Upon further review, Georgia-Vanderbilt

I’m going to try to avoid rehashing what’s pissed us off as best I can.  Here are a few things I picked up watching the game again.


  • I’m guessing most of you don’t want to hear this, but the defense had its longest sustained period of excellence of the season.  Here’s how Vanderbilt went from about mid-way in the second quarter until the Wilson “penalty”:  pick-six; 3 plays, 2 yards, punt; 4 plays, 6 yards, punt; 6 plays, 35 yards, INT; 3 plays, 5 yards (all on penalty), punt; 4 plays, 6 yards, targeting call.  That’s 54 yards on 21 plays, with two turnovers.  Yes, the wheels kind of came off the wagon after the call, but keep in mind the two touchdowns scored then covered 15 and 13 yards.
  • Also, remember all that happened after they lost Drew and Harvey-Clemons.  The defensive line stepped up and continued to play well, and, somewhat shockingly, so did the secondary (at least one of Georgia’s sacks was clearly credited to coverage).  Swann played far better at star than he did at corner and Grantham got more out of Mauger and Moore than he did all season.  One example was Moore’s interception.  Sure, it was a lucky deflection, but if Moore wasn’t in the correct coverage on that play, he never makes the pick.  Jordan Matthews isn’t the best receiver Georgia’s faced this season, but he’s in the top three, and the Dawgs held him to his season low in yards per catch.
  • Given Swann’s play, what does Grantham do when Harvey-Clemons and Matthews come back?
  • Man, that flag on Wilson was slow in coming.   I guess that’s what “when in doubt” looks like.


  • A lot of the line play could be chalked up to numbers.  Georgia ran strong when Vanderbilt showed a four-man line.  The Dawgs were also able to run out of the I when Vandy set up with five men on the defensive front.  Otherwise, nothing.  Shoop did a very good job on a lot of pass plays making sure there was one more man to block than Georgia had blockers for, and while Murray never got sacked, he played like a quarterback who felt he didn’t have much time.
  • That may be one reason there was little play action run.  But for the second straight week, I wonder why Bobo didn’t call more screens.
  • What’s killing this offense more than anything is inconsistent play in the red zone.  Georgia had a first-and-goal on three separate occasions and only managed to get in the end zone once, and that was on a first-and-inside the one situation.  Convert all three, and Georgia likely wins the game.  Not having Gurley hurts, but the tight ends aren’t showing up, either.
  • Bobo’s fourth-quarter play calling left something to be desired, but the scoring drive that effectively closed out the first half was a thing of beauty.
  • How was that hit on Murray not flagged for targeting?  At this point, all I can figure is that the SEC has decided that Aaron Murray by definition is never a defenseless player.


  • I haven’t seen another team that’s played Georgia this season use their hands as much as Vanderbilt did.  The offensive line, the secondary (Conley, in particular, was held almost every time I saw a replay downfield) and the receivers (Krause got away with what I thought was a blatant push-off of Swann on that 41-yard completion) were all doing it early and often.  But you know what?  If the refs aren’t going to call that stuff, you coach your players to do it.  Vandy’s a well-coached bunch.
  • If the US is looking for a replacement for waterboarding terrorists, may I suggest turning Brando and Taylor loose on them?  Between the two, I can’t figure out what was more excruciating – Brando’s fumbling about on the targeting rule or Taylor’s insight on Georgia running the read option in almost any situation – but combined they were bad enough that it would have been a relief to listen to Jesse Palmer.


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  1. IAmAGurleyMan


    1. Do you believe Richt will finally humble himself to admit the lunacy with the special teams and hire a coach?

    2. Are you suggesting that the D is improving enough that we may end up stuck with Grantham after this year?

    Thanks for your great blog.

    • 1. Nope, at least as to hiring a special teams coach.
      2. Too early to say, but if the defense is noticeably improved by season’s end, is it still the case that the program is “stuck” with Grantham?

      • Go Dawgs!

        For me, it’d need to be noticeably improved on last year’s defense, not the unit that ran out onto the field the first time Clemson had possession this season. Georgia’s defense was stout in 2011 (once we got Ogletree back, that is). Other than 2011? Grantham’s defense has been a liability. If Georgia could stop or even just slow down the run last December in the Georgia Dome, we’re polishing our national championship trophy and laughing off the Vandy loss as the kind of thing that happens when you’ve got a title hangover.

        • adam

          Other than being unable to stop Bama from running the ball (something no one could do last year because they has 2 first round picks, a multi-year All-American, and another future first rounder on their OL), the defense was actually pretty good last year.

          • Always Someone Else's Fault

            It was NOT just against Alabama that the defense allowed big rushing numbers. It was just against Alabama that it proved fatal.

      • IAmAGurleyMan

        Well, in the case of number 1, then Richt is a stubborn SOB and deserve to get what’s coming to him when the problem keeps costing us games.

        • The other Doug

          Most teams don’t have a true special teams coach. Most teams do what UGA does and they share the responsibilities. The problem at UGA is that we don’t have any position coaches who have a knack for a certain part of special teams. Think about it, there aren’t that many LB coaches who know a lot about field goal kicking, long snapping, kick coverage, punting, etc.

          Sure, Richt needs to pay more attention to what areas of ST a potential position coach can help out on. I’d bet that when Gratham’s position coaches were hired no one paid any attention to ST for example.

          Btw, if we hire a guy because he is whiz at ST are you OK with one of positions not having a dedicated coach (think LBs) and our recruiting slipping a bit?

          Maybe what we really need is not an ST coach, but instead a bunch of assistants that help behind the scenes. This is what Bama does.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Bama has a Special Teams Coordinator. His name is Bobby Williams. He also coaches the TEs.

            • The other Doug

              So, if naming John Lily out ST coordinator will fix everything? We both know it won’t change a thing. The problem is that most of our position coaches don’t know anything about ST.

              Bama’s secret is all the 15+ backroom assistants they have.

          • IAmAGurleyMan

            That is perfectly acceptable, if it gets the job done. In essence, we will have hired a special team coach then, one by consortium. But this Richt coaching the special teams thing is a disaster, and if Richt doesn’t make adjustments, then we are screwed.

  2. KitteryDawg

    the flag on Wilson was way late, as opposed to the flag on Drew, which was way early

  3. Gravidy

    “…but if Moore wasn’t in the correct coverage on that play, he never makes the pick.”

    This is what the defense has come to. As a fan base, we have to be happy that one of the safeties finally stumbled into the correct coverage. In Game 7.

    • Manti Te’o was a Stiff-arm Statue finalist because he was in the right place at the right time nearly every play. Don’t underestimate being where you are supposed to be. If everyone is where they are supposed to be the defense will improve by leaps and bounds.

      • Gravidy

        I’m not underestimating it at all. I’m merely pointing out that the defensive players (particularly the safeties) have been habitually out of position this year. The fact that we recognize a player finally being in position to make a play (again, in Game 7) as a laudable occurrence is, I think, worthy of note. Or snark, as the case may be.

        As for your Te’o reference… I think the prevailing opinion on this blog is that he was over-rated, but I don’t think anyone is so jaded as to think he wasn’t a very good player. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, Corey Moore is no Manti Te’o.

        • William

          I would argue further, that alot of what you want your newbies to learn is where to be and when. Once they have that, they don’t have to think; just play. That is the first step to being a good player. I realize its game 7 now, but better late than never IMO. Our goals are out of reach, but if they weren’t showing any signs of life at all, you’d obviouslly fear for next season (as would I).

          • Gravidy

            It looks like I’m not getting my point across successfully. I agree with everything you said. Of course being in position is a good thing. Of course being in position in Game 7 is better than not being in position in Game 7. Of course I’d rather them start showing improvement now (or in the next game, or the game after that, or…) than to not show any improvement for the rest of the season. I just think it shouldn’t have gotten to this point. THAT’S the argument I’m making – not that improvement is ever a bad thing.

            • William

              I actually understand your point, and share your frustration. However, your original post made it sound like the kid just happened to fall into the right place, like maybe he still didn’t get it but woke up on second base thinking he hit a double. It looked more like he was there waiting to see if the play made it to him, and happened to get a gift pop up. I agree, why couldn’t this have happened sooner? But, I think some of it is these kids might have farther behind than we were lead to believe. When a Coach says I think they’re getting it, that to me means they are in the right place (not making superstar plays mind you). However, that ws not the case.

      • DWH

        Te’o was there because he played for Notre Dame. He basically had the same stats as Tony Taylor.

        • I was just referring to the INTs off deflections. That was his calling card. They were lucky, but he was in the right place when they popped up to him. And, yes, he was a finalist because he played for Notre Dame.

    • Merk

      Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

  4. Do you think the absence of the TEs is due to helping the o-line, or are they not getting open, or is it something else?

  5. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    I am trying to find a nugget, but the defense wasn’t going up against Oregon or Baylor, it was Vandy with its 2nd team QB. And when did turnovers automatically lead to touchdowns? If we had held them to FGs after turnovers….. It actually has been done, I have heard. Sorry, I am going positive for the rest of the day.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Thanks for the second look…I thought the defense played, mostly, in the infamous “well enough to win” area. Injuries on offense have gotten lots of ink, but Harvey Clemmons, for one, got off to a slow start because of an injury and now has another setback, and the loss of a starting safety has forced rejiggering the whole secondary.

    I don’t know enough to know if Grantham is “the answer” but I suspect no decisions will be made until after next season when one would hope the defense will at least be more consistent personnel-wise.

    It is truly, hard to believe nobody seems to have seen this coming…all that youth and inexperience…all the injuries in spring and in camp?

    All the early high rankings were based on bad reads and Murray, not on any sound understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of this football team.

  7. DawgPhan

    I assume you are talking about the helmet to helmet hit on murray on a play near the goal line? The vandy player clearly led with his helmet and his helmet made first contact with the helmet of a QB. seems like a no brainer on the whole targeting thing. guess I dont get why hitting murray seems to be always be legal.

  8. David K

    What are the “Grantham rumors” Gentry Estes was tweeting about yesterday? Can’t see them on the Dawgs247 pay site.

    • DawgPhan

      Rumor mill was churning about CTG getting the BM banhammer yesterday. That didnt happen. It wouldnt happen with CMR, but I am sure that there is some bad blood in the football offices right now. Losing begets losing. And right now we are begetting like mf’ers.

    • That he was fired/told he wouldn’t be asked back next season/asked to resign. Typical mid-season message board silliness.

      • Go Dawgs!

        If Georgia was playing well on defense, the rumors would be that he was having secret interviews with Texas. DawgVent: Not even once.

      • Keese

        Would not be surprised. Practice was closed off today to everyone. Wilson steps in as DC…? All our defensive recruits have been in communication with offensive coaches only….and WIlson.

  9. Russ

    I agree on the defense. Looks like they may be coming around. Its a real shame the offense is so beat up. Hopefully Gurley and Bennett will make it back for Florida.

    Bobo’s is understandably gun shy, but he needs to use all the tools he has, including the tight ends and speed at WR. First and bomb might be useful.

  10. Chuck

    “How was that hit on Murray not flagged for targeting? At this point, all I can figure is that the SEC has decided that Aaron Murray by definition is never a defenseless player.”

    According to Dumbass #2 (Brando being Dumbass #1), Murray chose to run the ball across the LOS which made him fair game. If Brando hadn’t been Dumbass #1, it would have begged the question, “Didn’t the Vandy receiver Wilson hit choose to catch the ball across the LOS also?”

    We suck in many ways, chief among them special teams play, but it seems to me Dawg fans this week are hyper-focusing on how we suck just to keep our heads from exploding over the inanity of the targeting calls against us.

    • DWH

      I think you nailed it. I think I’m still in a state of dumbfounding shock right now with regards to the officiating. Of course, I’m not sure why I’m surprised. Anything became possible after the AJ celebration flag.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The AJ celebration penalty (there was no flag thrown, just an announcement by referee Marc Curles) was just the most obvious display of one-sided officiating against UGA which had/has been going on for quite some time. I thought it stopped in 2011. Last Saturday proves it is still going on.

        • The Lone Stranger

          It could be argued (in a conspiratorial vein) that the SEC needs Vanderbilt to come off as respectable, as in bowl-worthy and Jimmy Franklin worked the officiating crew hard pregame. But I dunno, they did not conspire to cause Swann to lose his mind on the punt muff either.

  11. Irishdawg

    As woefull as the defense has been, I still look at the N Texas and LSU games where we gave up just over 100 yards rushing to the two of them. That makes me think some things are working (run D, pass rush), and some things aren’t (pass D, forcing turnovers). I honestly don’t know what the solution is, and I also don’t really believe even Kirby Smart would have a top 10 defense with the youth and injuries we’ve had.

    • Merk

      You mean Nick Saban, until KS leaves and establishes himself outside of Saban’s shadow I will not believe his hype.

      • Bulldawg165

        I’m not on the fire Richt bandwagon by any means, but let’s be honest here… KS would be a lot safer of a bet than just about any other hot coaching prospect right now. He’s spent a lot of time viewing first-hand what it takes to be the most dominant program in CFB and that experience can’t be taken lightly. His resume to this point is on par with, if not better than, Richt’s resume when we hired him as our HC.

        • The Lone Stranger

          Except for, say, the recruiting/developing QBs part of the equation. This is still the most crucial facet of a football team in my view.

          • Slaw Dawg

            Since Smart is good buds with Bobo, I’d expect the latter to be retained under a KS regime, and Bobo’s really the guy coaching QBs these days, not Richt. I’m still a Richt fan (tho it’s been kinda tough this week), but I confess the thought of having Smart as HC focusing on D with Bobo focusing on O and QB development is intriguing. Maybe Smart would double as DC and we’d then have a spot for a full time (da dum!!!) ST coordinator.

  12. BulldogBen

    Question for the peanut gallery, if Richt went 7-5 this year, and 8-4 or 7-5 next year, and let’s say Chip Kelly flames out spectacularly in Philly next year, would you make a run at him?

    All hypothetical of course, but would it give you pause?

    • TL

      I think Richt would have to have worse records than back-to-back 7-5 and 8-4 or something similar for Richt to be asked to leave.

      Assuming Richt leaves for some reason in the next couple of years and assuming Kelly does flame out, it would be worth looking at him as a coach. He’s only 49, so he has some years left. Just wonder whether Kelly would want to come to the SEC/South after years in New England and the West Coast.

    • DawgPhan

      Of course. It would be a no-brainer. Proven guy at this level.

    • For the sake of conversation, the short answer is no. There are plenty of proven options at this level that would be willing to jump at a job like Georgia that don’t have the show-cause baggage.

      • DawgPhan

        ahh forgot about the show cause deal. nevermind.

        • Admittedly – the show-cause penalty would expire by the time this hypothetical coach change would happen, but I can’t imagine anybody in Butts-Mehre would be willing to go after a guy that’s had that attached to his name.

    • cube

      Hypothetically speaking, if Richt goes 3-2 the rest of the way (to finish 7-5) and then goes 8-4 next year, it will definitely be time for a new coach. Chip Kelly will not factor into determining that.

      We’re a very long way from that point though. I’m down but not ready to pull the plug. Let’s kick some gator ass. They’re our biggest rival and we need to win this game.

      • Coastiedawg

        i will be happy with this season if we can beat uf for a third straight year. I could live with 1-11 as long as the 1 w was against uf.

    • Ellis

      I don’t think Richt is going anywhere until he wants to but I suspect there will be alot of pressure on him to make the changes needed in the staff. Grantham needs to be gone and hopefully Bobo too if we are going to ever go anywhere with the talent we have. Richt gets some slack this year because of injuries, but if either of those guys stay we are looking at 7-5 again next year too and Richt cannot afford that.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Excuse me, but when did 8-4 and 7-5 seasons become a reason to fire a HC? Particularly when he is also having 12-2 seasons, too. The man averages 10 wins a season. Sheeeeesh!

  13. UT and Vandy hung around because of our special teams. The delay of game call on Sailor is still a head scratcher? A blocked punt for 6 as well in Knoxville. Then last week it shows up again with the fake FG for 6 and the muffed punt and the fumbled snap to set up the last TD for Vandy. By my count thats 28pts directly tied to special teams play. I could also point out the North Texas game I believe we gave up a KO and another blocked punt for TD’s. 42pts all tied to special teams play. Sad that the refs also had as much influence in outcome of this game as well. Defense got off the field when needed then twice had to come right back out and defend the short field again. Still heated

  14. 69Dawg

    As far as special teams are concerned you have two choices: Either our ST players are too stupid to be on the field in DIv I or our coaches don’t know what the hell they are doing. I’m of the opinion that the position coaches see their ST assignments as being just another thing that takes time away from their position coaching and recruiting. If the HC doesn’t appear to give a rat’s butt about ST then that flows through the organization. Last year our HC said he was going to oversee ST and take a bigger role. How many of you think he actually did that or did he just say it to get the fans off his butt. In this area I think CMR sees it as a pain in his butt but not enough that he will do anything about it.

  15. Bulldog Joe

    The extra week gives us a great opportunity to get special teams and pass protection and red zone reps.

    Hope we take advantage of it.

    • americusdawg

      In my opinion, we’ve had plenty of time (Spring, Summer, Fall, last year, etc.) to get the special teams in shape. Like “69Dawg” stated, Richt said he was gonna oversee it and take a bigger role. If he followed through, then we’re in a sadder state of affairs than I previously imagined. I understand that most schools don’t have a dedicated ST coach and I’m not saying that we must have one. I agree with “The other Doug” … why not get a group of grad assistants, etc. to focus on the special teams? It’s not like it would be any worse than it is now. I’ll go out on a ledge and guarantee you that I know their answer if you asked Saban and Miles if ST is 1/3rd of the game. I guess it takes a defensive-minded coach to admit that.

      As for the DC, I think Grantham was a panic hire because we got juked by the one’s we preferred. While he puts a lot of players in the NFL, I can’t say he’s made the best of the athletes he’s recruited and/or been given to him. Maybe his offense is too complicated for a lot of our younger players. If so, we need to start giving the Wonderlic to prospective recruits … and/or have a “Plan B” in case we experience widespread injuries or player off-the-field stupidity.

      Our OC … was and is a DGD … but he’s too much Vince Dooley for me. I know, we won a national championship with him … but we also lost two the following two years. In any case, I liked our chances a lot better when CMR was calling the plays. But as the years have gone by, it appears that CMR is more into letting Bobo develop into his own than the overall success of the team. Call me crazy but you can bet your ass the Ol’ Ball Coach lives and dies by his won-loss record.

      I’m done venting now and won’t bring up the past any more this season.

  16. Aaron Taylor, the only thing he knows about Georgia is that they run the zone read in any and every formation, when Georgia goes 4 wide, empty backfield, they like to run the zone read, when Georgia lines up for a field goal they like to run the zone read

  17. Dog in Fla

    GWOT® ™ (Global War on Todd), “Global Day of Ceasefire and Peace”

    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex
    Several furlongs under the earth’s crust
    Subcommittee to Examine Offshore Profit Shifting, Special Teams and Bobo
    1033 hours
    22 October 2013

    • Quote
    “I’m guessing most of you don’t want to hear this, but the defense had its longest sustained period of excellence of the season.” Bluto

    Todd looks at Bluto’s quote.
    Refills coffee.
    Flexes forearms.
    Eats another bearclaw.
    Looks at schedule
    Wonders why we’re not playing at Ole Miss

  18. wnc dawg

    I deleted the game at conclusion out of frustration. So, I can’t go back and look, but did anyone notice Herrera lined up at corner (I think it was field, but could be wrong) in the 1st(ish) qtr? Vandy lined up kinda funky with lots of wideouts, and I could’ve sworn I remember seeing him on the bottom of the screen. Not that it is super important or anything, just one of those things that stuck with me. I was interested to see what they did to cause us to adjust like that. I think the play went for little or no gain.

    • BMan

      Like you, I deleted the game immediately from my DVR. I do recall that play, however, and I think Vandy sent their tight end out wide to the left, so we sent the LB out to cover him. The play went to the other side, if I remember it correctly.

    • King Jericho

      I think it was either a RB kicking out wide or the QB during one of their wildcat formations.

  19. Derek

    With respect to Brando and Taylor, I decided long ago that the first qualification networks look for in an announcer is severe mental retardation. If you don’t have it, you’re not qualified.
    I can deal with the phony storylines and biases that emerge, but the stupidity can really hurt my brain. The one that got me saturday was Brando describing Vandy’s swinging-gate play that Shaq got the pick-six on as the “Emory and Henry formation that Spurrier used to use at Florida.” Friggin’ moron.

  20. Spike

    I’m sorry, but Swann sucks. And has for a while now.

    • You need to watch how he played after JHC went out. (Aside from the punt muff, of course.)

      • adam


        I think the DBs in our base defense should be Dawson/Matthews/JHC/Wiggins

        And in the nickel we should put Swann at NB/star and leave JHC at SS. I was surprised by how good Sheldon Dawson looked. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been playing more.

  21. Joe Schmoe

    On the D, we held Vandy to 14 points through the middle of the 4th quarter with one of their TDs being abetted by the BS targeting call on Drew. The deal played well IMO. You really can’t blame them for hanging their heads a bit after the Wilson call (huge emotional swing from making an excellent 4th down play that would have iced the game to Vandy having 1st down at the 15). BOTTOM LINE – We don’t lose without those two targeting calls.

    • David K

      Alabama didn’t need 2 calls to go their way to beat the living shit out of Arkansas. When we’re reduced to needing penalties to go our way to beat Vanderbilt then we’ve fallen too far.

      • PTC DAWG

        I think the firepower gone from the O costs this game. Penalties like the one on Wilson didn’t help…but our O is struggling big time. Need Gurley back ASAP.

        • adam

          Our offense scored 2 TDs on Vandy and was effectively shut out in the second half. Shaq Wiggins got in the end zone more than our RBs, WRs, and TEs combined. We have a good QB but he doesn’t trust the OL in pass pro. And Bobo doesn’t either. And neither of them of them trusts the WRs to make a play.

          Against Vandy we seemed to only throw it at Conley. And if he’s hurt for Florida, we’re in trouble. Getting Bennett back is nice, but it’s basically a wash if we get him back but lose Conley. Sure hope Gurley is 100%.

          • BMan

            You may be right that getting Bennett back is a wash with losing Conley, but I think Bennet has better hands than Conley.

            • adam

              Doesn’t really matter who is it if we only have 1 WR Murray will throw the ball to. That was even true with AJ Green.

      • Joe Schmoe

        I was going to say – What do you think happens if we are playing anywhere near full strength on offense? The game wouldn’t have been close given how our defense played. The point was that even with all of the injuries we still win by two scores if not for the two bullshit calls.

      • Ron

        And there’s your problem…… UGA administrators concede that we do not aspire to be Alabama. They’ll win more football games than our fine school; get used to it.

        • Ginny

          “They’ll win more football games than our fine school; get used to it.”

          I’m sure you mean than “any” fine school. Alabama is currently in what’s called a “dynasty.” These rarely happen. No school is going to have the dominance that Bama currently has. Sorry.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            From 1980 to 1985 UGA was very close to the same kind of dominance as Bama has now. Undefeated and won the MNC in 1980. Lost to Clemson at Clemson by 3 points in ’81 (sound familiar) and in the Sugar Bowl to a Dan Marino TD pass with 30 seconds to go. 1982, undefeated regular season then lost the Sugar Bowl played for the MNC to Penn state by 4. 1983, tailback by committee 11-1 season with Cotton Bowl win. 1984….well… you get the picture. I can be done at Georgia.

      • Macallanlover

        And you think makes a positive point for you DK? What part of Bama is playing their A team, and we are around our C Team don’t you understand? If you think Alabama wouldn’t lose 3-4 games, even against that weak schedule, if they had suffered comparable lost talent on their offense you are watching a different team than I have seen. They would have lost to Va Tech and A&M so far, and would be looking at losses to LSU and Old Miss before whatever bowl game they might make. I hate that we lost to Vandy, we shouldn’t have, but we win that game by 2 TDs without two blown calls, forget the obvious non-calls on the dores. And that is with our pitiful Mash unit.

        If you want to be anti the program, that is your option, but act like you have a clue. To save you the time, there isn’t a team that is trying to replace the number of elite, skill position players on their offense that we are so you cannot provide a comp.

  22. CitadelDawg

    Thanks for a great post, Senator! I’ve been trying to tell people that the D actually put together a good game from the pick-6 to the Ramik flag, and it gets drowned out by the roaring angst that presently engulfs the Bulldog nation. And dammit if Vandy wasn’t holding on offense and defense all damn game, and got flagged for it one measly time. Dammit. Good coaching capitalizes on poor-as-hell officiating. Fan-freaking-tastic.

  23. FCDore

    From a Commodore perspective, what surprised me was Georgia’s inability to move the ball in the 4th quarter. Vandy had the ball for a whopping 10:58 during the quarter. After the TD pulled us within 27-21, you guys went three and out. We kick a FG, and although all the focus is on the botched punt, it’s worth noting that it followed another three-and-out.

    • James Stephenson

      After that horrible Wilson call, the fight went out of UGA. You could literally see it happen. At that point, they thought had to beat Vandy and the Officials. Meanwhile, Vandy players realize they can win after stupid call.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Think this primarily results from two things:

      1. After Georgia’s third quarter scoring drive, Vandy D coaches decided that they wouldn’t allow Georgia to simply run it down their throats on early downs. So they adjusted their D accordingly–five man fronts with LBs shooting the run gaps on early downs. On third and medium/long, they sent an extra rusher and sold out with tight coverage on short, first down yardage routes.

      2. Georgia did nothing to adjust to these changes. Ran the ball 8 out of 9 times on first down during this stretch when Vandy was selling out on the run–completing forgoing the play action opportunities and failing to use their TEs as weapons. Failing to either use screens to exploit the pass rush on third down. Failing to stretch the D on any down with a deep throw.

      Injuries or not, second half was a season low-point for our offensive staff. Very reminiscent of second half against Michigan State in Outback Bowl–shutting down the O way prematurely, assuming a double-digit lead is insurmountable.

  24. PTC DAWG

    Get Gurley healthy and beat the damn Gators..

    That is all.

    • So. IL Dawg

      and pull for the Gamecocks to beat Mizzou. Can Mizzou lose to USC, TX A&M and at Ole Miss? Yes, they can and we could win out earning another trip to ATL. Stay positive and pray Gurley is ready to lead the team because he will solve a ton of problems we’re having.

    • dudetheplayer

      Yes sir.

  25. Merk

    This is what Richt needs to do:

    Pull all scholly’s from the walk-ons after this year. At the end of this year and each following year the team can vote for 1 walk-on to get a 1 yr scholly based on performance (as the team is voting it will hopefully not be a suck-up reward and go to someone who benefits the team).

    Afterwards use those extra scholly’s to bring in more 4/5 star talent at areas we need it (ie OL, DB).

    For the next year or so things will be the same, but at least after that we will catch up on the wasted scholly’s we are sitting on and have more talent to use.

    Next stop having 8 QBs, I mean freshmen can show up and do decent at QB for other teams, why can we not sit on 2-3 with a freshmen lined up for when one will be leaving (seriously if you ever lose more than 2 QBs in a season, then you call that a fluke year and move on). Which means more Scholly’s where they can actually be used (besides for fair catching punts).

    It was only a few years ago where we literally had 65 players on scholly….that is bulls***. Unless you just lost 20 players to the draft/graduation that is, but you damn well better have a really nice class waiting to use those schollys and not give everybody on the team a scholly cause it sounds nice.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Your last paragraph is the reason that (1) we have almost all freshmen starting on D and (2) when the O skill players started getting injured there were no seasoned back-ups. It’s called “roster management.” CMR doesn’t have that skill.

  26. WillTrane

    Special teams coach is John Lilly. He is also the TEs coach. As far as I can tell the OC only uses 2 TEs, Rome or Lynch. Dare say these 2 have played 95% of the plays if they use a “11” or “12” package, but generally in those not a 1 back. So if these are the only 2 players Lilly is responsible for. Then I ask this what does he do for STs?

    • Dog in Fla

      “Then I ask this what does he do for STs?”

      Three* things:

      a. Coordinates certain meeting times;
      b. Coordinates certain practice times;
      c. Pagination

      * “I can easily say John Lilly is the special teams coordinator because he’s the one that does coordinate who has certain meeting times, who has certain practice times and he makes sure we’re all on the same page,” Richt said of his tight ends coach.

  27. WillTrane

    TEs. Remember this no coach at UGA prior to CMR ever had a specific coach for TEs…Dooley, Goff, or Donnan. Alot has been asked about the lack of TEs re passing game. I have questions more about the run game. This is just one of the complaints I have about CMR & OC re game prep, roster maangement, and game adjustments.

  28. WillTrane

    The 2nd half Oline play and run game was a not there. Why? Could understand going into Mizzou and having 1 week prep re injuries to Scott-Wesley and Marshall. If you have one coach fully dedicated to TEs where is the production in run game and pass game. And the last time I looked at Vandys’D, not alot of allstars, 4 or 5. Vandy was very bad for the ocaches.

  29. fetch

    Question: Why not make the penalty for targeting ejection only, no yardage? Then if the QB was hit late/roughed and targeted, slap the D with two penalties. One for targeting and one for unsportsmanlike. Then if the targeting is overturned, the unsportsmanlike would still stand. But if the targeting was the only penalty and i was overturned, no harm no foul.

    • tess

      Because there need to be game/team repercussions. A guy might think it’s worth it to be ejected if he injures the other player because next week is a bye or a cupcake. Or because he’s 2nd or 3rd string. The yardage is to affect his peers–however, why that part can’t be overturned, especially with calls like the one on Wilson, baffles me.

  30. WillTrane

    If Gurley does not come back for Florida, do they medical red shirt him. Plus if I am CMR and staff, from here forward, I would not discuss injuries and when they will play. Do not give a team an advantage like they did Vandy with 2 weeks.

  31. WillTrane

    Roster management and depth. Start over signing.
    Put a full time person on STs.
    Go into spring and fall with the idea which key players could go out due to injuries, and build plays and formations around that in case you need them.
    Keep all roster numbers up on all positions.

  32. Spike

    Oh, WISE ONE, I have indeed watched Swann as you suggest. Ever since he got burned at the SEC Championship, thru this year with the poor tackling ,the horrible covearge and various screw ups. And I watched him after JHC went out. I saw him drop that punt Thats a big “aside” as you put it. I know he cannot make evry play and all that. I’m talkin about his body of work all this season and late last year.. You and I part ways I suppose on him. He is as bad as Vance Cuff. cannotmake evry playannd a

  33. Spike

    Agreed, but that doesn’t even come close to compensate for all the other lapses he has committed. Just my two cents worth. I’m happty to provide evidence.

    • My post was about what I saw in the Vandy game, not a look back on the season’s failures. I’ve expressed plenty of criticism about Swann’s season to date, but to be fair means giving credit when he has his good moments, which even you seem to acknowledge happened.

  34. Spike

    I do indeed acknowledge that. He played better in the Vandy game, there can be no doubt. But, it was Vandy. And my point was that he should be benched because of his entire body of work, both at the end of last season and thru this season. And notwithstanding his improvement in his play against Vandy, I can’t get that muff out of my head. no matter how hard I try. Thanks, Senator, I’ve spoe my peace.

  35. Spike

    “spoke”, not spoe. I can spell, I just can’t type.

  36. 69Dawg

    If if’s and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a Marry Christmas. We got beat by Vandy, why IDGAS, it was Vandy. This is the Mark Richt one fing unbelievable loss a year. One of the sites today listed the losses we have had in the second half after being ahead by double digits at the half. There was only one per year but it was every year for the last 6 or 7. The 11 point half time lead in the SECCG was included.

      • SouthGaDawg

        Brilliant graphic about the comeback wins and losses. Interesting trend that 6 of the 7 comeback losses have been since 2008. That points to 3rd & Willie and 3rd & Grantham. Bad, bad trend…

        • MinnesotaDawg

          Worth noting that if we don’t get that miracle fumble at Knoxville in OT, we’re looking at two of those comeback losses in the past three weeks (14 pt lead in the 2nd half in that one).

          • adam

            In many of those games the offense just completely disappeared for the second half. True against Tennessee (other than the last drive), true against Vandy, true in the 2011 SECCG, etc.

            What we’ve seen is that if the offense fails completely for half the game, the defense has trouble being perfect. I guarantee you that that would be true for every team in the country.

  37. budro

    Nobody does it like Georgia.

    Too soon?

  38. Gene Simmons

    I FINALLY watched the DVR replay and ONE THING stuck out to me. We have the ball with 3rd and 3 with about four minutes left and leading by three points. We run an inside handoff from the shotgun.

  39. How sad is it that we are having to point out a string of 21 plays of sustained good defensive play as some glimmer of hope? Vandy had 73 offensive plays.

    I heard the CBS announcer who called the game interviewed on sports radio this morning. He felt that UGA’s defense could be really good in 2 or 3 years.

  40. Name (required)

    Richt coaches too Christian. Kind of like Dan Cathy is to fast food except Richt didn’t invent the chicken sandwich. Character is great with fruit and crepes, but grease will clog the heart. What we need is some Old Testament revival, the scoreboard rolling over double zeros, twice, hell, three times…in the first quarter.

    • Gene Simmons

      I wonder what the fine is for criticizing officials? I say (for this game at least) it would have been worth it. EVERYONE who is not a Vandy fan knows we got HOSED!