A tale of two injury reports

Going down

Last week Georgia’s injury report included 24 players, including 13 who had started at least one game. After Wednesday’s practice it was down to 12 players, five of whom have started at least one game.

And you have to be somewhat encouraged by this little stat:  “Harvey-Clemons and Matthews have only been on the field together for three games, the wins over South Carolina, North Texas and LSU.”

Meanwhile, Florida will have eight starters out with injuries.


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39 responses to “A tale of two injury reports

  1. I want to see if Grantham is going to put JHC and Tray at safety with Swann at nickel and Dawson/Wiggins at corner. It seems JHC has a higher likelihood to make plays from sideline to sideline from SS rather than the star.

    • 66DAWGnNC

      I agree with you eet… That seems to be the most productive combo in the secondary. Grantham, however, said (on another blog), that if JHC was available he would most likely play the “star” and DS would move back to corner although he acknowledged that the former combination was very effective at Vandy. I do not understand his thinking here. He has said repeatedly that he would put the best 11 on the field. If JHC at SS and DS at “star” is the best 11, then why not go with that? I have always said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, something needs to get fixed IMO.

      • Lorenzo Dawgriguez

        I think Grantham listens to Grantham only, JMO.

      • I’m hoping it’s just Grantham not wanting to tip his hand. There’s precedent for that………..can’t remember whether it was Emerson or Weiszer, but one of them had asked him point blank before the Clemson game if there was a chance we’d see Floyd playing the Star position for that game, and Grantham dismissed it as not going to happen. Then, as we know, Floyd played the Star. So I’m not ready to pile on him yet based on his quote about keeping JHC at Star……….but if he does stick to his guns during the game and we see a couple of critical mistakes from Swann on the edge or in safety play from one of the other guys when JHC could have been at safety, it’ll get real ugly real quick for Grantham.

      • William

        Maybe (and this is porbably more wishful thinking than anything else), Grantham will mix it up, swaping JHC and Swann in and out of the star position. That would mess with a QB’s mind alot IMHO. JHC is like 6’5 right? Imagine thinking you’re getting swan matched up on a TE in the slot, then the Defense shifts and wait, nevermind…….again wishful thinking.

  2. uglydawg

    Florida brings a different kind of threat than did Vandy. Vandy has that big reciever as their biggest threat…I think Florida doesn’t pose as much of a passing threat as a QB running threat. You line-em-up differently for different styles of offenses. I just hope this isn’t the week UF’s offense starts to click…and I hope it’s the week when UGA’s defense does.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    This is how bad the season has been, though: When I read that, my first thought was, “Well, let’s not count our chickens before they’re hatched. This infernal season still has 2.5 days to screw us before kickoff.”

    Speaking of getting screwed: do we know who’s officiating on Saturday?

  4. Gravidy

    I guess it is safe to assume this is the first game all season where the opponent is significantly more injured than UGA.

    • DWH

      I don’t think there exists a college football team “significantly” more injured than UGA, but I get your point

      • Gravidy

        “Significantly” is a subjective weasel word, for sure. But I’d put Florida in that category right now – IF what we are hearing about some UGA players getting healthy is true.

        • Macallanlover

          Numerically you may be right, but DWH is right when it comes to “significantly”, imo.

          • Just Chuck (The Other One)

            If you are using “significantly” in the statistical sense, it just means the difference is real. It doesn’t mean the difference is important.

  5. Russ

    With both teams at full strength, I still think we would win, but it would be a great game. Its a shame there are so many injuries this year.

    Of course, it’s a crying shame that Florida has more injured than we do. 😉

  6. uglydawg

    It’s ironic that people see UF’s injuries as giving UGA an advantage, yet a lot of folks (not pointing to anyone in particular, but “If the shoe fits…”) just can’t seem to acknowledge that Georgia’s plethora of injuries have been the major factor in a somewhat dissapointing season. That knife cuts both ways.

  7. Matt b.

    Screw ’em. The one game in ’05 where we didn’t have Shock. I’m sure they felt so bad for us then…

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Here’s today’s duck question….who threw the pass to JTIII? (the reception and subsequent fight into the end zone is one one of my favorite plays)

      • William

        THomas Brown if memory serves

      • The Lone Stranger

        It was Lil’ Thomas Brown, and he hung it up there pretty nicely for JT3. Clearly, most signposts point toward something similar on Saturday: a grueling 14-13 or 17-10 muckfest where SMART play may be the element that proves decisive.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am making a hat trip deep into Georgia today…in the rain…cross fingers please, best Georgia hats come from Georgia, right?

    • The Lone Stranger

      I think the primo hats come from the haberdashery, SJ3; howevah, for this game one of those helmet affairs with the attachments for beer cans off the side would seem warranted. Whatever you score will no doubt beat an Urnge-Blue abomination six ways to Sunday.

  9. Florida get back three defensive players, including Powell (stud) and a DT. Not sure how healthy Powell will be, but if he’s 80% or better, he’s a matchup nightmare. Gurley needs to be a healthy go this weekend, not just a go.

    • The Lone Stranger

      From my scouting, Powell seems somewhat iffy but will play, yes. Also, it seems a desperation shift to put him at LB since mostly he was a hand-in-the-dirt guy primarily. But whatever, he’ll be busting in off the edges we can be certain against Theus/Houston mostly.

  10. Spike

    I need a GIANT Bloody Mary right now….

  11. Irishdawg

    I’m taking my 2 year old daughter trick or treating tonight, so I’m starting the drinking early. Happy Halloween, Dawg Nation.

  12. Rebar

    Call me a fool but I think we whip ’em good from the get go!

    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Hundreds of thousands of Dawg fans are hoping you are right. Can’t say, however, my optimism matches yours.

      • Normaltown Mike

        Agreed. The ineptitude of the Offense lately has been disturbing. A 100% Gurley might heal alotta wounds, but not sure if we’ll be able to stretch the field with our crop of WR’s.