Decided schematic advantage, my ass

Baylor racked up over 500 yards of offense against Kansas on Saturday.  In the first half.

But I’m not sure that’s even my favorite statistic from the game.  How about this one“All eight Baylor drives that ended in a touchdown were completed in under two minutes.”

It’s impressive to think that man (“After losing his first 13 Big 12 games, he must now prepare for road games at Texas and Oklahoma State.”) draws a paycheck with a straight face.


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21 responses to “Decided schematic advantage, my ass

  1. Gordon Gee

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  2. Newt

    What worse is that the huge buyout they put in his deal may prevent them from firing him. Don’t know anything about KU’s financials, but I’ve heard that buyout is in the 8 figures.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That has been his M.O. He gets a long term contract with a big buyout from a university stupid enough to do it. If they fire him, he get’s rich(er). But the school can’t afford it. So they keep his fat ass around even though they know he’s sh!t.

      • Macallanlover

        I believe the Domers tore up his original contract and gave a 10 year $3MM contract (back when that decent money) before he had finished his first season….and they all cheered about it. Glad I wasn’t smart enough to get into that highly regarded academic institution and get my learning from them.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Weiss’ total buyout from ND is supposed to be right at $19 Mil. The Domers are paying it over time. There are 4 more payments of $4 Mil+ owed on an annual basis. Buy then maybe Kansas will have fired him and he’ll be collecting from the Jayhawks, too.

  3. Dog in Fla

    Charlie decides schematic advantage is shutdown.
    The 15 following think this is Twitterrific.

  4. Will Trane

    “vast collection of stars”; “very tough football team”; very good offensive line…that be Baylor. No doubt Oregon and Baylor will put points on the board. W/Os look like track stars, they have speed, runners strides and kicks, and their O line puts a hat on the D line. Look good to me, and I guess the poll voters. Glad we do not play them, Auburn looks lethal to me on offense, especially their run game. We will soon know.

  5. DugLite

    A mans gotta eat!

  6. Brandon

    Charlie Weis coached Tom Brady all those years and thought it was him, bwahahahahahahaha.

    • Tim

      Those of us up here in New England laughed our asses off when Fat Charlie took the ND job. Was pretty clear to all of us that Brady made Weis look good, not the other way around. Brady us on his fourth or fifth OC and still looks good so it wasn’t Charlie. He sure as hell prospered off Brady though didn’t he?

  7. David K

    To be fair, they’re kind of doing that to everyone. Not sure our Grantham defense would hold up much better. Although, our Willie defense handled the similarly high powered June Jones led Hawaii Rainbows a few years ago so who knows?

    • Will (the other one)

      Hawaii was basically running the old run and shoot and had zero run game threat. This Baylor offense is a different animal entirely (great article on Grantland about it last week).

    • Brandon

      Yeah, Hawaii’s OL was no match for our front four, under the Willie regime if the offense could score some points real quick and take the run game away from the other team and if our front four were playing like total beasts it made up for his 10 yard cushions at the line of scrimmage and general full time prevent defense mentality.

  8. gastr1

    The standards for KU football are so low that the Eagle gives him a D…his 12th straight Big >12 loss, getting waxed at home in that way. A “D.” For that.

    Weis is easily the worst fat coach KU has ever had. And that’s saying something because they know from fat coaches.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      IMHO the KU administration is getting exactly what it deserves. They fired the best coach they have had for over 40 years because….he cusses. Damn, now that is really stupid. Now look what they’ve got. If I were a KU alum/fan I’d be starting a petition to fire the university president and the AD.

      • Dog in Fla

        At first I thought it was because the best coach they have had for over 40 years ate people {“Mark Mangino Eats His Players”). Then some said it was because of his travel and career advice:

        “Former player Raymond Brown, whose brother had been shot and wounded, said Mangino told him, “I’ll send you back to St. Louis where you can get shot by your homies.”

        Former linebacker and team captain Joe Mortensen said Mangino threatened him by saying, “I’ll send you back to the ghetto. You can stand on the corner and drink out of a paper bag.”

        Former Kansas wide receiver Dexton Fields said he heard Mangino tell another player, “You want to be a lawyer? You’re going to be an alcoholic just like your dad.”

        Now some think he eats only free range and organic:

        “I’m living a healthier lifestyle now and taking better care of myself,” Mangino said.

        • adam

          Mark Mangino is a crappy person.

          So is Charlie Weis. Anyone else get to hear his rant on the sideline? The one where he called a wide receiver a “selfish motherfucker” on live TV? No use at all for Weis. He’s a snake oil salesman and a poor excuse for a human being. His ego is almost as big as his ass.

  9. Spike

    What is the deal with KU and fat ass football coaches?