Mumme Poll rankings, Week 8

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 Alabama 43 (28)
2 Oregon 43 (3)
3 Baylor 43 (2)
4 Florida State 42 (10)
5 Missouri 41 (0)
6 Stanford 40 (0)
6 Ohio State 40 (0)
8 Miami 34 (0)
9 Texas Tech 21 (0)
9 Clemson 21 (0)
11 Auburn 19 (0)
12 UCLA 13 (0)
13 LSU 9 (0)
14 Fresno State 6 (0)
15 Virginia Tech 4 (0)
16 Wisconsin 3 (0)
17 Louisville 2 (0)
17 Texas A&M 2 (0)
17 Oklahoma 2 (0)
20 Florida 1 (0)
20 Michigan 1 (0)
  • Yeah, I’m a little surprised somebody left FSU off a ballot this week.  I’m almost as surprised somebody put Florida on a ballot this week.  Which makes me wonder if the same somebody screwed up clicking on the drop down menu.
  • Hard not to miss the rapid ascent of both Baylor and Missouri.
  • I’m not feeling the Texas Tech love.  Yes, they’re undefeated, but they’ve played a weak schedule so far.  That being said, they’ve got both Oklahoma schools and Baylor coming up, so they’ll have the opportunity to justify a place in the top ten.
  • Going back to FSU, it looks like the ‘Noles are cannibalizing some of the “anybody but Alabama at the top” support that Oregon was getting.  Is that a harbinger of things to come in the last season of the BCS?
  • Ohio State abides.


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5 responses to “Mumme Poll rankings, Week 8

  1. Juan

    Who has Baylor played? That’s right, nobody.

    It’s funny how few people watched their game against K State. They struggled big time and where very close to losing that game to a pathetic K State team.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ohio State abides, but we can’t abide Ohio State.


  3. Macallanlover

    I didn’t get my vote in but would have voted Oregon first, and if it were an option, I would have put FSU second. I think both of them are capable of taking this Bama squad down on a neutral field. Missouri and Baylor would definitely deserve a spot at this point but I am not sure they are really that good. Mizzou seems above average on offense, but questionable D. Baylor is as one sided as UGA was.