“It all comes down to trust.”

Here’s how Georgia’s passing attack is being defended since the Tennessee game:

“When we had so many guys, it opened up some stuff for me, especially over the middle of the field,” Lynch said. “You guys could see that. I was getting the ball more downfield. Now they don’t necessarily have to play two-deep, because they don’t have two guys screaming down the seam on both sides. I think the coaches are doing a good job to try to get us involved. But again, it’s the coverages. It’s how Aaron reads. There’s one where I was wide-open down the field and probably would have scored on, but Aaron’s progression was to take the sure thing. …

“I think they’re allowed to take away the middle of the field, for one. And two, they know that Conley’s been so productive for us, they can double him inside more, make it more difficult for him, disrupt his game.”

Add to that an offensive line that’s played inconsistently and a running game keyed by two true freshmen (one of whom has coughed up a key fumble in each of the last two games) and that’s a recipe for struggling.  Can they do a better job of adapting to the new conditions?  If not, we’d better hope Bennett and Conley show up in Jax.


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24 responses to ““It all comes down to trust.”

  1. It is gonna happen. This we can be sure of. …. Florida Sucks. I have watched every game they have played very closely and with a Florida Grad, no less. We GOT THIS!!!!!!!!

    • Rick

      Wish I could share your enthusiasm, but neither school can take anything for granted for the rest of the year. Nevertheless, if we do win I will never have been more satisfied in the aftermath of a pillow fight.

      • I am trying to be the Cheerleader here. We have to be optimistic about this game. Yes, we must not take anything for granted at this point, but if we do not beat Florida…….this will be the worst season I have seen in many years.

  2. Baitstand

    Sounds like a job for a really good offensive coordinator.

  3. Or a “Special Teams Coordinator”. We knew this was a problem a while ago. This is the one thing that ticks me off about CMR.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Look, dammit…it seems real simple to me…just run the damn football with whoever we got, and run it, and run it and run it….as thin as the Gators’ defensive line is (if they are telling the truth…it’s the Gators after all), they can’t take it….run the damn football, pound the rock (pardon me Phil)…if the tight ends want to catch a pass, let em line up at tailback and catch a toss sweep. Otherwise, Artie, just block em baby.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If you the Gators put 8 or 9 in the box it will be hard to do that, particularly with the O-line Georgia has. The Dawgs basically tried that in the second half against Vandy. How’d that work out?

      • AusDawg85

        Even with Gurley at 90%, put the ball in your best player’s hands…Aaron Murray.

        (And don’t bring up his passing stats vs. the gators…he still won the damn games.)

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        If you bang away, and keep banging away, the Gators are too thin on the D line not to break. It is a matter of will…or Will🙂

  5. Rick

    Conley is a very solid receiver, and while we don’t need someone more talented than him to succeed, we need at least two like him on the field. If you can afford to double cover him, he just won’t be catching any footballs. Unfortunately, if he and Bennett swap places for Florida I’m afraid we might find that the same is true for Bennett. We need them both out there.

  6. Spike

    I wanna buy Scorp a drink..

  7. I can’t stand Muschamp, but if the Gators let him go, does he come to DC at Georgia?

  8. 500yds 44pts LSU
    221yds 27pts Vandy
    its not rocket science. Just for giggles our two freshmen #3 and #4 ran 225yds and 4td’s against Vandy last yr, 48-3 final. Running game opens up every thing ask Bama. We need to run the table, I will be in Athens next year when Vandy comes to town with every intention of seeing CMR drop a 50 bomb on them.

  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Not sure I’m buying that Lynch is so locked down by coverage that we can’t get a few more passes to him. CMB needs to get the ball to Lynch and Lynch needs to contribute more to the O as a playmaker. Back when Lynch was redshirted, I recall how other team members said he was a such a terrific athlete. Well now we need him to step up and prove it. If not for UGA, then do it for the nfl scouts.

  10. 69Dawg

    I’m not going to pick on Aaron but he has been known to force the ball into double, triple coverage to his 1st or 2nd option while the TE or Back out of the backfield are wide open. He is still not going through all of his reads fast enough. To be fair a lot of that may be on the OL.

  11. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    So how exactly are teams doubling Conley and taking away the middle of the field? Seems that if you shade a LB or FS to the WR then the TE, who should be on the opposite side, would have a crease or at least single coverage with a LB … Oh and there is no rule that TEs have to run the seam .. they too can go into the flats.