      Totally agree. Did we even throw a ball other than the very last heave ho down the field further than 15 yards?

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    To Vander Fucking Bilt. Sheesh.

  4. Turd Ferguson

    I can’t remember a season in which the narrative changed *so* starkly, and *so* quickly. 2008 comes close, because we started #1. But this is still a steeper plummet.

    It’s also getting harder and harder for me not to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist about SEC officiating. It just doesn’t seem possible to be this unlucky.

  5. D.N. Nation

    Cut Swann, fire Grantham, and hire a special teams coach. I don’t give a crap if it costs you a position coach. They ain’t doing squat anyway.

  6. SC DAWG

    You’re not buying the injuries? Ok. That makes a lot of sense. Your opening sentence says it all. This is not the same team that took down LSU. No Gurley, Marshall, Bennett, Scott-Wesley, Matthews, Harvey-Clemons, Drew (for most of the game). Facts are facts. Injuries have killed us. Our D is awful and our special teams are beyond awful. But you have those players on the field, and we win this week and last week and your bloviating about how great we are.

    • Jeff Sanchez


    • If you want to blame injuries for a lack of production at WR or for Douglas getting too many carries, then fine. But that just deflects attention off the real issues. Swann is not injured, but he is playing like a true freshman. Frix and Theus aren’t injured, yet the long snapper position cannot be counted on. The tackling fundamentals are pretty poor. The offensive line, which has suffered no injuries, is not effectiive. They can’t get a push in short yardage situations, and routinely get beat by speed rushers. Injuries have certainly exacerbated the problems, but there are flaws with this team that need to be addressed. And let me reiterate that special teams are a miserable failure.

      • SC Dawg

        We are a team built around out-scoring our opponent, whether you like it or not. When ALL of your playmakers are out, no one can out-score their opponents. Gurley makes the line look good. Mitchell, Bennett, Scott-Wesley make the line look good by running great, effective routes and stretching the field, opening up the running game. The D has been bad from day 1 and special teams have to. We were winning by out-scoring the other team.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Right. And now that our O is depleted at the skill positions and the O-line has been exposed (because now they actually would have to block), we cannot score enough points to win the track meet that our games have become.

      • Matt R

        Here is the problem. These things have been revealed in game one. AND WE HAVE MADE NO IMPROVEMENT! I wonder if its Richt being hard headed or are is Georgia not institutionally committed to getting what the football teams need. Either way, I ain’t spending a dime on that shit! I’m dropping the Dawgs. I’m officially a non believer in Richt now. I wish I could say it was fun while it lasted, but we’ll always have last year (and what could have been).


      • Governor Milledge

        I’ll vote this comment.

        How can we blame 100% our injuries when our opponents lose their starting QB the past two weeks, yet each roll up 2 TDs and lead their team to victory?

        Our offense has been forced to carry water the entire season, and the only thing our injuries have done is put sunshine on the serious shortcomings in the other 2/3rds of our team.

        • Debby Balcer

          One player compared to five US a big deal we lost both of our experienced running backs who can block and receive as well as run and most of our experienced receivers.

          • Anon

            Special teams much?

          • I get the injuries. I do. But, the players making mistakes on special teams are not backups thrown into action they aren’t ready for. I think a huge part of the problem there is scheme and philosophy, but the specialists leave a bit to be desired as well. The offensive line has had no injuries, but trouble both pass and run blocking. They don’t look as good without Gurley breaking a couple tackles each run, do they?

            That’s the rub. What the injuries are really showing is not a depth issue, because few teams could absorb this level of attrition. It is revealing the flaws that have always been there, but that have been covered up by extraordinary talents like Mitchell, Gurley, Marshall, etc. Many have even implicitly agreed with this sentiment: “If player x was in, UGA wins the past two weeks.” Well, sure. If a player can make up for all of your shortcomings, then he’s a helluva player. But, if you address the shortcomings, maybe you become a better team overall, and you are prepared when that player isn’t around anymore.

      • Olddawg 55

        Where to begin, Trey? I can only hope, but somehow doubt, that Richt, in the privacy of his office, raises holy hell with his staff. That he pointedly calls out the coordinators about what the Hell they’re doing and not doing. That he points out the failures of leadership and teaching…the mistakes of planning or not planning, frankly.Or does he say, Gee whiz, gang..I love you and I’m feeling disappointed…let’s all join hands and look deep into our hearts and souls. Somehow, I think the latter..or perhaps nothing!! I know I should be ashamed of myself for feeling like this but, frankly, I don’t give a crap!

    • Minnesota Dawg

      ‘But you have those players on the field, and we win this week and last week…”

      Yes, but if we get just a few first downs in the 4th quarter, we win this week. Despite our injuries, our offense was certainly capable of getting a couple first downs against a lousy Vandy defense. Instead, we crawled inside our shell and wished for the game to be over….and it was after we fell behind.

      No one is blameless in this loss.

    • Texas Baller

      Dude – you blew a 27-10 lead that your rag/tag scrubs built. Your knuckle-head OC and QB killed you today. Injuries had nothing to do with today.

      Why did Richt allow such conservative play calling? Let’s call a duck a duck – the blame today falls squarely on our leader!

  7. Jeff Sanchez

    I know none of you wants to hear this now, but the season was GONE in Knoxville a few weeks ago.

    There is NO TEAM on Gods green earth that could lose what we did and just keep rolling. And thats without considering the loss of Matthew, Norman and JHC and Drew on D today.

    Call me a Disney, an excuse maker, whatever. But its completely unprecedented. The closest we’ve come was the bloodbath of 1995, but even that pales in comparison.

    So the MNC and SECC are gone. Regroup, beat UF, AU and Tech and build some Mo for a good run in 14. Stop overreacting. We win easily the last two weeks with #3 in the backfield, IMO

    (But, yeah, you can go ahead and let Grantham go, though)

    • Miguel

      We won’t beat Auburn. We have no shot against a QB that can move like Marshall. No shot whatsoever.

      How can we win with all of these injuries? Well, the last two teams have lost their starting QBs and beat us.

      I’m flabbergasted.

      • Andrew

        Not sure how you equate teams losing an OK qb and bringing in another OK qb to us losing 2 safeties- 3 really, our sack leader, our top 2 rbs and top 4 receivers. If we could trade Murray for every guy that’s out, we do it in an instant. This crap about “oh they lost a guy too” is stupid. They lost a decent player, we lost some legitimate stars that we built the team around.

    • Brandon

      I agree and I just brought 1995 up a few posts ago, great minds think alike.

    • KingCantona

      Yes the season was gone. But that should not have resulted in a loss to a bad Vandy team. We have had three weeks to figure out how to overcome at least some of the injuries. I almost think the worst thing for us is that we got that 13-point lead at the half. You could almost hear Richt, Bobo, et al crawling into their cocoon of warmth that is conservative play-calling/attack. It might actually have been better if we just kept trading scores with them

      • Minnesota Dawg


        And I don’t care if NCAA championships, SEC championships, or Chik Fil A Bowl championships are out of reach….I just want a good game and hopefully a win each week. They had a win this week, but pissed it away.

      • Will (the other one)

        Yep. I don’t know if we attempted a first down pass at the start of a single drive in the 2nd half.

      • Olddawg 55

        /attack??? That word denote aggressiveness…I don’t recognize that in the OC/DC’s repotoire??

    • The 1965 season comes to mind. Huge wins over ‘Bama and Michigan and we’re on top of the world, and then injuries just decimate us. Very, very similar.

    • dudetheplayer

      I agree you with you on pretty much every point, and I am usually called a “doomsday” dawg.

    • S.E. Dawg

      “There is NO TEAM on Gods green earth that could lose what we did and just keep rolling.”
      Yes, Alabama could.

      • @gatriguy

        Oregon too.

      • Walter sobchak

        Disagree. No doubt Bama is the benchmark in the SEC. If you took away their two-deep at every skill position and gave the one wk to prepare for a Mizzou level SEC team, they would struggle much worse on offense. You can’t build chemistry and talent with one week and walk-ons and freshmen.

      • Minnesota Dawg

        Hell, don’t know about “keep rolling,” but Georgia sure as shit could have won last week and SHOULD have won this week (game should have been over about 10 different times) if not for a complete implosion. Just so happened that the one defensive stop that we finally get and could have effectively ended the game was stolen by the refs.

        Yeah, we’re not BCS or SECC good anymore–but we still should still beat a goddamn Vandy team playing without their QB.

    • Proud alum thru thick and thin

      Most intelligent post I’ve read…..

  8. Blake Carroll

    What was the longest pass we attempted during the game? Something around 15 yards? I don’t get why we didn’t attempt to stretch the field with Davis or Wooten. Instead, we kept running even when Vandy started putting 7 or 8 in the box every play.

    • SC DAWG

      You think we can stretch the field with Wooten or Davis? Ha Ha ha ha ha. Thanks I needed a laugh. Bobo called the game not to lose for sure, but you’re in fantasy land. It’s all about the injuries.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Maybe not Wooten, who seems more like a possession receiver anyway. But Davis is *supposed* to be a vertical guy. We should also be able to get some separation with a veteran like Conley.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Wooten caught a long pass against Missouri.

      • TL

        I’m with the rest of the guys. Forgive me for remembering this, but Davis caught a pass that was the longest completion in Georgia Football history only a few weeks ago. If that isn’t stretching the field, what is? Bobo’s calling the game not to lose was frustrating to watch. it was like 1970s football — run, run, pass if necessary, punt.

        • Will (the other one)

          Plus it played against Murray’s strength/preference to get in a passing rhythm. Most of his attempts came in obvious passing downs as a result.

  9. ” I promised myself I wasn’t going to say anything horrendous about the officiating in the game.” –Mark Richt.

  10. Bobo’s playcalling was horsesh*t.

    • Brandon

      It’s funny nobody ever complains about a run up the middle when it gains 10 or 20 yards. I want to see someone point to a long run and we have had a number of straight ahead long runs this year by Douglas, Green, Gurley and others after it has gone for 30 yards and say: “you know that might have gone for 30 yards but it was a bad playcall”.

      • Sam

        The runs up the middle worked because there was a FULLBACK blocking. The off-tackle run out of the single back set, which was the execrable FAIL that was our final 3rd down play, hasn’t worked in YEARS. It should be completely taken out of the playbook.

        • Amen to that. When I know the play is coming, of course an SEC DC knows the play is coming.

        • Thanks Sam, you are right on. No fullback, no run blocking = crap gain. A zone read run where the line is blocking like it might be a pass, doesn’t work well for us. Pull a tackle or guard, and lead with a fullback, and we’ve got 20 yards. We can easily go through old footage and demonstrate that every long run between the tackles has one or both of these elements.

          I’m in Denver. The Broncos have Knowshon at RB. They routinely call him “No-Show” Moreno. It’s the same deal, most of the runs are zone read, the line is pass blocking, and the run is an after thought. When KM breaks one loose, its when the line pulls a guard or tackle or they have a FB leading, a designed run play.

  11. I’ve got good news. We are probably crappy enough that we won’t win another coveted “NYD FL bowl against Big 10 team no one cares about” prize. Yeah, the officiating sucked, we had injuries, etc, etc. It shouldn’t matter…this was Vandy and we knocked their starting QB out of the game and proceeded to let some kid that looked like he should be working on his learner’s permit beat us. Somebody’s head’s gotta roll…

  12. DSmith

    You hit the nail on the head. Today’s team is NOT the same bunch that took down LSU a month ago. That’s the problem. Injuries have decimated the offense. Take 3 top receivers and 2 top running backs from any team in the nation, and then see how good they look.

    • Miguel

      How about two teams starting QBs?

      • Jeff Sanchez

        Who here is giving the D a pass?

        • Miguel

          Not I. I was saying, we lost to two opponents that lost their starting QBs.. They seemed to overcome the adversity.

          • Dawgwalker07

            I would argue that it’s easier for a sec school to overcome 1 qb injury than everything we’ve had to deal with.

          • Brandon

            Our defense hasn’t done jack all year, our offense has come from behind and beaten teams this year in the final minutes, we just don’t have the horses to cover for Grantham’s ineptitude now with the injuries. If I may paraphrase the Right Reverend Jeremiah Wright: “Georggezzz Defennssivve and SpecialTeamzz Chiccckkennzzz have come how to roooooooooost”.

    • KingCantona

      So is everything roses if the injuries don’t occur and we just keep rolling and never get beat by horrendous special teams and defense?

  13. We had 1st and goal at the 7 up 24-14 and played for a FG. That cost us the game. On first down, we handed to Green for 1 yard. On 2nd down, we handed it off to Douglas for a yard. Once we got a lead, we rarely threw the ball on first or second down.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I don’t think we threw the ball much on first or second down at all. There was the screen pass to start the game, and I think we hit a tight end on second down twice times for 6 or 7 yards. No shots were taken down the field. We never ran a playaction pass with a deep option (as far as I could tell). I know the receivers aren’t as good as they were, but for Christ’s sake they’re good athletes at a top tier program. They should be able to occasionally get open against Vandy.

      • Will (the other one)

        It’s like the coaches thought the only reason we lost to Missouri was passing the ball too much, so they said no way are we passing it 30-40x vs. Vandy.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And then wasn’t that when the Dawgs ran the feared Murray option read around left tackle?

  14. Vandy put 8 in the box once they realized we were not going to even attempt a vertical passing game.

  15. Puffdawg

    Refs don’t call bogus targeting and we win. Yea Swann muffed but our defense manned up and made the stop. Just bogus bogus officiating.

  16. @gatriguy

    “I simply believe that 12 years as a coach of an SEC school is long enough.”–Steve Spurrier

    It’s time people.

    • SC Dawg

      You are truly an idiot quoting a bigger idiot. The Old Ball Sack did a hell of a job today didn’t he? Moron.

    • Careful Brad

      Don’t be stupid. Get rid of Dooley after 12 years and there is no national championship. Do you think Bama fans would say get rid of Bear after 12 years?

    • dudetheplayer

      I disagree.

      And I’ll be damned if I am going to take advice from Steve fucking Spurrier of all people.

      • @gatriguy

        Lol, yeah what has he ever done? I’m done. Good is the enemy of great, but no one wants to admit that our religion pimping coach is yelling into an echo chamber these days.

        • “our religion pimping coach”

          Kinda hard to take you seriously when you talk like an ass.

          • @gatriguy

            Granted, that was probably a low blow. But I’m frustrated just like everyone else, only I’m not upset about today. I’m upset about the institutional failures under Richt’s tenure that haven’t been addressed, and I believe that he has been treated with kid gloves on a lot of things because he’s a good Christian man.

            • @gatriguy

              Meanwhile that hedonistic Saban just went up 21-0 and is choking out yet another team.

              • @gatriguy

                Ok, my snarky comment aside, are you going to argue that there have been systematic failure that have existed the entirety of Richt’s tenure that haven’t been addressed? Would you still be in your current occupation if you were making the same mistakes now that you were making 10 years ago?

                • Cosmic Dawg

                  The systemic failures have been MORE than offset by the systemic successes. Have a sense of reality, man. Richt is frustrating at times, but we have LOST HALF THE EFFING FOOTBALL TEAM.

                  And yeah, I give the guy some slack not because he “says” he’s a Christian but because he actually runs the program according to the values he claims to hold. Which are, frankly, the same core values that good people of all religions all over the world have subscribed to for thousands of years.

                  As near as I can tell, the guy has integrity. If you think you can sell that out for a crystal football – and I don’t think you can – you DO NOT have my vote.

                  • Carolinadawg

                    “The systemic failures failures have been more than offset by systemic successes”.

                    No, they haven’t.

                    • Cosmic Dawg

                      Yes, they have – by far. Look at his record. That is systemic, year in and year out quality. You want to measure it by something else, be my guest. For all the crystal footballs we haven’t won, we also haven’t seen our team become a complete dumpster fire like Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas, Tech, etc, etc since CMR has been here.

                      Even if CMR has never won a NC, he’s also only given the program a single losing season in 12 or whatever years. I mean, good grief, the guy wins a lot of games, he must be doing something consistently right.

            • dudetheplayer

              For the record, I couldn’t give a fuck about him being a Christian or a good guy (I am neither).

              What I do give a fuck about is Richt being the winningest coach in our program’s history, being a great recruiter, and being a man who generally does his best not to embarrass our university by excusing the sort of idiots that many of our SEC peers keep around. That counts for a lot.

              Grantham needs to go, the special teams need fixin’, and we need to stop being so damned injured. It’s been a tough season, but Richt ain’t (and shouldn’t) be going anywhere.

    • .Dash

      Ughhhh no. We were five yards away from the *national championship* less than 10 months ago. How quickly you dolts forget.

  17. Hogbody Spradlin

    I don’t think our receivers know how to get open and catch reliably. That may be part of the not to lose problem.

    • I guess those RECEIVERS did not get enough coaching.

      • The coaches spent last year, all spring, and all fall coaching up guys who are NOT SUITING UP because they are hurt. This isn’t the NFL – you only have so much practice time. Building depth is difficult. 3 weeks may seem like a lot of time, but it’s really not. The injuries do not excuse all the failures of this team, but keep in mind: Rhett McGowan may now be the #1 receiver on the depth chart. Let that sink in – or continue to get mad that the #4 – 8 receivers on the depth chart aren’t as good as #1 – 3.

  18. Miguel

    Bobo: Did Vanderbilt throw different schemes at you? “No, not really. A couple different things. They’re a heavy blitz team and we did a nice job a couple times of recognizing the blitz. And other times we just didn’t execute the plays called. We didn’t do our part today, that’s for sure.”

    Oh, okay…let’s just keep running the ball.

    • Will (the other one)

      Ugh. Really hope we get healthy enough that some mid-major thinks Bobo is head coach material this offseason.

  19. Normaltown Mike

    IMO, this game shows how thin our team is.

    Lose a few players & we look like a middling conference USA team.

    • Athens Townie

      Among other things… It show’s we aren’t deep.

      This game also showed we are complete dunces on ST. Then again, so did just about every other game this season.

  20. doofusdawg

    at least we have the bootleg….our very own trick play…. for when we really…really… really…really…really need it… not to be wasted on our record setting collection of three and outs.

  21. Nate Dawg

    Anybody here watch a game this yr where the same team got flagged twice for targeting? Anybody see an ejection upheld until today? On one of that teams best players?
    Anybody see Rumph on the field?
    Anybody else ever have all this talent & special teams be this bad?
    3rd & 4 & run the freshman up the middle? No play action or tightend on that play? Aren’t tightends made for 3rd & 4?

    • The Lone Stranger

      Very valid questions re: the application of “targeting” in the game. I remember alot of us questioning, when the rule was initiated, when it would undermine the Dawgs. Well, here is our answer. It was truly abominable by the officials and should earn a stern protest from UGa.

      But then, the SEC has its little tough guys (Vandy) storyline resuscitated now and will calmly move along to maintaining Bama’s undefeated national title charge.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And no … No Rumph. I think he just doesn’t “get it” yet.

  22. Connor

    Blame Bobo if you like, but I’ve seen the offense play well this year, when they had some guys. He probably deserves the benefit of the doubt this season.
    Can’t say the same for the defense at all…

    • So, should he just mail it in the rest of the year because of all the injuries? It seems like he did today.

    • TL

      Agree with Trey, but seriously — benefit of the doubt should not be necessary for a bunch of guys that Bobo helped recruit. I thought it was, “one goes down, next guy steps up.”

      • .Dash

        That logic only extends so far. We were humming along fine without Mitchell. Probably could have survived without Scott-Wesley. But then Bennett, too? On top of Gurley and Marshall? It’s just unprecedented.

        You wanna see a team with offensive problems? Look at Florida, who had 100 total yards against Mizzou. The same Mizzou team by the way that surrendered 454 yards and 26 first downs to the Dawgs. The offense was not effective today. There’s no doubt about that. But one bad offensive game in a season of great ones isn’t reason to fire your coordinator.

    • Will (the other one)

      Right now the offense has only looked great when Bobo’s had Gurley and Marshall. Beyond that? Never more than above average.

      • Your comment can imply, having Gurley and Marshall, makes a bad coach look great and even nearly winning the SEC championship.

        • Will (the other one)

          That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.

        • Ginny

          Sooo you’re saying that great players don’t make coaches look good? Todd Gurley is one of the best players in the nation. To think that we would be just fine without him is dumb. That’s like saying Auburn would be fine without Cam Newton or Florida would have won a NC without Tebow. Great players make you look good. That’s why they’re great.

  23. Rocket Dawg

    The D actually played pretty well today. They only gave up 20, the other 14 was all special Ed teams

    • merk

      They suck on an epic level.
      Clemson- LS/holder cost us a chipshot FG in a game we lose by 3.
      SC- LS/punter fumble deep in our territory allowing for a quick score.
      NT- Blocked punt for a TD
      LSU- actually played good
      UT- Blocked punt for a TD
      Vandy- Fumbled punt return + LS/kicker fumble

    • Athens Townie

      Exactly. You are right.

      Many fans, like usual, are looking at total points and forgetting that ST gave up 14. Really, you could say ST gave up three scores…

      DEF did their part. And we still found a way to lose. Sad…

      • Will (the other one)

        Neither was a scoop and score today, but I didn’t have much hope we’d hold them to FGs.

      • Minnesota Dawg

        Then again, we played against Vandy, whose first-string QB couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn for a majority of the time he was in there. Know he has some emotional issues leading up to the game, but honestly, his passing (to open receivers) was really off. Then, we played against his inexperienced back-up.

        Wouldn’t say that we’ve turned things around on that side of the ball, but they did play well enough to win.

        • Athens Townie

          “Wouldn’t say that we’ve turned things around on that side of the ball, but they did play well enough to win.”


  24. Cosmic Dawg

    First, I tried to defend our ST a little bit on here a couple weeks ago. Not anymore…pass the pickled crow. An occasional blocked or dropped punt is just footbaw. This….this is bad preparation, bad coaching, I think. I’d say perhaps the coaches truly are doing all they can and the kids just aren’t getting it done, but it’s every dang year.

    Still, Senator, this is not really the same team that beat LSU, unfortunately. The injuries not only deprived us of talent but game experience….we’re just goig to have that kind of year.
    One last point – despite the win-loss column, I have to admit I justlike this team a little less than some of the others in recent memory. I miss Jarvis and Boykin and Aron White…has nothing to do with heart or anything….perhaps there is just a little less humor and joy? Can I even say that from my armchair?

    Still, it could be worse. It could be February and no cfb atall…🙂

  25. merk

    Team sucks. Hope the Richt calls it a day in one of the next few seasons and that we can get a good coach in here.

    There will be no firings until Richt leaves.

  26. RomeDawg79

    They never put games away when they should. I have seen this too many times. Nice play calling Bobo. They think the game is over when they are up 10 early in the 3rd on the road.

  27. 69Dawg

    If ever there was a team loss this was it. We were bad in all phases of the game. Our special teams are what they have been this year and in the past. Mark just can’t bring himself to admit that it’s not going to get better. He is the hardest headed coach I can remember. Fabris almost got him fired and I think this is his Achilles heel. Apparently the students are giving the players hell on Tweeter. This may not end well. 7-5 if we are lucky.

  28. Lawdawg567

    What I’m trying to wrap my head around most: 3rd and 3 and the most prolific passer in SEC history hands off to a freshman on a dive play out of the gun. My response to the following high punt snap: “fuck fuck fuck, sigh, we deserve it.” Injuries and officiating were hurdles, but this was a badly coached game.

    • Will (the other one)

      Yep. Gutless playcalling led to that last ST disaster.

      • BMan

        Absolutely. If they’re up 10 at any point in the game, the offense goes into a shell. Our special teams have got to be the worst in Div I. Our defense had the same 3 or 4 plays run on it all game long. A great deal of all of this is on our coaches, which brings me to…

        I watched a lot of football today, and I saw a lot of teams conserve most of their timeouts for critical points late in the game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team waste timeouts as consistently as Georgia. In fact, I think burning timeouts early is the most consistent thing this team does. It’s completely f-ing maddening.

    • The Lone Stranger

      But I have to believe that Murray can change out of that run-up-the-gut to a pass. So maybe the scrutiny should be on AM there. He appeared somewhat like shellshocked Aaron from days gone by.

  29. Billy Mumphrey

    The poor special teams and defense could be overcome if not for the injuries and the injuries could be overcome if not for the poor special teams and defense. It is just the perfect shit-storm.

  30. Athdawg

    Did anyone notice the announcers cheer at the last vandy TD? It was like a “whoo hooo” or something. How ridiculous.


    • Lawdawg567

      Listening to them praise vandy was one of the worst parts. I don’t like them and won’t give them much credit, shifty lil rb excluded. A bunch of
      Hobos on unicycles could have beaten us with the way we played/coached/got officiated that last 10 minutes.

      • TL

        To be fair, Tim Brando is an out-and-out, unapologetic lover of the underdog or the BCS buster. Doesn’t make it easier to swallow, but I had tuned him out early on because I knew what we were getting.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You have opened up an entirely new can of worms with that comment. Personally I would like to see that whole coven of hangers-on at B-M kicked out and stripped of their lifetime entitlement. The place is, and has been for a very long time, populated by third-raters whose only purpose is to get a meal ticket for themselves. Imagine if all the deadwood at B-M got canned and the place got repopulated with sharp young people with fresh ideas. Our Athletics Department would take off like a rocket.

  32. Turd Ferguson

    Bobo had a terrible day today, no doubt. But I’m honestly a little surprised at how many are calling for his head. Give Bobo a full cupboard and I believe he’s shown that he’s actually one of the better OCs in the SEC.

    But having said that, I’m now inclined to think that the defensive staff needs an overhauling. And when I listen to Richt in the post-game press conferences, I hear a guy who’s tired as hell, and honestly may not have it in him to go through this sh!t again.

    • Because he runs the coaching program too personally. He is unable to make fast, immediate. nerve racking, heart breaking decisions which highly successful coach will do. No blind loyalty.

  33. cube

    That was quite possibly the worst special teams performance from a team that I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  34. Will Trane

    If I am CMR I’d call every coach and staff member along with the AD to my tonight. This would be my message. Your job is in jeapordy because mine is now. Not one player including 4 year starter AM has a position. It all changed today. Vandy wins. Mizzou sits atop the conference now, Dome bound Atlanta and SEC ought to love that. Revenue for Atlanta. Move SEC from Dome .

    • Carolinadawg

      That’s comedy gold right there…CMR holding people accountable. Hahahaha. Don’t think Jesus agrees, so no can do.

  35. Will Trane

    Think a drastice change is needed with the football program. We are where CMR came in. CMR is just stubborn about things. Too loyal to coaches and players who screw up. Burn those scholarships and give them to players who want to win and to play. Same with the coaches. Am totally pissed about this game. The damn worst game ever.

    • Brandon

      It could have been worse, this exact game could have happened and our opponent could have been Tech, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, or South Carolina (in that order) that we lost the game to in the same fashion. Other than that yeah it’s about as bad a game as you’ll see.

      • Miguel

        Son, the team that played today will have the same result at Auburn.

        • Brandon

          Yes, and it will be worse THEN, that is my point, today sucks yes, but in response to the comment that it can’t get worse, it can, I’ve been there, Jacksonville 1996, Florida 47 Georgia 7, Knoxville 1998, Tennessee 38, Georgia 13, Athens 1999, Auburn 31 Georgia 0, at halftime. Those events are much much worse but that is the fruit of shit defense, that is what we would have been getting all year if we hadn’t had the greatest offense in school history before all the injuries now that our offense can’t cover for the defense and special teams any more it will get much much worse.

  36. Will Trane

    Going thru a rough patch re injuries, but you had a lead and pissed it away with play calling and the same players making the same mistakes. Change your offense or continue to lose games. Defense goes down 2 players in game, key players, frosh all over the secondary, put 6 on the board, and you OC throws it away.

    • SC Dawg

      This is more than a rough patch moron…name one team that has had ALL their offensive weapons go down…EVER. I’ve never seen anything like what’s happened to this team this year.

      • Will (the other one)

        We lost both our top WRs last season and oddly were still able to put up points. We had the same WR group we had last week vs. a better Mizzou D and barely hit 100 yds passing.

        • We had the same WR group we had last week vs. a better Mizzou D and barely hit 100 yds passing.

          This is the point everyone making injury excuses is missing.

          I don’t expect Georgia’s offense to be as effective as it was earlier. But I expect it to be effective enough against a mediocre Vandy defense.

          • Will (the other one)

            Exactly. Conley, Rome, Lynch, Wooten, Davis, even McGowan? Not exactly chopped liver. While the “get any lead more than 7, go conservative” issue is long standing and annoying, the entire game plan today was bizarre.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I think CMR and Bobo were trying to do what the team did against Tech in ’09. They thought that they could run on Vandy and play defense well enough to win the game. It would have worked, too, if not for the ST screw-ups and the crooked SEC refs. If this game had been played with ACC refs, UGA would have won.

          • Connor

            We might need to start addressing the fact that we’re a terrible road team these days.

      • You are sounding like a GT fan in every comment you do. Calling GA fans morons and idiots.

  37. Boss Dawg


  38. Will Trane

    If UGA wants a SEC title they will have to change coaches and go to a spread offense. Will not happen with CMR. Look at how quick turned it around with Marshall. Look at A&M. Look at Mizzou. Must have an outside runnning game and triple threat QB. 5 QBs on scholarship, and one plays all the time. What a waste of scholarships.


  40. Greg McGarity, your Athletic Director

    I know everyone is disappointed. I am too. The injuries and bad calls are why things haven’t gone our way this year and there’s really nothing we can do about it other than keep on keeping on.

    Go ahead and take today and tomorrow to be down a little bit. However, on Monday, start thinking about your 2014 donations. If everyone could get that money in asap, we can get it into the reserve fund that much quicker. There are some important people that count on that reserve fund as part of their livelihood and it is the lifeblood of the UGA athletic department. As always, your support is very much appreciated.


  41. cube

    Missouri and Vandy both lost their QBs against us and we still lost to both. Pathetic.

  42. Will Trane

    Second half…80 yards, 4 turnovers, 3 points, 4 first downs. Who is the Vandy DC. Great job Even Drew Butler understood this. He like me wants to know why did Bobo not run Green more to the outside in the 2nd half. More speed than Douglas. They simple played into Vandy’s defense. 7 of the 27 came from the D. No offense for 2 weeks and 8 turnovers. Special teams are a 3rd of the team play package. All factored into those 3 loses.

    • SC Dawg

      What part of losing every offensive weapon we have do you not understand?

      • cube

        We lost Murray, Conley, and Lynch?

      • MinnesotaDawg

        Do you not understand that all these guys were gone last week, when we still ran a respectable offense (against a much better defense than we saw today) or that we were somehow able to run an effective offense in the first half (with those same injuries). The injuries don’t justify our complete offensive failure in the second half against this piss-poor Vandy defense.

  43. Will Trane

    Mizzou lose I understand, but not this one. Used the same game plan and same roster. Inside the 10 and go for 3. Why? Hard to score against Vandy who has a D like Bama. Bama recruits, coaches, and improves. Quality depth. How long with Saban put up with an O line play, RB turnovers, and speical teams. That is hwy they win. Injuries are not an issue to Saban., .

  44. Has Auburn surpassed us already? Wow, the tables have turned pretty fast.

    • TennesseeDawg

      They play like a motivated, well coached team which is something we are not familiar with as Georgia fans

      • dudetheplayer

        I don’t think they’ve surpassed us, but things can change very quickly when you are an elite program.

    • Biggus Rickus

      A&M was walking the same tightrope Georgia was before the injuries beset the offense, except their defense is amazingly worse than Georgia’s. Someone besides Alabama was going to outscore them eventually.

  45. dudetheplayer

    I thought the play-calling today was pretty terrible once we got a lead, and I have a hard time defending it. Our offense had no reason to be conservative given the injuries/fuck-ups on our defense/special teams. To just sit there at the end and continue to run the ball for 1 yard up 3 was pretty insane given the circumstances.

    But GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY what the fuck is going on with our special teams? I know the stat football guys like to pretend momentum doesn’t matter, but Swann’s fumble was HUGE (and bizarre) and completely changed the complexion of the game.

    And the officiating… I am going to have a hard time taking college football seriously with officiating like that. Our two “targeting” penalties were a disgrace. How many times does Georgia have to get egregiously fucked by the officials before we decide to protest and do something about this? This is beyond disgusting. I want the NCAA and SEC to crash and burn to the ground. Fuck these assholes.

    Beat Florida.

    • The Lone Stranger

      +1 … I am on the Occupy Train regarding these heinous penalty calls as well. I’ve never seen such prejudiced officiating continue so consistently without any recourse. It compels a man to either quit caring much or lash out at the unseen forces.

      I’ve not yet chosen which course to follow.

  46. TennesseeDawg

    Time to get guys ready for next season especially at QB. Get Mason and Faton playing time now and let AM ride the pine. Nothing left to play for with what we’ve seen from this team except a trip to Shreveport in December.

    • AusDawg85

      Yes. Punish Murray. WTF has he ever done for us.

      Gonna be a loooonnngggg week at GTP.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I’ve never seen a time when the Dawgs needed an off week more than right now. The thing is, if they could have just somehow found a way to survive today and then gotten to the off week, I think they could have gotten a few guys back on O who can really make a difference. But the season’s shot now.

          • MinnesotaDawg

            That’s what makes this loss so painful (to me at least). I wasn’t looking for this game to be a morale booster or for beauty points. Just find a way to win the fucker and move on, with two weeks to get healthier. And they had it….it was over…Vandy and the crowd were dead…until, of course, we pissed it away in every conceivable way.

      • merk

        Just wait for his annual shit the bed against UF game.

        Imagine the noise after his 3rd pick in the first half.

        • 81Dog

          um, you do know we BEAT Florida the last two years, and lost in OT his freshman year, right? Or does winning not count for much with you? If you want to blame him for everything when we lose, at least throw him a bone when we win.

          Hopefully, someone will read this to your dumb ass, because GTP doesn’t let me put any simple pictures in here to help you understand.

      • TennesseeDawg

        It’s not about punishing Murray, it’s about getting QBs ready for next season

        • Except that what you’re talking about doing IS punishing Murray, even if not intentionally. One of the best QBs to ever play at UGA decided to forgo NFL money and return for his senior season. He was dealt a sh***y hand with all the injuries, defensive breakdowns, and special teams blunders, he has done pretty much EVERYTHING right since suiting up in the red and black, and you want to put him on the bench?

          Well conceived.

          • TennesseeDawg

            Yes I do. Nothing left to play for this season and his backup have almost no experience. Of course, next year fans like yourself will be bitching when Mason is making the wrong reads and throwing interceptions because he hasn’t played enough to know what the hell he is doing.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Fuck that.

  47. Will Trane

    hard for dawg fans and supporters who want to stay with the same stuff. this is a huge loss re standings. but this is where it will hurt dawgs big time. Recruiting. Opens more of the door to Auburn, Vandy, and UT But CMR is stubborn about coaches and offense. Doubt if many who hit this site watches high school games. But alot of kids in this state are looking at Ole Miss, Auburn, Vandy, and UT now.

  48. Will Trane

    But if you like what you have now, good. It will stay just like it is. Don’t complain. Don’t worry about it. But UGA has to get smnarter about the game, coaches, and their programs. Say it again. Mizzzou is pulling the top 2 roundball out of the state. They are recruiting in football, CMR continues to kill our recruiting wiht this type of game.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Will, that is cool of you to say it’s all right with you if we sort of just chill here for a little while. Cause man, I ain’t going to lie, I am not feeling very ambitious to get all worried about it and complain, like you say. Just gonna relax and dig the football, maybe smoke me some Roy Blount Juniors with Cojones, if you know what I’m sayin’…get me one more beer and then fall asleep on your couch.

      Listen, you probably ought to go over to the Clemson blog and tell them cats dont worry, too…they would probably like to hear it.

  49. ShellAnswerMan

    Saw a post where we have only signed 86 guys over past 4 years… other programs well inexcess of 100… We are simply seeing fruits of not oversigning… When injuries hit in the wrong places, you are toast. Gators are in same boat. But to be clear, that has nothing to do with long snapper issues and frankly a punter with brick hands. It was high, but it did hit his hands. I wonder if Barber works on catching bad snaps in practice…. surely, surely…

    • merk

      WTF else does a Punter and LS do during practice…I mean damn, you have 1 job.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        To be frank, I think CMR sends the punters and kickers to the other end of the practice field totally unsupervised and they just f-ck around all practice. Sometimes the kickers punt and the punters kick. Other times they field the ball for each other. That’s how Blair Walsh got turned from the best kicker in college football into a basket case by the time he left. We all know that as soon as he got to the Vikes they fixed him and now he is one of the best in the NFL. But not during his senior year at Georgia. Our staff has no clue on STs.That comes from the top down.

  50. Scorpio Jones, III

    I don’t have much strenth left here, folks, but I gonna make an observation:

    No program can lose Mettenberger, Marshall and a dozen others plus horrendous attrition from injuries and long endure.

    That Nick Marshall was playing corner back, to me, is the most interesting part of all this attrition, although it is my understanding that we began to recruit Marshall as a quarterback. Maybe he is a perfect fit for Gus Malzahn…so be it…

    I really don’t question the way these kids are gone and the reasons they are gone, but you can lose players of this obvious ability without some erosion of the talent base.

    Unlike most folks here I don’t have the technical knowledge to criticize play calling on offense or defense, although I am pretty sure that the special teams fuck ups should not be happening and are bad.

    I watched Auburn beat Johnny and TAMU. With a kid we booted playing quarterback. I watched Auburn beat TAMU after losing to them by what…50? last year and being coached by a guy who was a high school coach not very damn long ago.

    The injuries are a huge part of the problem, huge. to ignore them and their effect on offensive efficiency is bone headed.

    But there is something else here…call it bad luck, or fucking with the Kharmic Bitches or whatever you want to call it, we lack a central something or other that Bama has, that Auburn seems to have, that Missouri, in spite of their lacking any players as has been pointed out over and over here, Missouri has it….Florida does not have it, LSU may not have it, but we don’t know….its like I am a fucking Georgia fan, and I have been born under a dark star and I shall never know peace.

    No shit.

    • I call that central something as COACHING. Everybody should face that reality. “It hurts, it hurts” but true.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Here you go…from the SEC office on Ray Drew, via Emerson…..

        “Rule 9-1-4. No player shall target and initiate CONTACT TO THE HEAD OR NECK area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow OR SHOULDER. By rule, when in question, it is a foul.

        “Also note that a replay official must have indisputable video evidence that there was no such contact to overturn the call on the field.”

        Read it slowly.

        • ShellAnswerMan

          I could actually understand the rule I suppose if they eliminated the words “target and” and just leave it as “no play shall initiate”, because “target” is something different to me than what Drew and Wilson did today. I think that is the part the refs are missing at least in this case… if they simply don’t want any hits to the neck area and head of a defenseless player then what does targeting have to do with anything. The way its written you have to target AND initiate… just initiating contact to the head or neck area is not sufficient… the rule itself requires both targeting and initiating… . Nobody has an f’n clue what “targeting” means… or at least the refs don’t.

        • Biggus Rickus

          Are you defending the calls or illustrating that since neither hit the neck or head of the offensive players that the calls were bullshit?

          • ShellAnswerMan

            Nope… in my view, there was no “targeting”, so even if they did hit the neck and head area (which as you point out, they did not,) then there is no penalty under the terms of the rule itself. These particular refs simply skipped past the targeting requirement and assumed even the slightest or perceived hit to the neck and head invokes the rule, just because the player is defenseless. I just don’t agree with how these guys applied the rule in this game, including the clown in the review booth. It cost us big time. It still would have been a bad call, but at worst, on Drew’s you get a late hit… but no ejection. And the ref should have run up to Wilson and told him great play and then handed the ball to David Andrews to snap to Murray.

            • Biggus Rickus

              Sorry. My question was for Scorpio. You laid out your case pretty clearly.

              • Ellis

                The push, I would not even call,it a hit, was to neither the head or the neck in Drew’s case. But we lost a key player for the game. The second “targeting” penalty was deemed not a penalty but Vandy still got 15 yards and a first down. What kind of crap is that? Football is a contact sport.

                • Biggus Rickus

                  Looked like Drew’s forearm hit the shoulder to me.

                  • Scorpio Jones, III

                    BR, I ain’t defending anything….just quoting.

                    I think it is interesting that nobody talks about the pump up the calls against us gave Vandy….Franklin loved it.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      LSU does not have it…..playing with a QB we recruited?

  51. We’ve had a shitton of injuries and there was some bad officiating today, but there’s no excuse for losing to Vandy’s backup QB that looked like he was about 15. This was a failure on all fronts.

    The problem as I see it is that there will be a couple of days of gnashing of teeth and then some platitudes from Richt and a few players and nothing will change. The vast majority of fans are like the ones on here blaming this shitstorm on bad luck and injuries. That will be the theme of this year. If only not for the injuries. Next year if we suck it will be because how could we possibly replace Aaron Murray?

    There’s always gonna be excuses for those that want to find them. Being a UGA fan is like being in Groundhog Day: we’re either just the unluckiest team ever year after year or there’s something about this team/staff that is just not getting the job done. Which of those you believe depends on your makeup I guess but damn if it doesn’t get old and if the majority keeps believing it’s just bad luck and everything is rosy then I’m gonna steal the groundhog and try to drive into the quarry like the great Bill Murray.

  52. AthensHomerDawg

    WOW… is it safe to wear my Georgia colors again. Lighten up sports fans.

    “No. No, you can’t get away. From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

  53. Thatguy

    One completion to Lynch for 7 yards. One completion to Rome for 8 yards. We’ve got first and goal, and can’t be bothered to call a pass to a Tight End in what should be a massive mismatch? Something’s rotten in Butts-Mehre, and it’s not the pun the name of the building makes…

  54. Biggus Rickus

    As the day wears on, I’m coming to the conclusion that everybody in the SEC but Alabama and maybe Missouri sort of sucks. So hey, we’re right there with our peers!

  55. AthensHomerDawg

    This is who we were…

  56. Will Trane

    Have you noticed how Bama’s special teams play? I would like to have their coach on special teams coach ours. Think there would be difference? Bama changed O line coaches after last year. Slowly they a have made sizeable improvment. Now someone brought injuries and coaching.and Bama. Saban will be in a nursing home b efore we get back to the SEC as champions.


      Saban and his entire staff seem obsessed down to the finest detail. Our’s, not so much. This is so telling in the play (or lack thereof) of our “not so special” teams.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Do you mean Bobby Williams, tight ends coach and Special Teams Co-ordinator for the Crimson Tide? But that would require creation of a new position on the UGA coaching staff which cannot happen. Such is impossible as we would have too many coaches and as we all know nobody in CFB has a ST Co-ordinator.

  57. Will Trane

    I’ve given this staff alot of leeway re injuries and play. But today was very bad coaching by CMR and the O staff. As a player and as a recruit you have to have some doubts about their coaching, preparation, roster utilization, and game management to win games to get into a championship format. We do not have a championship program in Athnes.

  58. Will Trane

    All 3 players ejected today for targeting lost and all 3 teams in the hunt for the SEC. After today you can give it to Mizzou. SEC office and the powers to be in Atlanta got what they wanted. We have replayed the Drew call. Almost looks as if the ref is pulling the penalty flag before he gets to the QB.

    • Turd Ferguson

      That’s because he *is* pulling the flag before the penalty.

      • mwo

        I wonder if the agressive targeting calls were the result of Gary Pinkel sending film to the SEC offices after last week’s game.

        • The Lone Stranger

          That’s interesting, man. You may have something there. Pinkel is diving into SEC back room politicking like a seasoned old-school coach.


    Why is it that when the other teams receivers get the ball, our DBs are barely visible on the TV screen (and it is a pretty wide screen). Conversely when Murray makes a throw, the other team has our receivers covered better the Sherwin Williams paint.

    • merk

      Because our DBs suck or at least our DB coach sucks or both

      • TEXAS DAWG

        But why can our receivers not get any separation? I realize that we are getting pretty deep into the depth chart but they are supposed to be top shelf athletes if they strap on the G. Could the answer to both questions be in the fact that their DBs play aggressive coverage while ours are totally passive in their’s. I don’t think I have seen one of our DBs jam a receiver at the line and knock him off his route in years. Maybe they aren’t taught this (as the announcers on every broadcast wonder the same thing) or maybe they are not physically capable of playing the type of defense most other schools are.

  60. Ginny

    1. Louisville, South Carolina and Florida should all fire their coaches obviously.
    2. Defense did not lose today’s game.
    3. It is pure coincidence that we lose the majority of our offense to injury and suddenly lose two games in a row.
    4. If you are calling for Mark Richt or Aaron Murray’s job you are an idiot of the highest order and should no longer be a Georgia Bulldog fan.

    I am amazed by the children on this blog. Ignorance coming out of the wood works.

    • merk

      ST play is on Coach Richt. He said in the off season that he would be overseeing it. Since that point it has gotten even worse than last year.

    • Ellis

      I don’t think anyone is calling for Murray to be benched. Bobo needs to be fired and Grantham too, though that much is obvious. I have watched FSU tonight, a team with less talent then we have, put it to Clemson. Very well coached. We cannot afford to waste talent like this anymore. Granted, the refs gave Vandy 14 points today and swung the momentum twice, but our talent should have prevailed. I cut Bobo a break during the Joe Cox year but he continues to be a large liability and Grantham is not cut out for college coaching.

      • Ginny

        I read “Bobo needs to be fired” and stopped reading. That is all I needed to see.

        • Ellis

          Thank-you. It amazes me that there are still people that want to keep cutting Bobo excuses year after year. Richt has to make that move after this year. Hopefully he can save face and some sucker school will offer Bobo a job.

        • TEXAS DAWG

          I typically stop reading as soon as someone calls someone else and idiot. Just because you don’t agree with them does not make them an idiot of the highest, lowest, or in between order.

  61. Flukebucket

    I know this is not the team that beat LSU but it did not look like the team that played last week either. Playing for 3 instead of 7 is what beat us. It was just painful to watch. We coached and played scared. And is Gurley going to see the field again this year or not? Just how god damn bad is his injury?

  62. merk

    UF, SC, UGA, TAMU, & LSU all lose today….all but 1 to a lesser ranked team.

  63. merk

    The question is which loss is worse, SC to UT, LSU to ole miss, or UGA to Vandy.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Vandy is by far the least talented team, Tennessee is next, then Ole Miss, not that it matters.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I actually think UT has less talent than Vandy. That was why I was so concerned about the UGA-Vandy game, after what UT did to the Dawgs in that game.

  64. think about how bad we would suck if God wasn’t on richt’s side.

  65. Mayor of Dawgtown

    UGA’s signature wins this season were against LSU and South Carolina. That’s what made the media say the Dawgs were good and rank the team. LSU just lost to a middling Ole Miss team that got routed by Bama. South Carolina just lost to Tennessee, a team that is very deeply flawed. We also were assuming that our 3 point loss to Clemson came at the hands of one of the top teams in the nation. Tonight, Clemson is getting boat-raced by FSU. Maybe, just maybe those teams we beat weren’t as good as we thought. Also, maybe, just maybe, the University of Georgia football team wasn’t very good either all along and we are now just finding that out. Food for thought.


      Every year there is a day or two of carnage for the top 25. It appears that today is one of those days. Counting Louisville on Thursday, 9 of the top 25 went down. If it is like usual, there will be one more late in the season that will shake everything up once more. Unfortunately we will not be in position to take advantage of that. Oh well….wait till next year… Braves, Dawgs, Rangers. I’m on a real downer streak.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      So this means, by TV logic, Georgia is what ? 59 + 3 points worse than Clempson?

  66. “…the youth, the injuries, the officiating…”

    Ok, perhaps I’m excuse-making…that’s not my intention. There are a lot of things wrong right now, and some may not be easily fixable. However…

    …lest we forget, these are young men. They’ve watched the best players on the team drop like flies the past few weeks, they watched bad officiating escort a player off the field, they watched another player go down (JHC) and not return, and despite all that, had the game under control. Then they watched a bonehead call take a defensive stand away. Then the bad really starts rolling on special teams…

    Isn’t it fair to honestly question the psyche of the team? Isn’t it also fair to wonder what exactly the coaches can do about it at this point? The play-calling wasn’t perfect, but half the playbook is GONE because the kids executing the plays aren’t there yet. The defense wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough, especially considering the attrition (best pass rusher, best safety, and star position). Special teams are a total wreck. On top of all that, nothing (really) is breaking Georgia’s way right now.

    Maybe I’m just soft, but I’m prepared to give this team a pass. They can still win every game left on the schedule (probably won’t, but can) and there’s plenty to play for. I hate this for them – Murray especially deserves better. But me? Sorry. I AM buying that stuff.

    • Ginny

      You make a lot of sense. Unfortunately the uneducated commenters on this blog would prefer a whipping boy.

      • TEXAS DAWG

        A blind person can see that there is much more at play here than youth and injury.

        Special teams- this has been a disaster for years, not just today, yet nothing has been done to rectify this. What is the definition of insanity-doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This is often pointed out as an ongoing area of weakness for years by the color guys on the broadcast that know a LOT more about football then either you or me.

        Defense- yes they are young, and with the exception of the defensive line, do not seem to show ANY improvement week to week. They are playing no better than at the beginning of the season. That is a coaching issue. We brought in fresh blood with Wilson and the D-line has responded. The linebackers while pretty good, get caught out of position quite often on pass coverage. The middle of the field seems to be wide open pretty much any time the other team want to take advantage of it.

        Secondary- where to begin. Lets start with the positive. Wiggins- while he has been burned on occasion, this is the one spot where youth is the reason. He shows flashes of brilliance and I expect before he leaves Athens will be one of the better cover corners we have had. JHC shows flashes of his advance billing but he still has room to grow. As was pointed out time and again this week and last week buy the broadcast crew, our corners are playing so far off the receiver it is just a game of pitch and catch as if they were in their front yard. This is a coaching decision. The safeties almost always seem confused as to what their responsibilities are, again coaching. As for Swann well … res ipsa loquitur “the thing speaks for itself)

        Offense- other than the O-line which has underperformed on many occasions, the offense gets a pass because of all the injuries. No way to perform to the previous level when almost all the skill people are gone.

        Coaching- As Harry Truman said ” The buck stops here”. UGA has a bad habit of coming out flat and uninspired when it is not a “Big Game”. They should all be big. This is coaching. One of CMR’s biggest faults is that he has to be forced to make changes that are obvious to everyone but him
        (Exhibit one- Willie Martinez)
        (Exhibit two- refusing a special teams coach)

        Until he is ready to make timely hard changes when needed we will be a good but not great team. I am not ready to show him the door, but CMR needs to so some deep reflection on what he needs to do to get the Dawgs to the next level and does he have the back bone to do it even if he steps on some toes. If not, then the AD needs to put Richt’s feet back over the fire. There is nothing that motivates you more than the fear of losing it all.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Yo, Tex, you gonna bad mouth my man Swain, speak English…”res ipsa loquitur”…oh, wait, by using a dead language are you you insinuating that this football team is dead in the water? Hmmm:)

          • TEXAS DAWG

            That is one way of looking at it. I didn’t realize Swann had changed his name until the announcers let us know by repeatedly calling him Swain. I wonder if they told him that he now has a new name

  67. Will Trane

    No doubt now that Bama and FSU are the best teams in the nation as of today. Both starting tackles for FSU are from state. Irving out of Colquitt County and the other out of Jesup. Nick Marshall out of Wilcox County has made Auburn an offensive machine.Think somebody needs to evaluate this staff in all phases.

    • DWH

      But he would have made a great CB for us. Jeesh.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I would have to say, Will, them fuckers in the pink helmets are pretty good, too, and unless somebody beats them…it will be the Dux or THEohiostate in the game with Bama.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The most likely scenario IMHO is that Bama will lose 1 game (SECCG or Auburn, a team much better than everyone thought and is getting better each week) and Oregon will play tOSU in the BCSNCG.

        • Will (the other one)

          I see now way anOSU goes over FSU out of undefeated FSU, Oregon, and anOSU. FSU would have wins over Clemson and Florida and the Suckeyes would have..Northwestern? Wisconsin? A Michigan team that nearly lost to UConn?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            That’s the other scenario for a Bama-free BCSNCG. Oregon playing FSU. And if either loses a game, then tOSU is still waiting in the wings.

  68. Will Trane

    How many 3 and outs did the Dawgs have in the fourth. Faced at least 3 3rd downs with manageable distance and could not move the chains. No doubt there are many substandard lineman at UGA. Can not knock people of the line with drive or zone blocking, Douglas can not get in the gaps quick enough, and the QB is not a threat to run.

  69. Will Trane

    This squad will have to work hard and get lucky to become bowl eligible. Probably better than Kentucky in the east and that is as good as it gets. But today is a repeat of what happens to a CMR team, and if you are a player or recruit is this will be what your years between the hedges will be like. UT, Auburn, and Ole MIss made changes. Will UGA.

  70. rampdawg

    At the begining of the year , I did not expect that our………… Oh fuck it! Our defense sucks worse than my ex Ol’ lady..

  71. Will Trane

    Go down the roster of UT, Ole Miss, Auburn, FSU ,even a Vandy, USC, and count the players from this state. What I would like is for someone to tell me why we have so many QBs on scholarship / roster, and we only play one. Would those scholarships have been better used at another position. For damn sure no one player will leave early for the NFL, maybe DII.

  72. RomeDawg79

    Anybody have info on the Conley injury?

  73. HamDawg11

    Of all the things that have hurt us this year:
    -special teams
    -defense’s failure to stop anybody

    If we improve in one area, we’re sitting here undefeated right now. That one area is TURNOVERS!!!!! I don’t know what our differential is at this point in the season, but I would guess it’s somewhere around -7. Not even looking at the other categories mentioned above, how many teams in the country would have less than 3 losses with a turnover differential of -7? I’m thinking very few. We’re constantly shooting ourselves in the foot at crucial times in games and our D rarely steps up and forces them when we need them. Kudos to Wiggins for his pick 6 today, but there just hasn’t been enough of that to offset our lacking in other key areas.

  74. Ed Kilgore

    Well, 5 of the top 9, and 9 of the top 22, teams in the country lost today, including, of course, 4 ranked SEC teams. So we’re not the only people getting into the hooch tonight, and the day will not be primarily remembered as the day Georgia lost a game that seemed won.

  75. 3rdandGrantham

    What must be done eventually should be done immediately. CMR and co. will never get us over the hump, so I really hope we have a change at seasons end. Besides, CMR has aged years lately and looks like he’s been run over by a mack truck. Throw in his hip surgery, and he could use the rest.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      You Finished?

      • Chuck

        LOL! Love this scene from the time I first saw it in the theater, even if you weren’t using it in the totally appropriate context of the mood on the Sen.’s blog today.

        Thing is, the little girl kind of has an idea of what needs to happen next just to keep everyone from getting killed while everyone else is losing their mind or wandering aimlessly around.

        Do we have that little girl on our staff?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Per the hip. I asked my wife about that and she looked at the half time interview of CMR and his gait when he walked away and remarked. “CMR has a slight limp in his gait. On the L side. Perhaps he is in pain or their is some resultant leg shortening due to surgery, or could be that he is just in the habit of limping”
      While not the same joint my Dad had a total knee. We brought him to Athens from middle Georgia to have it done. There was a point where he look tired and worn post surgery. He had just pushed his recovery too fast and was in a lot of pain and too stubborn to slow down and take his prescriptions like he should.
      just sayin’

  76. The real glaring issue is special teams play. UGA wins yesterday without the 14 points given up in special teams play. They also win (or at least force overtime) in Clemson without the botched snap on the field goal.

    I can live with injuries (who can predict that??) and can even give the defense a break. After all, the defense didn’t do terrible yesterday, however, Swann and the secondary is still a major work in progress. I can even live with Bobo being extra conservative. After all, Murray is basically playing with a gloried scout team. But I can no longer live with special teams debacles week after week.

    CMR and staff need to do some soul searching to figure out what the major problem is on special teams. It has become something that UGA is getting known for.

    • Yes, there were 14 points resulting from special teams’ snafus, but the defense can get out there and hold them to FGs with a 2nd-team QB in the game. The offense can sustain a drive in the 4th quarter to change field position or score points. Yesterday’s loss was a TEAM loss in every sense of the word and that goes back to coaching and leadership.

    • gastr1

      ^ Yes. Plus one.

  77. DWH

    Well to add insult to injury, those wins now look a lot less impressive too. What a strange season.

  78. Will Trane

    Sun came up over the St Johns River. Beautiful. When in Valdosta I loved that drive every year. Belues were neighbors.
    Sun came up in Athens town. And the alleged football program is still there. Good deal.
    5 QBs on scholarship. For all purposes only 4 RBs can play in SEC.2 are injuredadn 2 are true frosh.. Get the picture.

  79. Will Trane

    Once again we face a dominant D. They made awesome half time adjustments to Bobo & Co.Get 3 points from AA kikcer.Vandy is loaded with 4 & 5 star D personnel. last week we found out our only 2 RBs and top Oline can gut a team up the middle in 4 front zone D. QB simply hands the ball off so the RB can go between A & B. Give Vandy credit CMR. Took 2 weeks to prepare for that scheme.

  80. Chuck

    You CANNOT dismiss the injuries and their effect on our scheme and execution on offense. More importantly, you CANNOT dismiss the impact of the injuries on these kids’ psyches. It’s like anti-motivation. Add to that losing your best defender (JHC) to YET ANOTHER injury during this game, and losing your second-best defender to the most poorly adjudicated rule now in the NCAA rule book (give me the film from 10 other games and I’ll find you 15 examples of hits “worse” than Drew’s yesterday that weren’t called). And, you also lose the momentum of a crucial 4th down stop to that same screwed up rule, created by the kind of hit we used to celebrate in football before we started having to protect everyone’s vagina…

    People, that’s a lot to overcome.

    HOWEVER, it does not excuse our consistently horrendous special teams play. I’ve been a dedicated Richt supporter, but if I’m the AD I call him in and say, “Mark, the next punt we get blocked or muff or lose because of a high snap this year, we’ll be planning the press conference at the end of the season.” THIS CRAP HAS TO STOP! And if we can’t find someone who can kick it out of the end zone on every kickoff, that might be reason to hold the press conference as well. At the highest level of football — NFL — those teams are kicking it through the endzone every time. If there’s an advantage to not doing this, wouldn’t they not be doing this?

    Also, the next biggest failing of the Richt tenure is making O-line recruiting and play a priority. So inconsistent, even without the better skill players injured. You don’t see Bama stuffed on 3 and 1 much. I’d rather have a 5 star O line making a 3 star back look great than a 3 star O line getting a 5 star back stuffed. If there’s a coaching issue, spend the big money on a proven O line coach.

    But my biggest gripe with Richt and his staff during his tenure is they just don’t seem to know how to get the best out of the players from a motivation standpoint. And when injuries are an “anti-motivator” (see above) you need a staff for whom the ability to motivate is a positive, not a glaring negative.

    If I could turn back time to the Wilson hit on 4th down and have the official not throw that flag, at that moment I’d have bet anybody $1000 we don’t lose that game. But given my concerns about special teams, O line and motivation, it would be a scary time until the clock hit 0:00.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      “If I could turn back time to the Wilson hit on 4th down and have the official not throw the flag, at that moment I’d have bet anybody $1000 we don’t lose that game.” Absof#ckinglutely right!!! That bad call changed the whole game. It was the wrong call, got reversed by the TV ref, and STILL Vandy got 15 yards and a 1st down which led to a score. The UGA D had stopped Vandy and the D was about to get off the field, then that official does that. I wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t just a bad call. It was an intentional act to help Vandy win the game by someone with an agenda. We need to identify the game official who threw the flag and make sure he never works another UGA game again. I don’t know if the guy had a bet on the game, is owned by the mob or what, but the call was so bogus(shoulder to shoulder hit) that it clearly did not warrant that call. The ref was trying to help Vandy (or hurt UGA) with that call. There are no real consequences for refs who do this sort of thing. There really need to be consequences.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Nice post! I imagine the kid’s heads are a bit scrambled.
      It’s hard to get players up week after week especially after the summer/spring grind. UT came out ready to play so did Vandy. You could sense it. I wish we could fire ’em like we did at last years WLOCP! From the opening KO we were laying the wood on them.
      I agree on the KO strategy. Boom it out of the end zone. Unless you have a real strategy/ability to kick it high and drop it at the 3 yd line and pen the O inside their 10 why bother. There is no margin in it.
      I have no clue why we don’t recruit more big uglies. We sure have our share of qbs. Did you notice LeMay didn’t make the trip to Vandy. You mentioned Alabama in your post. Ya think LeMay would still be playing D-1 ball if he had signed with Bama? Alabama runs a semi-pro football team and the U of Alabama participates in that strategy to help win games. Do we want to be like Alabama?

      Per the call: that has to be the worst call that changed a game outcome since the 2009 Florida/Arkansas game.

  81. Will Trane

    Game was not decided by officials. Will always bad calls. Just the next one. Only coaching gettting players in th right place and on time will help targeting rule.My issue is the O line and scheme in this game. Both Vandy, MIizzou,& UT to a point shut the offense down in 2nd half. O line on 3 consecutive possessions failed to move the chains.

  82. jeff

    No way Bobo goes that conservative without direct instruction from the head coach . . . NO WAY. The man has a headset for a reason. At any point in time, CMR could have taken the chains off. He chose not to,