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Amateurism, for the win

Not bad work, if you can get it.


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“It all comes down to trust.”

Here’s how Georgia’s passing attack is being defended since the Tennessee game:

“When we had so many guys, it opened up some stuff for me, especially over the middle of the field,” Lynch said. “You guys could see that. I was getting the ball more downfield. Now they don’t necessarily have to play two-deep, because they don’t have two guys screaming down the seam on both sides. I think the coaches are doing a good job to try to get us involved. But again, it’s the coverages. It’s how Aaron reads. There’s one where I was wide-open down the field and probably would have scored on, but Aaron’s progression was to take the sure thing. …

“I think they’re allowed to take away the middle of the field, for one. And two, they know that Conley’s been so productive for us, they can double him inside more, make it more difficult for him, disrupt his game.”

Add to that an offensive line that’s played inconsistently and a running game keyed by two true freshmen (one of whom has coughed up a key fumble in each of the last two games) and that’s a recipe for struggling.  Can they do a better job of adapting to the new conditions?  If not, we’d better hope Bennett and Conley show up in Jax.



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“We need to sit down and figure some things out.”

Those of you who believe the Gators are going to roll Georgia next week in Jacksonville may want to give Will Muschamp a call to cheer him up.


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Steve Shaw and the letter of the law

This will be my last post on the subject of the targeting rule, but Steve Shaw has a valid point that’s worth noting.  For all the focus on the linguistics that the SEC office did in its comment about the Drew penalty and that I’ve done in my posts about targeting, from the perspective of his guys, Shaw’s hit on the most significant wording in the rule.

Shaw said “whether I like it or not,” the rulebook states when in question, it’s a foul.

“We can’t guess,” he said. “We cant think it might have been. We’ve got to see it, know it’s a foul before we put the marker on the ground, but these things happen in a split second and so when in question, the book says put the marker on the ground.”

It really does say that.

“Rule 9-1-4. No player shall target and initiate CONTACT TO THE HEAD OR NECK areas of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow OR SHOULDER. By rule, when in question, it is a foul.”  [Emphasis added.]

“Also note that a replay official must have indisputable video evidence that there was no such contact to overturn the call on the field.”

The NCAA codified “when in doubt”.  No wonder Shaw sounds frustrated.  His crews aren’t supposed to exercise judgment because the NCAA wants the flags thrown.  They just get the crap that follows from the inevitably questionable results.

If they’re really going to revisit the rule in the offseason, maybe that’s the language that needs to go.


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Not as bad as you think?

A few stats for you to ponder this morning about the Georgia defense:

Now, before you go there, consider this:

And here’s the topper:

Now, not everything is rosy, that’s for sure.  In fact, it’s a real feast or famine situation for Grantham.  Pass defense is 11th in the conference.  Georgia is 12th in opponents’ third-down conversion rate.  The red zone conversion rate is brutal.  And they’re dead last in creating turnovers.

So far, the bad has outweighed the good.  They’ve got to get a handle on the last two negatives I’ve listed if they want to stabilize what’s going badly on defense.  I’m not sure where that starts, but I will say it’s weird to see a defense that’s good with sacks doing so poorly forcing turnovers.


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A little Dabo’ll do ‘ya.

Oy, dude.

Swinney said Tuesday after watching film of the 51-14 trouncing, he believes if the teams played 10 times, “We’d probably win five, they’d probably win five.”

Swinney says he isn’t taking away from the Seminoles’ dominating performance.

Right.  Sure.  Just the five other mythical times out of the next nine games they’ll never play against each other this season.


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