Stirring the pot on a Friday afternoon

I have no idea whether this guy knows what he’s talking about, but I figure anybody asking the musical question “How many times is UGA going to lose key player after key player before we stop attributing it to just ‘bad luck’?” deserves your attention.  Particularly this:

… So the UGA administration ditched Van Halanger and instead of hiring a qualified strength and conditioning coach, promoted Tereshinski in-house to director when he wouldn’t have even been looked at as an ASSISTANT based on his lack of appropriate education and/or certifications related to S&C. So now you have a guy running the strength and conditioning program with no background in exercise science/physiology, whose assistants are more educated than he is in proper S&C programming and protocols, and whom have to shut up and do what they’re told because he’s running the program. They brought over John Thomas from Penn State who is a “Master-level strength coach” as deemed by the CSCCa and has to work as an assistant under Tereshinski.

Can anyone with some expertise in the area or more direct B-M knowledge than I have (which is next to none, by the way) opine whether he’s speaking truth or just blowing hot air/wildly speculating?


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  1. Bard Parker

    Can a player landing on his leg funny or having a opponent land on his ankle really be blamed on S&C?

    • Obviously not. But those aren’t the only injuries Georgia’s suffered.

      • Lrgk9

        Hey Bluto,

        Did you see the post under that about WHY Kirby backed out of the verbal agreement?

        • DawgFaithful

          Oh boy here we go again. Kirby Smart did not turn down the UGA job because we wouldn’t give him control over S&C. That’s ridiculous. It’s because Nick Saban doesn’t like his assistants to leave for lateral moves, only steps up. So to keep Kirby they made him the highest paid DC in football. We offered $750,000 which was what he was making at the time. To keep him, Bama raised him to $1.2 million. Do you really think it was the S&C thing or do you think it was more likely the extra $450,000/year?

          • Lrgk9

            I got no clue. Just posting the link under the Reddit S&C discussion.
            Personally. I like Joe T and think he is doing a good job this time around (as opposed to the first cycle.) Apparently there are others who think differently.

  2. William

    A tad lengthy, but this guy knows what he’s talking about. Basically he says that Coach T doesn’t know what he’s doing and that a serious reevaluation of the UGA S&T program would be a wise move.

    • That’s what I linked to in my post. What’s your basis for saying the guy knows what he’s talking about?

      • DawgFaithful

        The guys doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s just another guy with a theory. People just need someone or something to put the blame on. People can’t seem to accept that bad luck exists. Mizzou had the same issues last year and they’re fine now. What about Florida? Should they revamp the S&C there? It’s crazy talk. UGA has plenty of highly qualified trainers on the staff no matter who is in charge. S&C has nothing to do with guys running down the field untouched or celebrating a TD then having their ACL torn. Those are freak accidents. Oh and news flash… RB’s that run as violently as Gurley really DO twist their ankle sometimes. I played LB in HS and College. I’ve sprained ankles(plural), twisted my knee, broken fingers(hell I broke my finger playing Baseball several times over the years and it’s non contact), dislocated my shoulder, broken toes, sprained my wrist, had a concussion, pulled my hamstring, etc. It’s football for crying out loud.

  3. Bob

    What about Ole Miss and Florida. Do they also need to re-evaluate? How about Mizzou last year? Maybe the Falcons need the same sort of change.

    I don’t know if the guy knows what he is talking about or not, but we have been brutally hit at the skill positions. Florida and Ole Miss have been hit more along their lines of scrimmage.

    Not saying the guy is wrong because I am not remotely qualified to do so. But it seems like it might be just another excuse to blame a coach.

  4. Matt Cordle

    While he may have a point about Terenshinski being old school and not properly qualified, it’s not like Florida isn’t suffering a large number of injuries and their S&C coach is one of the most well respected coaches in the field. In addition, we just hired Sherman Armstrong a year or so ago, so it’s not like we’re choosing to remain in the stone-age when it comes to adopting new training methods and techniques to provide our athletes with the training they need to succeed. To be honest, I think that our accidents have just been freak occurrences and pinning them on our S&C coach is reaching for straws.

    • Will Gentry

      He even says “I don’t have the numbers to prove any of my claims,” which doesn’t really help convince me that we haven’t just been hit with some bad luck this year.
      That being said, I don’t have very much confidence that Richt would fire someone who’s not doing a good job, especially since he’s been with the program for so long.

  5. Bulldawg165

    Senator, I’m glad that someone with more influence than me is finally asking this question. Thanks for that.

    I mean seriously, let’s assume that our S&C program was up to par. The odds of this many acl/hamstring/etc injuries would be close to one in a million. Something else is clearly at play.

    • Irwin R Fletcher


      Now put the keyboard down and step away from the tinfoil hat.

    • Dawgfan Will

      If it happened year after year, sure. But by and large, the opinion of our S&C has been positive since the season after JoeT took over. I won’t say the guy is wrong either, but it sounds like grasping at straws in a desperatehour to me.

  6. Trbodawg

    Hmmm, William and Bulldawg165 both think it’s all on the S&C. What other views have they been big proponents of?

    I think we all try to find reasons or see patterns when looking for the “Why” when sometimes there is no “why” there just is.

  7. Irwin R Fletcher

    Dude is full of crap. He’s basically saying that because of these injuries (and the one to Sturdivant), we must know that Van Hallenger and Tereshinski are bufoons and that all the other folks they brought in cow-tow to them because of their mystique.


    Just so I got this right…the man who has basically overseen two of the most prolific NFL player factories for 30 years has basically been training all of these guys incredibly wrong and it is just a fluke that it has taken 30 years to come to light.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Irwin, I have no idea if the guy knows buffaloes from bananas, his claimed CV is very difficult to research. However, we do seem to have a lot of hamstring injuries. Hamstring injuries are related to conditioning, but I have no idea how our percentage of these compares to any other team.

      Missouri, for instance seems to have a lot of players hurt, Florida may have more starters out for the year than Georgia does. And excuse me, but has not Oregon lost at least one running back this year.

      All we can do is trust Mark Richt not to want to take chances with the futures of kids under his charge…maybe that’s drinking the Koolaid, but that’s the way it is.

      It seems to me there are a lot more injuries in college football than ever before, but I admit I am sensitive to the issue right now.

      Since Bama does not talk about injuries, I am not sure how he knows their players don’t get hurt much, but maybe he does through his network of fellow coaches in the biz (if he does, in fact, work for the U. which by the way just last weekend lost their top running back to injury.

      I say again, increased speed+increased mass=more injuries.

      I’d say we ought to quit talking about this issue, Mark Emmert may be scraping off my reading…and since he makes no money from big time football we might be facing flag football in the future.

      • Bryant Denny

        Tampa Bay has staph problems, but in Tuscaloosa, turf toe appears to be contagious. It seems to be going around quite a bit this year.

        Last year lost two running backs and one receiver to season-ending knee injuries. Last week, Vinnie Sunseri was lost for the year.

        It’s a rough game. Sometimes these things go in batches.

        (Also, Saban prefers for injuries to occur in high school. He really doesn’t have time for them.)

  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What do they say about smoke and fire?………

  9. Apply this to the NFL this year. Guys falling like flies. We had one or two starters suspended for the Boise St gm not an excuse but def missed them on defense. Can’t think of one injury from last season that hurt us like Gurley and Marshall those two went for 200yds and 4TD’s against Vandy we def could have used them Sat. I was at practice during the bowl week and 5 days before the gm Coach T had them lifting. UGA took a semi truck with their entire weight room packed on it. Not heavy lifting but def working out. Bennett and Arby Jones along with Marlon Brown hurt us from a depth concern but we had plenty guys step up last year.

  10. BWD

    He lost me here: “I don’t have the time to do all the research on it, but . . .” His main anecdotal evidence is this year and 2008. Bad years, yes, but they are notable because they are bad years, i.e., not the norm. Weren’t we pretty injury free for the most part last year? He’s also assuming that Joe T II brought in all these experts with no intention of listening to them. What basis is there to think that? Maybe the guy has a valid point in there somewhere. Like the Senator, I don’t know enough about it to say one way or the other. But this type of argument needs to be backed up with facts, not anecdotes and hunches.

  11. Corbindawg

    I am no guru on S&C…as evident by my waistline…but I don’t care who you are, if a 250 lb linebacker is running at you full throttle and puts his helmet in your knee, a la Marshall, some damage will be done.

  12. AthensHomerDawg

    Bad luck, fiction, poor conditioning? Gee IDK! There are a lot of players to keep up with. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all different causes or with a smattering of each sprinkled in. Doesn’t matter. Next Saturday we need two SEC WR and a running game. Special teams needs to not hurt us. D needs to get off the field and O needs to convert 3rd downs. That’s it. Auburn is watching and this team needs a big V if we are to give the Cheaters a game. They are gonna put some points on the board. We have been embarrassed some but not humiliated. Don’t think for a moment that Auburn is gonna pass up an scoreboard photo opp.
    just sayin’

  13. Macallanlover

    I don’t qualify as the expert on S&C you asked for at the end of your post Senator, nor am I in the camp of attributing our injuries to the decision to elevate Tereshinski, but my experience is the most convenient is usually not the reason that leads to the best hire. There are many specialists in this field available who trained long and hard for this level of expertise. I never understood the hire, and cannot understand why McGarity ever approved it. We need to stop acting like we are broke and commit to insuring we have the best available and that gives us the highest probability for success. Not sure McGarity isn’t over his head as AD, or shouldn’t become the department’s chief bean counter where short-term, bottom line profits trump investing for long-term success. I rarely invest in company’s where financial people have the final say in decisions regarding long range strategy. Not saying there aren’t exceptions, I have seen some, but maximizing returns for the quarter/year, might get the quickest bonus but will not win the marathons very often. Yes, there is a balance and I am not sure McFrugal gets it.

  14. Will Trane

    Been on a tractor. Thought about the injury situation while working. Tractors and equipment break down unless they are properly maintained and conditioned. Read articel quickly as I am on my way out the door to another Friday nite high school game. Before reading this aricle and this Think some players are injury prone, and remain that way. But perhaps this needs to be looke into. Like the young d has to deal with the speed and coaching in SEC. Even Garrison Smith talkds about that. Explain 2 ACLs re noncontact.afternoon I wonered why we have so many injuries compared to a Bama.

  15. according to hoyle miracle

    He doesn’t know. Doesn’t matter what degrees or certifications he has. He aint there. Plus, we have Armstong on staff. This stuff is right up his alley. On the injury front, my guess is that it would have more to do with all of the early season full contact practices than anything S&C does.

  16. Will Trane

    Most impacted by injuries are the players themself. Very hard on them to sit, rehab,and wonder if you can come back. I say look into and do what it takes so these dedicated young men do not have to go thru it. Really feel for them.

  17. Miguel

    This is like saying that Bill Gates wasn’t qualified to run Microsoft because he never graduated from College. And wasn’t he running the program last year?

  18. hassan

    Mark Richt has lost control of ACL’s. I blame Bobo.

    • AusDawg85

      Finally somebody gets to the heart of the matter. But how does Gurley look so beautiful if his S&C program sucks?

    • The Lone Stranger

      The training/bulking regime must surely be tucked away as an appendix to the Little Green Notebook.

  19. Irishdawg

    Haven’t we been talking for years about how much bigger and better conditioned the team has looked since Tereshinski took over? That’s all out the window now? I can only assume the S&C staff has injury prevention as part of the team’s lifting program; I don’t know if it’s effective or not.

    Personally, I attribute the horrible list of injuries to the Dawgs, Falcons, and Braves to the universe fucking with me, and maybe I should take up woodworking or motorcycles instead of sports.

    • ChilliDawg

      Don’t accept a ride with Bobbie P if you go that route. Would it be “bad luck” or the fault of his S&C coach for his exit from AR?

  20. Charles

    In the political blog world, that sort of post is known as “concern trolling.” Correlation ain’t causation. Nor, for that matter, is condescension. We get it, Bammers. Y’all are thoroughly competent at every single facet of the game. You have the best of the best staffing out every role and managing every single detail. You’re the college football equivalent of those Lexus ads: the relentless pursuit of perfection. You’ve got this down to a science, etc.

    As for this season’s injuries, they can certainly be characterized as bad luck. But, really it’s the nature of the game. Statistically possible in a brutal and complex sport like football. Alabama isn’t immune to this, nor is LSU or Florida. But, the risk can be mitigated through oversigning (which, as a chart I saw awhile back illustrated, can yield the equivalent of five recruiting classes over four years).

    You can have a discussion about the impact these injuries have had on our game plan, W/L record, etc. You can also have a discussion about attrition (would a better S&C program have prompted Nick Marshall to snitch about the iPod thefts, or whatever???). But, to tie this year’s injuries back to the S&C program is ludicrous.

  21. Hogbody Spradlin

    How did we do on injuries when Tereshinski’s theories were au courant? Back in the 80’s and 90’s.

  22. Irishdawg

    I gotta admit, the idea of somebody from Oregon’s S&C staff working in Athens intrigues me.

    • Me too.. I say let us begin to wine and dine the cream de la cream of CF. I want to be an ambassador for GEORGIA. We will invite the best of the best Coaches, coordinators, etc. to GEORGIA and show them that they could never be more content anywhere else.

  23. Trbodawg

    If we’re gonna bring in ‘consultants’ then I want to hire the guy who teaches North Texas how to tackle.

  24. Joe

    Full of hot air. JoeT “DIRECTS” the S&C he doesn’t dictate what exercises are done and what aren’t done. He HAS people working for him who qualify as “cutting edge”. Here is the thing. When it comes to S&C most major exercises haven’t changed in YEARS. There are only so many exercises you can for muscle groups.
    Again JoeT has assistants who are qualified. JoeT himself over years educated himself in kinesiology, worked with other S&C coaches to hone his knowledge and is smart enough to let his assistants do their jobs. The type of injuries we have sustained are “freak” injuries. They have been of all varieties coming in a variety of different ways. I guess Gurley spraining his ankle (for a national audience to see) was a result of poor S&C? Btw you can’t “strengthen” the bones in the ankle, nor the tendons and ligaments.
    Muscle pulls are usually a result of overexertion at the time of exertion AND not warming up properly as well as not hydrating.
    Yes the guy is hack.

  25. paul

    I, like sergeant Schultz, know nothing. But I spoke to a former UGA player who went on to play offensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts for six years. According to him, Coach T is a wonderful man who knows not a thing about S&C. He also had exactly nothing good to say about CTG. According to this source, UGA has the reputation of sending athletically gifted players to the NFL who need quite a bit of intensive strength and conditioning training in order to be able to perform at the next level. At the time he told me this, I hoped he was wrong. Who knows?

    • Dubyadee

      Interesting gossip, but worthless for purposes of evaluation.

      Should we be giving Coach T credit for the fact that our offensive linemen have healthy shoulders now?

    • Dubyadee

      I’d also note that UGA’s reputation in the NFL goes back to Van Halanger or earlier. It applies to some players and not others. Whose fault is it that Jon Stinchcomb wouldn’t get serious about his training until prepping for the combine? Coach T has brought more accountability and expectation. What I am specifically saying is that, if anything, UGA’s reputation with the NFL has improved since Coach T took over.

  26. Just a couple things to point out:

    “But really? 2 RBs, 4 starting WRs and how many on the OL? And it’s half way through the season?”

    Neither Marshall nor Gurley’s injuries have ANYTHING to do with conditioning. You can’t condition against the impact of a huge body on a knee. You can’t condition against the rolling of an ankle.

    Also, are we missing OL to injury? I don’t remember losing any. I mean, I remember Theus leaving a game, but he’s still playing. Little help here?

    ACL/Meniscus injuries aren’t really an issue of conditioning, and that pretty much sums up the problems in our WR set…except for CC – who has an ankle injury.

    “Tereshinski Jr. graduated in 1977 and had been working as an assistant strength coach at UGA since 1982, and he learned everything he knows from whom? You guessed it, Van Halanger.”

    This statement assumes that for the first 19 years that Tereshinski worked in the S&C program, he learned nothing. It assumes that, because Van Halanger came to UGA with Mark Richt.

    That must be why I had to do countless gassers, sand-pit sprints, tire flips, etc when I was playing…because CoachT was still waiting to learn from Van H.

    The guy’s entire post is based on what he “thinks” and “supposes”, not what he knows. He even talks about what he saw on a video, and only guesses to be true because he can’t know if it is or not.

    I understand everyone wants an explanation, but sometimes there just isn’t one. Sometimes, kids just get hurt. It is what it is. Every team deals with injuries. Sadly, ours have been disproportionately high this season. Last season they weren’t. It is what it is.

    He says this, as a sign-off:

    “Fatigued players are always more susceptible to non-contact knee and hamstring injuries.”

    The main non-contact injury I can think of for us this season is Malcolm Mitchell. Now, I’m sorry, but your S&C program would have to be non-existent, not bad, but NON-EXISTENT for your potential star WR to be “fatigued” on the first offensive play of the season.

  27. BTW – “Targeting Rule” prevents players from hitting receivers high. They go low. Knees snap. Way to protect the players.

    • Jeff L

      My concern is with Malcolm Michell’s injury. It was non-contact and looked like an innocent jump (to celebrate with Gurley) into the air that caused it. Combine that with the pre-game video played in Sanford with Malcolm leading the players in the lockeroom with “It’s Saturday in Athens” (or, whatever he says) and then jumping up and down. If you watch that, he has a wrap on his right knee and only jumps off his left knee. Clearly filmed before the season. Since he only lasted a few plays this season before it popped, should he have been cleared to play? Is that S&C, Ron Courson’s call, or just a freak accident?

      • Chuck

        In the middle of Dukes first post he says ACL and meniscus tears aren’t a result of lack of conditioning. I not only think that is correct, but more than that I think too much conditioning can tend to increase the chance of injury. Why? Because the cruciate ligaments and meniscus aren’t muscles in the sense that you can build them up. You have what God gives you. Now if you go and build quads and hammies and calves you will increase the strength of those muscles and run faster and stop quicker and when you do that the non muscles are taxed a little more than they were intended to be. Obviously, lots of people can build muscle and not tear a ligament (did HW ever have anything besides a separated shoulder?) but I think these are injuries you more of now than you did 50 years ago, and it’s not because they had better S&C then.

        • GaskillDawg

          Yeah, sprained an ankle against TCU as a freshman and missed the rest of the game and almost all the next game. Junior year he broke his thumb.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I do believe you’ve hit on the “unforeseen” blowback from this new targeting nonsense. Unforeseen only by NCAA standards, a most reactionary body (not unlike the Santa Monica police force).

  28. JasonC

    One thing to consider is previous medical issues. I believe Mitchell had knee or leg issues dating back to high school. For the younger guys that are injured, we have no control over whatever bad practices or lack of conditioning they had in high school and one fall might not solve those issues.

  29. Cousin Eddie

    The “impact” injuries are very difficult to prevent but the sholder injuries over the last few years and hamstring injuries are a symptom of improper warm up. The shoulder injuries especially can happen very easy during bench pressing, this I have done, if not warmed up properly or poor form is used in several exercises and linger for long periods of time. Hamstrings are a large muscle group that take a long time to warm and strech out. From the outside it is hard to tell if the proper streching and warm up is being done or if it is a freak deal.
    I believe it is just a “regression to the mean” as UGA has been fortunate with the number of injuries overall over the last few years. Without knowing what is done before during and after traing, practice and games it would be impossible to pass judgement.

    • Dubyadee

      There’s been a decline in the shoulder injuries. Isn’t that something we should be giving our incompetent s&c coach credit for?

  30. Ham string injuries are very difficult. As a Varsity Cheerleader I suffered with my right hamstring for two years. Just when you feel like you can be 100%, it pulls again. Very painful and the shots and pills only made one feel like they could do things they should not.

  31. I’m not an S&C apologist. But that post is bullshit. Basically an intern for a soccer team just posted 2 pages of jibberish saying our S&C guys don’t know what they are doing.

    Thomas from S&C is an accomplished guy in his field. The guy from Tampa is an expert on speed training.

    Joe T doesn’t design the workouts. He sets the tempo, tone and accountability level. He is building the leadership component of the program. He’s not doing human performance engineering diagnostics.

    The post is just theories and conjecture.

  32. JRW7

    CMR sure knows how to staff a team with the best coaches he can hire? Don’t know about coach T, but I think CTG was CMR 4th or 5th choice for DC, there must be some underlying problems that CMR has that we just don’t know about. Just think about all the coaches that have told CMR no, and refused to come coach at UGA with Richt! .????

    • Dawgfan Will


    • 69Dawg

      Ever dawn 0n you how many coaches have turn down UGA over the last 30 years. It’s not CMR it’s UGA CMR does not get the blank checks Saban does, it might effect the bottom line.

    • This is just an observation…but have you all noticed how disconnected CMR seems to be from others on the sidelines. He seems to have problems communicating with others. His passion for the game seems to have diminished.

      • Dog in Fla

        Yes. I’m not a doctor except when I’m here. He was so disassociated, he caused me to become even further disassociated that I already was. Fortunately, neither he nor I will need treatment

        “People who experience a traumatic event will often have some degree of dissociation during the event itself or in the following hours, days or weeks. For example, the event seems ‘unreal’ or the person feels detached from what’s going on around them as if watching the events on television. In most cases, the dissociation resolves without the need for treatment.”

  33. 81Dog

    Sounds like someone has a bad case of post hoc, ergo propter hoc. Get back to me when this guy has time to go with ACTUAL statistics. I can make WAGs all by myself;

  34. fetch

    I ain’t a sports Dr by no means, but could it be a case of our S&C program doing TOO good a job? I was under the impression that tendons/ligaments strengthen slower than muscle and putting on mass too quickly can put them under undue strain and more susceptible to injury.

    • The Lone Stranger

      That’s an intriguing theory you propose. But, like you, I don’t even play a doctor on the TV.

  35. Procyon

    Clearly we need someone with more expertise in exercising ACLs.

  36. Turd Ferguson

    I think two different questions are being conflated in this discussion. First, there’s the question of whether or not the current S&C program is (partly) to blame for this recent spate of injuries. Add me to the list of people who don’t have a clue.

    But there’s a second question: Should Joe T be directing the S&C program? And even setting aside the injuries, I think a decent argument can be made for thinking that he should not, based upon the nature of the job itself, what sort of knowledge (of physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, etc.) would be required to do the job excellently, and his apparent lack of relevant qualifications.

    Imagining someone with Radcliffe’s education and experience getting his hands on the sorts of athletes that we can recruit … dang.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Third question: Could it be recruiting? We just don’t recruit enough athletes that are not so prone to hammy, shoulder and knee injuries? 😉

    • The Lone Stranger

      Who’s Radcliffe?

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Just Google Radcliffe Strength and Conditioning… I did and hit this:

        I suppose that since Oregon’s S&C program has been mentioned previously that’s who Turd is referring to. ( who names their kid Turd anyway. Tough love?)

    • So Joe T lacks the certification. But he’s been in this field forever,and surely has picked up everything that he could have learned in a degree program. Its not like he’s performing heart surgery.

      • Turd Ferguson

        “… and surely has picked up everything that he could have learned in a degree program.”

        It’s unclear to me what good reasons there are for thinking this, especially when you consider the sort of advanced anatomy/physiology/etc. education that goes into a graduate degree in biomechanics.

  37. WarD Eagle

    It’s an interesting thought. And, if the injury numbers are higher than anyone else, he might have a point. However, it seems that UGAs injuries are likely more prominent (great TB and receiver) than other teams instead of more likely than other teams.

    Finally, as we all know, all the certification in the world doesn’t qualify you to drive a mule, it only proves you can pay the dues and pass the tests.

    But, the worst thought of the article is this, “…and whom have to shut up and do what they’re told because he’s running the program.” Unless he knows inside information and the S&C coach personally, that is an incredibly cheap shot to put in print.

  38. ASEF

    Disappointment always goes searching for an excuse.

  39. Motown

    The heart of the problem? I’m watching Vandy getting crushed by A&M. The same Vandy offense that scored 17 unanswered points on us last week with a back-up QB. A&M’s defense is nothing special, but it’s certainly shutting down Vandy.

  40. Scorpio Jones, III

    Watching Bama is like watching football porn. I woulda liked Tuscaloosa, I bet.😦

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Tennessee is really picking it up on defense…the first drive took three plays, but the second took seven!!!

      I wounder if I have the experience, as a Georgia fan, to realize how good Bama is.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I am not sure I am capable of understanding how much better Bama is than Georgia…but it appears to be a lot…no skinned Pig here.

        I trying not to find this thing depressing, but it is tough…maybe I should turn off the TV and turn on the stereo.

        • We had one great unit –the offense, which is nice to have. Bama has a great offense, defense, and special teams. Whenever we patch a hole, 3 more spring up somewhere else. That doesn’t seem to happen with Saban.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Ya know you’ve paraded that “could of , would have ” wishful,less than Dawg worthy, penis envy, post out here before. I’m volunteering to help you pack. So leave or stop it.
      We good?

      • cube

        Nice bully act. Unwad your panties and chill.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Its not an act. And You did the same thing… didn’t you?
          just sayin’

          • cube

            No I didn’t.

            Again, nice bravado. Everyone is really impressed.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Cube… really? Goodness, I am sorry I made you cross. Better?

              • We are on this board because we are passionate about UGA football and want UGA to be the best. It consumes a lot of our time. We are never going to unanimously agree about how exactly to reach that goal. This is the best blog to discuss it. That’s why we come here.

                So despite the abuse and disagreements that can take place here, lets not take it personal and try not to make it personal. Every die hard UGA fan spending the time and energy to post here is a good guy in my book.

                • My post isn’t meant to blame AthensHomerDawg or Cube, I was just attempting to post at the end of the thread and not replying specifically to anyone.

                  • Scorpio Jones, III

                    Scott, I have been a Georgia fan most of my sentient life…and probably some before that…I would not know. I saw, in my first game in Athens, Zippy Morocco return a punt for a touchdown.

                    There is nothing wrong with watching Bama with some envy. Nothing.

                    The joking (which is what it is) about going to Alabama instead of Georgia is exactly that. I had the choice, I chose my second home.

                    I really don’t give a fat rat’s ass what anybody thinks about my loyalty to Georgia…I know what it is.

                    I am proud of my university and I have no desire for it to become Bama and am secure in the knowledge that it will not.

                    But I am also a college football fan. Alabama is a great team with great players and great coaching…they are, to me, simply stunning to watch.

                    The improvement from the first game to their evisceration of a team that took us down to the wire and beyond is amazing.

                    If that expression of admiration Bama makes some people think I should go away, fuck em.

                    • AthensHomerDawg

                      I agree… and if someone doesn’t like my point of view ditto.

                    • cube

                      Well you certainly backtracked when called out Homer.

                      Maybe you should remember that the next time you want to tell someone posting within reason to shut up or leave just because they aren’t saying exactly what you want to hear.

                      I’m not going to hold a grudge about this or anything but don’t act like you weren’t the problem here. Have a good night.

                  • AthensHomerDawg

                    Well played.

  41. cube

    Vandy lost by 32 to A&M. Tennessee down by 21 in the 2nd quarter to Bama. Not exactly making us look any better.

    • Those Aggie message boards sure are happy with all the improvement they saw in their defense today. Apparently, the Aggie defense really stepped up against Vandy.. Even held Vandy scoreless well into the second period and also had an interception for a touchdown.

      My guess is that the DC at Texas A&M studied Grantham’s masterful game plan and copied it.

  42. Despite the benefit of 4 turnovers and scoring opportunities as a result,, VANDY could only muster 24 points against Texas A&M. So perhaps the DEFENSIVE GEM against Vandy everyone has been so giddy about on this board may not be proof that our defense is “Not as bad as you think.” or showing signs of improvement.. Vandy’s offensive stats today were almost identical to last week. Same number of plays, same time of possession. rush yards, pass yards, rush/pass split,

    Vandy’s offense is just not very good. Texas A&M has been giving 5.9 yards per rush on the season. Today, Vandy had 95 yards rushing on 44 attempts. Texas A&M gives up 7.3 ywrds per play against conference oppoinents and 6.7 ypp overall. Vandy averaged 4,3 yards per

  43. GT was minus 5 in turnovers today and still won by 10. I guess it is possible to win such a game.

  44. Scorpio Jones, III

    At the risk of being accused of not being “true to my school,” is it my imagination or is Missouri making South Carolina look slow?

  45. AusDawg85

    How in the world the ref did not call targeting on USCar’s #10 hitting the Mizzou QB in the middle of the 4th Q here is unconscionable. It was late, helmet to helmet, and he lowered his head to lead with his helmet. In front of the head referee. What happened to “When in doubt”?

    P.S. Matt Millen is awful.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The SEC refs who worked the UGA-Vandy game got crawled by Steve Shaw over the targeting calls in that game. The memo then went out to all the other SEC refs-no more targeting calls. This is EXACTLY like what happened in 2009 over the celebration call against AJ Green. After the furor, you never saw another celebration penalty in the SEC for the rest of the year. But UGA lost to LSU on that call, just like UGA lost to Vandy last week. It doesn’t do us any good that the conference stopped enforcing that rule after we got screwed by it.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. Aussie, that was the most egregious of the hits, but there were at least a half dozen hits by both players from both teams on QBs and receivers in the USCe-Mizzou game that would have gotten players kicked out of last weeks UGA-Vandy game.

  46. Mayor of Dawgtown

    South Carolina 27–Missouri 24. UGA is still alive in the East.

    • The Lone Stranger

      This is now a most alluring conference shakedown. Perhaps the Great Magnet tilts its influence the Dawgs way for once this season.

  47. I found this article by Chip Kelly about Oregon’s offense and practice routines fascinating. Some great stuff towards the end.

  48. I think this is the question of the season, and I’d like to hear Coach Richt’s answer. Is it just bad luck, or something else? The poster also identifies the path to the answer, though he does not take it. Compare our injury numbers this year and in the past to other teams. There are also plenty of people in the private sector to talk to, starting with the guys who get paid to prep players for the NFL. It’s been a couple of years. They should have a good idea whose program is up to par.