They keep playing that song.

The words change a little, but the underlying melody is familiar.

The Bulldogs’ ultra-long injury report grew by three names on Thursday and now has reached a season high 24 players who were either out or limited in practice. New to the list were linebacker Reggie Carter (knee), running back Kyle Karempelis (shoulder) and wide receiver Tramel Terry (shoulder). Only Carter, who is the first backup at inside linebacker, plays regularly.

The severity of Carter’s injury, suffered in Tuesday’s practice, was not immediately known. Likewise, his status for the Florida game is uncertain.

I’d pull out my Bataan Death March metaphor about now, but I’m not sure that’s fair.  To the Death March, that is.



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17 responses to “They keep playing that song.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    To say “We’re soft” would be an insult to pillows everywhere.


    • Bright Idea

      Georgia is soft and it starts in the training room. The automatic response to any injury is to sit out for at least 2 weeks. When can you remember any player being helped off in a game for any reason actually returning to that game or the next one? The goal is to not get sued, when it should be to get back on the field. I worry that players know this and it leads to sitting out practices.


      • Bulldog Joe

        I am no lawyer, but it smells like UGAAA’s liability insurance company may be calling the shots.

        Their history of battling in court is no secret here.


      • By Georgia We Did It

        Pretty sure Gurley got injured in the Clemson game only to return a few series later. Unfortunately for UGA most of our injuries have been serious enough to require a couple weeks to heal.


  2. Bulldawg165

    At what point do we start questioning the strength and conditioning program for some of these injuries? Granted, some of them (like Keith Marshall’s) were unavoidable, but still, 24 is preposterous.


    • It depends on what the injuries are. Concussions, knee injuries, shoulder injuries… how do you condition against those? Those are impact-related. Not even Herschel Walker was immune to impact-related injuries, and he is the most conditioned person on the planet. Pulled muscles, hurt feelings, sore this or that… sure, those come from asking your body to do something beyond its ability, but if you can show me a team that has a strength and conditioning program that prevents concussions, we can go back to having real football again.


    • Charles

      Football is a brutal and complex sport. No amount of wind sprints or lat pull downs will change that.


    • The Lone Stranger

      I believe the Marshall injury WAS avoidable if Murray had not over-reacted and slung him the ball late. Part of the game though, certainly.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yes, the season ending injuries are horrendous. More of them than I can remember although there have been seasons with several. The 24 number includes every bump and bruise every player has accumulated in the first half of the season. Not to say these kids are not achey, just that if we had a game Saturday I suspect the list would be shorter.

    Now, if, next Thursday, there are still 24 kids on the list Boom might even smile for the first time this year.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Ron Courson, busiest man in Athens! Hope he has a big training room, that number is rough.


  5. edawg

    We should also put out a list of every single time an official has slighted us this year. Then the excuse propaganda would be one step closer to being complete.


  6. Mike

    With the number of egregious injuries to both Florida and Georgia players this year, we might have to change the name of our game to The World’s Largest Outdoor Triage Unit.