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Bad defense? It’s all relative.

Interesting chart from John Pennington, comparing SEC defensive yards per play from the 2012 season with this year’s stats (against BCS opposition only):

School   2013 Yds/All/Play   2012 Yds All/Play   Change
  Florida   4.77   4.33   0.44 worse
  Alabama   4.99   4.38   0.61 worse
  Missouri   5.31   5.78   0.47 better
  S. Carolina   5.47   4.63   0.84 worse
  LSU   5.66   4.64   1.02 worse
  Ole Miss   5.87   5.79   0.08 worse
  Georgia   5.88   5.27   0.61 worse
  Auburn   6.11   6.48   0.37 better
  Vanderbilt   6.19   5.00   1.19 worse
  Miss. State   6.22   5.67   0.55 worse
  Arkansas   6.41   6.18   0.23 worse
  Texas A&M   6.42   5.45   0.97 worse
  Tennessee   6.70   6.49   0.21 worse
  Kentucky   6.97   6.01   0.96 worse

Bitch about Grantham all you like – and much of it’s deserved, no doubt – but he’s got plenty of company this year.  Just for yucks, I checked Georgia’s offensive ypp for the same periods.  It’s declined from 6.7 to 6.29.  As TAMU, Alabama, Missouri, LSU and South Carolina have all improved in that department in 2013, I’d say that’s a bigger deal.  Toss in the craptastic special teams play, and you can see the path to 4-3.



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Alex, I’ll take inscrutable Mark Richt answers for $400.

Good thing, too.  It might have confused them with Auburn.


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Mark Richt has lost control of playcalling.

Hey, don’t tell us.  Tell Bobo.


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In other NCAA news…

You will be shocked, shocked to learn that the Division I Leadership Council, whose members represent all three subdivisions, “ha(s) a strong desire to preserve… the revenue distribution model.”

Just a hunch, but I don’t think that call is going to be left up to them.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Come, you must be hungry.


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For Georgia 2013, there’s two kinds of pessimism.

Bernie nicely skewers one of them, but here’s the one I fear a bit:

There is a chance a bad targeting call could end up deciding the SEC East. Georgia hopes it doesn’t. So does the SEC office. But it could happen.

In a season that’s seen its most recent manifestation of bad luck occur in the form of an ankle injury to Chris Conley on the last, completely meaningless play in a loss to Vanderbilt, of course that could happen.  (And before any of you pessimists Booker addresses insist that if Georgia doesn’t go to the SECCG as a result of losing the tiebreaker, it won’t be because of the penalty calls, but because of special teams, Grantham’s incompetence, etc., well, you may be right, but I guarantee you it’ll get spun exactly the way Seth describes it.)

So, the process will start with Georgia winning out, which means that South Carolina will need to do the same.  Then, either Missouri loses to a team in the West, creating a three-way tie at 6-2, which will be broken in the Tigers’ favor by virtue of having the best record in the division, or we’ll get an even more agonizing scenario:

If Missouri loses to Tennessee, Georgia could end up being the team that goes to Atlanta, because Georgia would be the only team that beat Tennessee. Really. This could all come down to each team’s record against Tennessee. Or Vanderbilt.

Why all this craziness? Because the fourth tiebreaker is:

Head-to-head competition vs. the team within the division with the best overall (divisional and non-divisional) Conference record and proceeding through the division. Multiple ties within the division will be broken from first to last.

Suddenly, the Tennessee-Vanderbilt game becomes critical. If Tennessee ends up ahead of Vanderbilt, then Georgia goes because it’s the only team that beat Tennessee. If Vanderbilt ends up ahead of Tennessee, then the Vanderbilt loss by Georgia knocks the Bulldogs out, and South Carolina goes based on the head-to-head with Missouri.

Before you scoff, harken back to 2007, when this stupid field goal would have been all it took for Georgia to play in the SEC title game:

Shit happens, Dawgnation.


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Knowing their place

This gave me a chuckle, for more than one reason:

Georgia tailback Todd Gurley practiced at full speed on Monday and by all accounts, he looks close to 100 percent for Saturday’s game with Florida. But he will still have to beat out freshmen Brendan Douglas and J.J. Green in practice this week if he wants to regain his starting spot back against the Gators.

“Puh-leeze,” Douglas said with a laugh. “Yeah, right.”

Said fellow tailback Green: “I don’t think I ever had a job. I was just filling in for him…”

If Gurley’s healthy and not starting Saturday, somebody had better articulate an awfully good excuse for that in the post-game presser.  Right now, outside of compromising pictures, I can’t think of one.


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Musical palate cleanser: A belated R.I.P.

I have to confess that I have more of an intellectual appreciation for Lou Reed’s career than a passion for it.  Too much of his output struck me as being clever for cleverness’ sake alone – how else can you analyze something like Metal Machine Music? – but at his best, he certainly hit his share of home runs.

I had a college friend who was deeply into Reed and hated the obvious commercialism of Rock n Roll Animal (why, I don’t know, because there was definitely a broad wanna-be-a-rock-star streak in Reed), so that’s where I’m going today for my favorite Lou Reed song.  Enjoy.


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