“The inevitable questions”

I’m a little surprised that Jeremy Foley is having to stoop to a vote of confidence for Will Muschamp midway through his third season.

Not unhappy, mind you.  Just surprised.


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  1. Tim

    Just imagine the questions Foley will have to answer should the Dawgs manage to win the third in a row. Comparisons to Zook are never good for Gator fans.

    • Beer Money

      I can see what UF fans are frustrated about because their offense is very much a parallel to UGA’s defense. Expectations about an exotic scheme have left many fans disgruntled when neither of their (overpaid and overrated) coordinators has delivered the goods.

      What I get a kick out of is the Gator fans who are pushing for Charlie Strong to come back and take over. Guess what UF’s strength has been under Muschamp? The defense. Guess what side is Boom’s expertise? Guess what side is Strong’s expertise? So how does that help get your offense out of the ditch?

      I think UF would be foolish to fire Boom already, but it sure is nice for losing to UGA being one of the root problems that those people simply cannot live with. If UGA wins again, is it safe to say the tide has turned? Or are we still going to have to see the same arbitrary number scroll across the ticker on ESPN the week of the game for years to come where it says something like “Florida has won 21 of the last 35 games?”

      And if Boom is fired, there’s nowhere else UF should look than to Lane Kiffin. The man simply is a quick fix expert.

  2. Connor

    UGA and UF, and maybe Richt and Muschamp, both need this win desperately. A disappointing year will turn terrible for one and miraculously improve for the other. Huge game.

    • uglydawg

      I kind of agree about Muschamp’s peril but I think you overstate the pressure on CMR. When we put emotion aside and realize the obstacles he has faced and is facing (in the toughest conference with a rash of injuries in skill positions on offense), factor in the fact that Georgia won the East last year and was a scant five yards from what would have almost certainly been a national championship…consider the recruiting class he is reportedlly bringing in for 2014….and consider the optimism that next year Georgia should be a top 3 team…then I believe we see that CMR deserves a lot of wiggle room… He must address the defense, however, unlesss it somhow comes together and plays somewhat effectively for the balance of this year. I’m as pissed as everyone about the defense, but lets not blow up a promising program that can be fixed with time and healing.

      • Chris A

        Very well said!

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I predict Georgia won’t be a top 3 or top 5 team because we lose Murray.

          The early high ranking was based, significantly, on Murray coming back.

          I would be surprised if we are in the top ten.

          It may not be rational, but das de way the pollsters roll….lose yer QB, down you go.

          • uglydawg

            Maybe, Scorp…but the talking pudits seem to get it that Georgia is suffering this year mostly because of injuries. They will look and see all those backs and recievers coming back, an offensive line that, while serviceable this year should be better next year…a defense that would almost HAVE to be better …and realize that Mason doesn’t have to be a great QB but just a good QB who doesn’t hurt you with mistakes . I believe Georgia will be a top five team but I admit I don’t have any idea how much stock the pollsters will put ing th QB situation. I agree it is the most significant factor nowadays.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              The real trick is to be top 5 at the END of the season…anything sooner than that is just bullshit, anyway.

            • I want to be just as optimistic and enthusiastic as you about 2014, but reality is a bitch.

              Next year, you lose Murray, which is not to be taken too lightly. Hutson Mason may be good, but that is pure speculation. Maybe he is Tee Martin… or even DJ Shockley, but he’s just as likely to be Joe Cox or Joe Tereshinski III.

              You also lose three starters off this offensive line: Gates, Burnette, and Lee. I would also posit they are the three best offensive linemen you have right now. I don’t see a left tackle on the roster, and I haven’t heard of one in the signing class of 2014.

              Speaking of… when you count on true freshmen to come in and play right away, you get UGA’s 2013 defense. Some can contribute right away if you surround them with veterans, but throwing a lot of young guys out there at once is too much. Counting on 2014 signees to make a significant impact out of the gate in 2014 is asking a lot.

              The good news for Georgia is that they aren’t falling behind anybody. Florida and South Carolina are just as flawed. Tennessee is improving, and Missouri is good this year, but this isn’t like the 1990’s when Georgia was clearly behind Florida and Tennessee and trying to catch up. Everybody is muddled together. I don’t think Georgia will be a top ten team next year, but they still might be the best team in the East, especially the way the schedule breaks. We all know if they can win the East and win in the dome, they will be a legitimate playoff contender whether or not they are a top ten team in terms of talent.

              So, no, I wouldn’t blow up the team either. They’re going to win the East next year… not because they will be really good, but because nobody will be good… just like this year. Long live manic depression.

      • Connor

        If UGA loses,to UF the fanbase is going to be apoplectic. That’ll be a 3 game losing streak and UGA will not have a winning record two thirds of the way through the season. We can pretend we’ll be dispassionate in that scenario, but we almost certainly won’t.
        I don’t mean to say Richt or Muschamp has their job on the line in this game, but the loser is going feel some intense pressure.

      • Rugbydawg79

        agreed ! would not trade our Coach for anybody

      • Moe Pritchett

        that is clarity of thought and rationale that is absent from a Dawgnation that is trying to scratch a flea on it’s nuts.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I agree. UF is huge. CMR needs it and so does this team. Remember we face Malzahn’s O and the Barners at their house. Malzahn has Marshall and that zone read clicking. At this point I’d be happy with an 8-4 season but it could very well slip to 7-5 if we can’t get the D off the field and if we can’t convert 3rd downs. Special teams have been a dumpster fire for a while now. I don’t expect it to change.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    “World’s Largest Outdoor Infirmary”

  4. Dolly Llama

    If they were stupid enough to let him go, I’d be tickled if we made him the highest-paid DC in the nation by a damn sight.

    • JG Shellnutt

      I guess I could go from hating him to loving him again…if the defense was good enough.

      • Macallanlover

        While I think Boom would be a solid DC hire, I really want us to find someone that would be a long term hire at the position and not a “pass through” DC who would be interviewing ever year and disrupt continuity and recruiting. I am definitely on board with getting someone new at the position, this week would be fine with me.

    • uglydawg

      Muschamp is at least one or two more head coaching stops away from stepping down to a coordinator’s position. Kiffen proved that that BT Barnum had it exactly right.

      • Boom is a much, much better coach than Junior. And that’s not me damning him with faint praise. For UF to win 11 games last year with that offense and that schedule… you don’t do that without some good coaching.

        • So. IL Dawg

          I think Boom’s done a pretty good job. That schedule last year was tough; but look where the tough games were played. They got LSU and USC in the Swamp where the defense was stout. Both those games are different stories if on the road. they got Johnny football at his very first start. So, they played well at home; but the record was way skewed. Look what Louisville did to them? The only game they really played lights out last year was at FSU. Hopefully, the Dawgs can go to Jax and get a win.
          Mizzou could have one maybe two losses before the WLOCP kicks off. So, lets pull for the ole ball coach this Saturday and let the rest of the games play out. I still think the SEC East is wide open. I win by Mizzou this week pretty much closes the door.
          Gotta stay positive…..GO DAWGS!!!

        • Rugbydawg79

          I think Texas will come for him-on another note I got a feeling the ole ball coach might hang it up soon-his big dream of SEC at USCe is done !

      • He’ll definitely get another chance as a head coach. I think he’s going to have to think about his approach on offense. I wouldn’t mind seeing him for a couple of years as DC in Athens in the meantime.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      We all have short memories. It was a couple of seasons ago that Coach Todd “gosh darn” Grantham was the 2nd highest paid DC in the land. The 2011 D had the 5th best rushing D in the nation. Todd got a three year contract extension and some sniffs from the NFL. We got the worst? rushing D in the SEC in 2012 for our money. Cost us the SEC championship. uT and SOD threw a bunch of dinero (a million?) at a DC that lasted a year with them. He is a D end coach knocking down 1/5 of that now. Maybe uT is still on the hook for his earlier contract. The ‘Stach made major bucks from the Barners. They may have paid large for the worst D in the SEC. He is a linebacker coach in the NFL now. That is probably where he does his best work. Point being throwing a bunch of money at a coach doesn’t guarantee a good coach. Muschamp is a very good defensive coordinator. I don’t know if he (or Smart for that matter) are good Head Coaches. Over paying for the privilege of finding out is what got uT into the circus tent.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      I was going to ask the same question…let’s say Grantham goes after that NFL job…cough cough…this offseason and Boom was available, you’d have to hire him, right?

      BTW- track record of coaches that fail quickly in a high profile HC job and then are successful again at other HC job is pretty low, right? I respect Boom’s ability as a DC, but if you are great HC, you succeed at a place like Florida. Son of Dooley, Zooker, Willingham, Weiss, John Mackovic, John Blake, Gary Gibbs…

      There just is not a lot of evidence that says you will go on to a long and successful head coaching career if you get your dream job and then are run out after 3-5 years.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        SOD was run off after 3 years but he took 5 million over the next four years with him. I bet Dallas is paying him close to $200,000/yr. I think it was worth the gamble for him. Rough 3 years yes but when was the last time Dr. Dooley delivered a baby on was on call?

  5. Macallanlover

    I don’t think CMR has to win that game to keep his job but I would resign and leave if I were him, he deserves better than the way he has been treated by a vocal minority of our fans. Muschamp is on much shakier ground and his job will depend on more than just the WLOOCP game, imo. If UGA were to get healthy enough to win in Jax and FSU were to blow them out if might be too much for FU to stand. A loss to UGA, SC, and FSU would probably do it.

  6. Tim

    If we’re going to be a top 3 team next year, we better start playing Mason more, and we better have someone accountable for special teams. CMR is in denial if he thinks the current system is working. (Personally, I feel UGA doesn’t belong in the top tier team discussion until we can beat a top 3 team.)

    • Normaltown Mike

      So top 10 is passe, now it’s top 3?

      • Tim

        Uglydawg brought up the top 3 talk; but, we’re not a top 10 team either. Forget the rankings, i want to see UGA play a disciplined style of football.

        • uglydawg

          Maybe preseason top three is a stretch (all you have to have are water and coolaid..it’s easy to mix and I can do it)..but Georgia has so much talent returning that they will be highly regarded, at least after a game or two, unless some bizarre things happen like they have this year.

          • Kdawg

            Doesn’t anybody ever get tired of the “there is so much talent returning next year” thing. We say/hear this every season, lose 2-3 games and then repeat. I know, I know we were within 5 yards of the MNC last year. A. Almost doesn’t count. B. there is no guarantee we win. Those are the typical games where we wet the bed. Just my opinion.

            • uglydawg

              Kdawg, I understand your point. But what can we do? Ignore the Dawgs and their doings? Not look ahead expectantly to next year? What would be the point in even following this team (or almost any other team)? Water under the bridge is gone…I just want to win the next game and the next game, etc…but I’m realistic enough to know there will be an occasional loss..Getting miserable because UGA isn’t going to win a MNC this year is pointless to me. We’re (except for the occasional troll) all Dawg fans here and we all care or we wouldn’t be here. Truth be told..there IS a lot of talent returning next season..more than most teams will have. .and to me “almost” isn’t perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better than it could be. I believe. I believed before this year…but how many injuries does it take before some of you realize what it means? It was un-realistic to expect this team to play at a very high level with so many injuries…I’m sure special teams are not being coached up because installing all the new players on offense is so time demanding. I’m just saying…we need to be reasonable or we’re going to make ourselves miserable.

              • Kdawg

                Understand your point. I grew up in Chicago as a Cubs fan before attending UGA so I guess my point is I’ve been dealing with “maybe next year” for my whole fan life. Although the Bulls run was fun. Sorry for the tangent. My expectations are at an all time low and I just expect a bad loss and to be outcoached/unprepared a couple of games a year. Not sure what my point is other than a vent. I guess I’m one of the lunatic fringe looking for a change.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      That’s crazy talk. It’s incredibly difficult to end up with a top 3 team on your schedule without playing in the SEC Championship game and/or the national championship game.

      Bama beat two top 3 teams last year. Notre Dame and UGA…
      2011 was the anomaly with LSU playing 100 top 3 teams.
      2010- Auburn played 1 top 3 team…BCS
      2009-Bama played 2 top 3 teams…SECCG and BCS
      2008-Florida played 2…SECCG and BCS
      2007- LSU played 1…BCS
      2006-Florida played 1…BCS
      2005-Texas played 1…BCS

      You prove you are a top team during the regular season grind…not because of one game matchups.

  7. Spike

    Please, no Boom.

  8. JRW7

    CMR is in trouble if he loses to the Gators!

  9. WillTrane

    Coach Muschamp has to beat Dawgs even if his squad had injuries too. Dawgs have injuries. So both teams are viewed as equal going in. Fans will see who can coach now with or without players. No other team in SEC has struggled on offense like Gators…goes back to last year. OC brought in offensive minded guru.. He is definielty on the hot seat.

  10. WillTrane

    CMR drops this one and only wins 2 here out. It is going to get hot in Athens.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I think ‘uncomfortable’ is more probable. CMR seems to have a way of avoiding complete disaster.

      Then again, losing the trifecta of fu, aubie and gtu would turn into a dumpster fire. The radio talking heads and wwl would be insufferable.

  11. I expect 2014 to be the last season for Richt, Spurrier, & Muschamp.
    Not sure that anyone will be fired. Just ready to move on. Had enough.
    That despite i believe that 1-Saban; 2-Spurrier: @3- Richt are the 3 best Coaches in the SEC today.,