The worst thing about the BCS

Even Condi Rice is an upgrade over this.


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20 responses to “The worst thing about the BCS

  1. AusDawg85

    Didn’t have to click the link to know this is something about the damn computer ratings.


  2. 69Dawg

    I have always thought that the computer ratings were suspect because no one but the originator knew what the hell was going on with them. That being said I still think the “Committee” for the selection of the final four should just be charged with creating the parameters for a rating computer program that would be transparent. Everyone would know what the rankings were based on and there would be no human bias. The old Smoke Filled Room is not the way I want the final four picked.


  3. fetch

    We can change the way we choose who plays for the MNC in mid-season, but not tweak a horribly written penalty that may have knocked a team out of contention?


  4. DugLite

    Who authorized changing the formula in the first place?


  5. Will Trane

    Nothing matters until the end of the season. Then select.
    How many games have the Dawgs lost in a row under CMR?
    Dawgs out of top 25 and the BCS.
    Hard to get ranked when you drop a game to Vandy.


  6. Will Trane

    Will GTP post a list of the injured players by position and the game they went out in. Also include those before the season.


  7. Always Someone Else's Fault

    The computer ranking as constituted are basically a human poll of 6 voters. I am not sure what the difference between handing a ballot off to an SID or handing one off to an algorithm would be if no one can verify the methodology or even the result of the algorithm. I am not against numerical analysis – I enjoy Connelly’s blog on that front, and he’s helped me understand a lot about the game I missed before I started reading his work.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Condi is expected to lead the enhanced interrogation subcommittee to nail down the Pure Elo info that Jeff has at his fingertips. Most predict that this crystal blue persuasion exercise will not be a good experience for him.


  9. OrlandoDawg

    Well at least Jeff got it fixed. This week he has Northern Illinois at #3, where, as any college football fan knows, they obviously belong.


  10. OSU

    Condi can’t decide if it’s Bama Oregon or Bama FS. Hey. She’s a lady, not a poll.


  11. OSU

    Senator I must take an anonymous stand here, kind of like that crazy man that used to preach on that public soap box next to Tate. You allow a lot of dissension, have you ever kicked anyone off?


  12. stick jackson

    I agree. The “computers” are a farce. It’s like something from the early 60s where if IBM and the RAND Corporation put some numbers down we were all supposed to nod soberly and accept our beating. Except at least RAND wanted to retain enough credibility to be able to fool us the next time. These shysters are ostentatiously making it up as they go along.

    Condi and The Old (Mostly) White Guys are an upgrade, but they need to go the full basketball and develop an RPI-like metric that (a) makes sense to most intelligent outsiders and (b) everyone on the committee agrees to take seriously. Not slavishly follow, take seriously. So sure, take a team with a lower Pigskin RPI, but be prepared to be called on it and have an explanation for why.

    That’s change we can believe in, to coin a phrase.