Everyone’s favorite player

Yesterday started out as a wet dream for the Hutson Mason aficionados in our midst, with three SEC East teams starting backup quarterbacks. (You could argue that on a normal team, Justin Worley would be a backup, too. But I digress.)  So how’d they do?  Not that well.  Maty Mauk was the best of the bunch, but he completed less than 50% of his throws, threw a pick, and, well, lost.  Facing a shutout, Spurrier pulled Dylan Thompson in favor of a gimpy Connor Shaw, who rallied his team for a dramatic overtime victory.  Patton Robinette threw a pick-six en route to a Texas A&M rout.

Believe it or not, coaches want to win.  There’s usually a good reason the second-stringer is the one carrying the clipboard.


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16 responses to “Everyone’s favorite player

  1. The other Doug

    Does anyone really believe Mason is an elite QB?


  2. HVL Dawg

    I don’t know why we have to pre-complain about and drag down Hutson Mason right now. He is going to be our man next year, because coaches, ya know, want to win.

    Next year Brice will be everyone’s favorite player.


  3. Will (the other one)

    Still quite a bit saddened that TAMU’s statistically far worse than ours D shut down Vandy’s backup QB and we…made him look good. (Which is not even talking about how TAMU didn’t actually need Mike Evans to exploit the mighty Vandy secondary.)


    • W Cobb Dawg

      The loss to vandy was a team effort from top to bottom. It wasn’t just the D. Our all time sec QB might’ve tried throwing downfield. Manziel did.


      • Rock and Roll Rebel

        The D played acceptably against Vandy. Well enough for us to win.
        The O and the ST both mailed it in, particularly the 2nd half O..


  4. Rock and Roll Rebel

    I get the old saying that the backup QB is “everyone’s favorite player” (as long as he is the backup). I also think that it’s a small shame that we haven’t had the opportunity got Get Hutson into some games in mop up duty but that is how our season has gone. There has been no mop up duty to assign. So be it. He and Ramsey will battle it out for the starting spot (what happened to Fatua?) next year. And whichever becomes the backup will be the fan favorite as soon as the team struggles. Back to Murray: I can see blaming the Mizzou loss in part on AM, but NO WAY is he the culprit in the loss to Vandy (I’m looking at you ST and BOBO) nor Clemson (hard fought loss). It’s a shame that such a DGD will not get his championship ring (barring a small miracle). However, he can still leave Athens with a winning record against our big three plus UT and that aint small potatoes.


    • TennesseeDawg

      Agreed but for some reason it seems to be popular to throw Mason under the bus when he hasn’t done anything wrong except for being the back-up QB. It’s a running theme on here. Next year we’ll see blog posts on several blogs wondering why Mason (or whoever is the starting QB) seems to be lost and why Richt didn’t get him more playing time.


      • The other Doug

        I can’t speak for the Senator or other posters, but I enjoy mocking the “Hutson Mason should start” crowd, but I have nothing against Mason. I hope he plays great next year.


      • Normaltown Mike

        ” it seems to be popular to throw Mason under the bus ”

        You can’t throw a player under the bus that has accomplished nothing.

        You CAN mock other fans that clamor for benching a Senior QB that holds every program record in favor of a 2nd stringer that has accomplished nothing.


        • Puffdawg

          Even if they are GENERATING their own news content???????

          I’m glad to see this blog is still here, though. I had almost forgotten it existed. Also, I am glad the sun came up this morning. I had also almost forgotten of its existence.

          Bluto, can we please have something positive come from that episode and put in a Lexicon entry?


  5. Jedediah Dawg

    Assume for a moment that you are a knee jerk, sidewalk fan. And assume further that you are an idiot. Oh but I repeat myself.


  6. Junior

    The fact of the matter is, nobody knows how good Mason can be. But i have seen enough of him to know he throws a very accurate and timely ball when given protection. Lets quit all the bashing of either guy. The are both to be commended for their dedication to this squad. I am pretty sure Hutson could be starting at several other schools had he not chosen to stick around.