No big deal

You know, for a guy who claims to be easily offended by the on-field actions of another head coach

“That wasn’t right,” Urban Meyer said in his recently released biography, “Urban’s Way,” about the celebration. “It was a bad deal. And it will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and in the mind of our football team. … So, we’ll handle it. And it’s going to be a big deal.”

… ol’ Urbs is no shrinking violet when it comes to pulling off the occasional dick move of his own.  (h/t The Wiz of Odds)

When Urban Meyer called timeout to challenge the ball spot of Allen Robinson’s fourth down reception in the third quarter, Bill O’Brien could only stare down Ohio State’s sideline.

The timing of the challenge called into question the Buckeyes’ approach to their ultimate 63-14 blowout of the Nittany Lions on Saturday. At the time of Robinson’s initially called fourth down conversion, Ohio State had been up 49 points.

“The timeout to challenge the spot? He didn’t think we had a first down, so he called a timeout to challenge it. I have no thoughts on that,” O’Brien said after the game.

Maybe O’Brien will write a book about it one day.  Or at least call a few late time outs the next time Penn State is on the winning side of a Buckeyes game.


UPDATE:  From Matt Hayes

Let’s not get confused here. What Meyer did wasn’t running up the score. It was much worse.

What he did was tell the 65 scholarship players at Penn State—a team with 20 less scholarship players than his own, and a team that has lived hell the last two seasons through no fault of its own—that a 49-point humiliation wasn’t disheartening enough. You’ve had the worst night of your life, young men.

And now I’m going to make it worse.

I called or texted 10 BCS coaches in the last few days, and each made it a point to say that Meyer’s decision had nothing to do with running up the score. Pouring it on, they all said, is leaving starters in the game.

Meyer had his starters out midway through the third quarter.

“That wasn’t running up the score,” said one BCS coach. “That’s being a (expletive deleted).”

For once, I’m not sure what “expletive deleted” means there.  Too many possibilities…



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41 responses to “No big deal

  1. TlkDawg

    A true leader of young men. Great choice to turn around the culture of corruption that has become THE ohio state university.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Urban Meyer…the teflon asshole.


  3. Russ

    100% pure asshole. Spurrior is a dick but at least he’s clever about it. Irvin is a joyless, soulless turd.


    • Hackerdog

      I don’t know how clever running up the score or insulting the other team in the post game presser is. But, at least Spurrier never called timeouts, or publicly announced a feud with another team/coach.


  4. Mike

    Would you like that “Urban’s Way?” Any author who names their book “(Author’s First Name) Way” deserves to have his nuts kicked for 8 straight hours.


    • Dolly Llama

      And why am I not surprised that Urban refers to himself in the third person, “…it will be forever in the mind of Urban Meyer …”


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ahh, my favorite hypocrite to start the morning. News of Corch, confirming what we knew, always brings a smile.


  6. BMan

    I wish nothing but the worst for him professionally. And if those bad things happen at/to Ohio State, then all the better. He’s the biggest ass in the sport, at least among head coaches.


  7. Spike

    Any one who speaks in the third person like he does is a douche of the first order.


  8. Smitty

    Will O’Brien refer to himself in third person in his book too?


    • The Lone Stranger

      I doubt he will be at State Penn long enough to write anything of note. He is using it simply as a resume builder and that school will be middling at football for decades now.


  9. Tronan

    In a profession filled with ass-biters, Irvin is the ass-bitingest. CPJ is positively likable compared to him.


  10. Rock and Roll Rebel

    Bo Jackson used to refer to himself in the third person, but I’m willing to give hime a pass…


  11. If the Big Ten were to ever field a competitive team again, I’m sure ole Urbz would develop more heart trouble… so I wouldn’t hold my breath for someone to give him what he deserves. Of course, going undefeated for a second straight year and not making the title game would be welcome. Or… making it and getting choked out by Alabama. I think that might qualify for a poll question, Senator…

    Which is the crueler (and, therefore, ideal) fate for Urb’z 2013 Buckeye team? An Alabama donkey punch or no BCS title appearance for an undefeated Tosu team?


  12. I don’t get these criticisms of Meyer, other than the fact that he used to coach a rival. What UGA did in the ’07 game was unprecedented. I loved every minute of it, but putting yourself in the shoes of a Florida player or coach, you probably want revenge. As I recall, Meyer delivered on the “big deal” boast to the tune of 49-10.

    Additionally, the case that Meyer ran up the score on Saturday is really weak. Her challenged a call in the third quarter. His team was up 56-7 at the end of the third and then they ran the ball almost exclusively in the fourth, using backups. Meyer could have scored 70+ if he wanted to do so. Moreover, because the Big Ten is crap this year and Ohio State’s non-conference schedule was terrible, they need to put up big scores to impress voters.


    • Both Richt and Meyer thought their tactics were justified. Both Meyer and O’Brien don’t see those tactics as being justified. Only one name is common to both sentences.


    • Macallanlover

      Sorry, it is hard to understand how anyone could not find Urbie offensive, there is so much material to work with. He is a prick of the highest order, nuff said. Also, anyone who doesn’t understand how badly the celebration situation was misunderstood because it spiraled out of control due to actions of the players didn’t listen to Richt about how/why that occurred. Meyer even knew that, he deliberately used that to fire up his teams but only an idiot believes that CMR did that to spit in Florida’s face or being a jerk. The more you see of Meyer the better you understand that he is a total arsehole. Don’t confuse that with tosu needing to look good for poll reasons.


    • Urban Meyer is a hypocritical asshole. He decries holiness on one hand, while exhibits nothing like it in reality.

      He insisted that his players were the top 1% of 1% at Florida, while his program was not-so-secretly allowing rampant drug use and had numerous run-ins with the law. Those things are not uncommon in any major program, but his insistence that his program was somehow above it all was. He had stars involved in all sorts of illicit behaviors without consequence, and he hid his program’s shortcomings under Tim Tebow’s halo. When players starting talking about how screwed up the program was, he blamed them for being spoiled.

      When the competition caught up with him in the SEC, he quit.

      Sure, the celebration was unprecedented, and Mark Richt apologized for it. The scope of it was unintentional, and it happened in the first quarter of a major rivalry game. Meyer lost the game, but he responded the next year. Great. But, for a coach that routinely ran up the score to get his panties in a twist over being embarrassed on the field, that’s pretty rich.

      When you challenge a call in a game you lead 56-7, that’s not rubbing it in or uncalled for? I don’t see how that is any different from calling your timeouts late in a game you lead 49-10, which is considered to have been retribution. I think the “teflon asshole” moniker is absolutely perfect. He always seems to skirt out of trouble, and when it appears he won’t, he leaves so someone else can take the heat. It’s his modus operandi.


    • James

      Bha, give me a break.

      “the case that Meyer ran up the score on Saturday is really weak” “they need to put up big scores to impress voters.”

      You realize what you did there, right?


  13. You tell it like it is, Brother!


  14. Bright Idea

    Which coach is still a part of this rivalry? Even with all the winning, Meyer left town one step ahead of the posse and Gators everywhere were glad.


  15. The chance to watch those jackasses go undefeated for two straight seasons, and have 0 titles to show for it, makes me kind of root for the Buckeyes the rest of the season. Well, at least as much as a man can root for Urban Meyer, but watching them whine about getting left in the cold for a superior Oregon, Florida St, or Bama team will be beautiful.


  16. DugLite

    Corch Irvin Meyers rhymes with douche nozzle!


  17. PTC DAWG

    IF Ohio State does make the title game vs Bama/FSU/Oregon/? I think they will get boat raced.


  18. Chuck

    Corch Meyers is a turd.


  19. BMan

    While it would be rich t see the Ohio State Unitentiary get shut out of the title game for a second straight year, I know that would only allow their asshole fans to claim that they were the superior team and just didn’t get a chance to prove it. I’d rather see them beaten mercilessly so the whole lot of ’em would have to go back to their cold winters and rustbelt economy pissed off.


  20. Always Someone Else's Fault

    What I do not get:

    Fellow coaches hate him. Media people (and he was one of them for awhile) hate him. His program at Florida clearly let players run the asylum. How does he keep selling his program to elite recruits? If I had a kid with a potential NFL future, there is no way in hell I would let Urban near him, much less run his life for 4 or 5 years.


  21. Demetri

    You quoted Matt Hayes. Your argument is irrelevant. And remember when everyone was up in arms over Oregon and Alabama running up the score? No, you don’t. Because it doesn’t happen. If you can’t see the hypocrisy, I can’t help you.


    • It’s not about the final score, it’s about how Meyer decides to get there. That is the difference between what he does, and what Oregon/Bama do. And if you can’t see the difference, we can’t help you either.


      • By Georgia We Did It



      • Come on. Penn State went for it on fourth down at the OSU 25. They clearly – CLEARLY – came up short. The officials incorrectly spotted the ball to give PSU the first down. Is Meyer really supposed to just be like, “Eh, close enough, Penn State. Go ahead and continue your drive”? No: his defense got the stop and he made damn sure that they got credit for it and got them off the field. Any coach would have done this.

        You want to know what Penn State could have done about it? They could have actually gotten the goddamn first down instead of coming up short.