Observations from the armchair: Georgia-Vanderbilt

Trust me, these are the posts that make it hard to blog about college football.

  • If there’s anything that surprised me about what Vanderbilt did or didn’t do, it’s that the Commodores never came after Barber very hard.  Of course, that thought first came to me right before the disastrous last punt attempt, so maybe they had things figured out all along.
  • The crappiest thing about losing that game was wasting Shaq Wiggins’ pick-six.
  • Speaking of Shaq, the CBS broadcast crew was the worst pairing I’ve had to listen to all season.  Tim Brando is one of those irritating people who’s incredibly full of himself without even a sliver of awareness that his audience fails to share his high opinion of himself.
  • Injury problem #1:  Vanderbilt had absolutely no fear of Georgia’s downfield passing game.  None.
  • Injury problem #2:  Vanderbilt respected Georgia’s running backs, but respect isn’t the same thing as fear.  Douglas can bust through a line and pick up tough yardage.  Green’s got some quicks and shiftiness.  Gurley possesses both and Marshall has a higher gear than either.
  • But the biggest problem on offense right now isn’t injury related.  It’s that neither the offensive coordinator nor the starting quarterback trust the pass blocking.  Combine that with a secondary not overly concerned about getting challenged deep, and Murray saw his window get squeezed tighter and tighter.
  • Are we at the point now where Marshall Morgan is the part of special teams we’re most comfortable with?  Boy.
  • Swann sure looked a lot more comfortable playing the star position than he did at corner.
  • Mauger and Moore weren’t great, but at least they both made contributions, which is a heckuva lot more than we saw out of them against Missouri.
  • Defense was better on third-down conversions, but the offense was awful in that regard.
  • I still don’t understand why Georgia continues to get so little production out of its tight ends.
  • Murray was way too locked in to getting the ball to Conley, given how much attention Vandy’s defense was paying to Conley.
  • Again, another week I would have thrown a bunch more screen passes than Bobo called.
  • I was amazed at how much the refs were letting Vanderbilt’s players use their hands.  On the play he was tossed, Drew was held, rather blatantly.  And Krause clearly pushed off on his 41-yard reception.  Of course, if they’re not gonna call it, I’d do it, too.
  • I’d like to know what Franklin was thinking when he called for a field goal with 20 seconds left in the game.
  • And, yeah, the Conley injury on the Hail Mary to end the game was the cherry on top of the sundae.

I think Mark Richt went into this season knowing exactly what he had on offense and defense and knew that it was going to be something of a high wire act to hold things together, particular with that September schedule. September was managed well, but what Richt wasn’t counting on were the rash of injuries (who could?) and the beyond craptastic special teams play.  Yesterday’s game plan still had at its heart a feeling that the offense could more than carry its share of the load and by the time the coaches realized that wasn’t the case, the ball was being snapped over Barber’s head.

At some point, they need to realize which kids can do their jobs, plug them in place and quit farting around with pulling players in and out of roles for no apparent reason.  Assuming Gurley and Bennett are indeed back for the Florida game, things will start looking up as a result of the talent upgrade.  But it’s time to quit assuming there’s enough talent to overcome the mistakes on and off the field.  That’s a lesson that should have been learned as they walked out of Neyland Stadium.  Hopefully it won’t take any more losses for that to sink in.


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  1. merk

    I dunno, but the fact that a LS and a punter are the issues on ST is stupid. I mean wth do they do all practice? Really, just have them spend every damn minute of every practice snapping and kicking, if they bitch about it take their scholly and give it to a walk on.

    • merk

      Better yet, take the schoolly and recruit another 4 star, you can get a walk-on soccer player to kick if you have to.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Yeah, basically the LS has one primary duty even if he doesn’t block the man in front of him. What the hell do these two do in practice all day?

    • SC DAWG

      That’s all they do and they do it well in practice. Been there about 20 times.

  2. gastr1

    The thing I always have to remind myself, even as I scare my dogs by screaming bloody murder over the idiocy of yet another bad snap, is that these are young people that will screw up and really require patience. And they need the confidence of their mentors in putting them back out there after they F things up. Those things are crucial to developing a young person’s ability in any kind of performance discipline, be it theater, swimming, or football. These are not parts being put in and out of an engine, though I surely would like to think of it that way (it’s a lot easier). They’re human beings, and young, foolhardy ones at that. How to handle getting them to do what they’re capable of…I don;t think it’s so cut and dry as just sitting them on the bench or “disciplining” them with verbal fireworks.

    • gastr1

      (though I’m not by any stretch suggesting benching or “come to Jesus” discussions should not happen.)

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Sorry gastr1, but if I’m CMR Ty Frix never sees the field again for a game. Barber, too.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. I wouldn’t let Swann return punts any more, either.

        • gastr1

          “Never” is a strong word when you have someone who can kick the ball as far as Barber can, Mayor. Especially since we don’t typically cut them like Saban does.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Was not Frix the second long snapper we have had this season…did we not fire Theus’ brother?

        It may look easy, but that long snap to the punter has to be perfect, the snap has to hit the punter in stride with the laces where the punter wants them, every time…I have been a Georgia fan longer than either Frix or Theus has been breathing, I have never seen so many problems with the punt snap. Barber’s average is off because of snap problems, low snap, short punt, high snap short or shanked punt. Barber is a great kicker to be able to do what he does with a low comfort level he is going to get the snap he needs.

        Simply stupefying.

        That rumbling sound you hear driving by the east end of the stadium in the morning? That’s Bill Hartman tearing his hair out.

    • Olddawg 55

      gastri1, you’re spot on about the reactions that the coaches should take with these young men….I have been so negative of late that I forgot that I did approach it just like that as a coach..and in a leadership role. A young man’s ego is a fragile thin,,kinda like a young puppy–you can ruin them so easily or boost them even higher. After lying awake, replaying the games these last two Saturdays, I guess I’ve forgotten how it really is “in the arena”…so overlook my bitter comments. Let’s go Dawgs, c’mon back and let’s beat the Gators, Aubies, and Gnats…learn, recover, and GATA!

  3. JAX

    The team has lost its mojo, plain and simple. The absolute failure we observed yesterday was a reflection of more than injuries and youth. Perhaps you can say that 2014 has the potential to remove both of those, but we still have the (lack of) coaching at certain positions and levels to deal with. I don’t know, maybe we can find it within ourselves to squeeze by Auburn and tech but I think both take us to the woodshed.

    Finally, I know Alabama recruits extremely well and their depth reflects that, but if they can maintain their level of defensive play year-in, year-out, then what we see out of Grantham and team is coaching related, because I don’t believe that our talent level is way down the rung compared to Alabama. It’s coaching.

    • Athens Townie

      I agree with this. When healthy, can out-talent a lot of teams. When healthy and not killing ourselves with mistakes, we can outplay some really good teams.

      But when we don’t have a talent advantage, I just don’t see us out-coaching other teams. We get out-coached pretty often. Sometimes we win anyway. But I can’t remember very many times where we just out-coach another team or overcome a talent disadvantage.

      That’s just not what Georgia does.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Bowl eligible. That’s a goal now. If not, this season will impact practice time for next season. In order to do that Georgia has to win at least 2 more games out of the following: FU, App State, Kentucky, Auburn, Georgia Tech. I think the Dawgs will get past App State, even in this weakened condition. Probably Kentucky too, although UK played South Carolina pretty tough. I think realistically the Dawgs will need some guys to get healthy to get past the other 3 though. Bennett and Gurley at minimum. That said, this still could become CMR’s finest hour. Win out, have a 9-3 regular season and win the bowl for a 10 win season would be a tremendous accomplishment. Maybe even still win the East if things break badly for Mizzou. We really need for everybody to get behind the team more than ever now. Adversity either brings out the best in people or the worst in people. Let’s shoot for the best.

      • Miguel

        Finest hour? this is typical UGA under Mark Richt. High expectations, get kicked in the nuts and then try to figure out how to “salvage the season.”

        • +1000. It’s official. I heard the nearly annual “we still have goals to play for and that hasn’t changed” speech last night in one of Emerson’s articles. Usually Richt utters those words. Sadly this time it was a player.

          I’m sorry but under the “dream” scenario above, what does that really get us? An invitation to a bowl no one wants to go to against a team no one wants to see and then yet another year of no change of any type.

          This year’s excuse is obviously injuries. Early betting lines have next year’s having to do with starting a new QB for the first time in years. That’s at least two more years of underachieving people getting paid.

          • gastr1

            The irony is that we’ll have pretty much everyone other than Murray back next year. Given the way things have played out, with the talent around him Mason would only have to be a decent game manager given inevitable improvement on D.

          • dudetheplayer

            So we should just give up right now, so we can fire errrbody?

            I don’t understand the logic here.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Thanks man….really, GATA!!!! even you guys on crutches GATA…you little guys huddled around the radio in the gas stations and bars and restaurants GATA!!!! We can’t let Vandy take the joy out of our lives…GATA!!!!!

      • TEXAS DAWG

        Just a question. Since App State is a FCS team and not FBS until next year, does that win count toward our 6 needed to be bowl eligible? If it does not count, we may be hard pressed to make any bowl unless we get a waiver like GT did last year.

    • dudetheplayer

      The problem with the “out-coached” assessment is that it is so vague. What does it really mean to be “out-coached”? I think this is the problem Richt has with assessing how to fix what is wrong. The first couple of seasons we all thought Grantham was the savior and now he is the scapegoat. Has the guy become inexplicably incompetent in that time frame or is there more to it than that? I’ve seen plenty of people question our S&C, but many thought Coach T had righted the ship just last season.

      Hell, this even extends to our AD. We were all drinking the McGarity kool-aid early on, but he’s done very little to inspire confidence since then. Our major programs are not where they need to be.

      I still think Richt is one of the best HCs in CFB and is the guy to lead us in the right direction. Hell, he’s already proven that he can fix things as the last two seasons attest. Had we been able to stay healthy, I think this would’ve been a special season. He’s obviously not Saban, but that isn’t a realistic standard to hold him to. We are not hiring Nick Saban any time soon.

      All that said, I do think Grantham needs to go, and I do think we need a ST coach.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Agree, mojo is #1 injury.

  4. Derek

    “Injury problem #1: Vanderbilt had absolutely no fear of Georgia’s downfield passing game. None.”

    This was my fear when Scott-Wesley went down in Knoxville. When the only speed guy you have left is a true freshman, your options of getting the safeties out of the box are limited. What you’d like to do is line up in an I-formation and pound the ball and still get something out of play action. However, our o-line isn’t good enough to handle the extra men in the box.

    What you saw vs. Mizzou was probably the best they could hope for: Spread them out and throw short passes with enough run mixed in to keep the d-linemen from pinning their ears back. Vandy saw that and tied the noose as tight as they could.

    As far as tight ends they are most effective matched up against LB’s who are reading run first. When play-action isn’t working its hard to get a lot out of the TE’s. We are mainly using them to split out and take a guy out of the box right now.

    We better hope Gurley is back 100% for Jax or it’s gonna get ugly for Aaron.

    • Miguel

      Why can’t you throw long to Reggie Davis?

    • gatorhater27

      I still find it annoying that we didn’t even attempt to throw it downfield even once. I miss first and bomb.

    • Texas Baller

      Romo hits Witten 10-12 per game.

      Lynch #2 TE prospect in upcoming NFL draft per Ft Worth Star Telegram today.

      Yet, he was invisible yesterday (thanks to Bobo/Richt & wacky QB).

      Give me Lynch, Conley, Wooten, 22/15 and Murray any day and I’ll put 40+ on any defense in the country!

      Just wish our HC was as confident.

      • Texas Baller

        PS – why didn’t Murray rollout once other than his TD?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          If you do it too often it won’t work when you really need it.

          • gastr1

            Agreed. It limits you to one-half to one-fourth of the field, too, depending on how far the QB “rolls.” I’ve never liked it much for that reason.

      • Derek

        Who are you coaching for now? I can only assume that a mind such as yours isn’t being wasted. 40+ on anyone is worth over a mil a year minimum.

        • Texas Baller

          I coached your mom last night

          • Texas Baller


            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              TB, that’s COUCHED, not coached. Couched.🙂

            • Derek

              Told me you had a very difficult time scoring under optimal conditions so your claim of 40+ with against any defense with a limited roster is even more valueless than I had initially thought.

              BTW: given all of the available options for erectile dysfunction your lack of any acceptable performance is truly inexcusable. Keep in mind that Cialis will no matter how small it is.

          • TennesseeDawg

            If you coached her on how to snap the ball to the punter, then please report to the practice fields in Athens tomorrow afternoon

  5. The other Doug

    I’m getting tired of Bobo struggling to adjust his game plan when things aren’t working out. He generally makes the change, but it’s either so late the game is already lost or it’s the next week.

  6. D.N. Nation

    1) We suck.
    2) Florida sucks worse.

    Lost season. Thanks, Neyland. At least we got a taste of how good this team could be.

    Rest of the year? Just hope the defense….well, they at least appear to be improving when you negate some of the worst penalties of the season.

    Special teams speak for themselves.

    Stay healthy and we’ll be pretty damned good next season. Stay healthy. Please. I beg of you.

  7. MurphDawg

    In addition to the many valid points already made, it appeared that Vanderbilt wanted to win from the outset and that we were more in line with the motivation exhibited at the Liberty Bowl debacle against UCF. Is this a result of the injuries or is it an indication of a team not being prepared by the coaching staff? There are a lot of issues with special teams and the defense so some of the more conservative play calls toward the end of the game left me yelling at the TV and scratching my head like many of you. I certainly don’t know the answer for a lot of the issues but it seems that some of them continue to happen which shouldn’t be the case. I still love my Dawgs and will support them no matter what but it seems that there needs to be some serious review behind closed doors about how our guys are being coached. Go Dawgs!!

  8. Athdawg

    Munson used to say on the call-in show: “Whatever you do, Coach Richt, please don’t scrimmage this week”

  9. Something has to be done about special teams. I’m not a football analyst or coach – I’m not particularly smart about any of it. But it’s clear there’s a systemic problem with UGA’s approach to ST.

    At this point, there’s absolutely no reason to let it all hang out in every phase.

  10. SC DAWG

    Most of you people just mystify me. Name one team, in the history of college football, that has suffered the number of injuries to pretty much ALL of its skill players, within 2 weeks of each other. You can’t. It’s never happened. Frankly, I’m shocked we’ve scored what we’ve scored and losing Drew and JHC in that game was HUGE. If we didn’t have these epic injuries, we are 6-1 and you are all talking about how great we are.

    • Carolinadawg

      I suggest you actually watch the game, because clearly you didn’t.

    • Derek

      Man, that’s just coachin’ right thar! I mean you don’t see Saban losing everybody in a couple of weeks. You gotta play man, blitz and adjust. Works ever time, man. All you gotta do is throw 5 tds to Reggie Davis and you got 35pts right there. That’s enough to win right there. If I know that, why don’t Richt and Bobo? Cuz they don’t know how to coach as good I do! If they knew what they were doing they’d have walk ons as good as Malcolm Mitchell. Ya gotta plan ahead, man.

    • Normaltown Mike

      It’s Bobo’s fault!

      Find a team that has lost 2 RB’s & 3 (!) WR’s & I guarantee you’ll find a team losing more than winning.

      Conley is a nice check down receiver, but no speed threat. Vandy & Mizzou could cheat Safeties forward with no fear.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Didn’t 31 have that lightning fast td vs Neb in the bowl game?

        • gastr1

          There’s w hole lot more to being a WR than being fast…quick feet and feints, using the body to create space, etc. I suspect Conley is fast but not that not quick. And don’t forget, he had a shit-ton of space on the Nebraska play and didn’t really even have to run past anyone. The SC score by Scott-Wesley, now THAT was fast.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Yeah, when you write “speed threat” I am not looking any other WR qualities. He is no Davis or JSW, but I still think he simply outran that Neb secondary.

            • Will (the other one)

              Technically, Murray threw for 400+ yards vs. Nebraska with our top 3 WRs out (Mitchel, Bennett, and Marlon Brown).

        • Will (the other one)

          Having JSW on the field takes .4 seconds off his 40 time, everyone who really understands football knows that.

  11. Will Trane

    Do not mind losing to a point as long as the play, execuition, and focus is there by coaches and players. I put this loss on the coaches. Had the game and simply let it go. Not one who complains about officiating. Tough job. Plus over course of time the calls seem to even out. Injuries have hurt on both sides of the ball. But the play of ST has been a killer more than the injuiries. Not ST errors and they sit at 5-2, buying time re injuiries. Gone now.

  12. Will Trane

    Auburn with Nick Marshall are at 6-1. Have 8 home games this season iwth a week off before they play Bama at home to close out. And they were NC recently. How do they do that? I’d give them a fair shot to be in Atlanta against Mizzou. Cards in WS, Mizzou in Dome, and NASCAR Talledage winner from MO. Great year for that state.

    • SC Dawg

      Can we all agree that Will Trane has now proven himself the dumbest person on earth?

      • Olddawg 55

        Au contraire…French for “not so fast, my friend”. WT hit a lot of solid points there…especially the Auburn turnaround. A cast off Dawg QB, some notable names on the OL/DL that we thought were coming to UGA..those Aubies have done a creditable job with a new coach, Ellis Johnson, and a no name OC (I won’t mention their DL coach!!) I’m close enough to the Plains to hear/feel the effect they’re having on the state. We have got to take them seriously and GATA!

    • gastr1

      F’ing Cardinals. I hate Missouri.

  13. 69Dawg

    I’ve been watching the Dawgs play since I was there in the 60’s. Older UGA alumni were so happy to get a coach with a pulse they welcomed Vince and his staff of unknowns. When Vince took us the Sun Bowl and we beat Texas Tech it was love. Vince took us to the Promise Land mostly on the back of HW but for his 201 victories over 25 years we were settling most of the time for 8-3 or 7-4 years. I guess what I’m saying is that UGA fans of my generation were easy to please. Mark has Saban but Vince had the Bear so that’s not a valid excuse. Does anybody who has followed this team really think that Mark will do anything to straighten this ST thing out until he is forced to by the powers that be? We have employed the adopted son of Bobby Bowden and have been doing it the Bobby way for 13 years. Only problem this ain’t Bobby’s ACC. Bobby realized that FSU could not out talent the SEC like he did the ACC. He only had two games a year against Florida and Miami. Mark has 8 tough games a year and usually can only out talent the Vandy’s and Kentucky’s. He’s been lucky that UT self destructed but UF has been his Miami. I guess it will continue to be a game of talent not coaching since no one would ever say about Mark “he can win with his or he can win with yours.”

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      69, I usually agree with you but I think you misspoke when you said we (i.e. UGA students, alumni and fans) “settled” for all those lousy 8-4/7-4 seasons under Vince Dooley. This shows how brainwashed some have become with their expectations about winning. VD is in the Coaches Hall of Fame. He has an all-time winning percentage of .715. That places him firmly in the top half of all coaches in the Hall, and the coaches in the Hall are the best coaches of all time. Some examples of coaches behind VD in winning percentage are: Bobby Dodd (.713); John Heisman (.712); Pat Dye (.707); Frank Broyles (.700); Jimmy Johnson (.699); Joe Paterno (.685); Lou Holtz (.642) and Wally Butts (.615). There are many others. If you do the math, you’ll find that a year of 8-3 translates into a winning percentage of .727. That’s better than more than half the guys in the Coaches Hall of Fame. So maybe one should temper one’s expectations with a dose of reality. BTW, CMR’s winning percentage is about the same as VD’s so CMR is going to be in the Hall when his career is over.

      • gastr1

        I just hope he gets as many NCs as Vince.

      • Prior to conference expansion… even into the 1990’s, teams didn’t play cupcakes. They filled their schedules with teams from other power conferences or big name independents. They only occasionally had a cupcake. The teams these days routinely have two or three cupcakes on the schedule per year. During the HW era, UGA played two schools that weren’t “name” schools: Temple in 1981 and Memphis in 1982. UGA has North Texas and Appy State this year, and you can find a lot of fans that wish another cupcake had replaced Clemson on the schedule. It was just last year that Buffalo, FAU, and Georgia Southern all graced the same schedule. That’s more cupcakes in one year than Dooley coached against in five years.

        So Vince’s numbers compared to the schedules he played are hall of fame worthy. Richt’s numbers compared to the schedules he’s played? Better than average, but hardly hall of fame worthy. He’s 70-31 in the conference, which is a sub-.700 winning percentage. Vince within the conference was 104-42-4. That’s a .712 winning percentage. For comparison, Saban is 71-21 in the SEC for a .772 winning percentage. Phil Fulmer was 96-34 in the SEC… a .738 winning percentage. Including his time at USCe, Spurrier is 125-43… a .744 winning percentage. Les Miles is 50-19… .725. Saban is a HOF-er. Spurrier is, too. Fulmer probably should be. If Miles continues his pace, he probably should be as well. Richt is a decent pace behind those guys. You really need to squint your eyes and tilt your head to the side to look at his stats and call him a HOF-er with only two SEC titles and no national title.

        I’m not in the fire Richt crowd now. I was a few years back when I didn’t think he had the gumption to turn things around, but he proved me wrong, and I am happy he did so (that’s one reason why I think he can fix special teams, but damn if he doesn’t seem stubborn as hell about it). But, if you are of the opinion that Richt is the greatest coach in Georgia history, you are mistaken. And, to boot, he’s not really even in the top five best coaches among his contemporaries (if you include Urban Meyer’s time in the SEC) within the conference.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Trey, I am not of the opinion that CMR is the best coach in Georgia history or even one of the 5 best coaches among his contemporaries. My point wasn’t about CMR at all and I wish I hadn’t mentioned his name in the post above. My point in response to 69 was (and is) this: Don’t trash VD because he had a bunch of 7-4/8-3 season because that’s what gets coaches in the Hall of Fame. 8-3 ain’t so bad, particularly if you are also having 11-1/12-0 seasons and winning championships every now and again. Now since you brought up CMR, he has won the SEC Championship twice and the SEC East 5 times (or 6 if you count 2007 when the Dawgs tied UT but lost the tie-breaker to play in the SECCG-they were still co-champs of the East). VD didn’t win his MNC until his 17th season. CMR is in his 13th. There is still plenty of time. There are coaches in that Hall that never won the MNC. I still think CMR is going to be in it someday, although your cupcake point is a valid one.

  14. DawgWalker07

    If there’s one person I really feel bad for it’s Aaron Murray. Kid comes back to do everything he can to get UGA to the promised land and watches it collapse amid injuries, an underachieving defense, horrid special teams, and a regression in OL play. The kid is great and a hard worker and I’m proud to have had him as our QB, but he will never get the final season he deserves because of factors completely outside of his control.

  15. Will Trane

    Life ain’t fair. Better to have fun. Skip Florida game, go party, fish, or anything of than the game. You will feel better Saturday night and Sunday morning. Aint our year, best to go do other things and see how ’14 goes.

    • Ginny

      Skip the Florida game?? Nahhh son. I don’t care how disappointed I am with the season. You don’t skip the Florida game.

  16. Russ

    The sad thing is that we wasted a pretty good effort by the defense. Pick 6 (finally), and a key defensive stop after a turnover. Unfortunately it was taken away by a terrible call and the team crumbled. We’ve been hoping that the defense would catch up to the offense. Well, they’re now equal. Just not how we were hoping.

    If we get Gurley back and have a couple of good weeks practicing, I think we can beat Florida for the third year in a row. We’ll beat App St and probably Kentucky. Auburn will be tough. I think we’ll still take the nerds.

  17. Bright Idea

    It looked like we wanted to put the Vandy game on the shoulders of the OLine but the coaches forgot to tell them. It is the only group to be injury free and also the most frustrating. Vandy’s defense looked like they were in our huddle, if we had a huddle. When the white hat blows a call you can forget him being overruled. No replay official will get on that phone and tell him “you blew it!”

  18. uglydawg

    I would love to have seen CMR go out on the field (after the second call) and use a time out to read the riot act…(with a Muschampishlike, red, murder in his eyes and breathing fire face on) face to face with the silly bastard who made the call….or at least sent CTG out to do it. Maybe if he builty a fire the team would heat up…

    • 69Dawg

      Look Mark is not built that way and the Refs know it. He is too nice to call out the refs. Therefore we get screwed like a 25cent whore. We’re easy. You do that to Saban or Miles and you catch hell, you do it to Mark and it’s “Thank you sir may I have another”.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Sad, but true. We’ve had so many bad calls the last 6 years since the 2007 end zone stomp and CMR has just taken it. I say chew the bastards out in front of 90,000+ people at the game and millions on TV. Show ’em up in front of everybody. Get an unsportsmanlike called on you and then chew them out some more. Get tossed from the game. But hell, don’t just take it! I’m also sick of our chickensh!t AD who does…..nothing.

  19. AusDawg85

    First, Senator, your pre-game write-up was spot on. Maybe we should encourage the UGA coaching staff to read blog (more?). Anyways, kudos.

    Second…where are all the Bobo defenders with the big stats? It’s either his offense gets 500+ YPG and 40+ points and the greatest ever or he should be fired. The reality is the nuance I’ve been saying…he is a fine, young developing OC and forever a DGD but he would be better off getting some additional experience elsewhere, especially with the new spread offenses. Conversely, Richt could use an upgrade at OC the way Les Miles got Cameron.

    And I’m still going to reserve judgement on Grantham. With offenses getting better, even Saban is acknowledging the challenge of keeping up on D schemes. CTG’s play book maybe too complex, but running base D is gonna get you beat in the SEC. Coming from the pro’s he probably was not ready to adjust to the longer learning curve of 18 – 21 yr old kids. But let’s see how the full year plays out before condemning his approach.

    But the ST play? That’s on CMR, has been bad for years, he took responsibility for it this Spring, and what have we got…a hot mess. But it’s not like his OC and DC can’t see the problems either. There’s more going on here than with the players. An internal problem on the coaching staff about this or something, but it lands at Richt’s feet. Never seen an UGA practice, so don’t know what goes on normally, but would love to hear that during this bye week CMR personally takes a couple of days with the FULL squad and drills ST play and identifies who is going to take ownership and get the job done in all phases of ST play. Improvement here will go a LONG way to helping the other phases of the game, especially vs our remaining big 3 rivals.

  20. Flukebucket

    I would have killed Tim Brando with my bare hands more than once Saturday. What a disgusting broadcaster he is. His ridiculous apologetics for the horrendous targeting call that got one of our best defensive players tossed for the game made me so livid that I made a complete ass of myself in front of my wife and dog. I will never listen to the bastard again.

    • 69Dawg

      Call his little listened to radio show and tell him what you think. He is an egotistical blowhard that has been relegated to XM. Hell CBS won’t put his show on their radio stations.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Listen on Monday. But I’m going to call him but I will use the soft sell approach. If you do otherwise, they’ll just cut you off and make fun of you and say how stupid you are when you can’t respond.

  21. Cousin Eddie

    I have no confidence this coaching staff can make the needed repairs during the season. Just more coach speak.
    From now on just go for it on fourth down. Don’t even dress a long snapper or punter, if they get the punt off it it’s not likely for Grantham to put together enough for a stop.

  22. Normaltown Mike

    CMR needs to stop by Bulldog Sporting Goods on Baxter & find a snapper.

    UGA went nearly a decade with walk ons from clarke Central that worked at Bulldog & we never put up with this crap.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. When I was in college a friend of mine was the field goal/extra point snapper. Never had a bad snap. It ain’t that tough if that’s the only job you have. I guarentee you could find a student who snapped in HS just walking around campus that would do a better job. It’s a little late for this season but how about open tryouts for the job in the spring?

  23. W Cobb Dawg

    Blame it on injuries, freshmen, refs, whatever. But this team has a coaching problem. The STs and D are among the worst in cfb. With the sec’s all-time QB and at least 3 others who’ll be in the nfl next year (Lynch, Gates, Burnette), the O could only produce 2 TDs against vandy.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I hate it when you’re right.

      • Todd

        I watched Moreno, Stafford , and Green yesterday. Think about all that talent and no championships at all. This looks very similar to me.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Not quite true, Todd. UGA won the last 2 SEC East titles and was 5 yards away from winning the SECCG (and likely a BCSNC) when a tipped pass cost Georgia the game. No similarity that I can see. Also, the ’07 team finished #2 in the nation. No championship but pretty high finish in the final BCS rankings. I remind you that Bama didn’t win the SEC West or the SEC Championship in 2011 but did win the BCSNCG because Bama was allowed to play in the game. UGA hasn’t been allowed to play in the game yet and should have been in ’07 IMHO.

  24. hosayf


    First of all, I did not see this game or the Missouri game. I work overnight Friday and Saturday, so I had to get some sleep. With that said, I work in television, and we show a good deal of live sports. They can be a bitch because the longer they go over the allotted time the more problematic they become for the television staff in terms of how the programming after the event airs.

    I’m watching the Colts Broncos game right now, and there have been several questionable calls late in the game. I’m wondering if some of these bad calls are because refs simply want to get it over with and go home. It’s bullshit, but at my job, we’re happy when a bad call shortens a game because that makes our lives easier.

    What do you think?


  25. MinnesotaDawg

    You want some separation and some space for your WRs and TEs to operate and a little more time for your QB to find those WRs? Stop being so goddamn predictable on first down (or second down for that matter). That’s what was so piss-poor about our OC’s efforts in the second half. Lazy, conservative, wish-the-game-would-end playcalling which killed our offensive rhythm and hamstrung our injury-challenged offense.

    From our first possession in the second half until we fell behind, we had 10 first down snaps. We threw it (complete for 11 yards) on the first one, and then ran it 8 times out of 9. The lone pass was another completion for 5 yards. This pattern, rather than the horseshit injuries excuse, is the primary reason for our offensive failure (3 points against that POS Vandy defense) in the second half.

  26. Olddawg 55

    Senator, can you find out if the call against Drew is reviewable by Shaw and the SEC officiating gurus? Can’t they review it and clear him to play against FL? Thanks!

  27. Beakerdwag

    We will win the rest of our games. However the problems that are always just under the thin layer of our success, will continue to grow and nothing will change. We are the definition of football insanity. But I’ll be a Dawg til I die.

  28. Husky Jeans

    While I’m just as frustrated as most UGA fans, I’m trying to maintain some level of objectivity and realism. If, in the preseason, our team looked exactly as it did at the start of the Vandy game (minus Gurley, Marshall, Bennett, JSW, Mitchell on offense and minus Tray Matthews on Defense), what would our expectations have been? Six wins? Maybe 7?

    I’m so sick of hearing the “But Saban’s teams never have these problems!” comments. At any time this season, if you read the prominent blogs for USC (either USC, actually), Florida, LSU, A&M, Texas, Michigan, Clemson, Stanford, Oklahoma….etc etc, you’d be reading the exact same things we’re saying. Point being, perfection is hard. We were five yards and a tipped pass away from playing and likely winning a national championship last year. And CMR has put us in the national championship conversation at the end of three seasons during his tenure (with one or two breaks out of our control, we could have three national championships under Richt: 2002, 2007, and 2012).

    That being said, I wouldn’t be upset if Grantham weren’t here next year. I just don’t have much faith in him to get it done.