See if this works.

Okay, I keed, I keed.

Try to get the venting out of your systems today.  I don’t want to see the comments section devolve into a permanent state of toxicity.  We’re better than that, really.


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  1. BR Dawg

    The biggest disappointment for me is wanting AM to have a successful year and see him win a championship. Then watching the whole team crumble around him. I don’t know how he keeps it together. I’m sure in his mind he now thinks he made a bad decision coming back. It’s all just a huge disappointment.

  2. Tom

    OK, my vent. I attended the game yesterday. Sitting in the end zone, the impression, watching UGA vs Vandy. Vandy was fired up and UGA was gong through the motions of playing. That was in the first Qtr and my opinion didn’t change throughout the game. Very disappointed in my team.

  3. Derek

    Beat Florida! 3 in a row!!

    I hope this sets a positive, forward-looking tone.

  4. Chuck

    My ray of sunshine to come out of yesterday is that for all the Manziel talk and slobbering over A&M, it seems Missouri may make it to the SECC before A&M does.

    Of course, my team’s implosion helped make that happen, but…take that frown and turn it upside down!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I have to say that when aTm and Mizzou joined the SEC I thought (and said at the time) that Mizzou was going to be the bigger threat as Mizzou had averaged about 9 wins a season for the whole time Pinkel had been HC there–aTm, not so much. I still feel the same.

      • The First Chuck

        Totally agree. Mizzou lost their Aaron Murray and went and beat Florida a week after playing us on the road. That’s pretty stout. aTm loses Manziel and they are not very competitive, imo.

        • Athens Townie

          Good point there. Mizzou is a well-coached, disciplined team top to bottom.

          A&M is dangerous any given week. But…subtract JFF, and you don’t have a competitive team.

  5. Brandon

    They’ve got to do something for the defense to even up the advantage the targeting rule is giving offense’s. I don’t see why anyone would want to play defense anymore, it’s like giving kids the choice to play the Harlem Globetrotters or the Washington Generals. Maybe ejecting the quarterback for putting the “defenseless player” in that position would help, no forward passes between the hashmarks I don’t know. It’s almost enough to where I don’t even want to watch anymore.

  6. Athens Dog

    Hard to fathom how quickly the season fell apart. We really need to beat the booger eaters.

  7. One of Vandy’s runs yesterday:

  8. Rick

    Purposefully avoided any comments yesterday, but here’s my take: this team had legitimate national title amibitions, even with a crap defense. Without gurley, we had SEC ambitions, without marshall and the WRs, we had SEC East ambitions. Without Drew, mathews, and clemons, we’re a below average Richt squad.

    The margin for error was not razor thin, but it certainly was too thin to have catastrophes on both sides of the punt game and a critical fumble from the 4th string true freshman RB. The special teams miscues are maddening, but I don’t know what to say other than whatever, they are the worst in Richt’s 13 years, they won’t be like that next year.

    More than anything, I hope 2013 is looked backed on as a curiosity where the targeting rule (or rather, it’s horrible implementation) made college football so arbitrary that Mizzou won the SEC East.

    • charlottedawg

      You’re first paragraph sums up my thoughts in the team. I thought the team after the lsu game was a legit sec content defensive warts and all. We are just simply not the same team we were 3 weeks ago.

      • Anon

        We aren’t the same team. Even without the injuries I’d hope we weren’t the same team. Well coached teams are supposed to grow and get better throughout the year.

        But we keep making the same mistakes on D and special teams that we have been making all year. Those are glaring coaching problems that will not be fixed via platitudes and coachspeak.

  9. sniffer

    Someone or something had taken the fun out. Little by little, year to year, this has been getting less fun. There’s really not much fun left right now.

    When a player makes a routine play for a tackle and gets a roughing penalty and is ejected by rule, I’m lost.

    That is my last trip to watch an SEC game. I can get to Samford (Birmingham) in ten minutes if I decide to watch a live game again.

    I feel for the ones who hold out and hold on to what major college football becomes. It won’t be fun, either, whatever it is.

  10. The First Chuck

    I am over it, more or less. I am not happy, happy, mind you, but these are the choices:
    1) Stick with the Dawgs, or
    2) Pick another team, or
    3) Give up college football

    It’s a no brainer, really.

    I do feel badly for AM. How bittersweet (and meaningless) is it to break the GPOOE record in a loss to Vandy. I also hate it for every single player that has been injured for several games of the season.

    My cousin the Gator texted me yesterday that this year, more than most, the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is going to need LOTS of cocktails. I told him that there should be a tailgating theme along Red Cross lines, but I think a M*A*S*H unit might be better. I need to figure who is going to be Klinger, but the rest will be easy to cast.

  11. mg4life0331

    Senator you got 2 weeks until another game. I’m not sure you understand how bad we can get.

  12. Russ

    Yeah, I’ll be avoiding the comments this week too. My first trip to Vandy. I’ll have to watch the game when I get home. In particular, I want to see the targeting calls. The second in particular was literally a game changer. First time the defense comes in and overcomes a special teams gaffe and the refs take it away from them. That said, the team didn’t respond very well to adversity. Offense and defense are finally on even footing. Unfortunately it took injuries to over half the starting offense to even it up. How long is Conolly out for?

  13. Biggus Rickus

    I don’t want to fire everybody anymore. Grantham and the defensive staff can still go. I wouldn’t be upset if Swann never set foot on the field again. SEC officials, their chief at the league office and the NCAA rules committee should be summarily executed.

  14. Miguel

    Tom might have been at the game but it was equally as clear on my couch that one team came to play and win and the other came because their schedule had them in Nashville. It’s difficult to think that the team that stepped on the field yesterday doesn’t have two more losses in them. Because that team can’t and won’t beat Auburn and I’m guessing one more surprise in there. HOWEVER, the timing of an off week is exceptional. It gives us a chance to get our guys healthy and ready for UF, our team’s head back on straight and we get, what appears to be, our emotional leader, Todd Gurley back. So, I still believe we run the table.

    All that said, it’s time for change. Year after year, we have these “Nashville Moments.” Last year it was nearly handing Joker Phillips and Derek Dooley their signature wins, not to mention the massacre in Columbia. In 2011, we had the Boise St debacle and squeaking by Vandy after being up 20-7. 2010- well the month of September and an abortion the first weekend in October, in Boulder, speak for themselves, throw in the UCF game and you’ve got a shit sandwich of a season. 2009- well we were just awful. 2008- hello Georgia Tech in Athens (not to mention the beatings by Alabama and Florida).

    There has been a pretty consistent pattern here in the last 5 years, at least. What do we do? I don’t know, I,m not paid to make those decisions. But, I’m tired of inconsistent play where our team just doesn’t show up. LSU game and then a Missouri/Vandy game. Or a South Carolina/UT start to last season only to throw a shit show in the mix in Lexington followed by ending the year as the second best team in the country- great that they got better as the year went along, but where were they at the beginning of the season (don’t tell me suspensions because nobody was suspended on offense for the So Car game) and how do you explain Kentucky?

    I really, really, really want Mark Richt to be the coach to lead us to the Promised Land. But more than that, I just want us to be led to the Promised Land; by whoever that might be.

  15. dudetheplayer

    Why are we being so nonchalant about this? The SEC not only decides to royally fuck us over twice in the same game with insane and indefensible calls, and then they go on to tell us that the calls were right and that we need to grin and bear it. And we do just that.

    I mean Mike Pereira (former VP of NFL officiating) was on twitter yesterday saying what a terrible call it was on Ray Drew. Clearly the SEC league office is full shit and needs to be held accountable. Yet we do absolutely nothing.

    It is infuriating.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Everybody needs to read the rule again….everybody, including the dude from the NFLBusiness.

      “Rule 9-1-4. No player shall target and initiate CONTACT TO THE HEAD OR NECK area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow OR SHOULDER. By rule, when in question, it is a foul.

      “Also note that a replay official must have indisputable video evidence that there was no such contact to overturn the call on the field.”

      Read it slowly.

      Drew did it. If he had not used his elbow and forearm, he did not do it….but he did use his elbow and forearm.

      If you are gonna hit , you better hit him in the gut.

      • Biggus Rickus

        He hit his shoulder, not the neck or head. As seen here:

        • dudetheplayer

          Love the ref pulling the flag out before the hit even occurs. Good call SJIII, you’re definitely on the money on this one.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Hell, it looks, in the vid, as if he dropped the flag inadvertently ….like dropped it…and BR, Ray’s shoulder clearly hits the “in the area of the head and neck. There is a still photo around that makes this more apparent…Actually it was the call against Ramik Wilson that was NOT called by the official 10 feet from the contact.

            Drew’s was close enough to count, I am afraid, bummer though it certainly is.

          • Athens Townie

            He’s not on the money at all. He’s dead wrong, despite his instructions to read the language multiple times and slowly.

            Biggus Ruckus is on the money. Ray hit did not target the head or neck area of a defenseless player. But it was close. The call on Ramik was so far off it’s almost comical.

            • dudetheplayer

              I’m sorry you guys missed my sarcasm there. I’ll try harder to make it more obvious next time.

              • Athens Townie

                LOL, my bad. I thought you confused SJIII’s comments with the other poster’s. Upon further review, I am enjoying your sarcasm.

            • 81Dog

              I guess you’re right if you consider the sternum “in the area of the head and neck.”

      • dudetheplayer

        So what you’re telling me is the only legitimate way to tackle is by wrapping a guy up around the waist and bringing them to the ground? Because a QB getting hit a second after releasing the ball and a guy getting hitting shoulder to shoulder during the catch are supposedly “defenseless” players?

        That’s a crock of shit, and it isn’t football.

        • Athens Townie

          No, he is just wrong in his reading of the rule. He’s somehow overlooking the requirement that the head or neck area of a defenseless player be targeted. That wasn’t the case in either of the hits, though Ray’s was a little more of a close call.

          Both calls were bad. The call on Ramik was just terrible — unconscionable.

      • Athens Townie

        No, Scorp. I’m sorry, but apparently you are the one that needs to read the rule again. Did you read it more than once? Did you read it slowly? Because you’re recommending we do both.

        There is a critical and required element missing from both plays. Neither Ramik nor Ray hits the target in the HEAD OR NECK area.

        The ejection call on Ray was bad, not egregious, but bad. In Ray’s case, you could argue the right call was made because “when in doubt” there is a presumption that a foul occurred. However, the argument you are making is simply not valid. Not trying to be mean or argumentative, just direct.

        And on the other hand…the call on Ramik was entirely wrong, egregiously wrong.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Watch the video again, please, Drew’s shoulder hits the area under the QB’s facemask….the neck….and his forearm is close enough.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            As a matter of fact, Drew’s should HITS the facemask.

          • Athens Townie

            Take your own advice and read the language again.

            Does Ray “target and initiate contact to the head or neck area”?

            In fact, he does not. He does not target the head or neck area. He targeted the chest of the player. Minor incidental contact is made between Ray’s shoulder pads and the QB’s facemask. That is not the same as targeting the head or neck area.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Townie….read this very slowly, then tell me what should happen.

              I had to read it slowly myself, if that helps with your perceived insult.

              “By rule, when in question…foul”

              I am not a rule expert, but what this means to me is that if there is doubt it is a foul….is that not correct?

              Of course any Georgia fan would doubt this…I understand why….

              • Athens Townie

                I am a goddam rule expert. The rule was misapplied.

              • Athens Townie

                And I hear you on the “when in question” language. That’s where the strongest argument for penalizing Drew’s hit applies. But before we get there, the the most important part of the foul here — targeting the head or neck of a defenseless player — was simply missing.

                I’m just giving you a hard time about the slow reading. Don’t mean to insult you. I just deal with rules for a living and see a clear misapplication here.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        He more or less chest bumped him. Ray’s Left are on qb’s right arm/forearm and Drew’s right draped around the back lower shoulder pads.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Folks, I am NOT saying the call was deserved, it was a bullshit call, but I am saying that Drew did enough to get the flag dropped….and he chest-bumped the QB four or five yards backwards in the process….wish your vid went longer…it does seem that the official did not really know what to do.

          • Athens Townie

            Personally, I speculate that the ref was thinking about tossing a flag for holding (if you can believe that) but then threw it on Ray instead when he saw him bump the QB…

            Just a guess.

  16. hunkerdowndawg

    Lowering my expectations leaves me with little room for more disappointment. All is well now. I feel bad for Aaron Murray after that start he had. Beat Florida and Tech and I don’t care what else happens now. Although, and this is fools gold, Missouri could lose 3 games among TAMU, SCar, UT and Ole Miss. Can’t believe I just bothered to write that since we may get clobbered at Auburn, but…

  17. A10Penny

    The first replay review was ridiculously bad. What’s the point in having replay if you don’t even watch it and see that Ray pulled back his head while hitting with his hands to the shoulders?

  18. Will Trane

    Did this cause the loss. Had the lead, play it close, and see if we can get out with win. O line is struggling, keep plays simple and safe, get field position, run clock, keep top G day reciever on sidlines, but ST became problem again, should they have put Rumph in with Conley to stretch to fileld and zone,, allow AM to roll out like on TD score, move the cahins and clock.. Think that is there mistake.

  19. hunkerdowndawg

    By the way, Florida State is B-A-C-K and I wish we had their defensive staff. I believe they can play with Bama and Oregon. Holy crap that was royal ass whipping they handed Clem.

  20. dudetheplayer

    Damian Swann on his game yesterday:

    “I’d say I had a pretty decent day. there was a PI right here that should’ve been called that wasn’t called. On top of that, with my muffed punt, we got a fourth-down stop (later on the drive) on a call that shouldn’t have been called.”

    These guys are not living in reality.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      +1 – could not believe it when I read that. You left out where he said Georgia can still “shock the world”. I hate that stupid expression, too.

      • The Lone Stranger

        They could maybe start with electro-shocking themselves back to this plane. Then take those same electrodes over to the SEC office for some re-education action.

  21. Will Trane

    Mizzou and Vandy eliminated AM from game. Green was reduced, no outside running game, running too verical and Douglas meet that in line,late trunovers put Vandy back in, and punt team mistake,inside 15 assure VAndy of tie or win. Too late to use Rumph, now. If not ready why did he dress. Could OC have not used him in some plays.. But Vandy an dMizzou founds wasy to stop the O.Officiating for me is not the issue.

  22. Cojones

    Bluto, you started the vent bigtime yesterday and it was sad to read. Specifically, the only sensible part was the ST vent. Placing Bobo’s signal-calling was not useful; i.e., if he hadn’t kept running Green and Douglas, the comments today would be nonstop about how he had gone away from what was working.

    I can hardly believe that Dawg Nation didn’t see this week coming, the same as last week. We lost our stars on both sides of the ball; new faces and habits had to be dealt with in rebuilding the WR corps(when Murray was flushed the WRs didn’t habitually keep moving to get open, Vandy’s LBs and secondary as a whole were faster than our RBs going out for passes and our seasoned WRs on the field were double teamed; etc). Vandy had an extra week to prepare for our depleted manpower team and Franklin took full advantage (who wouldn’t?). Not to have half-way expected this loss to happen demonstrates our inability to face the reality of having 18 players out. The scenario will continue as a new team is continuing to try to stop thegashes impinged on their psyche Attemps to salve away the D mistakes by saying their run D has improved again demonstrates the inability of some to identify with the sensitivity of our predicament.

    This implosion can continue depending upon the return of some players who worked all summer and during the year for this team to realize their potential.We have two weeks to bind this teams wounds and mold a new team. Can’t we all understand that this team needs us(the recruits as well) to uplift their spirit while coaches try to cobble a winning combo to take on FU? At this point, I’m ready to concede that the App St game will be a repeat of Tenn.

    Franklin deserves credit for practicing well what was used to undo this game. He came from behind (with our help) and pulled one out. Give Vandy the credit. Now is the time to rally behind our team and help prevent a loser attitude from permeating the team like it has an unrealistic fan base who refuse to acknowledge that we are no longer the same team and we have to build back beginning now and not after eviscerating them for this loss. Let’s show class by understanding that our favorite players on and off the field are hurting worse than our egos.

    The First Chuck expressed it well; i. e. , Get over it!

  23. edawg

    Obviously, the WR and RB positions have been decimated by injuries. However, we seem to have been either fortunate or average up to this point in the injury department at every other position, when you compare it to what the average team goes through. I’m left wondering what an analytical look at the average injuries a team suffers up to this point would reveal. I’m tempted to say that this is just like any other year with injuries – it’s just that ours have been concentrated at a couple of positions.

  24. Will Trane

    Good to see Ole miss depleted on defense with injuries beat LSU. LSU has no major injuries on offense, 2 top receivers in SEC. But a defensive coaching staff with a depleted injured defense made the stops and the turnovers. How did they do that?

    • Cojones

      The same way we did except more often!

    • Patrick

      You’re cherry picking.

      I would like to have the coaching staff of the team that puts on the best performance every week also. Not reality.

      Were you advocating a switch to the Ole Miss staff when they were giving up 35 to Vandy? How about their other 3 SEC losses when they gave up 30 to Auburn, 41 to A&M, and shutout by Bama?

  25. fetch

    Anyone seen a vid or GIF of the second BS targeting call?

  26. Will Trane

    have to applaud Ole Miss solid recruiting in Georgia. Got both of those top young D players out of Grayson and will get another out of Colquitt County . Ole Miss is quietly putting together a very good Defense. Mizzou now has the schedule. One more win they are in the Dome. Great job by their staff.

  27. Will Trane

    I read the filed street forum site. Frankly, I am in that camp. See they had a comment about O line and Ole Miss defense… but mostly our coaching.smarts. Yesterday was a very good example of that. O line and D line are major issues at UGA…all starts on the LOS…but ST has to change at UGA. AD yoru bank account took a hit yesterday due to that. YOur decision.

  28. Willin

    I know the punt snap was high but it should have been caught in my opinion. A D1 punter should be able to pull it off. Also, when Reggie Davis appears to be THE punt returner why do we replace him with Swann? Dawson was the kick return man all day and late in the game it’s JJ Green. Why?