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The oh-fer blues

I dunno, Boom.  I’m enjoying it lately.


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Decided schematic advantage, my ass

Baylor racked up over 500 yards of offense against Kansas on Saturday.  In the first half.

But I’m not sure that’s even my favorite statistic from the game.  How about this one“All eight Baylor drives that ended in a touchdown were completed in under two minutes.”

It’s impressive to think that man (“After losing his first 13 Big 12 games, he must now prepare for road games at Texas and Oklahoma State.”) draws a paycheck with a straight face.



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“Just a little fella.”

College football has its moments.


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This is what a “nothing left to play for” season looks like, hunh?

I don’t think so.

Now Murray is in position to join a select group of Georgia quarterbacks who defeated Florida three times in their careers — a win that would be even sweeter since Murray is a Florida native who developed into a record-setting prospect at Tampa’s Plant High School.

… College Football Hall of Famer Johnny Rauch led the Bulldogs to wins over Florida in all four seasons of his career (1945-48), while Buck Belue piloted Georgia to three wins between 1979 and 1981 — including the legendary 1980 win, when he connected with Lindsay Scott on the game-winning 93-yard touchdown pass in the game’s closing seconds.

According to Georgia’s sports communications office, no other Bulldogs starting quarterback has more than two wins against the Gators dating to the 1940s, but Murray could join Rauch and Belue on Saturday.

It never, ever gets old beating Florida.  And shame on any Georgia fan who dismisses that.


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Musical palate cleanser: We know they won’t win edition

If there’s a song to capture the feeling of romantic pessimism – not an easy concept to grasp – that has many of us in its grip today after Missouri’s loss, it’s Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

Here’s an especially bittersweet version, from their final show with Paul Hester on the drums.


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My Mumme Poll ballot, Week 9

As they say, here goes nothing (*tiebreaker):

  • Alabama
  • Auburn
  • Baylor
  • Clemson
  • FSU*
  • Miami
  • Missouri
  • Ohio State
  • Oregon
  • Stanford

Also considered:  Arizona State, LSU, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M

Yes, my ballot didn’t change from last week’s.  And I continue to struggle with a Miami team that struggled with an inferior opponent for the second straight game before winning.  But the ‘Canes are still 7-0.  We’ll see if they show up against FSU.

It didn’t take thirty minutes to compile this week’s picks.  Yay for that!


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Fabris Invitational results, Week 9

It looks like we got our groove back last week, with two participants racking up 9-1 scores.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 WFHIT? Adj 9-1 9   24-48**
1 DA_man Adj 9-1 9   28-52

Congrats to WFHIT? for pulling it out in the tiebreaker.

The season race continues to tighten dramatically, as we now have a tie at the top.

Selection Name
1 ShockleyforHeisman 60-30 60
1 Trbodawg 60-30 60
3 ParrishWalton 58-32 58
3 BosnianDawg 58-32 58

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My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 9

Last week’s suggestion, that I put every team except Alabama and Kentucky in a hat and draw randomly for the order, doesn’t look so crazy now, does it?  Instead, this week I’m doing the exact opposite:  I’m repeating last week’s order.

  1. Alabama.  That red team’s pretty good.
  2. Missouri.  I can’t blame Pinkel for going conservative with a 17-point lead at home.  If you’d have watched the tape of how Spurrier handled the second half of the Tennessee game, you’d have done the same thing.
  3. Auburn.  The Tigers are 3-1 in the SEC, but they’ve done so going minus-52 in net yardage.  That’s a sign of good coaching, but it makes you wonder if the record is a bit of a mirage.
  4. LSU.  Something to keep an eye on:  after only throwing two interceptions in his first seven games, Mettenberger’s thrown five picks in his last two.
  5. Texas A&M.  Even a banged up Johnny Football who’s not much of a threat to run is still something.
  6. South Carolina.  Spurrier waits until there’s less than seven minutes left in the third quarter to pull a starting quarterback who’s got a schneid on the scoreboard?  Man, Connor Shaw must have really been hurting.
  7. Georgia.  If Todd Gurley’s back, expect this ranking to climb.
  8. Florida.  The only team in the conference that’s scored fewer points than the Gators this season is Kentucky.  No wonder Boom called a special staff meeting last week.
  9. Ole Miss. Checking the rest of the schedule, Mississippi seems like a lock for eight wins and nine isn’t out of the question.
  10. Tennessee.  The new, improved Tennessee sure looked a lot like the old one.
  11. Vanderbilt.  Turns out it’s not so easy to defend an offense with all of its weapons on the field.
  12. Mississippi State.  Hey, they won last week’s battle of the dipshits.  So they’ve got that going for them.
  13. Arkansas.  Shut out again.  Oh wait, it was a bye week.
  14. Kentucky.  Is Alabama State all that stands between the Wildcats and a ten-game losing streak to end the year?


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