I haz a sad for Aaron Murray.

So in the midst of watching all these talented SEC quarterbacks having  great days yesterday, a thought comes to me.  Alabama, Texas A&M, South Carolina, even Missouri – they’ve got all that skill position talent to throw to and hand the ball off to.  Could anybody blame Aaron Murray for looking skywards last night and wondering, “why me, Lord”?



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  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What’s so disappointing for Murray is that he came back this season to win a championship and the refs did what they did causing the loss by Georgia in the Vandy game. If the Dawgs had won there and gotten healthier over the bye week we still could have won the East with just 1 more loss by Mizzou (which I think is going to happen). BTW, did you guys notice all the no-calls last night in the South Carolina Missouri game for “targeting?” Several instances just like the Drew situation happened and ….nothing. I guess the refs in Columbia didn’t have a big bet on that game like Matt Moore did last week.


    • In particular, there was one hit on a quarterback that left me wondering what Steve Shaw said to that crew during the week.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I saw four that were as bad (or as nothing) as the one that got Ray Drew sent to the showers, and the worst was the one I assume you are talking about.

        “We gotta be buttah, boys…these things are on TV, they have replay after replay, ya know?” Steve Shaw.


  2. fatman48

    Ya’ll lighten up on the “Targeting calls” we don’t to hear anymore shit about bogus targeting calls, just pretend you didn’t see it, you know like in a regular game, OK ?


  3. Will Trane

    Think Daryl, Daryl, & Daryl watched some of those games of quality teams like Bama, FSU, Baylor,Stanford, & others [like Duke] and learned. Not that stubborn dumb down bunch. Remind yourself of the MIzzou and Vandy game. A bye week does nothing for team and coaches. Coaches kiled the season at vAndy..


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yeah, boss, I have thought about Aaron Murray and what could have been.

    I hope it never enters his mind.


  5. Macallanlover

    What I noticed in that SC/Mizzou game was: 1) Sam deserves to be the top rated DE in this conference, not Clowney, 2) Washington may be the best WR in the SEC and 3) and Spurrier needs to hang it up after this year…with all the many gaffes over the past few years it should not have taken until late in the 3rd quarter to realize he wasn’t going to beat Mizzou with Thompson as the QB. I understand trying to do that and rest Shaw but if he were an option as a backup SOS should have pulled the trigger earlier. And one more thing: Connor Shaw is a flat-out warrior, what a gutsy performance.


  6. Beakerdawg

    Our coach would never have put Shaw in the game….


    • dawgfood

      Finally someone with the truth. By the way why was Turman and Rumph on the bench for the Vandy game. Saving them for next year is a joke.


  7. Bright Idea

    How many times did a Carolina player go down and return to the game? I didn’t know that was legal.


  8. Snake Plisskin

    I have been watching Johnny Football throw across the field, throw blindly, throw behind, throw across the field, throw it up for grabs, and his receivers somehow make these circus catches…I think what gives…how can his players make those plays, while Murray hits receivers in the hands, on the numbers, at the face mask, a little behind, a little low, and balls are dropped, bounces off hands, whatever…one thing is for sure is Johnny Football’s style of winging the ball ain’t going to fly at the next level, they’re called int’s…Murray should have more skill available next year…Snake out


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Yeah. Murray will be a bigger success in the NFL because receivers actually CATCH the ball in the NFL. If they don’t they won’t be in the NFL long. I see Murray as another Drew Brees waiting to happen.


  9. dawgfood

    UGA would have won 2 national championships the last 13 years if Spurrier were the coach.